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What Girls Do Wrong In Bed

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Text Comments (675)
Feral Shojo (20 hours ago)
"IF we're in a relationship with JUST you" - like that is something special! Holy shit monogamy! lol omg your mindset is harmful. Typically male though.
Feral Shojo (20 hours ago)
Now let's talk about all the things men do wrong in bed. Not gonna end as a 5 min video like this though.
Som Mosako (2 days ago)
what is starfishing?
Terri Brown (6 days ago)
For the next girl he's with WHAT??????
apoc (7 days ago)
Luckily im not a woman who has issues in bed. 🤷‍♀️
Mark Rosenfeld (5 days ago)
Great stuff apoc! Thanks for watching xx
Broken Marian (7 days ago)
0:25 What's starfishing?
Patti Burton (7 days ago)
I actually had a guy make a joke about me being vocal in bed. He, who made no noise except for 2 grunts to indicate he was done, making a joke of me. Well he’s gone!!
Bounced on my boy's D to this for hours
Maryanne Phillips (1 month ago)
What the hell is star fishing? Sticking my finger somewhere tight? I have no idea. Please say.
Asha (27 days ago)
It's just lying there and moving while he dies all the work.
Mary.2134 (1 month ago)
Is it bad that the video was helpful but I was laughing throughout it?
tinker jedi (1 month ago)
Reject sex... What the hell is that shit?! 😂😂
Angelina Ayye (1 month ago)
Here's a question..what if I am always the initiator? He tells me he's attracted to me in all ways, and compliments me every time I do do something special (say dress extra sexy) and still doesn't get that I'm asking him to initiate it.
Miss Ddee (1 month ago)
Why do you turn me on?were you horny when you were shooting this video mark? You presenting it differently than the rest😂😩😩😩in short you're hot AF.love from Nairobi Kenya.❤
rashida7777 (1 month ago)
Shalom and [email protected] you're finer on this vid than the last 3 I watched. I guess I better look at you...I mean watch your muscles....NO. Listen...I will listen to your vid. Fullscreen.
rashida7777 (1 month ago)
@Mark Rosenfeld 😍
Mark Rosenfeld (1 month ago)
Ahahahah thaaaankyou
Xoxo Fayee (1 month ago)
Lmao I love the thumbnail 😂😂
FBI Agent92727 (1 month ago)
Mark: **throws on wig and lays on bed** Best Thumbnail 👌
Chloe-may Mcglone (1 month ago)
Sooo.. What if you genuinely are so bloody self conscious about a part of your body that you literally can't help but feel overwhelmingly sensitive about?
Chloe-may Mcglone (26 days ago)
@Asha thanks gorgeous x it's just hard to accept when we are sensitive about things
Asha (27 days ago)
It's really hard to fight that. I'm sensitive and self conscious about my...well anyway out of five partners in my 14 years of sexual experience non of my partners have been worried about it at all. They were more upset that I wasnt as adventurous as theyd have liked me to be because of my shyness over that part of me.
Ellie Wong (1 month ago)
You are cute but this is not fresh info...starfishing ..never heard this..bad opener...
Lizzy Hawkins (1 month ago)
Can I just say THAT THUMBNAIL THO 😂😂😂
Lisa pope (1 month ago)
What if ur the one who always start things. Spoke about it but it's always me still initiating.
Lidia Mendoza (1 month ago)
So funny 😂
cynthia ferguson (1 month ago)
what is starfishing?
naowarat marshall (1 month ago)
Faking orgasm .... Mark .... meaning Men is very selfish .... 👌🏿
Nazneen Hoaes (2 months ago)
Are you married
Amber Stewart (2 months ago)
OMG!!! This is the first video I have seen of yours. I think I'm in love. This is an awesome video. Your pretty damn entertaining. 😁😁. Good job. Dead on. 👍👍
Marriet Visser (2 months ago)
If there are awful requests I can't say yes. One guy wanted to have 3-somes and sex with animals. That is gross. That is just a plain simple NO for me.
Anouk C (1 month ago)
Well with animals it's criminal and against the law! You could end up in jail.
