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How to Find a Good Expediting Company to work with my Tips for creating a Successful Business

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Iris Craig (1 month ago)
I'm looking to get into expediting shipping,but I like to know are you able a hire someone to drive your truck an do these companies allow that.
Yes companies allow that if your approved but I am starting a local currier service when I am ready
Look Like Famous (1 month ago)
We had a box truck and I knew nothing about all of this and now we sold is and now I am awake thanks to you and others who are opening our EYES!
Paul Oakenfold (2 months ago)
Man,thank you very much!!!!
Your welcome
Roman Gendik (3 months ago)
Добрый денек,подскажите логистические компании для загрузок.
В компании
Roman Gendik (3 months ago)
Я имею в виду где хватать грузы.
Таких дудки
TheRedSpyder (4 months ago)
I want to start this, I could and would work just like you do...is there enough work and money involved to afford the payment of the sprinter?
Yes and no, it’s tough to say, we all are different and some do better then others, but payments will make you feel like a slave unless you done your math
JASON BERRYHILL (5 months ago)
Great info!!! do you KNOW any good companies IN MEMPHIS,TN
I know some company’s in Asheville NC, check out Mill House or Carolina logistics, there good
Michael Kumansky (5 months ago)
hey what is your opinion on delta express located in NC and Carolina Logistics in SC? I dont know if you remember me, but you gave me advise over MB Sprinter and Promaster. Btw i chose a promaster, and now im a proud owner 2018 ram promaster 3500 my friend helped me build a sleeper and im hitting the road on Monday. Let me know if you know anything about these companies, and also thank you for all the valuable info you give us may God bless you. Also do you have a list of good cities that you go to constantly and always find loads? and are you christian? p.s. edit. i just listened to you opinion on Carolina Logistics but i still want to hear from you
Great thanks
Michael Kumansky (5 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING Alright awesome I'll send you a picture asap
Your welcome my friend, if you ever need help just ask, I respond same day on YouTube, but on email it’s slower, I would love to see your Sleeper email is [email protected]
Michael Kumansky (5 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING Oh wow, thank you for the information this is really helpful for me. I watched alot of your videos and everything I've seem has been extremely helpful thanks again for everything. I will definitely consider bolt I'll put more research into to. I will probably drive out for a few weeks and see how everything plays out. I'm actually curious what you think of the sleeper in my van I will send you am email tommorow with the pictures. Hopefully I don't forget. Edit: what is your email btw?
I recommend don’t drive below .80, but for you I say 1.00 because you have anew van, just .10 cents will equal to $1000k per month so anything you get above .80 your wining, yes it’s worth signing on with bigger company’s but don’t work for Panther they are just not that good in my opinion, consider Bolt, or RJR by the way with-bolt your insures will drop to 300 give or take
frank franko (5 months ago)
U put good effort to make information video 👍Russian people do lots of cargo van runs 👍👍👍viva Russia's 🌈
Lol yes they do 👍😊
Ronald Williams (6 months ago)
the expedited industry give me a f****** headache
frank franko (5 months ago)
Ronald Williams 👽take 2 pills n call me in the Morning👽
Tell me about it
blow me (9 months ago)
Hey bro, just got word that uber freight is coming. Best news I heard in a long time. It's the new version for expediters and you ll get to keep 98% instead of the rip off companies who only pay 48% . Time to shine...
Raza Said (8 months ago)
steve omegas is it a different app than the Uber app that I'm driving right now I've been driving a car for Uber for almost 3 years is it a different app
lol I like that hehe don’t forget to say hello to Pretty nurses lol
blow me (8 months ago)
Toure Meadows I be glad to help but which post are you talking about? As far as uber freight is only available in Chicago, San Francisco and Houston for now. To find legit work is difficult. You will have a lot of up and downs. I was fustraded for a long minute till I set my own rules. I recently or for the past 3 months came to the conclusion that delivering medical supplies is more lucrative cause you can run 24/7. or more then 40 hours a week if you want to make more money. That's what I been doing and I haven't made less then 1300 to 1500 on 40 hours of running per week. easy and all local stuff and will never stop. I dont spend more then 150 to 200 in fuel a week which means you have room to expend bying more vans and hire drivers. As a start just get a minivan. Its good enough. Dont go to big to fast..trust me. Then look for expediting companies in your area that specialize delivering medical supplies. Start searching at craigslist . Avoid delivering specimens or hospital beds and oxygen tanks. Those are not worth it. To heavy and time consuming... Just hunt for the ones that deliver orthopedic imlaints like a company called zimmer. They provide those implaints to hospitals but they hire expediting companies to deliver. Apply to drive your van for those expediting companies as an independent contractor. Let me know if there's anything else I can do and don't forget to say hello to the pretty nurse's. (Get your self a 2010 or newer minivan that you can sign up with uber and lyft too) u dont have to drive for them though . Just deliver the medical implants. let me explain cause i have an active account with both of them sense day one but I never driven a single soul and now I'm working on selling my sprinter and downsizing to a minivan my self. When you sign up they give you a code that is assigned only to you. When a new uber or lyft driver signs up using your code after they complete 50 trips you get 300$. Put that code on blast on the internet for new drivers to see it and you have a second source of income without lifting a finger. See where I'm getting at? In this case it's 3 birds with one stone. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but you live and learn.
