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Road House | I used to fuck guys like you in prison.

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Dalton and Jimmy begin to bond as Jimmy finally opens up about his past. JIMMY I used to fuck guys like you in prison.
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Eric Wersy-Luong (7 months ago)
This is Eric is th3j35t3r is FBI number 809143jb8 vs Travis is Jimmy the Wersky-Luong-Redondo family vs the bernardis-Truong-Luong family
Damian Thorne (8 months ago)
I'd be like, "oh. sorry you had to resort to that homie. I been out here slaying pussy while you was locked up but cool."
OptimisticCynic715 (1 year ago)
Dalton committed a hate crime! He killed him only because Jimmy was a proud homosexual man, living life on his own terms. And after Brad Wesley crossed the line and said he needed Dalton's ass in his trophy room, Brad was lynched by prominent men from town.
100nitrog (1 year ago)
"By the look of this guy, this is not consensual sex we're talking about." —Andy Dwyer
DownClownTownFrown (2 years ago)
Nigga you gay
Mick Taylor (2 years ago)
Why the fuck this was in my recommendation list? I was watching some banshee clips.
aku aaron (2 years ago)
The greatest line in film history
Robbie (2 years ago)
Most gay scene ever.
chrismc410 (5 months ago)
@Camopar87 or Deliverance
Robbie (2 years ago)
Brokeback mountain is homosexual, this is gay.
Camopar87 (2 years ago)
Sombre Monarque you've never seen Brokeback Mountain have you?
lkrnpk (3 years ago)
Russians would have absolutely no problem with this quote, because by that the guy implies that he was at the top power position in prison so asserted his dominance by fucking guys like him in the ass in prison. I believe the same is with any country and male prisons. It's not about being homosexual or it being about sexuality... It's all about the power and humiliation of others. In Russia they often knock out the teeth of people who are the sub-caste and are fucked and forced to suck off other inmates, so that there would not be mishaps in the process of sucking off dicks... They also have special tatoos for these people who show to all inmates what their status is, so even when new people come to prison, they already know which ones are the cocksuckers. So if you see an ex-prisoner missing front teeth in Russia, chances are he was a guy like that. The worst part is that sometimes you even can't escape such a fate. Well, if you are strong guy and make friends easily, you probably would be able to escape it, but if you are shy or not very social and not very strong, you could just say sit on a chair where a person who was fucked in the ass used to sit before and then they automatically thought that you were also such a guy. Even if you didn't allow them fuck your ass willingly, if somebody raped you and you resisted but still he managed to rape you, then both of you would be considered faggots and used in future.But that's one thing where Russia is better that USA. There they do not tolerate just raping random guy against his will, because then they see that the guy just wanted to have sex with a specific person, that there are some feelings or sexual thing involved (or at least they assume), because there is this special caste of people who allow themselves to be fucked in the ass willingly which is considered sub-human and they are used just a thing with which masturbate to, so that is not considered sexual.
chahin morsli (1 year ago)
damn that harsh but you have to ask yourself why that person is in prison in the first place, and the matter that he deserve it is another thing, only god can judge
The Bringer of Salt (2 years ago)
lkrnpk Thanks for that insightful input.
Nathan Flannery (3 years ago)
5 guys got fucked by Jimmy in prison
archertank2 (3 years ago)
Best line ever
Frank Champion (3 years ago)
lmao greatest insult
VTBM (3 years ago)
Alexandros HoMegas (3 years ago)
wrathguard (3 years ago)
I was watching this movie with my father in law and I looked at him like did I just hear that. After the movie he was like well that was awkward line to say.
Atom Blast (2 years ago)
wrathguard Homophobe
FireLightning16 (4 years ago)
Well...that's something  you don't hear everyday...
Shayne Hughes (5 months ago)
Yeah, speak for yourself
Cine Martin (1 year ago)
my girlfriend says that everyday
Ivan olivas (3 years ago)
+LMTurg My Dad says that to me all the time
The Okay Guy (4 years ago)
Road house...
s0nnyburnett (4 years ago)
I hope it was with their consent in the doggy position with a proper reach around. Any other way is just rude.
1GHRT (4 years ago)
Oh, definitely. It's just common courtesy.
Nicholas Sultana (4 years ago)
Well.... that escalated quickly!
Jorge Fuentes (4 years ago)
Well there's an insight on his background..
Ella (4 years ago)
What a random thing to say
Sith Lord Palpatine (5 years ago)
Hahaha, this has got to be without a doubt the funniest insult I've ever heard in my life!
Octavio Guzman (5 years ago)
How is that something to brag about lmao
Zyoop changa (1 year ago)
it's a dominance thing
Jorge Fuentes (4 years ago)
@Octavio Guzman it means he takes pride in indulging in sexual intercourse with other men during his time in prison. His statement also further hints that he was always the one on top during such acts of intercourse.
SoniKed (4 years ago)
@Octavio Guzman Basically he's telling the guy he is a women and he is a man or something like that lol
Octavio Guzman (5 years ago)
Like I was saying
tsartodd (5 years ago)
because he was the one who did the fucking ... he didn't say that HE was the one who got fucked in prison.
Momo D (5 years ago)
From the look on that guy's face it wasn''t consensual sex
Frank Castle (5 years ago)
Ahahahahahah this line kills me!!! Dalton vs Jimmy best fight scene ever!!!
bonerface666 (5 years ago)
Hahaha! He admitted to fucking guys!
K1THKANAN (6 years ago)

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