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Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You

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mr1derful74 (11 hours ago)
The first slave owner in America? Anthony Johnson. I will leave it to you people to go do your homework to learn who he was. But I will give you a hint... He wasn't a white man. Oh okay, I will tell you. Yep, he was a black man. Now lets hear those excuses on how the white man started slavery when the very first slave owner was black. And go..............
mr1derful74 (11 hours ago)
You mean to tell me that all along WHITE people were also slaves and not just black people?! *GASP*!!!! You have GOT to be kidding me! I am incredibly oppressed. I DEMAND reparations for myself and for my fellow white brothers and sisters for what our ancestors had to go through! Where's my money?!
A p (14 hours ago)
We all are slave yet
hi7777798989 (18 hours ago)
Linda Lulu (1 day ago)
My God. The things people do to each other are sickening.
shaved ballz (1 day ago)
The things white folks do to others is sickening!!!!
ethan gumbe (1 day ago)
Mason Boostrom (1 day ago)
Why is the writing so childish?
Rebecca Ludwig (1 day ago)
You need a history lesson. You need to go to the virgin islands and talk to the people. They will tell you this is lie that you have been taught. The black people sold their own people into slavery! So wrong! Start doing research into your history! What you were doing is causing division and it is pathetic!
shaved ballz (1 day ago)
True! Initially! They were sold as servants not for chattel slavery....its a difference!
Marie Vincatassin (2 days ago)
This is fake, the first camera was made 1816. And world slavery stopped 1865, there’s no way a picture like that was taken in the 1970s.
shaved ballz (1 day ago)
Slavery stopped in 1865! 😂😂😂😂 so after 1865 things just went back to normal like slavery never existed right? Lol
devh Ivtk (2 days ago)
wDw Exor (2 days ago)
Excuse me slavery was abolish in 1833 but in 1803 (correct me if I'm wrong) slavery and plantation owners were allowed to keep slaves and then in 1833 all slaves were freed and the slave ship is called the middle passage and mainly everything in this video needs to be updated.
Mohammed Nisar (3 days ago)
Misinformation Number 8 definitely are 2 english officers with a poor bloke with no shoes in the middle. Probably a slave himself. Who wrote this shit
Sand Man (3 days ago)
Slavery was a part of normal living Long before any of us were swimming in our daddy's nuts. Many like to talk about American slavery and yet they were amongs the very first to abolish slavery after so many generations going back into the ancient days.
devh Ivtk (2 days ago)
Debra Beechner (3 days ago)
Any life is precious!!!!ANY LIFE, human. animal ,if it breaths it should be treated with understanding because it's by gods grace we are who we are!!!!!!
devh Ivtk (2 days ago)
Aleister Midnight (4 days ago)
Funny how many people forget that it was their own people that sold them to the white man. I find that funny that this is never talked about. No...they were sold to slavery. Ya know, its to bad it's not still alive and well today. Just think....no more of that RAP CRAP hip hop horse shit. Crime would literally drop to extremely low numbers over night. Economy would also be so much better because they would no longer be able to rape our welfare system because they would be made to work like the rest of us. Whites being with blacks would stop substantially!!! This country would be a much better place all around if slavery was still alive and kicking. Now all that being said...what would have to change is the beatings and torture etc. They would be treated with respect and treated kind. That is until they took the kindness for weakness...then I'm afraid they would have to be reminded that shit will not fly. It's hard not to think about how much better off the country would be if slavery still existed as it once did. You would give them a choice. either stay and work and contribute to life in America or get on a boat and you will be taken back to Africa where you will live out the rest of your lives. OMG...the more I think about it thr more I'm realizing this country would be so much better off...lol.
shaved ballz (1 day ago)
I was just about to take you to school but after attempting to read your comment in its entirety it'll be a waste.
devh Ivtk (2 days ago)
Rebecca Bush (4 days ago)
first picture it appears the two men are dead...they have apparatus positioning them..m
John Doe (4 days ago)
1:01 BullshiT
Chunk Sawastuk (4 days ago)
All this shit still fucking happens😧
Cerno Kiel (2 days ago)
Selwyn Campbell (6 days ago)
One pic said the worst men were arabs. Where is the picture with the Americans that are worst men.
