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Soul Seeker - Official Trailer [HD]

271 ratings | 233377 views
The newest Action RPG from Com2uS! Play Soul Seeker today on your mobile device on App Store and Google Play! Features ▶ Thrilling battles Non-stop action that'll keep you on the edge of your seat! ▶ Unique Battle System Assemble the most powerful team with the special Support System! ▶ Collect & Craft Items Collect the best items to utilize the ultimate set effects! ▶ Explore A New World Learn about the history of Hermes through Scenario Battles! Enter Battle Mode for different battle styles! Play with a collection of over 200 characters! ▶ Character SFX! Listen to what each character has to say! (Available in Korean/English) Join the community at: https://www.facebook.com/SoulSeekerCom2uS http://forum.com2us.com/forum/main-forum/soul-seeker
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Text Comments (27)
Raniery Campos Campos (3 years ago)
Nhhu Hnjcfb u X
Lucy Caffe (3 years ago)
Troll2us arreguen Summon War primero... el rate es horrible :c ... soy lvl 40 y ni un 5* natural
Frankie Moreno (4 years ago)
Please!! Urban me from summoners war I am sick your making summoners war boring cause of unban. Please!!! Summoners War Name: BeatyBeast
Albert Wang (3 years ago)
+Frankie Moreno hacker alert
Frankie Moreno (4 years ago)
I was not! I was using a help guide!
John Lamp (4 years ago)
U were using mods/hacks sooooooooo no?
Frankie Moreno (4 years ago)
Or maybe when it's 39999 years later it's gonna be a longggg time.
Frankie Moreno (4 years ago)
Yep... 1 year later 😰😰
LewiGotHacked2 (4 years ago)
Great game!,
William (4 years ago)
hello when I play ed summoners War I missclicke when I should upgrade my matrial cat lvl 7. And my question is can you send it back to me? My name is TacoTheOne
John Lamp (4 years ago)
1) they wont :p 2) dont worry cats arent good lol
Thomas larry (4 years ago)
how do we play this? i see people saying they are playing it already but i cant find it on itunes or google play? or is it only certain countries its available to until the 14th?
nikosomegas (4 years ago)
release date 5 feb
Abraham E. (4 years ago)
KoDDoK Gaming (4 years ago)
Cant login . problem?
nikosomegas (4 years ago)
global release supposed to be today but i cant find it ??
nikosomegas (4 years ago)
+chaosdragoon1 :( okay .. lets just hope it will be released at 5 feb .. and wont take more.. cant w8 to play .. those kind of games are my fav!! 
chaosdragoon1 (4 years ago)
They delayed it until Feb. 5.
Avos Soul Seeker (4 years ago)
1 more day to the official launch!
Arif Alli (4 years ago)
if this game is awesome and addicting, I'm gonna take break with playing Summoners war.
Oh Jun Tak (2 years ago)
after unlocking the hard mode... Its freakin hard af
Freak Nation (4 years ago)
It'd be nice if this worked with my tab 2.
Forest Dust (4 years ago)
When be out?
Eveneme Maken (4 years ago)
hahah otro juego bueno que no esta en español :C
Nemdox (4 years ago)
Это попросту неописуемо, весьма крутая и отлично изготовленная забава! =) It is simply improbable, very cool and well made game! =)
Pianist7137 (4 years ago)
Looks like a cute version of eternity warriors! I hope there will be multiplayer! 
Gustavo londoño (4 years ago)
its seem great!

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