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EXPO - Magic of the White City (Trailer)

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In this film, viewers experience the world of 1893 through a cinematic visit to Chicago's Columbian Exposition. Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/JansonYouTube Many of the world's greatest achievements in art, architecture, science, technology and culture are unveiled there. The grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, famous for his design of New York City's Central Park, and constructed under the supervision of Daniel Burnham. The Fair was an engineering marvel. On opening day, President Grover Cleveland depressed a golden telegraph key which sent the first courses of electricity throughout the Fair powering fountains, machines, turbines, electric railways and thousands of lights. It was the first use of electricity on such a massive scale. In addition, fairgoers enjoy the Midway Plaisance where a one-mile boulevard of fun offers guilty pleasures such as belly dancing, street fighting, camel riding and beer. Nearly 28 million visit the "White City," which inspires future innovators like Henry Ford, Walt Disney and Frank Lloyd Wright, and debuts the Ferris Wheel and Cracker Jack(R). Narrator Gene Wilder is famous for such movies as Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. "We selected Gene as narrator because of his unique ability to bring out both the dramatic and comic elements in the Fair," said Bussler.
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Text Comments (12)
mechanoid2k (5 years ago)
I see beer, but where is the rocket powered el camino?
Rei Suji (5 years ago)
just like this sheet cgr folks
HE1NZ (5 years ago)
Can I watch this on the VECTREX?
Plants and Games (5 years ago)
Gene Wilder?! Mark knows Willy Wonka?
FoxeoGames (5 years ago)
I was told to look it up. So I looked it up. Obligation met.
jnort (5 years ago)
666xKORN (5 years ago)
mark led me here with his bioshock infinite review
POPCANA (5 years ago)
Wow, so do you have the same views? Pretty ignorant. If you still have the same stance I must say it was a FAIR on American soil. We don't want your Neo-Communist utopia of poverty and oppression, sorry.
Lars Skjeggestad (6 years ago)
Since this is Mark's work I am not surprised to see beer all over the trailer :D
TheKingOfTown (6 years ago)
Mark from Classic Game Room directed this!
Sonny Brown (7 years ago)
@keltonaj What a horrible thing to say. This was a brilliant and magnificent piece of the world's history showing the beauty of industry and the power of freedom.
keltonaj (7 years ago)
the 1893 expo was propaganda by the american elite to convince the population to assent to arrogant empire building.

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