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Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You

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donald clapper (2 hours ago)
you can talk about this but not the holocaust why
IAMTHATIAM (2 hours ago)
Cold world
Üf Da (20 hours ago)
There’s so much wrong with these facts.
Robert Hamilton (21 hours ago)
World View (1 day ago)
Next video: US war crimes in Vietnam?
Wick Bobby (1 day ago)
black people: exists america: *that wasn’t very cash money of you*
Veronica Zarco (1 day ago)
This iui s soooooo very sad😥😥🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😪😫☹☹☹☹
I just wanted it how much it was sold one kids slave
vsabay gaming (2 days ago)
Punished for being too tall? Are u kidding me?!
Eggslut C.C (3 days ago)
Irish people they must've struck a nerve lol
Alien (3 days ago)
I knew we should've got rid of you humans a long time ago.
Proud Lungap (4 days ago)
Seen, man judgeth no man, this is painfully it hits the core of the heart, We are both descendants of two here the Master and the servant, let's look at each other's eyes and face this but towards the force of bettering the World.
Jared (4 days ago)
Who is this idiot narrating.
Michigan Deplorable (4 days ago)
And we still hear about it
Lena OnTheGo (4 days ago)
That moment your half black half native american
Esteban Morales (4 days ago)
Some of this is bogus. The British outlawed slavery years before the American Civil War. There were no British slaves in 1907. You can find countless photos of slaves wearing shoes.
Ryan McNeila (5 days ago)
The only horrifying thing here is the fact that slavery has been outlawed. The world was beautiful back then; look at it now.
Jonas van Eeten (5 days ago)
The girl above at 2:09 likes to be a sex slave.
RL9 Polish Hitman (6 days ago)
Not all white people.Slavs never do this to black people.On San Domingo when blacks started uprising against french soldiers Polish soldiers help them and kicked french asses.After all blacks and Poles lived in peace on island.But Poles, Slavs have heart. england, france, spain, germany end rest of the monsters don't. Edit: no offense.
Richard Lionheart (6 days ago)
The title says horrifying photo's but all I can see is a time when man used to believe in the bible and carried out it's laws. It was a purer time, a genuine era. May God the eternal bring back these times!!!
I wilfix (6 days ago)
This is a very sad documentary. The viewers were treated horribly. You need to increase your vocabulary..
Steve Kacor (6 days ago)
At 3:15 they are not slave traders the tall guy is handcuffed to the soldier
Dee Yanase (7 days ago)
They weren’t sex slaves. They were brave and noble fighters for their country. Don’t insult them like that.
Yoshiri Velazquez (7 days ago)
Why dose no one talk about the slavery happening right now in parts of Africa its horrible and ugly makes you see what people really are like
Bobby Rich (7 days ago)
All lies California in name after a black queen we where never slaves wake up people all bullshit
Bobby Rich (7 days ago)
Get off the bullshit white people was slaves. They know the truth where the slave ship at then
John Marion (7 days ago)
Android : Max (8 days ago)
Back then are fucked up 😡😡😡
M C (8 days ago)
Black was treated badly told compare them to other slaves REALLY get the fuck out of here.
M C (8 days ago)
Evil ass whites I hope their is a God
Hadeel Didam (9 days ago)
Guys for the u.s slaves, the u.s aren't always good people, I have to let people know this: At the war in China, a u.s plane flew over over China spraying people with a dangerous chemical called Agent Ora- *FBI run in* *I run like heck* Edit: no excuse for slavery though, I just got the idea from the video of U.S so don't think I support slavery.