So, so sad...but have we come all that far as we think we have? I heard the story about a beautiful, gentle, kind black woman who ended up in jail for forgetting to use her turn signal when changing lanes...her name was/is Sandra Bland and this is in the “evolved” United States where each citizen is supposed to be seen as equal...I am a proud Canadian because I can see why a coloured person would be frustrated over being pulled over by police for something as simple as this. She had a U-Tube channel so if you want to know more about what really happed to such a bright eyed woman and how her life took a downward spiral so rapidly that within hours, she lost her life. I think black people add a lot of love to society as well as hate, but are white people any different? People are people. Her U-Tube videos always talk about amalgamation for if we cannot be on this world together, there will be no future. In war, coloured people fought beside the white people. How many of their volunteered lives were lost in the name of being a “patriot”? And then once returning home they again are treated poorly. RIP: Sandra Bland
Truth AtAnyCost (6 days ago)
Who is this narrator telling lies about how life would be better for the children once they grew up. YOU LYING BISCUIT EATIN' FOOL!! LIFE IS STILL NOT BETTER!!! LIES!!!
David Anewman (7 days ago)
That's what happens when you lose a war. The US and other Christian countries are the only countries that have freed their slaves. Atheist countries keep you a slave forever. Japan, Germany, China, or any atheist country were good at making permanent slaves. The Roman Empire looked down on POWs and they were permanently 2nd class citizens and gladiators, etc. You didn't give the truth about slavery. You aren't educating anyone. Work on it.
David Beckham (7 days ago)
Django Unchained
Cerno Kiel (2 days ago)
acajudi100 (7 days ago)
There were pink slaves also. Slavic aka slaves. Kidnapped. Thank you for showing everyone has been kidnapped.
Reed C (8 days ago)
Man’s cruelty to man knows no bounds!
Cerno Kiel (2 days ago)
This Manga is Amazing (8 days ago)
The 16th,17th,18th and 19th centuries were worst of them all. Especially the 19th century.
This ruined my day thank you
Eggoquickscope : (9 days ago)
Barbary coast be like
Elena Hickman (9 days ago)
Why is it that everytime we here about the slave plantation masters it's always the white slave plantation masters and never the black slave plantation masters there is proof that not only did free blacks own slaves but the percentage of black slave plantation masters is the same percentage as the white slave plantation masters
Bree James (9 days ago)
Misleading title Not exactly a horrifying video just heartbreaking , when the title said *horrifying* I thought maybe we were going to see pics of people with they’re heads chopped off or something
D N (10 days ago)
wasn't slavery abolished after the cival war. How can that photo be from 1907 and the man is shackled?
Canberk Hancan (10 days ago)
Way too many misinformation in a single vid made me cringe. What kind of retard, if not a false narrative on purpose, would humiliate himself this much without backing up their information? I only thought of retards in mainstream media until now.
Highly favored (10 days ago)
white folks .... Satan's children .. the things they did to were PURE wickedness .. enviousness is a serious illness .. and ongoing til this day
Xavier Naguit (10 days ago)
5 that was on Philippines Filipino and american was captured and walked bataan to tarlac its really far
Agnes Laabrug (10 days ago)
Who about slaves like if you agree
Sistah B (10 days ago)
A LOT OF LIES IN THIS VIDEO! Do NOT compare these other people to the hundreds of years of chattel slavery that Africans & Blacks went through! And the Irish were NOT slaves but indentured servants who agreed to serve 7 years for their passage to America.
Aiden Williams (11 days ago)
CERITA HOUSTON (11 days ago)
😭😭😭😭😭 I was crieing after this
mia mafia (11 days ago)
and America has the united nations and the human rights my ASS
Chris Hansen (11 days ago)
Those were the good days.
Braden Nazarian (11 days ago)
I family ain't white we come from Europe and we're brown
Wil Willoug (12 days ago)
Sahil Ali (12 days ago)
Sahil Ali (12 days ago)
The worst species is Humans
Hugo Moonwolf (12 days ago)
1:52 That photo was taken in ww2 at philippines where japanese force americans to be slave and other americans and filipinos were forced to march in bataan to idk? But ye i know that photo
what’s up 124 (13 days ago)
😢 they were treated like animals.
Omar Ricks (13 days ago)
The white man is the devil that the Bible speaks of
leo herbas (13 days ago)
immigrants prevented slavery part 2
Adolf Hitler (13 days ago)
How many good memories... 😊
Barbara Kelley (13 days ago)
1907? Slavery stop in 1865
brandon wright (13 days ago)
jessie kai (13 days ago)
What the fuck why are you talking about black people talk about native American fuck!
