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10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls are certainly big, and anyone who sees them will surely be impressed—but sheer size isn’t enough to truly leave a person in awe. There are other places in this world, though, that are far stranger. Places that seem almost alien, as if they could only exist on a planet that evolved separately from our own. These are places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. Places that will truly make you wonder—not just because they’re beautiful, but because they seem to follow scientific laws that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. Here are 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist #Science #impossibleplaces #Actuallyexist Music : Floating Cities Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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WeeItsNookies (21 days ago)
So you have people that went to college for a decade and they just use dye and ping pong balls and none of them are smart enough to go "hey let's build a tiny boat with a camera and GPS on it" ?!!!!!?!?!? and they make 100k a year?!?!
Tanisha J.Gemini1014 (5 days ago)
M McKenna (6 days ago)
+Matt Morris it has, and there is no mystery.
Gabriel Guerrero (7 days ago)
JH_Monty No it’s not this actually has been solved look it up
N Leslie (7 days ago)
You really don’t think they already thought of this dumbass
Victor del Villar (7 days ago)
+JH_Monty Then they should say that part because ping pong balls and dye does not sound creditable or the best possible ways of figuring this out.. As someone said, "a camera on a long strong cord" is more creditable than ping pong balls
Enrich Minds (16 minutes ago)
This one is seriously mind boggling !!
ronald wimbleton (48 minutes ago)
the like / dislike ratio proves how dumb people are
Dave Daniels (1 hour ago)
nya wrong (2 hours ago)
Yay!! Im from taos!!!
kiwi (2 hours ago)
Thumbnail = Konan vs Obito
BlackHat Chic (2 hours ago)
Exactly julia...fake
Nottoezz AMV (3 hours ago)
that grrl is the start just saw big dic
Kalachi was an accident with many questions, than the Kazakh government explained it as chemical insufficiency of oxygen. However there was a new sleeping weapon were examined nearpolygon, which is highly connected to regional deputies. This sort of man who spends their life sleeping on their chair.
RaNdOm (4 hours ago)
Twosheds Jackson (4 hours ago)
What was science? Scientifically impossible, yet they exist! Trump has a job for you!
Miljan Krcobic (4 hours ago)
These movie examples are so annoying and retarded!!
J Hart (4 hours ago)
Koncept Printers (5 hours ago)
Ok, the people who made this video are not the brightest people on earth! I give them credit for chatting crap...hahaha
Ta Da (5 hours ago)
The title is beyond moronic.
Wayverlee Soulsong (5 hours ago)
The soviet union destroyed mother Nature's waters, it's time to destroy the Soviets
Queasy Pancake (6 hours ago)
What if is the number 10 have a dead end
Vishal 1102 (6 hours ago)
Who else came for the scientists in the comment section?
Sooban Khedoo (6 hours ago)
interesting ...
kloos 070 (6 hours ago)
A brain inside of trump-duck's head should be a wonder of the world - if it can be proven that one exists.
Poker Snob (7 hours ago)
Impossibly possible....🤯
Chris (7 hours ago)
TheWorstDancerEver (8 hours ago)
The comments here are funny. YouTube comment arguments are always fun to read They could probably drop a drone with a line, yes. If the line gets cut they lose the drone. We dont know how the water flows you'd be going in not even knowing if the drone will fit or your line is big enough. Sending a diver is dangerous. What happens if they reach a point to small to pass or get stuck. They'd have to take responsibility. Again, you don't know how the water flows. A whirlpool will kill even experienced divers Gps, not likely to work. Namely because solid earth and signal interface if the water goes far/deep enough. Sure a few hundred feet you might be good. But what about a mile drop? (As for these comments that are like GPS without satellites, it depends. You can use wifi to do approximate positioning via signal strength of the receiver(s) closest to you.) To get the most accurate reading you'd probably need some mix of ground-based and water-based acoustic detection system. I.E. Sonar and whatever the ground based one is called. Problem there : sonar and rivers don't work well. Rushing water would dilute the image because, unlike the ocean, sound wouldnt travel in fully predictable waves to and from the reader device. I forget what its called, but there are ways to use sound to map out caverns. But that also requires digging holes and really expensive equipment, I believe. Also likely clearing out the area above. Again, more expensive than worth the info. Like someone said, there are probably ideas that would work... But to what degree of effort and cost would it take to do that and honestly, who the heck would front that bill/responsibility.
TheWorstDancerEver (8 hours ago)
Also, these mars comments are HILARIOUS. I think it would be easier for me to throw a rock with a camera over my neighbors house than to reach my hands down into the kitchen sink to figure out where the water goes.