Spooky Spectre (2 months ago)
Im pretty open minded in bed, but sorry, if I'm not into something, I'm gonna be honest and say no or never. A women should never feel guilted into doing anything shes not comfortable with. If a guy dont like that, dump him. If hes not willing to sacrifice one or two things in bed, then he only is looking out for himself
Christina Antony (2 months ago)
Look at his reaction 😍😍😍
Ingrid Goetschalckx (2 months ago)
Ok, I do fake sometimes, and yes, I know, I should tell when sex is not very good but how? How can I communicate this in a respectful way without hurting his feelings and still be clear about it?
Ansel KYLE (2 months ago)
So many triggered women in the comment section.
LydiaMinx (2 months ago)
You need to be vocal
Pastel Kitten (2 months ago)
Ummmm no. As I survivor of child rape I'm going to say this right now. If a girl is uncomfortable with you doing something to her she has the right to say so. Just like you have things you probably don't want her to do to you. I'm going to assume you're not going to feel guilty saying no if your girlfriend wants to fuck you with a giant strap on or whatever sexual act would make you uncomfortable. It is not "wrong" to have limits, no matter what your gender is. Women's feelings are just as valid, and they aren't "wrong" to have boundaries.
diana hernandez (2 months ago)
Are you married? You should do a video for couples that are married lol or tips lol for future references lol
Select Username (3 months ago)
Tell you what else girls do wrong they grow their hair out and put it up in pretty little ponytails and make me look like an asshole when I offer to buy them a drink at the bar and they turn around to reveal its just a guy like you
Nabi Sonyeo (3 months ago)
guys are so insensitive. you can’t just turn off your insecurities...if you could they wouldn’t be insecurities. society makes girls feel like they have to perfect and heaven forbid they’re ever insecure about something
The Versace Life (3 months ago)
Why girls? Call them woman..unless ur having sex with girls which is creepy
shannon jalowiecz (3 months ago)
Never have I ever faked an O. Why would I do that? I don't get women that do.
Sweet Cheeks (3 months ago)
This dude obviously does not have daughters. Don’t listen to him
Mark Rosenfeld (3 months ago)
Sorry you didn't enjoy the video Sweet Cheeks - thanks for watching and commenting regardless x
Serçe (3 months ago)
Hey Mark, u from down under? That accent i can relate to. 😂👍🏼
Megan The Bitch (4 months ago)
Sometimes women do these things because men are just not good enough and focus on their own orgasm 😂
junkaa07 (4 months ago)
Men also starfish when women are on top lol
Omg this made me laugh so much I had tears in my eyes 😂😂😂 the way he says it...... it’s so funny🤪
Sofìa Antoniadis (4 months ago)
You sound like a typical abuser :/ Ps: sos incogible
mirembe caroline (4 months ago)
stopforaminute andsmile (5 months ago)
Hahaha heeeyylp him
Emily Carter (5 months ago)
If it's something I 100% will never do then I will tell him that because I don't want him to have false hope in it. If it's that important then I'd rather not be with him so we both can have satisfying sex lives elsewhere
camilla de vivenot (5 months ago)
Man up guy
Since the beginning of my relationship (we are in a long distance relationship) we had fights and I wasn't able to handle things. I committed a lot of mistakes and fought for stupid things. Now my boyfriend (we've been together for 2 years) says he lost sexual attraction (he said his sexual attraction now is between 70 to 80%) and because of the fights he doesn't remember if he ever felt like it was 100%. Which is weird for both of us since he says I'm the most beautiful girl he's ever been with. He says sex is great (it is for both of us) and that he's really physically attracted by my. But that the sexual attraction is not what we both would want it to be. Seeing your videos I'm working on the emotional side of the relationship, trying to improve it and stop further deterioration of it. My question is, is his sexual attraction lose linked to all the problems we've had? And is there hope it will improve and be even better that before?
Maryl Sanz (5 months ago)
In the photo where Mark is laying in the bed, there is a small photo of Mark holding something orange, what is that? a orange glove, donuts a toy, should I be asking?
