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Most leaders don't even know the game they are in - Simon Sinek at Live2Lead 2016

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Trust and cooperation are not standard in our organizations and yet we know they should be. There are two attributes that every single leader has the opportunity to possess that will help them create the types of organizations we would be proud to call our own. Those two attributes are EMPATHY & PERSPECTIVE. Simon Sinek's full keynote from John C. Maxell's Live2Lead event in Atlanta, Georgia, October 7, 2016. Find more tools, resources and ideas to inspire at https://startwithwhy.com.
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NatLi Daily (46 minutes ago)
Best video about new millennial investigation and how we interact in the modern world
Good Vibes (18 hours ago)
This guy loses his marbles around the 16 min mark
bernard serebour (1 day ago)
i think this is one of the amazing thing any person would want to hear.
BNLove4Pet (2 days ago)
It’s sad, but people shouldn’t generalize a generation. It’s stereotyping! I’m a millennial and worked hard in school for my grades: honors, deans list and 4.0 in grad school. My hard work paid off with scholarships and making my own moves for my career growth. My parents should empathy, gave compassion and showed me working hard and budgeting will help me succeed. I bought my house at 24! I have a patented invention and I have no student loans. My jobs have paid for my grad school. I also have an open door policy with my boss, who is a phenomenal leader. He has promoted me and supports me when I need help. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and ask for advancements when I know as a woman, is hard to do. I believe it is the individual. I never feel entitled, I do believe corporate America is backwards and doesn’t appreciate the hard workers. They promote friends, family and themselves. But karma gets them either way. I sleep well at night knowing I’m true to myself and knowing I tried.
BNLove4Pet (2 days ago)
Oh, and I have NO social media and I never drive with my phone at my side and at dinners or meetings my phone is in my purse. No questions asked, when you’re with me you have all my attention.
Jack Doe (5 days ago)
12:37 is that John Maxwell???
Karl Serrano (6 days ago)
Best speech about leadership I've heard so far.
David Morrissey (6 days ago)
Love this guy. Common sense in a world increasingly becoming more insane
Tee-Jay Dack (7 days ago)
Do not compare yourself to who someone else is today, but rather to who you were yesterday
Bas Leenders (8 days ago)
Hmm I missed the 'They were just dealt a bad hand!' in the millennial piece! Haha. No but really, you are quite the inspiring guy mister Sinek! This millennial is already profiting from the golden circle, and now this, much obliged! ;-)
Paul Fu (9 days ago)
How to fix a deluded generation?? By giving them more delusions.
Rich Crosson (11 days ago)
Fuck empathy. Capitalism wants PROFIT NOW
Christina Morianos (13 days ago)
I feel that blaming social media for my millennial ways doesn’t sit right for me. I had all those traits going into the workforce prior to using social media. I just didn’t like the concept of working in jobs I wasn’t interested in. Is that bizarre?? Haha
BUSINESS GURU (13 days ago)
Bravo bravo
Robert David Graham (15 days ago)
Kudos to this guy.
J Vincenzi (15 days ago)
I think he has forgotten 'reality' . He might as well be talking christian theology and why we'd have a wonderful world if we all just adopted Christ's message.
Ervin Mark (15 days ago)
Thanks you Sir!
Jumana 1517 (16 days ago)
i literally wrote an essay only using this video! MINDBLOWING!
BLESSEDTIMONY (16 days ago)
Awesome Video! Just subscribed to your channel! I teach AFROTC Cadets and one of my lessons required us to show one of hour Ted Talks and I decided to check out more of your videos. You are a true inspiration to me as an instructor and inspiring motivational speaker. I really connected to what you said about cell phone addiction. This very epidemic is what inspired me to create my app called Photoly-Awkward its objective is to get people to actually go out and meet people and I figure we use the very thing that is hindering them to do that. Your video is confirmation that I need to keep pursuing it, thanks!
Spartan Ownership (16 days ago)
The war we are fighting today is not a physical one like our grandfathers did when they stormed the beaches of Normandy. The war we are fighting today is one against distraction with the outcome of building a life of meaning.
LongBoarder Anonymous (16 days ago)
He should run for President.
LongBoarder Anonymous (16 days ago)
I really can't imagine what going happen to the next generation after the millennials.
LongBoarder Anonymous (16 days ago)
After the millennials eat their free food, they just fall asleep on their beanbags.
