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Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel - Official Trailer [HD]

624 ratings | 1397159 views
Indulge yourself into the tales of Inotia once more! Feature highlights - 6 Classes, 90 skills - Convenient party system - Mercenaries can be recruited to your party anytime and anywhere. - One of the largest mobile RPG maps - A tragic destiny and other schemes await the shadow assassin and the Channel of light - Exclusive sub-quests ready to be unraveled - End of story means beginning of a new journey: Infinite Dungeon for hardcore players
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Text Comments (43)
For Comment Purposes (7 months ago)
Inotia ,5?
Ian Claudio (2 years ago)
please continue the inotia story I even fineshed infinite dungeos
Ian Claudio (2 years ago)
please continue the inotia story I even fineshed infinite dungeos
Anyanwu Juliet (2 years ago)
Me that I used kiyan to kill coronet
Emil Misuari (3 years ago)
After killing the God of Darkness, in Inotia3. What are the next step?
Angelo de Wit (3 years ago)
i want inotia 5 ;(
Galen Mcgee (4 years ago)
i am playing 3 right now it's a Great game Sorry But Graphics are not need they don't make games fun the Adventure dose ty for bringing back a Game that brings back what Rpgs should be ty so very much ty
Richard Irag (4 years ago)
최근원 (4 years ago)
최근원 (4 years ago)
최근원 (4 years ago)
Brandon Armstrong (5 years ago)
Plz make inotia 5 with better walking its diagonal
Brandon Armstrong (5 years ago)
This is morw indulging then zenonia
Brandon Nelson (5 years ago)
Zenonia is better than this. And has better graphics :p
gabrielwillames (2 years ago)
Inotia 3 >>>>>
『Moonlight』 (3 years ago)
There are differences. Obviously ZENONIA is better because of the graphics and different endings, but Inotia has more in depth storyline and characters that're very deep. Not to mention Inotia has much---much better OSTs.
D SáeZ (5 years ago)
herve bambara (5 years ago)
Music plz? I really love it this a good one
herve bambara (5 years ago)
Music svp
Iulian Dornianu (5 years ago)
Will there be a inotia 5 game ?
Lord Behemoth (5 years ago)
Inotia 4 galaxy y please :/
Lord Behemoth (5 years ago)
Inotia 5 please :/
Spo3sky dreamer31 (5 years ago)
So many weàk enemy
이찬민 (5 years ago)
욜 ㅋㅋ
tsztou wong (6 years ago)
this is a app you know
zejo (6 years ago)
very good rpg! Good work Com2uS Games
Cailao Ronnel (6 years ago)
your game was not compatible with my samsung galaxy pocket :(
Sporer Gamer Pro (6 years ago)
u.u esta en ingles u.u
黃浪浪 (6 years ago)
SIlverDeath (6 years ago)
Thia game needs online coop
Anisa Sayed (6 years ago)
Hav any of u guyz played this game??!!
ziya (6 years ago)
U rock inotia! The story until the song for each quest they r perfect! Although the its still small for the view but overall, great!
ronand duruin (6 years ago)
please post many kinds of MMORPG games in cellphone
ronand duruin (6 years ago)
Inotia 3 is the best Inotia series that i've been played !
bum huynh (6 years ago)
no online :-)
Vadable (6 years ago)
Czy bedzie inotia 5
Com2us USA (6 years ago)
No, it's not provide online mode
Seda Şeyli (6 years ago)
is it online?
Rizki Dewanto (6 years ago)
the title is assassin of berkel, then it's a must for you to pick assassin/rogue !
PlayRetroGames (6 years ago)
when will release german language?
CHECKMATING (6 years ago)
one of the best game ever :D
D G (6 years ago)
great game!! - hard bosses >:[

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