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Penn & Teller MMT INDIA

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Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Text Comments (566)
Brettbren (14 hours ago)
*At **24:30** What. The. F**K!! Is that knife REALLY through that young man's neck like that?!!*
Stefan Reich (1 day ago)
7:55 Suspicious square in bottom of basket
Basant Horo (23 days ago)
When did Pen and Teller visited India ?
Robin Harrison (1 month ago)
How do you get down from a duck? They're not very tall, you can just step off.
Prashant Gurung (1 month ago)
Which year was it documented?
770pratik (1 month ago)
2002 ma ho Prashant Ji
ANDREY P. (2 months ago)
i wonder if Chenese as dirty and wild as indians???
Ryan Gilbert (2 months ago)
I wish they still did this show
Ray Stetler (2 months ago)
I've been to Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa, the Koran DMZ, and just about every other shit hole on the globe, but India takes the cake for the worst grease stain on planet earth. The food will kill you, the public transportation will kill you, the water will kill you, the smell will kill you, the heat will kill you, and the people are assholes that have never seen a shower. I'm surprised they were able to leave the country with any footage at all.
アニメごみ (2 months ago)
I love how they preserved the culture that is the indian rope trick
SB Arnab (3 months ago)
Its just a chicken.. LOL
I leave mean comments (3 months ago)
It's hilarious that the one guy who is supposed to be an "expert" on Indian street magic is going around saying "salam alaikum" to people. It's India, you dope, they're not Muslims... ESPECIALLY in Punjab, where just about everyone is a Sikh or Hindu. What a dummy.
SeaWasp (2 months ago)
+I leave mean comments Fair enough. Punjab is only 2% muslim. They were in Delhi. Shares no borders with, and is no longer within Punjab, nowadays. Nearly 13% Muslim. And yes absolutely, India is 80% Hindu.
I leave mean comments (2 months ago)
+SeaWasp Are you seriously still trying to rationalize this? 80% OF PEOPLE IN INDIA ARE HINDU. LESS THAN 2% OF PEOPLE IN PUNJAB ARE MUSLIM. Look it up, those are facts. Going around in Punjab saying "salam alaikum" is the exact same thing as going to Hong Kong and saying hello to everyone in Indonesian. Sure... there are Indonesians there... about 2% of the population is Indonesian... but it's IDIOTIC to think that anyone else will know what you're saying. Stop trying to find ways to defend what he was doing... it was stupid, plain and simple.
SeaWasp (2 months ago)
I visited four states in the south, there were mosques everywhere. Muslims make up the second largest religious group in India. There are also more Christians in India than there are Sikhs.
I leave mean comments (2 months ago)
+SeaWasp Only because there are over a billion people there. 80% of the people in India are Hindu... and as I said, ESPECIALLY in Punjab, where I once lived for 6 months, where Muslims are less than 2% of the population. So, yeah... the guy is an idiot.
SeaWasp (2 months ago)
India has the third largest Muslim population in the world...
Lat igo (3 months ago)
Penn & Teller have an edge.
TOAO Kortsuki (3 months ago)
37:46 xD More famous people should be like this!
Mark Mark (3 months ago)
The rope trick with the kid climbing it was very impressive. The myth bullshit at the end was just that, confusing bullshit.
Sum Ting (4 months ago)
LOL, Pen and teller SOOOO dissapointed in you! So very disrespectfull to the locals, typical American loudmouth assholes. Stop trying to play indians and indian magic down. the original Indian rope trick is what you saw @ 40:31, the rope goes up and the boy climbs and comes down. The rest, about the boy being chopped up maybe exagerated and an amalgamation of other inidan magic but you saw the traditional indian rope trick!! Stop trying to lie and say it doesn't exist you fat american CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!
shubh pareek (4 months ago)
There's so much talent in india
D S Kushan (4 months ago)
u guys came to India... and I finally got to see the modern rope trick... wow
basalplane (4 months ago)
The poor owl, monkeys and bears.....fucking disgusting people.
mixed emotion (4 months ago)
try p c sarkar... worlds famous Magician. 🌸
Bobi Wangk (4 months ago)
Stupid India
Oscar Gold (4 months ago)
Don't drink the water.
