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Sex Trafficking 2017 Watch Online in HD

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Sex Trafficking 2017 is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern day sex slavery. From the first scene, Sex Trafficking 2017 gives an in-depth look at the human trafficking industry, showing where slaves are sold (often in developed, affluent countries), where they work, and where they are confined. With footage shot in over nineteen different countries, Nefarious exposes the nightmare of sex slavery as experienced by hundreds of thousands daily, through the eyes of both the enslaved and their traffickers. Nefarious features expert analysis from international humanitarian leaders, and captures the gripping and triumphant testimonies of survivors in order to galvanize hope and vision
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Queen 1989 (2 days ago)
I'm rethinking about traveling the world because honestly the world is fucking disgusting
Queen 1989 (2 days ago)
I have more self respect than ever now
Dr Banitya Tripura (2 days ago)
All praise to God, I love You, Jesus.
roza muhamad (7 days ago)
Men are the most disgusting creature on this planet fuck men
بدي كلبة واذلها و انيك
SOUPRUN10 (14 days ago)
Incredible documentary!
PrincessD (14 days ago)
why does this not have more views?! but people like jake paul get so much attention. this documentary was beautiful and has opened my eyes. my prayers go out to all the women in the world suffering because of this no one deserves to go through this kind of trauma
Hello Again ! (20 days ago)
Stop the demand to stop the supply!! This is the real solution We see sex advertising in everyday life... movies.. games.. street Use your hand Save those innocent
Abhishek Bhatia (12 days ago)
Good perspective. How do you think one could target reducing the demand though?
Keitha Knowles (29 days ago)
All women should rise up and take over the world . I have thought for a long time that men should be kept in cages and only be let out to procreate occasionally. Not really though. There are lots of good men out there but what can we do to protect the children Of the world????
Abhijit dhamne (30 days ago)
The population of the girls and female women is going doing as compare to male population or count in the world so this things are happening. Every male should get atleast one sexual partner to keep his natural instinct under control which is not possible now a days, because of several factors.
SHAW THE KILLER (1 month ago)
Wow hooman Barbie doll
xenia kostopoulou (1 month ago)
who the fuck sells their children to prostitution? Disgusting pos! PS Great job Sweden!!
3x Tentacion (1 month ago)
Patrick Quinn (1 month ago)
really good also really Christiany. But that's cool, I don't hate on it. great stories to be heard
Whitney Davenport (1 month ago)
I think one of the most difficult things for me personally in the aftermath of prolonged sexual abuse was trying to live in acknowledgement of the depravity and cruelty of the people who can do these kinds of things. Even 20 years later I think it is still one of the most difficult truths I live with everyday.
Moonshine Celeste (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/zG6P_cl2hnM. There are karma and Universal Law of cause and effect.
ka wai chiu (1 month ago)
If i had the death note ,I would kill all bad people especially the trafficker!
Gweynn5 (1 month ago)
Great documentary...God bless these amazing people for their strength to talk and share their triumphs. Continue ur great work n everyone should not look the other way but stand up to the criminals that r bringing slavery into ur communities. Our voice can change a few lives!!! 🙏❤
Mary Harbour (1 month ago)
Yes those gangsters sell their soul to the devil by causing such suffering, but at the end of the line who are their customers? Who buys these services?
princess flower (1 month ago)
I pray that death comes to everyone and anyone who sells women, and children for money just like this. ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ https://youtu.be/-waJsBs0eBQ
princess flower (1 month ago)
How can a mother do that to heir own daughter's, those women should never have children because they're only having children to sell them for money 😟
shubhpreet nagra (1 month ago)
princess flower these girls should close there legs
princess flower (1 month ago)
The sad part is women and young girl's will never have justice in this world not even after death unless they make it to heaven so sad.
shubhpreet nagra (1 month ago)
What is wrong with these fuckin bitch guys this is crazy more then death if it was me all be calling a cops or I have friends are bikers they will kill who ever they are do to these kids and women all tell my good friends to miss up with bad guys. Best friend he’s one of the he’ll angels they miss these guys so bad
Noor Nina (1 month ago)
Ohh... Creeps shotted.. oh shit!! Government is associated to mafia or Government is mafia??? Those so-called parents brainwash their daughter, so that later on they can grow up to become a prostitute to earn money for them !!
Enayat Anu (1 month ago)
It's just reminding me how cruel the people are.I think cruel word is way far less than the word which suits them.I wish these pimps ,people who involved in these things burn in hell for million years .I am so devastated seeing this.It's just made me feel weak of myself as a girl and whole world is talking about women empowerment.What the hell is with this mission of women empowerment when government are not even able to rescue girls and give a modest life where they can experience basic life of being loved by their families ,getting married have children.So called governments,corrupted officials ,no political will. World has such evils not because of evil people but because of silence of good people😢
Raymond reddington (1 month ago)
feminist dont care about stuff that happens outside the western countries, simple as that
Moonshine Celeste (1 month ago)
Mary Mikel (1 month ago)
God bless you to know him in Jesus Christ name he's coming back soon be prepared and repent diligently.