Mark Rosenfeld (5 months ago)
Hahaha, you have a good eyes Maryl Sanz! Thanks for watching xx
kaara's mom (5 months ago)
One i would add is I wish guys would stop taking penetrative orgasms so seriously. Thats why girls fake it...the fact is 60% of women wont be able to orgasm vaginally. But it's basically impossible to turn of a guy's ego about that sometimes, and they'll inflate themselves into being endlessly determined to get it to happen even if you already explain that that's not how you work. They just end up disappointing themselves more because they convinced themselves that youre wrong and someone just didnt do the right thing yet, which is sometimes true, but not always, and most of the time it just puts immense pressure on the girl to do something that she's not able to do just to live up to the guy's self ego. I'm sure you're not one to do this, Mark, but I've felt so shitty and guilty afterwards from faking one or two orgasms just to get the guy's stupid self-competition over with since he wouldnt listen that he was doing just fine and I was really enjoying it regardless of me not orgasming vaginally. I've never faked anymore since because it's just deceitful but I still run into that problem SO much, like you mentioned, about how validated most men are by being able to sexually please a woman. But listen to them too...and don't obsess over doing something they've told you doesn't work for them just to prove something to yourself...just wanted to mention this in response to the faking thing. There are CERTAINLY girls who fake it because their man isnt pleasing them enough, but that wasn't the case for me personally. I'm fully in agreement with you there on not convincing a man he's sexually skilled in a place where he isn't for the sake of the next girl 😆
kaara's mom (5 months ago)
@Asha :((( im so sorry. I hate their egos sometimes.
Asha (5 months ago)
kaara's mom I relate to this comment so much. My EX husband was so messed up about my inability to orgasm through just penetration and it really put pressure on me and made me feel like there was something wrong with me. He ended up having an affair because he "just wanted to be with someone he could have an effect on". I was just 23 and had just had our baby. Was very terrible time.
natalie frinchaboy (6 months ago)
haha! What the heck is Starfishing?? I grab my face or I grab your face? Too funny! I have never heard that expression! Gawd! I hope I have never done it! lol
Anouk C (1 month ago)
Starfishing is when you do nothing.
Lavender Arj (6 months ago)
I am your fan but This is VERY problematic On so many levels
Rema Lewis (6 months ago)
Mody Hassan (6 months ago)
god you're so sexy.
che anog (6 months ago)
But my bf wants to have threesome with me, and im not ready for it :(
Asha (5 months ago)
che anog Men can really put so much pressure on us to be like women in porn. Most if the time the guy is not worth all the effort he expects from us and gives very little back in return.
Scarlett James (6 months ago)
Thank you ❤️
Ashton Skylar (6 months ago)
Was dumped for not getting the orgasm - he said it means the woman doesn't like the guy - so I thought afterwards that if I had faked it maybe we'd still be together
Asha (5 months ago)
Sarah Maimone I am sorry Sarah. Some men are so terrible about that. He has to know 1/3 or women on this planet NEVER orgasm through just penetration.
Kindle Faith (6 months ago)
If two people really care for each other in dating.🌿🌸🌿 And fall in love ❤ everything should just happen natural! 🎉🎼 With both being happy & satisfied! 🎊 🎶
Kindle Faith (6 months ago)
In marriage no sodomy, no sick toys ever! Sex outside of marriage is sin!
Verónica AA (6 months ago)
Sincerely, I think boys are who must strive more because they always have orgams. You can give advice to girls in your opinion but to say "you do wrong in bed that...." it's offensive. I don't have much sexual experience but I was better in bed that the three men who I sleep with . Every one is responsible of its own pleasure, but boys are worse in bed because they don't listen to you when you talk about that it's more pleasurable for you and they don't respect your desire. With two I finished crying when they don't watch me. The curious thing is one of them thougth he was a great lover because he lasted a lot of time, but it's because he was doing wrong!! (he lasted so much because he moved so bad that he and me didn't have any pleasure)
Britaney Burnett (7 months ago)
MissStilissimo (7 months ago)
I am sorry, English is not my mother language - what the hell is starfishing?