Glitter Sparkle TV (9 days ago)
How do you even fricking get them?
mario mandujano (9 days ago)
"This gave them a chance at a happy and productive life" HA ultimate ignorance
credit card slaves
Ppl Don’t (9 days ago)
This video is faker than Kim Kardashis ass . White man trying hard to make American slavery wasn’t as bad as we think he was like there are Irish slaves lol with a hat and shoes on but they slaves lol. I hope some black man who read this comment will make a video to show the truth how horrible and how barbaric the white man was and is.
assassinate evil (10 days ago)
The world is moving back toward slavery. Israel leading the way to slavery again
assassinate evil (10 days ago)
Jews were the head of slavery. Saudis r jews. Human zoos another jew enterprises
assassinate evil (10 days ago)
Thanks to the jews. All slave ships owned by jews
Gladys Morgan (10 days ago)
there weren't. any slaves in 1907
TheGrays (10 days ago)
Blacks today are slaves to their own stupidity and laziness!
mary knapp (10 days ago)
Oh and for all you people who are haters it was a white president who abolished slavery
mary knapp (10 days ago)
Notice it was the British who bought the Africans, from their families,many families sold their own people I think no human should be under another,but there were many differant cultures who were slaves including whites
oriel octave (10 days ago)
A lot of these images are inaccurately described
mistymoo Moo moo (10 days ago)
It looks like mankind would be evolved enough to be too civilized for this to exist anymore.
fu geez fu to u (10 days ago)
Funny, kids as slaves.
Jam Leo Servles (10 days ago)
Bubbles (10 days ago)
at least you sould be happy you were not alive by that time or you be dead so just think about it your lucky your still around here in 2018
Richard Phillips (11 days ago)
There's slaves today they are on heroin an crack an have to give there money to live
unicode js (11 days ago)
Nobody really acknowledged the Native Americans huh?
Wesley G (11 days ago)
Lol I like the picture of American slaves in Japan....funny but all I can say is that pic is....KARMA!!!!!!!!!!
LPS paws (11 days ago)
Humanity is horrible... sorta still is But we’re sorta better...
tormentor of demons (11 days ago)
how dare you compare what captured white soldiers went through to Black Slaves
Davina Test (12 days ago)
When will humanity ever learn ?? War,slavery,cruelty it never ends
Janet Aila (12 days ago)
None of your facts are correct, I am unsubscribing immediately
kaddieA (12 days ago)
If you want to learn more about slavery in the United States from a first-hand perspective, I suggest reading the, “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave” and the “Journal of a Residence on a Georgian Plantation in 1838-1839”. The former was written, of course, by the amazingly intelligent Frederick Douglass who not only escaped slavery, but who defied stereotypes still held today by some people, in order to educate himself and become of the best writers and orators of his day. The latter book was written by Frances Anne Kemble, a British woman who married, and later divorced, an American slave owner about 20 year before the American Civil War.
Stephen Shelley (12 days ago)
Thank you! I will read it.
James McClendon (13 days ago)
Why is it SO important to depict BLACKS as slaves in the U.S.A. during a certain time period in history? Were not Certain African slaves to the British, French, and Dutch well after the so-called slavery in the U.S.A? I don't see that emphasized like it is with Black slavery! In the Americas, were there not other races that slaves too? Yes, it was! Native Americans and Caucasians! The question is if certain countries on the continent of Africa were slaves, and there were other races in the history of the U.S.A that were slaves, why is there so much emphasis put on Blacks being slaves? I'll tell you what I know and think! First of all, If there are ridiculous accusations that sound too good to be true, trust me, it isn't TRUE!! For example, they can't even get the story straight on how many slaves were transported! the story varies between 11 million to 100 million! The liars can't even agree on the numbers! Lol! At first, they said 75 million to 100 million were transported, Transporting 100 million slaves would have taken over 500 years! When people start questioning the scholars about the years that it would take to transport that many people, the scholars started reducing the numbers! Smh! Lol! Few people intellectually and mentally grasped it! Smh! If you look at the old slave ship diagrams, you would see that the slaves were packed in on every inch, side-by-side, on the lower decks! There was no way possible that they could store a couple of months of food, supplies, and water even for the crew! With the ship so bogged down with slaves, what do you think would happened if they encountered a storm? The boat would quickly take on water and sink! Smh! You people disgust me with not using common sense! If it sounds outrageous and too good to be true, trust me, it's outrageous and not true! When are you people going to use your mind and THINK, or are you all going to continue allowing the White man to think for you and tell you LIES? Smh! W A K E UP! We Blacks have an old saying: A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!