Richard Colucci (2 months ago)
Terrible stories or sure and some girls enter the industry out of desperation for money but when did prostitution become sex trafficking? I interpret sex trafficking as girls that were illegally brought into the U.S from another country to become a prostitute. Its dangerous because they have no legal protections and live in constant fear of deportation. Sex workers born in the U.S. are not "trafficked."
sparkely girl 432176598 (2 months ago)
People we gots to do something about this cuz this is wrong
BlueWolf216 (27 days ago)
This is wrong and inhumane and more action should be taken to stop all of this abuse not only to women who are sexually abused but also men who are sexually abused
xzaria williamson (2 months ago)
Fucken shit country selling their children die to the people buying them.
Super Sarah (2 months ago)
This will not go on forever. Jesus shall return. Amen!
midnight runner (2 months ago)
Very, very heartbreaking. I sincerely hope each and every one of those girls finds peace.
I wanna be inside all the time
I am growing up i am scared
Paul Lindley (2 months ago)
The families must have made more from selling the kids at the kareoke bar than what that nice man and his wife could offer or just didn't trust them.I'm so glad I live n england,to just be born you have to be grotesquely lucky and I live in a nice area in a good country by comparison to these sick tough countries,its a tough world,paedophiles should be shot and sex traffickers hanged
Holly Gamble (1 month ago)
I live in statistically "The Safest City in the United States of America" as well as "The Human and Drug Trafficking Capital of the World."
Holly Gamble (1 month ago)
Paul Lindley funny you think you're invincible because of trivial things. Ignorant
azercalicia (2 months ago)
Michael Kyriacopoulos (2 months ago)
Human slavery 200BC was not even 10% of human trafficking ( sexual slavery ) 2018 in this world 🌍 today 💔 💔💔💔💔💔🙅🏽‍♂️ enough is enough
Team APA (2 months ago)
I'm not sure if I should like the video because it's finally exposing the injustice of the situation, or dislike it because I hate the idea of trafficking and prostitution.
Priya jessy (21 days ago)
like it cus someone uploaded it nd shown us the reality
Preteen Dhillon (3 months ago)
This all flourishing business due to politicians involvement. Politicians use our hard earned tax money and misuse it back on us to harm the weak sector of society. That is the reason women are still slave. Only men are able to achieve true freedom. I saw many video interviews of many highly professional prostitute's. All of them are forced, manipulated, drugged and tortured like animals through pimps. They said they have to smile publicly and had to show that they are doing it happily. I was totally stunned to see the reality. These pimps are protected by pizza gate politicians. Common people need to awake the harm government s are doing. Stop paying g tax and vote. Invent machines to operate countries to enjoy real freedom
shayla Diamond (3 months ago)
This is sick man these are little girls man smh
shubhpreet nagra (1 month ago)
shayla Diamond ya they are what up with these people god man
Giata Ferrara (3 months ago)
The most dangerous creature on Earth is the human
Despacito 2 (8 minutes ago)
TheWendigo Yeah but still not all humans are “dangerous”
TheWendigo (10 minutes ago)
Despacito 2 they do that as self defense or to protect babies. they wouldnt destroy civilization with a nuke because of a war, or profit off of suffering of all things, etc
Despacito 2 (15 days ago)
No it’s the bear they will mold you.
DI LOO (19 days ago)
Cut or bite it off when they sleep...
Kymberly P (1 month ago)
Giata Ferrara ~ I completely agree!
Gabby .Z (3 months ago)
People who do these things to the poor girls need to rot in hell. No one deserves this. 😭
Dasha (13 days ago)
Vicmund Lim can I have your email first
Vicmund Lim (14 days ago)
+Dasha do you wanna chat on any social media
Dasha (15 days ago)
Vicmund Lim thank you that would be nice and it's ok happens to me too
Vicmund Lim (19 days ago)
+Dasha sure sorry for the late reply. My phone went for repair but do you have any social media we can chat. I have fb, hangouts and plus whatsapp plus poor you
alaytin64841 tin (30 days ago)
Gabby .Z and they do it to boys too
Kritika Angdembay (3 months ago)
Amen. I hope someday I can help some one out there.
james hartman (1 day ago)
I did! I saved a swedish girl back in Istanbul... This is not my real name so am not trying to show off or anything it's just that she was lucky I found her that day. She had no clue what those bastards were saying ... Anyways I hope she made it back home(Sweden) safe the next day... That very next day those guys kicked my S so bad I couldn't move for a week, 2 broken ribs, nose, lost 3 teeth, and a nail, stitches... I almost died that day, but it was worth it *am not joking*
Woofie Dog (3 months ago)
The real culprits are the government officials who allow this to happen. Nothing could work unless there was complicity. The mafia buy from others the free will to exercise their psychopathic tendencies.
