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FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 Trailer 2 (2018)

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Trailer 2 for FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 The Crimes of Grindelwald
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FilmSelect Trailer (29 days ago)
Enjoy the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts 2: The Crimes of Grindelwald
keq (10 hours ago)
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THeFTmKRc (3 days ago)
Duke Evans (5 days ago)
For everyone who is angry that Dumbledore is teaching Dada He taught transfiguration and I believe they said that at some point he was professor for Dada.
Galactica Via (10 days ago)
The story of Tom Riddle would be one great tale to tell also.
ayu pohan (1 hour ago)
Love it.. Can't wait
Glenn Kong (3 hours ago)
such a nice trailer, very good editing
Mohamed Omar (4 hours ago)
The only reason I'm going to watch this move is for johney depp coz the last one was trash 💔
Munky Sarutobi (5 hours ago)
So there's Newt involvement in epic battle of Dumbledore and Grindelwald? Wow...
Josh Wood (7 hours ago)
I’d be so DTF this dumbledore
keq (10 hours ago)
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Hanna Makai (10 hours ago)
2:38 hooooowwww?!?!?!?!?!
Viktor (9 hours ago)
Hanna Makai What do you mean?
Manolo Moreno (12 hours ago)
Hype high?? Of course
Suju Bts (13 hours ago)
Rania Zaou (13 hours ago)
Nothing after HARRY POTTER 👦👓⚡📙 is worth watching
Mahel (10 hours ago)
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Rania Zaou (13 hours ago)
Nothing after HARRY POTTER 👦👓⚡📙 is worth watching
Star Butterfly (16 hours ago)
Oooooohhh can’t wait
Theresa Welker (17 hours ago)
Fantastic beasts sucked so not gonna watch 2
yusri ikhwan (19 hours ago)
It will be good if in this movie has harry potter team up
Viktor (9 hours ago)
yusri ikhwan This prequel is set in 1927. Harry was born in 1980. He won't be appearing in any of the Fantastic Beasts movies.
Liddy Va (20 hours ago)
Ahh I can't wait😍😍😍
Dena Vintage (21 hours ago)
Qué hace Dumbledore dando clases de defensa contra las artes oscuras? En fin... al lado de la primera parte que fue tan MALA esta hasta tiene buena pinta...
Jade Cat (21 hours ago)
Since when did Dumbledore teach Defence Against the Dark Arts?
Anjay Ranjan (22 hours ago)
But dumbledore was a transfiguration teacher...not defence against dark arts...wasn't it?
Kingdom Mushroom (23 hours ago)
MiMi TV (23 hours ago)
3:04 Nicolas Flamel
DEBASIS DAS (23 hours ago)
no replacement of HARRY POTTER.but this is good one
AR RA (1 day ago)
aaawww it's Hogwarts all over again?
Mahel (10 hours ago)
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Viktor (19 hours ago)
AR RA Not really. Hogwarts will appear for about 5 minutes in this movie in a flashback.
Tobsie 7 UK (1 day ago)
The first Fantastic Beasts was terrible. I like how this one has more to do with Hogwarts. I like the Harry Potter films. And it has Dumbledore’s Grandson so 😄
Viktor (19 hours ago)
Tobsie 7 UK 1. Hogwarts will be appearing no more than 5 minutes and only in one scene which will be a flashback. 2. Dumbledore doesn't have a grandson. He was gay and never married or had children or grandchildren.
Skywalk Blue (1 day ago)
lovinglanguages1 (1 day ago)
LOL! No matter how hard she tries, this series keeps pulling J.K. in...she can't give it up! And I am SO GLAD!
chen-fu huang (1 day ago)
神奇动物在哪里 ,非常直觀的片名
James Sailors (1 day ago)
Its tight.
Static Gaming (1 day ago)
i fucking love jonny depp
gguk__ ; (1 day ago)
The blonde guy with the weird eyes is technically voldemort I guess
Viktor (19 hours ago)
gguk__ ; Not really. Grindelwald is a completely different wizard than Voldemort both in terms of appearance and personality.
Taís B.G. (1 day ago)
So, since Dumbledore saw Grindewald on the Mirror of Erised, may I have hopes that the movie will not ignore their romance, which is central to the plot?
Tempz Davis (1 day ago)
Wait was this set back in time?
Tempz Davis (17 hours ago)
Viktor ok thanks
Viktor (19 hours ago)
Tempz Davis Yes, in the 1920s whereas Harry Potter is set in the 1990s.