Tesh InvestApp (16 days ago)
Say What..
Got 2 B Dirt (16 days ago)
Mark Mccarthy (16 days ago)
""leadership is skills, a practicable, learn-able skills."" Simon's words. First, if that was the case leadership would be codified. Its not. Last time I looked there were about 16 different leadership styles/names. Yes there is plenty of theory, examples, books. Accountancy is a discipline with standards. It can be taught and passed/fail in it; ACCA. Yeeeees, lets not even go there....what is a skill! I agree with Simon's fundamental position about management vs leadership. I have yet to see a JD for a senior exec that clearly states what leadership is and how it should be executed.
Lazix VonBerg (17 days ago)
Activision, EA, and Bethesda need to watch this vid...
BlueSkyBear (17 days ago)
Thank you Simon for addressing the millennial problem - it's a real problem that an entire generation is made up of entitled brats with no skills and no real social ability to be part of solutions. All they can manage to do is check their phones.
Brend E (16 days ago)
Did the point just fly over your head? You are blaming millenials for a problem that is not their fault.
Nailed it!
Happy Living (18 days ago)
Debrah Eric (18 days ago)
This guy is one of the most brilliant people Ive ever seen
Alicia Page (18 days ago)
@microsoft ROTFL
Alicia Page (18 days ago)
I did/do say that Wall Street is Hell on earth.
Anton Malhin (19 days ago)
I do not agree at all with the statement "it's not the people" at 7:09. It's a combination of many things but the right people for the job is one of the major things. Get the right people for the job and make them great.
Wes (19 days ago)
I have decided to be self employed after 20 years in sales/management. Tired of convincing the never ending higher ups that high profits are a by-product of a healthy business, not the other way around. Chasing numbers is putting the cart in front of the horse. Focus on any other problem, and you will identify why the numbers are bad
Kathleen O'Blinsky (20 days ago)
Excellent. SO spot on about the millennial generalizations. Very scary future if something does not change. I love the finite vs infinite. Play the game with Empathy.
Tiitus kaukoranta (21 days ago)
Man u r awesome
LordDecapo (21 days ago)
I loved every second of this. Im in the process of starting my own tech company, getting paperwork done with investors currently. I cant agree more. With my company, im not trying to hit the ground running with the best of the best offering. I want to release something that I am proud of, tall 1 on 1 with my initial customers and see what they like or dont like. Working directly with them to see how i can make their use of my products as convenient and power as I can. With the plan of the company to start off building a solid foundation based not only on a product or service... but in a community that loves what we do and WHY we do it. I want someone to login to my site and feel like they are joining a social club with their friends, where everyone welcomes them. (No my product is not a social media platform xD lol) When I started this whole adventure I thought I would build a product and people will just buy it cause it has some features that others dont... but its so so much more than that. A customer needs to feel loved and needs to have a sense that at the end of the day the business will always be their for them. Looking out for what makes their lives and experiences better. I firmly believe that if you put your 2 biggest focuses on; 1) Why does my customer use my product and how can we make them happier? And 2) what can I do so every day my employees show up, they walk in with a smile and openly discuss any and all topics or issues. At the end of the day it needs to be a family... Im the grandparent/uncle that looks over things, my employees are the parents, and my kids.. the customer is my grandchild. I have to make sure my "kids" love me and want to do me right so in turn they can do their part to make their "kids" as happy as possible. With your focus on these things... long term profitability can come naturally. Bit of a rant comment, but ya xD great video! Loved it!
Jessica Breitenfeld (22 days ago)
It´s an mindset of entitled people. I have had to deal with my ¨Am I special? and why?¨ when I moved to Europe - they are raised very differently. Entitlement is taught and narcissism is passed on in culture. I ran from Canada because I saw in myself qualities that nor I- nor other people- liked. Want an example? Take High school graduation and proms as an example- what a consumeristic joke that is laughed upon from every other country in the world. Modern North America needs a reality check. Send these millenials and their parents to live in a small aprartment in Cairo, or Nepal or Paris (tiniest kitchens in the world) and that will cure some of these nuerotic mindsets. Gestalt Therapy helped me accept my Millenials beliefs- they´re just cultural beliefs that need to be questioned and reframed.
