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Easy Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do!

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You can impress your friends with really easy magic tricks. These tricks include classics like card tricks, making a coin disappear or bending a paperclip with your mind. What’s more, most of these simple and easy magic tricks only take a few minutes to learn. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected]
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Text Comments (2850)
anita rahayu (2 days ago)
"Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering Mentalism Effects & Magic Tricks... in Less Than 30 Days - Guaranteed!" https://tinyurl.com/y2bdhpxd
Magda Dobrowolska (4 days ago)
Magda Dobrowolska (4 days ago)
Every one belie ed in the magic
Gatzbie (4 days ago)
6:08 = "Get your particiment"
Hamburger Network (4 days ago)
Nope that’s 20 dollars not pounds
Chris McLean (4 days ago)
Oh god dude #20 is gonna go horribly wrong…
Aspect Aqua (5 days ago)
This is already patched in the new update 1.0.86
ITs_Ya_ TurTle (5 days ago)
. For the first time my best friend has actually asked “how did you do that?”
Southpaw McGraw (6 days ago)
6:08 .....but nobody wants to particimate. 😒😏
PsYcHoPyRo 10 (6 days ago)
10:45 I see that finger 🖕
Jhian Alivio (8 days ago)
I like it
Colbe Bull (8 days ago)
My dad is really good at magic, he told me to close my eyes and count to 10, when I opened my eyes he was gone, 5 years later I am starting to think he is not coming back...
Colbe Bull (8 days ago)
I can make whatever food you put in front of me disappear is seconds
Colbe Bull (2 days ago)
Anti Furry (7 days ago)
Colbe Bull A W E S O M E
Mark Bruno (8 days ago)
My sister did some tricks and got arrested.....
Cay Brid (10 days ago)
this is not true really, is joke lol!
JEREMIAS ORTEGA (11 days ago)
One day Harry Potter ONE DAY
Xzyzer (12 days ago)
you just did a bad finger in number 6
UNGE Mortensen (12 days ago)
My dad used to do the number 18 but instead of crayons he drank heavily and beat me and my mom
Shannon Lutman (13 days ago)
I did some of these on my family, and it worked!!!
Mauriceisthebest #1 (14 days ago)
Thankyou so much for this magic trick video.
Clony Agar (14 days ago)
9:16 Cocaine?
am i the only one who dont know how to fo these tricks? XD😂🤣
Karter Petersen (14 days ago)
fo these tricks u typed a wrong key lol
Jax's World (17 days ago)
10:45 hes flipping off the spectators
ckroeckel (17 days ago)
i personaly thought it was SUPER helpful, i really wanted to learn magic tricks, so i could stun all me friends.
N H (18 days ago)
I knew 18 !🤪🤪🤪🎊
Greg C. (19 days ago)
dude sounds like billy crystal
Angel 23 King (20 days ago)
This really helped I impressed everybody at my school
Caze Elite (21 days ago)
BUT CAN YOU DO THIS??!! **Leans 399.99 Chair**
Nina Meas (21 days ago)
fire soul (21 days ago)
Ohhhhh he did the middle finger 😮haha
Catholic Source (21 days ago)
What the heck is a twenty-pound note? What's the $20 bill ...
Alex Jones (22 days ago)
These are like 3rd grade elementary school trick.
Alex Jones (20 days ago)
+LJ challenges And random videos Also, you forgot to capitalize at the beginning as-well as the period at the end, and the comma before the s in "its". I could be missing a joke, but I think that's unlikely.
Alex Jones (20 days ago)
+LJ challenges And random videos you're*, nice try though.
clearly you should go back to 3rd grade its tricks not trick in the sentence your using
Courtney Coleman (22 days ago)
Can you make a video of how to get $1,000 using Magic.Can you do it right now
opps a
👇i like m&k
Sam Gus (25 days ago)
I wish I could be like you because I was trying to figure it out but it didn't work.
Wheirdo Bill (27 days ago)
You sound like count olaf
Imran Sohail (27 days ago)
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achinike anasoh (28 days ago)
I love magic who else
Did anybody realize on magic trick number one the one dollar bills both had the same number except the last number???
silver MC1.2 (29 days ago)
when he dis the disappearing ring trick he did a bad sign😂
Reverend Jynxed (29 days ago)
We used a folded dollar to break pencils, no finger required, just skill.
The guy with the ring is flipping me off!
Tay-K (1 month ago)
9:19 I thought that was cocaine
Witek Hruzewicz (1 month ago)
you are so cool
Bryan C (1 month ago)
It's not a trick Michael. It's an illusion. A trick is something a whore does for money
Etienne Rojas (1 month ago)
😁🎊 alakzam
Shrek (1 month ago)
When I was little and saw paper turn to money, I would always try to turn it into money instead of doing my chores to get my allowance.