James McClendon (12 days ago)
Yo genius, I mean KaddieA: There's one question I want to ask you, Einstein! Did Columbus discover the Americas? We know the answer to that; however, there's a worldwide system that has been in place longer than your lame-ass and mind been born! I'll bet your lame-ass would defend that Columbus discovering America too! Smh! It just breaks your little heart to see someone that can do something you're lame and scared ass could never do, which is stand up for TRUTH! I guarantee you this, the truth will make you bow down to it and have you tapping out to it! The difference between you and I is that I willingly bow down to Truth while you think just because if you ignore the truth that the truth will stop being the truth! You're insane, delusional, and need to fire your psychiatrist! Now, I'm going to really shred you with knowledge! Hey coward, I dare you to read these books: 1. They came before Columbus: The African presence in ancient Americas by Ivan Van Sertima. 2. Africans and Native Americans: The Language of Race and the Evolution of Red-Black Peoples by Jack D. Forbes. Yo silly-putty for brains! These books confirm that Black/Negroes/Colored People lived in the Americas way before Christopher lame-ass came to the Americas! Unfortunately, in these books, the lying-ass authors refer to Blacks as Africans to keep the lies going, but everyone knows who they're referring to. Smh! We Blacks were already here in the Americas! There were millions of us here in the Americas hundreds of years before that Child molesting Columbus came to the Americas! Smh! Yo cupcake, don't tuck tail and run yet! I'm not finished giving you an intellectual beat down that will have everyone that knows you yiping along with you! I'm going to psychologically face plant you into these books and then shove them down your throat because I know you're way to chicken-shit to read these books that I'm suggesting for you to read next! These next books will expose a truth that will drop an intellectual nuclear bomb on you micro-world and turn what's left of that pea-brain to ashes! These books will enlighten you to how Whites flipped it and reversed it from them coming to the Americas as SLAVES, to Blacks coming to the Americas as Slaves! Smh! That's so evil and wicked! Yo flash, I know you're running from me at wrap-light speed, but I'm running right behind you for you to read these Books: 1. They Were White and They were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America. By Michael Hoffman 2. White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America. By Don Jordan 3. White Slavery in Colonial America: and Other Documented Facts Supressed from the Public Know. By Dee Masterson. Here's a little something from the pages of this book: They (Whites) were kidnapped, put in chains, transported across vast oceans, torn from their families, auctioned, whipped, tarred and feathered, lynched, beat to death, malnourished, denied medical and worked until they literally dropped dead. Contrary to popular belief, America did not begin as a colony built on the labor of African slaves. This earliest and understandably most forgotten period in American history began with the systematic exploitation of labor, targeting only white slaves! Now, that's straight from the pages of that book! Wow, did the caption from the 3rd book sound familiar? It should have because those are the same lies Whites said about Blacks! That global racist system has told those lies for centuries! Now, we have irrefutable evidence and proof that whites were the ones brought to this country as SLAVES! Guess what race of people brought Whites to this country as SLAVES? Blacks brought them here as SLAVES!! That's why Whites have an immense hatred towards my people and have cast hoards of lies upon them! Game-over, B I T C H! You just got checkmated! Now, You can run home and put your psychological band-aids on and lick your wounds! Word to the wise, don't bring a club to a fight when a person has countless intellectual intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear Missiles! You've been intellectually nuked so bad, I can see you glowing from here! LMAO!! Bye, and leave me alone and go back to sucking on the white man's little penis!