Joseph Forster (3 months ago)
What the fuck is that trafficker guy doing out of prison? I don't care if his remorse is genuine or not... He kidnapped, raped and enslaved women for eleven years. He still looks reasonably young as well...
Abbie Temnewo (3 months ago)
This makes me not wanna leave my house ever
Vicmund Lim (14 days ago)
Where are u from
Preteen Dhillon (4 months ago)
6 inch cause too much pain and suffering, chop it off of everyone. Why there is law exist that permit to do business with others body? Others body belong to others not to yours. Law should allow to do business with your own body not with others. Should be punishable to death. Problem with be solved. Faulty human race with faulty laws totally underdeveloped like animals
Preteen Dhillon (4 months ago)
That is modernisation. Degraded mind, dehumanisation slavery, pimps and ever flourishing traffickers, abnormal use of 6 inch weapon killing humanity all around us. We are sick that we are still alive in such a lowest of the lowest planet fill of half satans
Super Sarah (2 months ago)
Preteen Dhillon we are in the end time
Kaz 78 (3 months ago)
Preteen Dhillon 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Adrijana Pavlovic (4 months ago)
Omg I'm from Serbia so when I saw the begining, I was shocked, God I wish I could help these victims
i was walking home from shool one day in new york and two men in a pick up truck grab me and put me in the trunk. i woke up on the ground naked, and my vagina was bleeding bad . about 1 hour later 10 men walk in and was laughing calling me all types of names telling and explaning to me how i had been knocked out for 2 days straight and i was in sex slavery i wont get into details but i will say this is so sad and i was very very sad through all of it i exscape after 2 months of being captive i was rape by about 20 different men alot of my "customers", keep coming back . they always told me i was beautiful and had "good cooch". ill never be the same again im no longer s women im a shell of a girl. and will never be the same again i was 15 when i was kidnapped and im 17 now i hate my life my family always makes it better i love them so much .
*school one day.
Colette Nelson (4 months ago)
Nobody should have to go through this, none should be treated as if their nothing
Super Sarah (2 months ago)
Colette Nelson yes Colette
Entrigue Peel (4 months ago)
These traffickers are so evil, all they care about is money. I would stab them if they tried to do that to me I'm not going.
Dasha (1 month ago)
Andres Prado very true it's very sick
Dasha (1 month ago)
shubhpreet nagra yes my mom was pissed and very upset
Christian Wood (1 month ago)
I am studying Criminal Justice and I learn a lot of things and how all of this operates and it is an entire operation just like a normal business enterprise is...
Dasha (1 month ago)
Andres Prado very true
Dasha (1 month ago)
Andres Prado I get it I'm a survivor. I was rescued though . It makes sense . I wish I could help all girls and have all the sick traffickers who did this torture them in jail.
Đurđa Blanuša (4 months ago)
Okay, I live in Serbia, and the first place is Belgrade, Serbia. I'm freaked out.
Tina B (25 days ago)
shut up bitch
Liz Irwin (26 days ago)
you are right tina. you got them. sex trafficking is fake.
BlueWolf216 (27 days ago)
+lovepeople Hu that's not nice, you don't wish that on anybody. I don't know if you think your being cool or badass by saying that but your not. You hide behind a screen and your a coward, pls leave her alone and take that stupid comment with you, so disrespectful
Kymberly P (30 days ago)
lovepeople Hu ~ Whatever you wish on someone else has a strong possibility of happening back to you. You hide behind a made up name and a generic icon pic on YouTube, be very careful because someday.... somewhere....you’re going to forget where you are and troll someone in real life. Anonymity won’t be able to protect you then.
lovepeople Hu (30 days ago)
Đurđa Blanuša I hope you get raped
Khadija Lamptey (4 months ago)
Allah will punish them severely...they r animals
Sarah Wootton (3 days ago)
Krista Rapoza (26 days ago)
i fnd that offensive we can belive who we want
Kymberly P (30 days ago)
Leigh R ~ Why must Khadijah Lamptey check out a Christian YouTube channel? What actual Islam/Muslim YouTube channels have you visited? Do you feel the need to “enlighten” Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs and those that are Jewish in the same manner? Have you afforded yourself the availability to learn about other religions and cultures based on your own studies, and not from which was only taught to you? Have you been able to travel outside of your region and embrace how others happily live outside of YOUR norms? If you haven’t guessed, I’ve taken it personally on how you feel the need to “direct” a beautiful woman who made a appropriate comment after watching a video about SEX TRAFFICKING! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Anon Girl (1 month ago)
Khadija Lamptey Please check out Acts 17 Apologetics here on YouTube.