MissStilissimo (7 months ago)
@Mark Rosenfeld Yes, sorry, now I know - I never do that, hahaha.
Mark Rosenfeld (7 months ago)
Hey Miss - there's a few other comments here where I think we've answered that :)
OopsieeDaisee (8 months ago)
Lmao if a woman is starfishing and doesn't look like she's enjoying herself then obviously YOU are not doing something right. Not stroking properly, no foreplay, not wet ...etc She's probably thinking about pushing you off and wish you'd just nut already 🙄
Mark Rosenfeld (8 months ago)
Could be that too.
dani reid. upmakemarie (8 months ago)
I have never had a orgasm from someone i feel to bad sayin it too ! How can i tell them ?
4springrain (8 months ago)
Thank you! I thought it is really unhealthy to fake orgasms for both of the people.
Mrs.JK (8 months ago)
What about when HE never initiates sex? I am the only one that ever initiates and when i do, 9 times out of 10 i get rejected for stupid reasons that I would never be able to get away with if the shoe was on the other foot! I'm so sick of it that i dont even try anymore, talking to him does no good. Its really depressing :(
Her Tro (7 months ago)
He is gay lol.
Mary Ann Girvan (9 months ago)
But if a woman is behaving like this, she’s obviously not fully turned on and probably rushed into sex mentally or physically, for whatever reason. She’s just not that into it, not ready. If a guy sees her not reacting, he might want to back off or slow down a bit...find out what’s going on-if she’s worth it to him.
Phoebe Koo (9 months ago)
Definitely 100% insane if Mark Rosenfeld is in my room...love this video! lol...
Mark Rosenfeld (9 months ago)
Hahahhaa Phoebe!
Maria NF (9 months ago)
Xaxaxaxaxaxa...expressions on u are sooo funny...love the advice
Maria NF (9 months ago)
@Mark Rosenfeld how can i get an advice on an issue...do i sent email or something else...let me know pls
Mark Rosenfeld (9 months ago)
Glad that you enjoyed the video and got something out of it. Thanks so much for watching Maria. xx
J.S. Phoenix (9 months ago)
I don't do any of these so why is it so damned hard for me to get laid properly???
Charles Samantha (9 months ago)
Mark Rosenfeld (9 months ago)
Thanks Charles for watching. x
JadeyFadeyMCR (10 months ago)
I have two questions about this subject: 1, what are ways to initiate without you having to step outside of your comfort zone (as in you don't feel like some bombshell fox like in the movies and what they do in movies is something you don't feel comfortable with). 2, what if a guy asks you what you like and that actually completely depends on the dude (like you did one thing with boyfriend A and hated it, but with boyfriend B it absolutely blew your mind), like how do you respond? Also being vocal just feels unnatural and weird to me. And it feels weird to me that a dude whispers/moans your name. Like, yeah I know that's my name??
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Jadey I'm going to save these great questions for a future Ask Mark! Thanks for posting them.
Margaery tyrell (10 months ago)
the first time I had sex has been a collection of these mistakes all in one😂😂😂
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Lol, we all make mistakes. Thanks for watching Margaery. x
Maxine Wheeler (10 months ago)
The only reason im self conscious is because im chubby
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Don't be. Be confident of yourself. Thanks for watching Max. :)
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Have a watch of this video Max - should help you out :) https://youtu.be/COxSqngh5yY
Passionate Picker (10 months ago)
Thanks Mark. Happy to say I don't do any of that. Phew 😓
Passionate Picker (10 months ago)
Starfish have no brain or blood. That might explain the analogy 😉
Passionate Picker (10 months ago)
Bahaha oh yeah ladies, of course it's HIS fault you're a starfish 😂
Jess Shapiro (10 months ago)
I'd also like to add that when it comes down to the facts, some people are just not sexually compatible. And I am very patient and vocal. I make a strong point to ask what her preferences are or what she likes. Alot of the time what a man says is perceived by the woman as something entirely different and vice versa. For example I told a woman I was dating I could at times be sexually submissive. Only to my significant other of course. Her being my significant other at the time. After being together for three years she actually brought that up saying I lied about being submissive. She heard me say sexually submissive yet took it to mean that I would literally do what ever she wanted me to do. See women desire to control men. Thats why they say men control women. It's their way of controlling us. First women learn what men want. Then they learn how to make men want what they want. True honesty and equality is the only way.