Cuda Bang (1 month ago)
so..how do I bring Odell back? T.T
Maddison Stevens (1 month ago)
In the ring trick he’s sticking his middle finger
valeria Perez (1 month ago)
i was showing of some magic to the girl i liked (im using my moms account to watch youtube)then my archnemisis arrived and also showed decent magic to the girl because his dad is a magician.I challenged him and our classmates voted......i actualy won by using your magic,thanks alot bro👍👍👍
Casey Gordon (1 month ago)
iTz TrevorCool (1 month ago)
When I do the 20th one my friends are proud of me Cause I survived burning my self
John Dawson (1 month ago)
Here's a magic trick Think of swallowing your saliva.
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (1 month ago)
I like his voice. :p
Coolnicewolf56 Ajpw (1 month ago)
Magic dosen't exist. Its tricks. I love magic tricks. HARRY POTTER HERE I COME
Ginny Molly Weasley (4 days ago)
I’ll take u to the Burrow if u want OK
Hermione Walton (6 days ago)
Hermione and Ron 😂will go too harry
Angry Fairy (21 days ago)
I wanna go to Hogwarts
Swagtrap Swag (1 month ago)
You know what else. Disappearing depression trick
xpert aab (1 month ago)
Lol he said £20 note to a $20 note
JayJayPlayzJJP HD (1 month ago)
I don't trust youtube anymore
Makaila Burlingame (1 month ago)
I love it all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Darkosauruz (1 month ago)
This guy is copying evanera
ExoMotionz (1 month ago)
If any of these magic tricks fool you, then ur most likely retarded.
Snizce (1 month ago)
20 pound note?? Definitely not a 20 dollar bill
i am magician illusionist subscribe to my channel
Dan Kon Gaming (1 month ago)
while i was doing 15 i LOST MY COiN I REALLY MADE IT DISSAPEAR
_coffeeboat (1 month ago)
swap for teh middle finger
Zennox Gaming (1 month ago)
10:37 He's flipping us all off
Zennox Gaming (1 month ago)
Yo, why he talk like the dude from Crash Course
Sophia Simpson (1 month ago)
On the last trick, it has to be fake money bc they have the same cereal number
Henry Furman (1 month ago)
Thank you these are so fun to do!!!
Liam Smith (1 month ago)
I just did a couple tricks on my brothers and all they said was " WOWW" lol
Basu BRB (1 month ago)
Hello sir you know hindi means you do in hindi superstar in the onepluz and answer
Basu BRB (1 month ago)
Lean Andrei Reyes (1 month ago)
wtf middle finger
me to
Mac Daily (1 month ago)
aye dude, you are like the bruce lee of magic, and a traitor to the keepers of the craft, but fuck magic, can't trick me
j3tr02009 (1 month ago)
Hes cheating in number 20 look
Nicole Dahl (1 month ago)
I have always wanted to do magic and you are teaching me magic.
Help us grow guys we are magicians too
Sofia (1 month ago)
Is it just me or... is it kinda weird that the channel name is: BE AMAZED it's kinda cringy
Romal Wasim (1 month ago)
Sofia yup😁
jungkook bts (1 month ago)
so the ring trick your flicking the audience off welp im doing that magic trick to someone I hate
Jake Animation Studios (1 month ago)
10:38 that trick is a little rude🙁
Callie Droe (1 month ago)
Both of the magic tricks I tried didn’t even work!
Funny ideas (1 month ago)
Gukkie Kookie (2 months ago)
"Magic chalk powder" _definitely not dru-_
The Crimson Shadow (2 months ago)
A 20 pound note that is actually a 20 dollar bill.
Rileylala (2 months ago)
its a felony to tear money... i would use construction paper
Cai Zhong (2 months ago)
I played a magic trick in 0.25x speed to see what happened but I forgot so when I watched this video all I heard was weird noises and I didn’t know what it was for 5 minutes lol I’m surprised that you’re still seeing this.
You want to impress me show me how they do the Chinese mask trick & the hands of god cd tricks appearing out of nowhere
Sean Sadouk (2 months ago)
I will trick u Like if I fooled u Read more
Prisila Perez (2 months ago)
You should of gave me that money instead of ripping it.😤😤😈😈
Juice 100000 (2 months ago)
Theres no comment
Angry Buffalo (2 months ago)
I can do magic............POOF! your a pile of shit.
Wille harper (2 months ago)
Guys I love the way he speaks! It's so calm and perfect just listen to him again. Don't forget to watch my YouTube videos and subscribe!
Vic's channel (2 months ago)
I wanna learn these tricks but I'm sure I'll mess up when I try showing them
Ramone Phillips (2 months ago)
Fx DropZ (2 months ago)
Styla (2 months ago)
do u really think I am gonna swallow cardboard EDIT: sorry I didn’t see the rest
Maxton Pruitt (2 months ago)
It got patched :(

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