kaddieA (12 days ago)
Whatever you’re smoking, you need to back away from. The reason for the numbers being so wide ranging is that slave ships often didn’t reach their destinations for some of the same reasons that you listed...storms, scuttling, etc. Therefore, depending on whether you started the count at the origin or at the destination, the counts would vary greatly. It wasn’t unusual to start off a trip with 500 slaves and to arrive in port with only half that number. In addition, counting the number of slaves shipped requires one to look at records from dozens of slave shippers. There were a few large companies that had multiple ships dedicated to the slave trade, but a significant portion of slave shippers were independents that had only a single vessel. Therefore, to get a total, one has to go back to slave origin ports, read records from dozens of ships for a period of at least 100 years, and then move onto the next slave origin port and repeat the process. It’s not impossible to do, but the numbers vary widely for those facts. A trustworthy book about slavery includes which registers and locations were used for their numbers in their bibliography section. The slave trade was also very toxic to the slaves being shipped. The slave ships, like most shipping vessels of the 17th and 18th centuries, had separate compartments (I.e., “holds”) where supplies were stored, and separate compartments where cargo was stored. Whether you were shipping rum, wood, or slaves, you always packed those compartments to their fullest in order to maximize your opportunity for profit. Unfortunately, the European-led slave trade to the Americas treated people like inanimate objects so slaves were packed tightly, and in the familiar configurations that one sees when one researches the African to Americas (aka the Atlantic Slave Trade) slave trade industry. Interestingly, some of those diagrams were supplied by reformed slave trader, John Newton, who went on to write the popular song, “Amazing Grace”. The result is that mortality rates among slaves was extremely high for the journey over, and those who survived were sold for a high price which is one of the reasons why the Africa-to-Americas slave lasted for so long; it was risky but it was also enormously profitable. As for other people being forced into slavery in the Americas, especially within the United States, it is true that an extremely small number of whites were pressed into slavery; especially, after the US banned new slaves from being “imported” in 1808. However, those slaves were more like indentured servants in that they never had all of the same restrictions on education, religion, clothing, families, and culture imposed upon them. For ex., it wasn’t punishable by whipping and, in some cases, death to teach a white slave how to read. White slaves did not have to get permission from their master, or face being whipped if they didn’t, in order to get baptized. And I could go on and on. If you read antebellum laws for slaves for any number of southern states, you will find the most preposterous things when it comes to African slaves. Interestingly enough, the way in which Western Europe implemented the slave trade in places like the US and In South America emphasized a dehumanization based on the slave’s color to the point where one’s color automatically determined one’s humanity. As a result, even after slavery ended in places like the US, the legacy of that dehumanization still persists. To the point, where it wasn’t legal for blacks to marry whites in several dozen US states until the 1970s. Voting was restricted. And so on... And, yes, Europeans did first try to degrade the Native peoples of the Americas by turning them into slaves (it was a heck of a lot cheaper),but Native Americans proved too susceptible to dying from European diseases. In addition, their knowledge was extremely limited when it came to cultivating the cash crops that the European invaders wanted to grow; crops, like cotton, that had been grown in Africa for millennia. There is an abundance of information in the Bibliography sections of trustworthy source material such that you can read those primary and secondary sources directly for yourself. I hope that you take the time to do that one day. Ignoring research in favor of “common sense”conjecture is the same type of ‘thinking’ that left Europe mired in the Dark Ages and led them to believe that they would sail freely the end of the earth if they went too far and that the sun had to revolve around the earth.
Sean Carlo (13 days ago)
In the 5th photo, those are not just american's, it is mixed with the Filipino soldiers during japanese war
Shawn John (13 days ago)
idk if god can forgive this cruel man, because i can never
Dispelled Word (13 days ago)
donald trump will do this the same thing to all american people now
wendy kinf (14 days ago)
Who took the Irish because I will get them
Natasha Thompson (14 days ago)
Not cool it is just sadder
T Ghost (14 days ago)
1st picture... I'M DONE!!!😡😠
Tracyyy M (14 days ago)
Why do people like to say Africans sold Africans to minimize the Europeans wrong doing with slaves? There are no scientific facts to prove this was the case and if there were; the African slavery was much different from the European slavery. The worst slavery and the longest slavery in world history is the African American Slavery...
