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The World of Magic: Plains of War Trailer

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Tensions grow between Lanos and Siras forces. Guilds gather together to form alliances to take on the mightiest of their enemies. Upcoming montage of the battles between siras and lanos coming soon!!:D music from RFGB
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100kpjunge (4 years ago)
lmao at 1:11 i got spawn killed redsky svcks ima take revenge
cavalier cavalier (4 years ago)
Finally i am about to buy a 40+mage help lanos   but i find some lanos high lvl guy selfish.They scared RS
cavalier cavalier (4 years ago)
I'm really wanna back to help lanos  and i misss u guys so much.But i hate them who is high lvl and help siars kill lanos especially sid!  ><

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