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Draugen - Story Trailer

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Beerbottles123 (20 days ago)
I can't wait for the voice actress' livestream of the game. I really liked it when she did Xenoblade Chronicle 2
boom baby (1 month ago)
Bought it yesterday. Makes a pretty solid impression yet, I like.
21flores lizviolet (1 month ago)
_PaoLUL should play this game_
Felik18 (1 month ago)
Those facial animations, Jesus
Maple Malik (1 month ago)
Where exactly do you see them in the clip?
CraftyArts (3 months ago)
Another adventure game where you are alone...
Dieter Kotwürfel (1 month ago)
@MarkFilipAnthony you saw her 10000 times and you say: where you are alone
MarkFilipAnthony (3 months ago)
Alone? Didnt u see the woman following u around?

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