So Luved (14 days ago)
They didn't take Africans smh they took Hebrews. Gods chosen people...Its in Deuteronomy ch. 28-68. Our father is coming back soon to bring judgement on this place America, for what they did to his people. Just like he did to Egypt! And I'm not talking about white jesus. The real Black Christ. He's coming right when America gets destroyed in WW3! 😁
Shaojing Jia (15 days ago)
it seems that we are just civilized very recently
Tosse xd (15 days ago)
isola Ras Bella tunde (15 days ago)
Linda Mitchell (15 days ago)
This is why we have so much anger and hatred toward one another
Linda Mitchell (15 days ago)
Why did the African people sell there own people??? They didn’t even keep the families together yes it is sad to see slaves throughout history in different parts the world .
DzAndPround Yaw (15 days ago)
White people are the most racism and bad ppl in history
MartianCZ (16 days ago)
It would be better for black people to work like slaves than be unemployed criminals living in ghetto.
Aatri Khatri (16 days ago)
deanna b (16 days ago)
Jews ran the black and white slave trade in history. 40% of Jews owned slaves in America compared to less than one percent of white people. The Masonic Jew Albert Pike founded the Klu Klux Klan and the Jew Ignatius Loyola founded the Jesuits which headed up the Native American genocide and imprisonment of the Native Americans. International Jews took over the Federal Reserve bank in America in 1917. They control the U.S. through owning it's currency. Jew own 96% of all the world's major media outlets and almost every major politician world wide. Free Masonary and Jesuit control is the capstone of Jewish power and control. Jews own all the world's major corporations world wide. International Jews control the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. After in-depth historical research even their so called holocaust was a horrid lie and should be renamed the Holohoax. The Greatest lie in modern history. They are planning to eliminate a large portion of the world's population as they state that a smaller population would be easier to control under their one world government to be run from Jerusalem. International Jews control the International illegal Drug Trade, human trafficking and Organ Trade, and Arms Trade and fund both sides of war for profit and power. Jews own and run lying, paedophilic, transgendered propaganda Hollywood. Welcome to the sick psychopathic Communist Jew World Order where it will be horrific for all other races unless they haven't already destroyed all life on this earth by their psychopathic policies of destruction.
Thas gaming (17 days ago)
Fortnite burger this is EPIC
Lamar Jackson (17 days ago)
Gotta keep dem niggas in line
Lucian Musat (17 days ago)
This is how the things work back in that time ! acces to knowledge was limited ...without slavery back in the days, today world would be much different in negative meaning !
Steven A (18 days ago)
Funny thing is, Nothing has changed. We have indentured servitude of government taxes, sex trafficking, migrant farm workers, privately own prison systems, and Arabs are still selling Christians at public markets. Has anything really changed? Who is actually a FREE PERSON?
Trap God 6 (18 days ago)
Black people are cursed at birth poor Mississippi Louisiana Texas Arkansas Alabama Georgia Tennessee Cursed the soil with evil slave spirits that hung to this day and it’s a huge concentration of spirits in the Mississippi delta around drew Mississippi and Parchman the grounds are cursed with evil and I can imagine it was some really bad lunching around Greenville Charleston drew and other towns in that area
daves Vergara (19 days ago)
Like si el titulo esta en español y el video esta en ingles?
curtis reeves (19 days ago)
If you know anything about slavery you would understand that black American slaves basically won the lottery
Cherie McNaul (20 days ago)
Seriously folks, these photos are NOT all about slaves, even in one the voice says it was 1906! Slavery was abolished way before then. And the "3" Arabian slave dealers? Two are in British military attire! You can't even take a little grain of salt with this piece bs and not raise your bp! Photos are real, but they are not all what this video says it is!!