raj (4 months ago)
is delhi a fucking slum ? Give me a break fed up of this , who made this sht as capital of india come to east better than that
Gwalior Madhya Pradesh (4 months ago)
Which years Delhi is this .. must be 80s
Bijo Titus (4 months ago)
What's up with puppet guys man? 😉
Jon C (5 months ago)
I love the old school animation
australian fines (5 months ago)
its not bloody american, where every second idiot will pull the train ,
SeaWasp (2 months ago)
I was there last year, they bumped it up to 10,000 rupees iirc
said muhamad abdul kader (5 months ago)
OutDoorEd.C Cy Decker (5 months ago)
The Religious Con pen spoke about at 25:00- is when the Catholic church sold paper saying a loved one whom was presumed dead would undoubtedly go to heaven if they bought this paper.
Stephen Howlett (5 months ago)
Well the tricks may be ugly but some of those women were stunning,
Arun Ray (5 months ago)
Wow! Cows still ruled the roads at that time.
Richardichard (5 months ago)
Thanks for posting this...!!
ZdloraH Kurosaki (5 months ago)
Bobs and vegana
ROLLBABA MUSIC (5 months ago)
3:50 they use goat tongue
Independent System (5 months ago)
Always show the poor part of India!
Independent System (5 months ago)
I don't understand why nobody asked them about their hats! Indians will understand!
Independent System (5 months ago)
Let me remind you that it is just one city. Do not assume you have seen the whole of India.
Elton Gj (5 months ago)
the most stupid culture and belives the weirdes and filthiest country in the world
Pranay Kumar (5 months ago)
Oneside u dont like the scam and on the otherside u r playing a role in their act. These are double standards
Pranay Kumar (5 months ago)
That poverty is britishers gift. India was richest country before britishers entered India and when they left it is was the poorest
Pranay Kumar (5 months ago)
420 from the constitution really these guys are the reason why white bastards are mislead about india
Pranay Kumar (5 months ago)
I always wondered why the hell these foreigners show only filthy areas of india all my life because it is not like that where i live in hyderabad. Then i went to north India and realised whatever they show is actually true. Ppl are habituated there to live like that
Pranay Kumar (4 months ago)
+SV SN no I'm not fucking ashamed. Ppl and politicians of those areas should be ashamed
SV SN (4 months ago)
Pranay Kumar Don’t be Ashamed. Those are old villages and cities which can’t be reconstructed now. This is like third world among the modern world and people are really habitual being there. Also, you won’t find such traditional magic in Metropolitan cities.
abhineet gupta (5 months ago)
and india is not only about slums. i am a card magician and i did not find my teachers in slums. use goggle there are many indian origin magicians... they just want to put bad light about india
Ethan Leidy (5 months ago)
HAha! yes! its just a chicken!
Prasanta Dutta (5 months ago)
Cows are the first thing shown in American TV shows when their hosts visit India. If I visit America, I better see a school-shooting there.
punklover99 (2 months ago)
Calm down dude
Hardware PUNK (5 months ago)
Yoga fire
Kintaroi Coc (1 month ago)
Yoga flame
GG Films (5 months ago)
How he do the trick with the son In the basket?
Chau Nguyen (1 month ago)
I guess the son bent himself around the circumference of the basket bottom.
Why help a fraud Delhi Benny Hinn? Pen and Teller I hate fake healers praying on the old, sick, and the dying.
Per Mohammad you must eat seven Adjua Dates to be immune from magic and poison for 24 hours, also if a fly lands on your food you must dunk it in your food because it has the poison on one wing and the cure on the other! Ha Ha Ha Ha this is legit silly Muslim Hadith's
Jesse Daub (5 months ago)
Penn, who cares if he's selling rings after a magic show? isn't the reason you're in the magic business is to trigger a mental state of awe and wonder, which is what produces your ticket sales? Love you guys, but one minute you're giving them respect and another you're calling them out. They have to make a living in a way that makes sense in their current economic conditions and culture. I do think the slight of mouth stuff is gross though, along with the puppets. lol. still love you guys
Chicken Towel (2 months ago)
It's the belief that's comes with it. Like it's bad luck if you don't buy it. They can just simply sell the rings, but don't include some curse on it.