It’s nice to have viewers that are smart
Toure Meadows (8 months ago)
steve omegas. I am about to leave my job and start expediting freight. I read your other post and i want to know if you could tell me how to get contracts or even the uber frieght you mentioned. Thanks
lada afina (11 months ago)
зимеля благодарю а ты не знаешь какиенибудь компаний в Нью Йорке
+lada afina ксажелении дудки однако неважно какая рытья может в любом штате трудиться
lada afina (11 months ago)
братан скажи будто устроиться
+lada afina привет позвони в эту компанию ‭+1 (828) 490-7022‬
Novelette Ducasse (11 months ago)
Hi good day I am new to your channel but finds it extremely informative I am also new to the industry I have a ford E-250 cargo van and would like to run some expedited freight my insurance is running but can’t get on to a company to run me as they say they are full and not taking on anymore vans I am worried can you help me find a company I am based out of Georgia and am will to run
+Novelette Ducasse hi welcome to my channel did you try expediters online . Com? Lots of company’s there I am sure you can find a good one there
JEFF JAYE WILLIAMS (11 months ago)
Thank you for your time and explained terms of what you do and dont. Keep it up. Thanks
MANUEL PAULE (1 year ago)
sir where can apply good comany can give idea ser thanks
Yep that’s right, right now I am not in the hurry to do that because I have other work, but when I am done I will be able to focus on building my business not a home and that will be interesting
Sam Sbogh (6 months ago)
ZIMALETA HOW TO SHOW & UNBOXING I remember I asked you yesterday and for this same reasons; wouldn't be a better off idea getting your own authority and start picking up your own load, your own dispatchers and even your own carriers and brokers? ...am I right?
+MANUEL PAULE it's hard to find a good company, I worked for many companies most were good, but they all have times where it's slow, all companies see same loads, some win better then others, some will give you work first because they like you, and if you have bad reputation with a company the work will be slow
blow me (1 year ago)
If you have a job but trying to start your own business DO NOT get into logistics unless you have contracts of your own which is almost impossible. The big corporations will crash somebody who just ownes one van or In many cases even multiple vans. this was my experience just this past summer. I talked before hand and gave the benefit of the doubt to 4 different logistic companies and they all for the most part stated that an average income of a driver is about 3k or more every 2 weeks. so i went out and purchased a sprinter with the mindset that i would have the option to buy more vans and add drivers since the income sounded reasonable. their flat out fucken conniving lying scambags cause i came to find out this business is low income housing. they ll never mention ahead of time how long you be driving and if you ask what a run pays they never certain about the amount. you end up driving 500 plus miles per day,sleeping in the back of your van at rest areas and make on an average 60 to 80 cents per mile and thats if you lucky. that shit used to be 1.50 per mile 20 years ago for the same work so i started thinking,,,wtf? how long you're gonna drive 500 a day for and how many long haul jobs do these companies actually have per week for you ? really! not to mention you be violating just about every dot law there is for driving that much. please focus and do the math of what you ll clear... after taxes,fuel,insurance,maintenance, tolls,food and the van payment(If applicable) plus you bills at home. please DO think ahead of time and dont put your self thru this bullshit and settle for breadcrumbs while making these assholes more rich. let them buy their own trucks and hire drivers but wait, thats why they dont do it. cause its not profitable to them. they just take advantage of you and me and keep on moving to the next victim. honestly if you deliver pizzas you ll make more with minimum expenses and without breaking your back. fuck these shitty business. DONT DO IT!!!!! thanks for the video and giving me a change to talk some truth from a personal experience. heres a list based out of maryland. rapid response paid me from (maryland to boston,264$) straight up thiefs. translogistixs, paid 20$ per stop from maryland to virginia which the loads were so big theres no room to do more then 3 stops for the day. fucken lying ass pigs. lasership pay 1.35 per stop and you have to do more then 100 stops a day so you can make money. a ups man does about that a day but at least he dont have to use his own equipment or pay expenses out of pocket plus he has all the benefits and 50k a year on average salary. i pray for these morons everyday to go out of business and im sure it will happen at some point. national delivery systems, pay about 15$ a stop all local but you expected to carry heavy ass loads (about 3000lbs daily on an average) of copy paper and office supplies (basically a 2 crew men work) to offices . yeah..right!!! ALL flat out rip offs and to top that off 3 and 4 expect you to look for your own packages in the warehouse waisting about 2 or more hours in the morning and then load them up your self. by the time you done finding and loading this shit you're already exhausted...we're talking skids. can you believe the nerve on these assholes? if i was getting paid by the hour it would of been different but some of these companies expect you to do warehouse duties for them while you have invested in equipment so you can work as an independent contactor. I DONT THINK SO!!! they might be on drugs but im not and when im breaking my back at work i need to get paaiiiid and that way maybe i will be able to pay a helper too. i almost wanna start making videos just to expose these thiefs and maybe even call the IRS and have them audited. we ll see whos gonna put in the last laugh after that. who the fuck are they to be playing with peoples life's?..
