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Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' (2016) Official Trailer

132 ratings | 27151 views
Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) discovers the world of magic after surviving a car accident. More info about Marvel's "Doctor Strange": http://bit.ly/1S6Yu7I
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Rainier Ronquillo (2 years ago)
Doctor Strange 2016 full movie! link ---> http://?a?d?f.?y/?1?f?R s?Q <--- delete all "?" (question marks) for the right link wait 5 sec. then click Skip Ad to redirect to the movie site! ENJOY 😉
Grace Sturgess (2 years ago)
18:19 Doctor Strange Quality Subtitle English Movie https://plus.google.com/101106547461944158288/posts/KWVqxTSfNxK
As Bayrakları (2 years ago)
Saul Yang (2 years ago)
Wow is it so hard to find an Asian actor to play an Asian role
Stephanie (2 years ago)
whitewashing is great!! I just love it when people completely disregard poc and decide to cast white people! haha 2016! good one guys!
Casey Ryan (2 years ago)
Why the fuck is a white lady playing what is supposed to be an old asian man? Answer: This movie is RACIST!
SpadaccinoLuciano (2 years ago)
Yeah white washing is pretty fucked up. They did the same thing with the Mandarin. Twice.
Eathos (2 years ago)
I feel like this movie has the potential to become my new favorite movie
변창섭 (2 years ago)
씨발 흥분된다
+변창섭 Yeah dude! This looks awesome!
Anna Pi (2 years ago)
Bobblesnatch Cumbercrisp is amazing
Theo G (2 years ago)
Let's go!!!
Jonz (2 years ago)
it looks great, saw it before

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