Roselyn Biongan (8 hours ago)
I'm subscribed
Rory Smith (8 hours ago)
Saga L. H. (8 hours ago)
Namibia cirkles, what about mushrooms? "Fairy Rings"?
Hemanga Borah (10 hours ago)
This is the shittiest video on YouTube. This person needs to be punished for creating this shitty video and YouTube should be sued for suggesting this to people.
Abaasa Agnes (10 hours ago)
That's just amazing!,wonders of creation
Shayla Bates (10 hours ago)
How the hell do you have so much wrong in this video?!? Did y’all not do any basic, simple, EASY research?! I’m truly horrified at how much misinformation is in this🤔
Guanjyn (10 hours ago)
This was kind of underwhelming.
John Rogan (10 hours ago)
Taos...mental telepathy...
John Rogan (10 hours ago)
Carbon monoxide
John Rogan (10 hours ago)
Life in a sulphuric acid environment in a Romanian cave proves life exists outside Earth.
Paul Noonan (11 hours ago)
What a useless load of shit.
Devon Miller (11 hours ago)
One place that I thought should be in this video is devils tower its located in Wyoming and you can look it up and to at least me is a strange place
wyeth sutton (11 hours ago)
Yknow an easy way to find out the devils kettle is to put a waterproof gps or some shit in it
machia0705 (11 hours ago)
There’s a place in North America that exists that breaks all laws of nature. People go there by the millions and don’t work, yet they eat, have shelter, some suggest they get free education and healthcare, even get drivers licenses ! What’s next , free cars ? The place is called the United States of America and legal taxpayers have little to say or they’re branded a racist. Indeed this is a strange place that actually exists !
Aehr Somar (12 hours ago)
Thats how greatful God is
Cr7 Gaming (12 hours ago)
1:18 ya so basically whatcha wanna do is take like a drone or something and explore where it goes to so ya your welcome fuck tards
Drew (12 hours ago)
𝙼𝙸𝙽 (12 hours ago)
Why not just fly a drone into the cave? ;-; water proof one designed to go in water and swim as well with a camera. For the first one
Preston Schneider (13 hours ago)
Number 5: Has any1 ever thought that it could be in their genes? Maybe their genes cause majorly lower stamina.
Luke Moore (13 hours ago)
I call complete bullshit
tryax plays (13 hours ago)
Number 10 why won’t they just drop a GoPro down there and watch it live
WakJep 40 (14 hours ago)
The cave make my balls shaking
Shawn Denty (14 hours ago)
I know the final answer comes down to money..... If the science community really wanted to explore this and find more below the surface; why not block the river where it forks and explore this hole like any other hole? If it could be done by the U.S. Army Corp at Niagara Falls (American Falls side) then surely this little thing shouldnt be a problem.
Lord Humungus (14 hours ago)
Where's The Point of Know Return on the thumbnail?
CrapTrap (14 hours ago)
Scientifically impossible places that actually exist. Your title is the most retarded thing I have read today. If its scientifically impossible to exist than it wouldn't exist thus all these places do exist within the realm of science
Camoern8 (14 hours ago)
for your fist one, it probably go to the center of the Earth.
Peedinkus (14 hours ago)
Scientists have determined that you are full of shit.
Devin Mayo (14 hours ago)
Theyres no place on earth where it just stops and drops at 90 degree angles lol thats click bait
Natasha Mukanik (14 hours ago)
I'm pretty sure the sounds in Mexico were found to be from under ground seismic activity and the rings in Namibia were from the plants themselves, growing a way to conserve and 'steal' water resources. Is that wrong?
Instagram: pac_the_god (15 hours ago)
None of these are “scientifically impossible.” It’s titles and quotes like these that lead ppl to believe that scientists are idiots. Hence, flat earth theorists...
Charles Bolduc (15 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah legally high in canada watching this
Kate Quinn (15 hours ago)
'What the hell is going on !' you say..What the hell is going on with you, making this clickbait nonsense
Graham Webb (16 hours ago)
The thumbnail is literally pirates of the Caribbean V when the sea split
Keone Jones (16 hours ago)
Have you heard of the island bountifulpenis?
Zom Bee Nature (16 hours ago)
All nonsense and billshut.
hombre guero (16 hours ago)
We need aqua man broj
Hara merbe Alburo Alinea (16 hours ago)
Wow I love
Onfroi (16 hours ago)
why can't they just fly a drone down there???
sengsexys Danny (16 hours ago)
Hello guy, you are hah a lot. Are you all right?