Gloria Tenorio (20 days ago)
Exallent 😈 gotta love the happy slave photos😈
Shzz 90 (21 days ago)
The arab photo who he buy humen as slave but he cuffed next to soldier next to him and barefoot? Plus maybe he the only Arabian but the two soldiers don’t look arab to me at all Plus when the slavery happened it was wayyyyy back then on the dark days when our profit mohammed born and end this rule because it’s forbidden and god order him and us to not keep doing that shameful stuff and take the human rights out of anyone So back then there was no photos or shit it was back on the drawing days so the info is false false false 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
jamesbon george (21 days ago)
Caucasians,we will NEVER love you untill you show that you are human beings
Glenda Fuller (21 days ago)
I for one tottaly disagree with any forms of slavery colour or cread we are all free spirits. It is basic right to freedom
Milton Holley (21 days ago)
Eww Chris (21 days ago)
One part of Africa black people were selling each other but that doesn’t mean you can buy them make them salves and treat them like animals that’s where u fuck up and no it wasn’t all Africa that was selling there own so some salves were taken
Paul Saucedo (21 days ago)
Got damm. Just horrible. Wtf 😡😡😡😡😳😳😳😳😱😱😱😱
Henrik G (21 days ago)
What about the slaves I see working in McDonalds?
Varangian Rus (7 days ago)
Henrik G You may be a devil or you may be a Lord but you still have to serve somebody.
That's not slavery dum ass
Samantha Eaton (9 days ago)
Frank Crespo Well That's TRUE Some People Say At Least I Am A Live After ALL They Been Through.
Frank Crespo (9 days ago)
+Samantha Eaton thats like saying to a slave at least u have life at least u have a house and food
Samantha Eaton (9 days ago)
Henrik G At Least They are Getting PAID.
juzero2 (21 days ago)
Does God exist? 😥
Teslanova 369 (21 days ago)
It is that at that time they were wild, and behaved like beasts. in these times there are still slaves, and there are humans who continue to treat other humans badly. especially if you fall prisoner,
LaCokaNostra81 (22 days ago)
Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets. Thanks, Hillary Clinton.
Angel (22 days ago)
Why that matters now, didn't slavery got abolish, didn't we have a black president, governors, senators, doctors,engineers,astronaut,etc etc etc. The Jewish people were slaves not for 70 years but over 400 years, why don't you stop the multiplication of hatred garbage and spread love. Did you also know blacks owned slaves also and the Africans kings and tribes sell them to Portuguese merchants and other countries. Yes your own ancestors sold their own blood for money not the white man. I'm mulatto. Neither black nor white mix race. Nobody owes me shit. BLACK PEOPLE GET EDUCATED, DON'T IMPREGNATE A WOMAN AND WALK OUT ONCE YOU FIND OUT SHE'S PREGNANT, NOBODY OWES YOU NOTHING, WEAR YOUR CLOTHES RIGHT LIKE YOUR MAMA TOLD YOU. LEARN TO RESPECT AND MOVE ON IN LIFE. PROSPER AND TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO LIVE A DECENT AND RESPECTFUL LIVE AND MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU MAKE YOU PROSPER AND GIVE YOU PEACE. AMEN BROTHER. GOD BLESS.
dance4life1208 (22 days ago)
So because slavery was abolished when those kids got older they were able to live happily and be productive? FALSE..white people just found another way to be even more terrible ..have you not heard of jim crow laws
Roman Reigns (22 days ago)
People were treated like animals one persons life deserves to be more than being a slave wrost law ever
Hanyoko (22 days ago)
I like how this video points out the truth. Many if not all races fell victim to slavery.
hita ya (22 days ago)
2:15 no older than 15??? don't lie they are well over 20, some looking over 28
Amina Gibson (22 days ago)
Wow 😡😡
Whit Bea (23 days ago)
I love how some people try and justify all this. "Well blacks sold blacks"!!! I mean come on people. The ones commenting like that are the ones that are racists behind closed doors.

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