D0S81 (6 months ago)
i tell you what was magical about this, how it magically gave me the urge.....to go replay far cry 4 :)
D0S81 (6 months ago)
never seen so much awkwardness in 50 mins. lol.
Nicholas Ward (6 months ago)
I feel like he said fuck it I'm doing it just to cut the whole scene
WillyTheComposer (6 months ago)
47:20 This one line really stood out to me. When Lee says, "The more we trust in our powers of observation, the easier we are to fool." That's actually really deep. If we're insecure, unsure of ourselves and the world around us, we don't know what to believe, and it's really difficult to accept what we see around us even if we can't explain it. But when we are confident in ourselves, and sure of what we believe in, we trust our own perception more, and are more willing to buy into what we see but can't explain.
EvccRtt (6 months ago)
Good song btw
roopesh k (6 months ago)
Love for art is disappearing in India. I am sorry to say, you see at as street magic most I know in India see it as street begging.
Jay Quek (6 months ago)
India's magic is like the david blaine of the world "Hey wanna see a magic trick?" "Yea sure" * impales himself * "What the fuck david"
breyleyjk26 (6 months ago)
...except puppet people. They all deserve to live like that.
MNN TNK (6 months ago)
i am from India and i am having hard time seeing this side of India.
Ziggy Rotten (6 months ago)
Make Magic Great Again
Daniel Shockey (7 months ago)
0:59 why is Africa a dick? Why are there no nordic countries? Where the fuck is Cuba? Iceland? Ireland? Sri Lanka? New Zealand? Hawaii? Madagascar? Sicily? Sardinia? Corsica? Crete? Cyprus? Taiwan? Korea? Nova Scotia? Greece? Turkey? The Black Sea? The Caspian Sea? Denmark? Hispaniola? The Yucatan Peninsula? The Horn of Africa? The Suez Canal? Tasmania? Papua new Guinea? The Baltic Sea? Karelia? Jesus dude...
Jerk Jerkington (7 months ago)
It's interesting that he says the magicians are part of a "gypsy caste" considering that Gypsies are actually an ethnic group which came from the general area around Delhi. They probably aren't actually that different.
Knute M (7 months ago)
Penn is so obnoxious... a real ugly American. Teller, too, when he talks, as when in Egypt he called it a filthy country. Their shows are good though, as long as you cut out Penn's blathering and preaching his atheist religion.
Alana Corbella (6 months ago)
Knute M it is a filthy country.
Josh H (7 months ago)
david bengali blaine
BigDH28 (7 months ago)
Those fucking puppets.... like, no man, noooooo! Hahahaha! Legend has it those puppeteers are still performing, waiting for Penn and Teller to return. 😂🤣🤦‍♂️
Ray S (7 months ago)
you too can kazooo!!
9:59 did he just say "whos that nigga?" lmao
KrossoverGod (7 months ago)
The keyboard played a pivotal role in that Indian rope trick.
NetAndyCz (7 months ago)
the rope really looks like a hose.
Sumeet Kumar Yadav (7 months ago)
20:50 That is so mean
Terravium (7 months ago)
Why does he hate puppeteers so badly lol
never using this again (5 months ago)
Have you ever met a puppeteer? Gross
Ritz Matt (7 months ago)
why doesnt Teller talk?
Puppy Casey (8 months ago)
No wonder magic is shunned in India; it's gruesome and ugly.
Puppy Casey (8 months ago)
The spinning tops were cool though
Robert Simpkins (8 months ago)
Its just a chicken ....... and a pigeon
Roedy Green (8 months ago)
Ripping a chicken apart with your teeth is considerably a nastier end that dying in a production line. A chicken has just as much ability to feel as a human.