Pastella Spot (1 month ago)
Don’t compare them to animals.Even animals are smarter than them.
princess flower (4 months ago)
Rome never changed.
Meetakshara Mishra (4 months ago)
What is happening to dam men doing this is really shit thing ,U guys are really great that u bring true infornt of us and I hope these kind shit must stop and all the girls now aware of these cheap things going out there .Now this is women time to rise and shine .I am completely against to prostitutes. Great job guys to show the reality of this dam shit world .Never show mercy or trust these bastard .😤
james hartman (1 day ago)
+Mackenzie Weber exactly not just men... u're a true lady! Respect.
Valerie Jackson (7 days ago)
Palupi Manoeroeng (1 month ago)
Raymond reddington sss
Mackenzie Weber (1 month ago)
No worries lol, I knew you were. Have a good day! :)
vishal parmar (4 months ago)
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shaikh montasir (4 months ago)
follow ISLAM and submit yourself to almighty allah the whole world gets its solution.
shaikh montasir (4 months ago)
the real and brutal picture of modern day capitalism.the byproduct of lossing our humanity though we claimed that we are living in a civilised world.
Holly Gamble (1 month ago)
Good way to put it. Thank you!
Laveniamae Rosal (4 months ago)
This story reminds everyone how cruel the people are
Gusti Ngurah (1 day ago)
Holly Gamble (1 month ago)
If it's cruel, it's not human.
james oh (5 months ago)
Never against gun
Christine m (5 months ago)
I honestly think id kill myself...
Christine m hey u here
Christine m u safe..good..how old you?
Christine m (4 months ago)
Sajjad Hossain i live in canada) and very safe
Christine m ok.. but don't wory where u from..?
Christine m (4 months ago)
Sajjad Hossain imagine a life of sexual abuse....i know i personally would not survive.
Sasha Sweeney (5 months ago)
The entire documentary is about men exploiting women all over the world and yet all those women refer to “God” and “He”. Surely if in fact God did exist, he wouldn’t be a man. Shame they had to go all bible bashing at the end. It started off informative but ended up fanciful. 🙄
Sasha Sweeney (2 months ago)
Chris E R lol I’m definitely not a feminist. I’m an atheist. Get back to bashing your head on bible Chris
Chris E R (2 months ago)
get back to the kitchen sasha. feminazis like yourself are prostitutes that dont charge money
Woofie Dog (3 months ago)
This is a common way to think if you are not a Christian. When you know the bible well, you know that God gave us free will after creation and that the ills of the world since then were and are man-made and that after two abortive attempts to help people put right the wrongs of the earth that failed, Jesus finally sacrificed himself on the cross to save us and that to build a relationship with him as the holy spirit is a wonderful thing. Jesus has done so much for so many people. Don't knock it. People find a lot of solace in Jesus. Athiesm is a hopeless black hole and makes no sense at all, and the other Gods are false Gods that usually required earned salvation though good works. Jesus has done great things in my life and the character of Jesus is as far removed from these brute traffickers as an ant is from an elephant. If you've never felt unconditional love, as I never did growing up, the love of Jesus is something to be embraced and forever grateful for. A good church is a great blessing in life too, being surrounded by those who came to the Lord in various ways.
Amy Harrison (5 months ago)
God isn't exactly the one doing this to them are they? The fact you brought up that stupid point about god being a man is ridiculous. These men are evil, but these men do not represent the entire male population.
Renee Summerour (6 months ago)
WOW! I'd like to use some of this footage for a story Im doing about The 'Protection Act', which helps in the fight of HT. Can I use it? Thank you
Kutty Kerala (5 months ago)
No problem.Please go ahead.Good luck! :D
Heddy Lamban (6 months ago)
What a beautiful story , I can't hardly control my tears dropping . Yes God is good all the time .
shubhpreet nagra (1 month ago)
This is Crazy what’s up with these people
Ashley West (1 month ago)
yess!!! I signed in just to say basically the same thing, but you said it for me.
Chihiro Kikuchi (2 months ago)
how about instead of ignoring the bad you accept that if there is a god these girls would NEVER be in this situation, the evil bastards who put them there wouldnt exist or would be punished the second they tried to do this shit. But no... gotta ONLY focus on the good right? Someone said the most dangerous animal was a human... bullshit its a christian, you accept heinous acts and then have the nerve to say "god is good", bullshit if he's real... your god.. is a fucking devil.
Chihiro Kikuchi (2 months ago)
if god were good these girls wouldnt be in this situation.
Ashish Bore (3 months ago)
I can't hold back my tears watching this. but thanks to those ppl who helped 'Em👍👍😍 so heartbreaking 😔😔
cougarman85 (7 months ago)
Human tŕaffiging2
cougarman85 (7 months ago)
Human trafficing part 2
cougarman85 (7 months ago)
Human tráfico

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