Yolo Micstuffins (1 day ago)
I’m kinda triggered because Dumbledore was a Transfigure Professor not a Professor against the Dark Arts Teacher But you know what... it’s fine we get another Fantastic Beasts Movie. (Also Albus Dumbledore has Auburn hair and blue eyes but still this is a movie) *internally screaming*
Viktor (1 day ago)
Yolo Micstuffins It was revealed in a Pottermore article that Dumbledore was talented in various areas of magic and taught DADA briefly before getting the position of Transfiguration professor. Also, Law has blue eyes like Dumbledore and his hair color is similar. It's not that far off. Dumbledore has auburn hair which is between ginger and brown and Law has a bit darker color which is definitely not a big deal.
Tanequa Woodson (1 day ago)
Yes I so Happy
Mahel (10 hours ago)
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shahrin begum (1 day ago)
Holy sh*t
Nøve Meg (1 day ago)
Emmanuel Macha (1 day ago)
Is this like a continuation of harry potter?
Emmanuel Macha (23 hours ago)
Viktor ooh thanks
Viktor (1 day ago)
Emmanuel Macha No it is not. It's a prequel set in the same universe in the 1920s while Harry Potter takes place in the 1990s. This story isn't connected to Harry though.
So excited for this!!!! Cannot wait. 😍😍😍😍
Oliver Lee (1 day ago)
Whos holdin'... the fockin Elder Wand....??!?!?!?!?
Daemon247 (1 day ago)
treyvonne taylor (2 days ago)
Jude law is double door
tobynobu afk (2 days ago)
I cant see Dumbldore as a hot guy
suzy Qt (2 days ago)
Wow the special effects are awesome. So the story line is years before Harry Potter given the nature that Dumbledore is young here and we get to see Nicholas Flamel who doesn't look a day over 375 years old lol. I hope they do a trilogy back to where it all began the 4 great wizards Hufflepuff, Sliverine, Griffindore and Ravenclaw but not take 20 years like the Stars Wars trilogy that would be a real hype for the Harry Potter fans
Pearl Barkley (2 days ago)
Ahmad Hanugraha (2 days ago)
all the hype are rising inside me
French Vanilla (2 days ago)
I wonder was this during the time of the first wizarding war? Or after? Maybe before?
French Vanilla (2 days ago)
Viktor so it's before the movie then
Viktor (2 days ago)
French Vanilla I'm not sure what exactly you mean, but I will try to explain. This movie is set in 1927. The Global wizarding war (Grindelwald's war) lasted from the early 1930s-1945. Voldemort's first war was 1970-1981 and the second one was 1995-1998.
I know that my name says that I’m a k-pop fan, but I love the wizarding world so much and once this trailer came out, I had to watch it.
shahmizandrake11 (2 days ago)
So before Voldermort , Grindewald is the main villain .
Viktor (2 days ago)
shahmizandrake11 Yes and interestingly enough Grindelwald was mentioned to be the most dangerous wizard before Voldemort in the very first book (the chapter where Harry and Ron ride the train to Hogwarts for the first time).
XxKiokoxX (2 days ago)
Saw the elder wand and the triangle/circle/line symbol.... couldn't see everything in one viewing but so far it looks great
Madeleinez Makeup (2 days ago)
Why am I crying ?
Mahel (10 hours ago)
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mark potther (2 days ago)
como eu amo o universo Harry Potter !!!!
Carmen (2 days ago)
Damn dumbledore is hot af
patricia k. (2 days ago)
is this an obvious cash grab? yes. will that stop me from watching this in theatres? not one bit.
GlowOwl (2 days ago)
4:53 marvel? ....
GlowOwl (2 days ago)
._. im saying that they sound EXACTLY the same, i'm not saying that they copied avengers...
Viktor (2 days ago)
GlowOwl Well, it has existed since 2001 so way before the Avengers came out.
GlowOwl (2 days ago)
im not here for facts. it just sounds exactly the same as the music in infinity war..
Viktor (2 days ago)
GlowOwl Nope. It's a remix of Hedwig's theme which has been used in the Harry Potter movies since 2001.
The Ruminnati (2 days ago)
This trailer actually gave me chills
yhsin niadaha (2 days ago)
Oh yeahhh another magic
Silver Diablotin (3 days ago)
Hogwarts is our home ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
kemal karabulut (3 days ago)
Arianne Carian (3 days ago)
Newt's fear is soo cute hahaha
Jomit427 (3 days ago)
Is anyone else fucking sick of "the avengers" teaser soundtrack on god damn everything?
Viktor (2 days ago)
Jomit427 It's not the Avengers soundtrack. It's very clearly a remix of Hedwig's theme, the soundtrack which has been used in the Harry Potter movies since 2001.