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Good thoughts Jesse! Thanks so much for watching and commenting - really appreciate it.
Apple Aliwalas (10 months ago)
youre so hot 🙈🔥
Stephanie Mcbroom (10 months ago)
Thank you sweetheart!!
Alicia Daniels (10 months ago)
Itmacy is more attractive then just sex but this is where I hide now
Kelly Shrider (10 months ago)
Wtf is star fishing?
Julia K (10 months ago)
Ya ya, just burp him, have him take naps and change his diapers, gosh guys are such babies!! So annoying, Guys and their tiny egos that we have to cater to to get one. 😂
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Lol. They just love to be taken care of. Thanks for watching and commenting Julia. x
Screw Sleep (10 months ago)
The thumbnail is killing me LMFAO
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Mati (10 months ago)
Where is he from?
Lola Bola (10 months ago)
sV eb (10 months ago)
I want that billiard on the back ground 😂😂😅
sV eb (10 months ago)
Elisha Gill (10 months ago)
A woman also needs to ask for what she wants if she's not getting it. Want oral more or something to be done softer or harder, just say something. Men love to please.
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Yeah. Thanks for watching and commenting Elisha - really appreciate it. x
Bokky's Closet (10 months ago)
Yoga By Sophie (10 months ago)
Your natural lip color is beautiful.. no need lipstick 💄
Reyna Nava (10 months ago)
Lol where have you been all my life... I love listening to your advice
Mark Rosenfeld (10 months ago)
Arw thanks so much Reyna Nava. :)
Dew Drop (11 months ago)
Men: Slow down 😉
Jill Hammer (11 months ago)
Thanks for the video! One question I have is how do I deal with my situation in which my boyfriend of 3 years has a really low sex drive but we are very much in love and happy together...? I’ve expressed my concerns to him and practiced a lot of your advice but nothing seems to be doing trick. I try really hard not to take it personally but sometimes it’s hard. In the beginning of our relationship he was so into sex and I took his virginity and experienced a lot of firsts together. But now he hardy ever initiates sex. I’m tired of always being the one to get us going I guess. Also no matter how many times I tell him I want him to do whatever he wants to me no questions asked, he still doesn’t do hardly anything. It’s almost as if he’s afraid? Maybe I’m just whiny. I’m just a girl who wants more of his... you know.
indigosunflower77 (11 months ago)
" for the sake of other women in the future " what a dick ( pardon the pun) this may come as a shock to you but we ain't here to please men 😂😂 not shallow at all !!! Christ 🙈🙈
VanillaBeanTart (11 months ago)
Make some noise 🗣🗣👏🏽🏃🏾‍♀️
Michelle Wachsmuth (11 months ago)
I have out if you tell him to stop concentrating on pleasing you and just please himself sex is way better because he isn't over focused on the girl
tagabicolini pinay (11 months ago)
I could never fake an orgasm because it’s soo hard to have one anyway
tagabicolini pinay (11 months ago)
I’m really athletic and different it takes a really good looking secure man to be with me ( physically) otherwise I’ll just stay home and read books
Red Sonja (11 months ago)
I will do anything but anal and fisting. I have tried anal and I don't like it, I guess I could do it once for a bf, just so he can see how not fun it is and get it out of his system.
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Fair call red! Got to do what you're comfortable with
Red Sonja (11 months ago)
I am just so uncomfortable with how I look down there, and a guy can't know what I look like there from looking at me with clothes on, and so of course I'll be insecure when I take my clothes off. I do still have sex with the lights on, but I don't want to receive oral sex. I have had two guys do that to me though, and one of them was really good at it, but I felt like he was only using me for sex, and the other guy was a one night stand, and he was so bad at it.
Mark Rosenfeld (11 months ago)
Red the more comfortable you become and own exactly what you look like (or change it to a way you like) the better your sex life is going to be :)

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