Great story, I don’t mind sleeping in van
garth locklin (2 months ago)
Thanks so much Blow for explaining this in so much detail. I am looking at expedited freight or hotshot as a retirement job. I can drive long distances because I have experience in Limo and straight trucks but was considering the O/O contract driver. For some reason I thought you got loaded with 2 or 3 pallets of goods to be delivered to a location. I'm 58 and still capable of hard labor here and there but I'm not interested in moving 2-4 boxes of office supplies anywhere, even with a hand truck. Your right, all transportation jobs paid better 20 years ago. Now that we're older we have to work for less and they don't care about you. "Low Income Housing!" That's the best description I have heard yet considering most drivers sleep in the van. How do I know? I used to sleep in a Limo although I had an apt.
+steve omegas thanks for this very detailed reply, you are absolutely right on many levels, one thing you can't do is drive for .60-.75 this is a rip off you won't make money, and you will feel like they spit in your face and you will absolutely hate it because to much risk no reward I need to make an updated video on expediting, there's just so much to consider to really make it in this biz
Oleg driver (1 year ago)
Здравствуйте. Так будто Вы произнесли что я могу задать Вам вопросы по теме - труд в Америке на Мерседес Спринтер карго. Не зная Вашего имени ) обращаюсь этак. Ответьте изволь. Вопросы : 1) В каком штате Вы живёте ? 2) В этом штате таковой работы и компаний по перевозке грузов на Спринтере, довольно ? 3) Вы сможете расказать будто приступить находить и где находить эту работу, опять прибывшему в Америку эмигранту выигравшему гринд карт то кушать официально ? 4) Если какие нибудь причины либо тонкости которые я обязан знать, ища такую работу ? 5) Знаете ли Вы в каких штатах Америке больше итого кушать эта труд либо распространенны такие компании ? 6) Как Вы считаете опять прибывшему - лучше поработать для опыта на работадателя либо можно испытать приобрести б/у Спринтер и придти в компанию со своим либо отыскать брокера и трудиться с ним ? Я буду Вам признателен если Вы дадите мне понятные ответы. И ещё желал бы кое что произнести будто Ваш подписчик, глядя Ваши видео в поездках Вы камеру направляете на себя ) а невозможно бы её навести на дорогу этак было бы интересней глядеть этак будто английским языком я не владею что бы стопроцентно получить информацию от Вас, однако хотелось бы ). Вот если бы Вы ) хоть время от времени выпускали видео на российском языке, думаю аудитория русских подписчиков возросло ). Вам вечно желаю размеренных дорог и успешных зароботков !!!
+Oleg driver я позже отвечу вам спасиба
iceblue (1 year ago)
do you have a email or # to recruiting at Carolina logistics? I found a website but looks like semi trucking company, I didn't see anything about vans or expediting
+Tony Cape yes one of them
Tony Cape (1 year ago)
That is the company you working for ??
+iceblue great happy to help 😁👍
iceblue (1 year ago)
Ok I will be looking for the vid, thx
+iceblue I got some good information to tell you so that you can make a better decision
Front Line Media (1 year ago)
What companies do you recommend?
Cool ty
Gene (8 months ago)
i've seen their ads thank you
+Joe Moto here's Carolina Logistics (910) 745-7824
+Joe Moto carolina logistics out of Asheville NC
Da305Alive (1 year ago)
liked the long informational video.5 stars..
+Da305Alive thanks so much 👏👍😁
iceblue (1 year ago)
I hate going into NYC myself, so those loads get the boot
+iceblue lol you took the words out of my mouth 👍
iceblue (1 year ago)
yea many people i know drive in the no commercial vehicle lane going in and think because they are in a van they are not commercial, boom ticket...I live in upstate NY but piss on NYC done it many times but that entire area ain't worth in to me.
+iceblue so true speaking of NYC I need to do a video on that it's easy to get a ticket or 2 each visit

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