Mohsin Shaikh (3 days ago)
2.38_2.40 the elder wand
smgofdvld (3 days ago)
this trailer has me hyped maybe a bit more than the orginals ? the world is more intresting and i like the little bits they are putting in
Nao is bored (3 days ago)
Nicklaus flamel is a real alchemist who made the philosophers stone. I love that
Raurus Channel (3 days ago)
🔴 *Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald fiIm available here ( **t.co/j7cGwzy4hb** )* Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!
Ivan Castañeda (3 days ago)
Can't wait!!!!!
imeantloveyou5eva (3 days ago)
when the man introduced himself as Nicolas Flamel i freaked tf out! i'm so excited i can't even handle it!!
Joseph McDonagh (3 days ago)
The child version of Newt looks identical to him as an adult. Error 404, testosterone not found. Also those stock laughter noises anger me.
Ricardo Criollo (3 days ago)
Se me rizo la piel es fantástica sin palabras
Lpsrocks 101 (3 days ago)
OMG!!!!! I’m sooooo excited 😆
Fewer horrible CGI please!
Stellareffervescence (3 days ago)
sweeeeeeet potatoes!
Alyaa Putrinur56 (3 days ago)
Sergey M. (3 days ago)
Magic is coming
IAmStridle (3 days ago)
Pratibha Singh (4 days ago)
3:48 did he call him Dumbledore!!!😱😱
Nuryati Nuryati (4 days ago)
I can’t wait😊
Areef Art (4 days ago)
Nicolus Flamel !!!! OMG
ozkan cil (4 days ago)
That was the whole movie
ozkan cil (3 days ago)
Viktor yes but they show all the actions
Viktor (3 days ago)
ozkan cil The trailer is 3 minutes 11 seconds long while the movie will be 2 hours and 28 minutes long...
Little Missie (4 days ago)
Ooohh..... looks like Johnny Depp's in this film. I LOVE him!! Might give it a look when it's finally out at the cinema, though I usually end up getting it on DVD. Strange looking character type of him at 1:12. Seemingly, he always liked to dress up a lot and be covered in makeup appropriate to the stories in all, or most of the films he's been in. (of all the ones I've seen him in. Pirates Of the Carribean series, Alice In Wonderland, Into The Woods, Charlie & Chocolate Factory & of course.... one of my old time favourite musicals...... Sweeney Todd) Judging by this preview though, for some odd reason, it doesn't look like he has a big part in it, not as much as Eddie Redmayne or some of the other actors I'm not familiar with. He didn't have a very big part in Into The Woods either. But I enjoyed that film for the muisical side of it, and also for my liking to James Corden who was also in it. Can't help feeling this preview gives a bit of a Harry Potter theme in there too. (use of magic wands and sfx e.t.c) Not too surprising I guess, when it has the added touch of J.K. Rowling in it.
Zi Draseq (10 hours ago)
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shaun palmer (4 days ago)
Really hope in this series at some point they explore tom riddles origins
hello people LOL (4 days ago)
at least newt ended up marrying tina
hello people LOL (4 days ago)
y does leta say that I hope newt doesn't still like her
hello people LOL (4 days ago)
omg is that Nicolas flammel
Pakistan (4 days ago)
After all this time?
Fire Ice (4 days ago)
Anybody else notice the Deathly Hollows symbol?
hello people LOL (4 days ago)
I did
Gemma Denton (4 days ago)
The hogwarts scenes at the beginning. Pulling on my heartstrings it’s like a blast from the past
siblings restaurant (4 days ago)
Nickolas flemell of fuck yeah
ali nawaz (4 days ago)
Johnny deep unique
ᴘᴀᴜsᴇ 1:25 sʜᴇ's ʜᴏᴛ ᴀɴᴅ sᴘɪᴄʏ
诗雅林 (4 days ago)
Too harry potter.
Lina Mina (4 days ago)
I am so excited 🎉🎉
Mooky (4 days ago)
jeez Im so hyped, somebody send help
niissa loringstone (4 days ago)
FANTASTIC BEASTS 2 Trailer 2 (2018)
If they put hogwarts i will be so hyped
Oops the put it
Verdent Wood (4 days ago)
Oh no, More Johnny! Note to self avoid this movie.
m sulyvahn portos (4 days ago)
I love the music for this trailer..
Gaurav Tiwary (5 days ago)
Kuchh bhi....Sui ko bhi piller dikhake hain....huh
Trigger Licker (5 days ago)
Time to see Harry Potter series
Mangomecrazy Cooks! (5 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the mark of the deathly Hallows 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Rewrite eva. Harry potter Where was Star wars Jurrasic world Jurrasic park

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