Abram Dorian (14 days ago)
Before I scroll down, I know it's about to be a lot of comments saying nigger💀
santoandkim (14 days ago)
This happened 150 years ago. Get over it and move on. Every culture was fucked over in the past. Move on!!!
Speaking as a white Irish manThis makes me ashamed to be white my heart just broke for those poor wrong kids
Where My Tea, Sis? (15 days ago)
My opinion may not matter being that I'm only a freshmen in high school, but I can't stand it when an African American plays the victim game. Yes, slavery was a horrible thing, no, not every white person owned slaves, yes, there were black people who owned slaves, yes it lasted a long time, no it shouldn't have happened at all. It's absolutely okay to express yourself, being that you have the freedom now. But saying "my ancestors were beaten and raped, what about you?" or anything like that always sets me off.
ericx2151 (15 days ago)
It wasn’t American who brought slave. British did
rosalyn jordan (15 days ago)
I don't like your video sir.
Make an ASMR. Need more fab material.
Ajinkya Deshmukh (15 days ago)
Forgive but never forget
TheSupremeKingShem (15 days ago)
Only the blacks in the photos are really slaves, all the others are just prisoners and captives.
Doktoren (16 days ago)
I love how people are compaing slavery back then to modern "mental" slavery like it could even remotely compare, human ungratefullness is endless
Johnny Casteel (16 days ago)
#3 "...this gave them a chance at a happy and productive life..." Wtf are you kidding yourself for? Dude slavery ended up segregation lingered until the 1960s....wow what a disingenuous bullshitfest clickbait video this trash is.
Kenneth Andrew (16 days ago)
Messed up
Shawn S (16 days ago)
You can't believe a single thing this guy says but the pictures are interesting (even the altered ones).
Money Monster (16 days ago)
Seeing grown slaves are horrifying also
Londa Warren (17 days ago)
So you don't have any photo of African chiefs selling their own tribal members or others as slaves? The practice (abhorrent as it was/is ) went both ways.
Jose Mendez (18 days ago)
Not slave those were human beings. Being mistreated by wicked people.
Kiwis R - us (18 days ago)
I call bullshit on the first photo. Slavery had been banned in Britain before it was banned in America. Slavery in 1907 Britain did not exist. It was also illegal for Brits to take part in black slavery on English soil.
Slothsbro 85 (18 days ago)
The truth is Black people were already here and all them coming from Africa is a lie, Black people are already home in America they've just been lied to, a lot of American Indian tribes were black, do your research, American History is a lie
Marilyn Danos (19 days ago)
No slaves ever!!! No one has the right to enslave anyone & especially a child or children. So stop slavery!!! Now.
THE WATER DOVES (19 days ago)
Dick Biscuits (20 days ago)
Sex slaves? Get your facts straight, just because they're chicks who are prostitutes (or not) doesn't mean that.
xlioilx (20 days ago)
DeomKKKrats want to import illegals to use as slave labor.
Sticks (20 days ago)
The blacks secretly want angry sex with white men. Explains all that anger hormones and cocoa butter. Gotta tenderize that azz before before digging in right jungle bunny? And your women are safe with us we don't USUALLY hit them just when they want to be hit like over and overcome or overcome with joy in bedroom cause boy did we over cum somedays.
Ron Lombardi (21 days ago)
haytham abumohammad (21 days ago)
Arabs did not sell slaves to the Europeans... Arabs live on the other side of the red sea and in north Africa ... the Africans were taken by European invaders by ships from the coasts of Africa , Ghana and west Africa ...
uh Mayo (21 days ago)
this guy is dumb people are forced in cages as we speak for little mistormtors and put in jails and they held there for there court day but sometimes they sit there for years for something so small you really need to learn more about the present u dumb fuck we are living in slavery today your so fucking stupid bro
Chris Smith (21 days ago)
Facts Verse is Bullshit Verse ... blacks in America today should thank their ancestors for getting them to America :) And gee, go home if you are not happy here.