RIGHT Collection (8 months ago)
The Fat Punisher (8 months ago)
God what a shithole
Estamio (8 months ago)
Chinmay great (9 months ago)
why the fuck do u chaps visit the worst places in India
Cold Dose (9 months ago)
India is the most filthy country in the world
SV SN (4 months ago)
Your brain is filthiest in the entire Universe because of your closed mind. Kill your self and we’ll have one idiot down on this planet
Ashish fitness (5 months ago)
This India you seeing is about 15 years old! Come visit India and you will see the difference! And one more thing never ever call my country filthy!
dodie rules (11 months ago)
They took an Uber *riding the elephant
Shattered Knight (11 months ago)
What were they talking about? Is there police brutality going on? If so, then setup a camera at a distance to see for sure what is happening. As for Penn's complains about the selling of rings, he's taking it way too personal. It's a normal street con. You make people think these trinkets have powers, then sell them like hotcakes. Yes it's dishonest. But really not as big a deal as they make it out to be. I do disagree with magicians trying to proclaim their magic is really magical, and not a trick that can be done with proper practice. But it's not necessary to take it personal. Let them do what they like to do. Especially when they don't have money or nearly the same standard of living. But even if they did, really. It's not that big a deal.
Chicken Towel (2 months ago)
If the authority found out about the hidden set up camera, they'll get, not only a beating but also 4-5 years in prison. lol
D S Kushan (4 months ago)
totally bro.. they get these rings as souvenirs... they can remember the show by watching these rings later.
Nirupam Barman (11 months ago)
Its a Goat Tongue used for magic Lol
It's_Magic 2003 (11 months ago)
Well since I'm a magician as well, I know where to go when I go to India...
Punjabi Munda (11 months ago)
Whole India doesn’t live like this they only showed slums typical west
Alana Corbella (6 months ago)
Punjabi Munda they clearly stated they went to where the street magicians lived to see them. they never said the whole of india is like that. stop being so offended over everything and actually pay attention to what your complaining about.
Samuel Cresswell (11 months ago)
pull the brake!
Mandy Landis (1 year ago)
49:40 Ghandi or Penn Jillette ?
x.adam1 . . . (1 year ago)
Its just a chicken . . . . Until Its My Chicken! Then, you'd better watch out. If I want to eat my chicken, boil my chicken, or just choke my chicken its for me to decide. Not some wild man. Get your damn hands off of my chicken!
albonelias (1 year ago)
I'm from India and I'm so disappointed aftet seeing this :((
Alana Corbella (6 months ago)
albonelias maybe you should do something to improve your country then.
osei A (1 year ago)
good ole child abuse at 18:59 :) like the kind we all got as a kid
GBatT (1 year ago)
Penn burned the shit out his feet and had to lie about it on camera..
DangerMouSe (1 year ago)
Penn force feeds a red pill w/ the "just a chicken!" What a guy 🤣
Lankey Bastard (1 year ago)
Seems like a bit of an over kill just to make someone think they missed a magic trick. It could have been as simple as looking at his watch in the street and saying "Oops, we missed it". Really kinda of a wet fart to the end of a Penn and Teller show. Unless I missed something the last "trick" was really lame.
Erik Saynisch (1 year ago)
Good show. Wrapping it up with how a staged performance can turn to myth and actual history was genius.
Marlon Solaire (1 year ago)
But did he fool them
Aashiq Parmar (1 year ago)
This is tooooo old video india has changed a lot now...it's on his road on becoming superpower..
eagle shadow (8 months ago)
Super power by 200000....
Alexander James (1 year ago)
Aashiq Parmar SUPERPOWER BY 2020
MyBigThing2010 (1 year ago)
Hmmm Indian scammers in a third world shit hole that you can teach to lie easily....a few extras shots and you have a telemarketing scam documentary and an inside look at Microsoft and Verizon tech support "how they do it".....period how grimy they really are ...THEY LIE TO YOUR FACE WITH A SMILE, WHILE STANDING ON DOG SHIT CALLING IT GOLD!
Whistler Wade (1 year ago)
Who's ways are strange when it's time to survive?
Boris Chan (1 year ago)
In India, the "Indian Rope Trick" is just the "Rope Trick"..... Anyway, that was pretty obvious why it had to be done in the sand
flash more (1 year ago)
The guide look like a serial killer!
Lux Antonio (1 year ago)

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