Pro (17 hours ago)
Love your good video s
Rob Finney (17 hours ago)
Lake Karachay makes me wonder what fun places the other "nuclear states" have to offer? China? India? Pakistan?
Royal Caymanian (16 hours ago)
Rob Finney I heard that the city of Karachi is pretty toxic.😂
Krishna Chaitanya (17 hours ago)
Could someone tell the movie name at 5:45 ?? Thanks in advance
Krishna Chaitanya (16 hours ago)
+krister karlsson Thanks
krister karlsson (17 hours ago)
Hell Boy
Shayne Spackman (17 hours ago)
What a stupid video
Clit Wizard (18 hours ago)
This video made me retarded
BIG ESH (18 hours ago)
Victoria Falls in Africa... that’s funny smh
Sigurd Dyrup (18 hours ago)
Devils Kettle Mystery is solved...
84blondewolf (18 hours ago)
I need to go get toothpicks
Joran O'Neill (19 hours ago)
When you start to randomly get bad grades 1:40
Puzby (19 hours ago)
There is no mystery about Devil's Kettle. The two streams merge just below the falls. The DNR measured the water flow above the falls and a few hundred feet below it. They were the same. The claims about dye and massive numbers of pingpong balls are bogus. They didn't happen.
Aidan Stillwell (19 hours ago)
So many of these seem easily possible.
DRXNK (19 hours ago)
"scientifically impossible places that actually exist" well.. that means theyre not scientifically impossible...
UnhallowedX Gaming (20 hours ago)
We have so many nuclear contaminated areas on earth its disgusting. Humanity needs to phase out of existence.
TheEyeofaCrow **** (20 hours ago)
Why are you showing a woman in abra. That us nasty.
LiquidRope (20 hours ago)
when the title contradicts itself, but you click on it anyway
Lainey Face (21 hours ago)
A place can't be scientifically impossible. Science is a method of studying the natural world, not a fixed set of ideas. Anything that is part of the natural world is part of science. Just because scientists haven't found or are struggling to find an explanation for something doesn't mean it "defies science" or is "scientifically impossible".
Rabeya Farzana (21 hours ago)
If you want to find the thumbnails article go to 8:40
Catherine Richter (21 hours ago)
Why don't they get a person to abseil down there? Or at least a camera to abseil so they can look at what's there! I think if I go to that sleeping town I won't fall asleep. But do they wake up?
Mathew Anderson (21 hours ago)
If it's impossible, than it can't and won't exist by definition... the video's title is click-bait. At best you can say 'amazingly improbable places', but that's the best you can do if you want to be honest to your viewers.
Elin Bjerkmann (21 hours ago)
I am from Norway
Deutsches Veilchen (21 hours ago)
Hey lol nice thumbnail from pirates of the Caribbean
Alexis Effinger (21 hours ago)
Just put a camera down the kettle?? Why has no one thought of that??
Hermo Jimenez (21 hours ago)
If it's scientifically impossible, how does it actually exist?
Carol Fung (22 hours ago)
Kelly Ross (22 hours ago)
😀 whoever is reading this, you are awesome!
Black Phoenix (22 hours ago)
We could be finding the answers to these mysteries but we're to busy building weapons of mass destruction to kill each other.
phil durre (22 hours ago)
to track the water you can do it with radioactive material...
jacob hinojosa (22 hours ago)
SHshshshjs Snzndnsbbs (22 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Sundincubus (23 hours ago)
#10, Why don't they strap a cam on a robot and see where it end up? better than saying, "hey, we dyed the water, put a bunch of ping pong in it and nothing turn out."
NaturalBornKillers2 (23 hours ago)
number 2 is the speedforce
NaturalBornKillers2 (23 hours ago)
yeah lets send trash to natural water, always throwing shit in water
FELIX Mac Mornie Vanessa (23 hours ago)
another proof that life was created (Revelation 4:11) 😍😊
Danny Cam (23 hours ago)
aw stupid dumb misleading thumbnails!!! i wanted to see the crack in the ocean, ugh >_< hate when people do this x/ earns u a dislike for doing that. that's not cool. the other stuff was nice but the "this lake is super contaminated by radioactive waste" was not at all "impossible", explanation was right in the video. that wasn't amazing, it was just sad. humans are stupid things.
Benjamin Buddhist (1 day ago)
Mayan trick haha can u just imagin
심미적 인시아 (1 day ago)
I thought it was "scientifically impossible" to be clickbaited...smh I wanted to see the sea part.
JF Feezer (1 day ago)
Spare us the cheesy stock video segments, please.

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