Vava Couture (21 days ago)
“Happy and productive life my asssss after slavery smhhh
Diamond's vlogs (21 days ago)
Ewww sex slaves..... discusting Arabs... beautiful Africans❤️
Raymond Mangwende (21 days ago)
Man, I don't know what Jesus Christ is going to do with this bunch of cruel white people, I will always have problems with these white men, just wait until the situations are reversed, you will regret the Retribution white people,hahahahhahahhahahajaj
Raymond Mangwende (20 days ago)
+Chris Smith, chill out man, you are destroying your own fucken country yourselves, you are causing massive Global warming, you are just Crazy Capitalists, you don't even have sufficient Natural resources, Man, you are losers
Chris Smith (21 days ago)
i am wondering how Hell is going to make room for the savage black apes destroying America today?
Prodipto Roy (21 days ago)
Excellent coverage of slave conditions. Tell us in the text where the visuals come from. Slavery still exists in India, in rural and urban areas and even in homes, including child slaves bonded to their parents' debts, or poverty. They are usually children of those designated as outcastes by Brahminical lawgivers, then "scheduled castes" by the British who sought too give them some protection, a term adopted by the dominant upper castes who have framed most laws in India since independence 70 years ago. They call themselves "dalits", the trodden upon, and are fighting for the simplest of human rights.
Anthony Farrar (22 days ago)
So many fake photos. Photo eight is two policeman and a prisoner, look at the man in the middle's right wrist.
Richard Lewis (22 days ago)
White devils......u hav alot to b proud of
Shawn S (16 days ago)
I had nothing to do with it and never would.
Arthur Johnston (22 days ago)
Conditions during slavery in American were 20x better that the conditions in Africa. Now black people get to be in the greatest country in the world and real Africans live in hell everyday. LIONS,ABOLA AND AIDS O MY!!
Black fyre (22 days ago)
A fellow wearing a shackle is the best first pic you could find? 😂
Kyle Wilhelmsen (22 days ago)
This dude legit says waman
Where are the East Europeans that were enslaved by URSS after WW2 till 1990 ? Millions of Europeans were enslaved and killed during the communism ocupation !
no. Was just the communist russian invasion in Europe. More criminal than WW2 itself.
shaved ballz (1 day ago)
Wouldn't they be considered prisoners of war?
Criminals like your dad, need to tell lies about their victims so they would look like the ''good guy'' . If your father was a soviet communist= was a criminal too and all he told you were just lies !
Your dad was a criminal and laid to you !
Russians after WW2 invaded my country Romania with tanks and millions of troops, murdered our grandparents, stole everything from us, rape our wemen in mass and killed our best people. Brought misery and total destruction on our European State . Around 2.000.000 romanians were murdered during the Communism Invasion that followed WW2. Biggest criminal invadors in our modern history were the russian communist animals ! Ask your father about your crimes in East Europe !
Rasyay P (22 days ago)
4 all those saying Irish weren't slaves https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vZNEloGC1oI
Trumps America (23 days ago)
Democrats at its finest
Cryptoria1 (23 days ago)
You need to fact check on some of this. Alot of their own African people sold them to the whites.
John Smith (23 days ago)
Yes, so much desinformation... many photos and places are not correct.... DISLIKED and NOT SUBSCRIBED.
Nathan .R (23 days ago)
White people are not human and the most evil of entity to ever walk the earth .... One day real soon all the evil you have done will come back on you all...... No mercy shown
John'D Escapular (23 days ago)
I had a friend tell me that "Slavery was a choice" And he was white as fuck. And nobody in my class likes him because he is arrogant and thinks he's smarter than everyone else. How many people think i should kill him
Eddie Thompson (23 days ago)
Kana Garaj (23 days ago)
most of the masters were democrats and blacks today are still working in the democrat plantation.
Panamastar1 (24 days ago)
Happy and productive life? You are talking reckless. One would argue that IT WAS WORSE after they were freed. No jobs, no homes, cheap labor for thise that do work, AND blacks hanging from trees because a white had a bad day. Watch the way you narrate, PLEASE.
PCAPro (24 days ago)
The ships did not pull people from their homes. Africans enslaves other Africans and then sold them
devh Ivtk (23 days ago)
https://youtu.be/HThBfvy2o-U https://youtu.be/QgKZR2W96JE https://youtu.be/FqzYWoEerAY
Dewickey Meister (24 days ago)
i ain't no see rodi and romusha here... :/
Mark Lopez (24 days ago)
"1865" Slavery was abolished in 1865. Not 1907 Lol.
Wanda Kinnick (11 days ago)
Depends where you lived in the south

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