Maarten Arnou (22 days ago)
I watched this speech for the 3rd time. Still awesome & inspiring! I keep re-reading his book "Start With Why". Highly recommended ! 👍
The Potato (23 days ago)
-lets the car cut in front of you, you'll arrive at work one car length late that day. -but all the behind also sees it, and say "if he does that, I'll also do that next time" -tomorrow you'll arrive at work two cars length late. -a year later you see everyone is cutting lane. But have empathy, dont blame them, they are also trying not to come to work a few hundred cars length late. my point is, this method of thinking only works if we are all has fully evolved into a human. Unfortunately, some of us still have monkey brains.
Benny Ramos (23 days ago)
I'm responsible for those responsible for those responsible for those responsible for those responsible for those responsible for those responsible for those responsible for me.
Kainthemain (23 days ago)
Holy shit this was good
TheRealYeti (24 days ago)
20:03 I am having this problem right now at my job. I am getting too impatient and it might cost me my job because I need the “next fix” which is a promotion and that’s just unrealistic. Does anyone have any ideas on how to learn to be more patient in these kind of situations as it is draining me.
Yasu Leone (24 days ago)
Online support groups aren't human? You caught me... I'm just a computer program called the Internet. I generate text with artificial intelligence.
TEMTA SEAN (25 days ago)
He sure scams them in doesn't he? Why not look at so called "simon" 's background and his true life experience! ZERO PEOPLE!
Lamiek Ainimariam (25 days ago)
fabien faure (25 days ago)
Watching this for the Nth time and this time minute 34 and later rings even more comically true, my company (Saint-Gobain group, top 20 French listed) has decided on a new group and business organization for 2019 and to save 250M€... early December my manager told me simply "there's no spot for you in the new organization" et voilà , 15 years of service, nothing about performance or results or bad financial situation of the company. Just we think we don't need you anymore. Simon you've never been so accurate!
Haha so my mother is the first mother that already told my that I could be fired from my family if I havn't done my tasks (no fake) I wonder if it's normal/common or not.
Siddhaarth Verma (26 days ago)
Captain America.
Sarah Elizabeth (26 days ago)
I'm not a millennial, but I do feel overly addicted to my phone. New goal: don't have it set out on the table anymore. Great talk!! There's a lot to take in and let simmer!
Dylan Mike White (26 days ago)
It's quite amazing that Simon has 476,548 subscribers (at the time of this post) on his channel when there are other channels, that are "less needed", with way more. You've had a great impact thus far Simon; your reach has been tremendous. Just don't stop, the momentum is just starting to build. 🔥
Tim Adomeit (27 days ago)
Thank you for being around us as the person you are.
Apartments Mediteraneo (29 days ago)
It is so satisfing hearing someone who thinks like you :-)
juan mateus (30 days ago)
Look at those bitch ass hands
thomas oliver (1 month ago)
I burnt my rice listening to this :D got so into the talk that i forgot it was cooking right next to me.
Hans Laros (1 month ago)
Compassionate, analytic and profound. Wow.
Diarra M. Scott (1 month ago)
So correct Sir Simon so correct and sadly true but hopefully people wake up and grow beyond themselves but maybe we shall see yes
Chipmunkapublishing (1 month ago)
Ireland's Sacred Water (1 month ago)
wonderful teaching!
Bruno Antunes (1 month ago)
This Game Theory analogy is so interesting!
Maksym Proydysvit (1 month ago)
We hate sick people, but not disease that causes sickness... That disease is our actions towards our very kids... Millennials didn't pop up by themselves...for every millennial there is a parent to blame. Kids are being grown into being such, because their parents gave them things they didn't deserve that they didn't need, but rather wanted, because every parent thought that they should give their kids those little things to be a better mom or dad...they thought, otherwise I will not be a good parent if I won't give something that my kid asked me for. Now we just blindly come down on millennials for them being the way they're, but why are they the way they are, we simply do not care or don't want to know or even more, IGNORE. I'm not protecting millennials, I need people to understand why they appear, what creates them..who create those millennials, that we all hate so well...
Maksym Proydysvit (1 month ago)
But who exactly gave those phones to all the millennials, without bothering to give them rules on how to properly use it? No wonder they got addicted I meant to say we all got addicted. People who came up with such tools never expected that they will cause so many troubles, they didn't bother to come up with a proper rules for the people not to misuse....sad but very people who came up with such tools like phones, and very people who provided us with them because we where their kids to whom they could not say no to- this very people are those who judge us for misuse and that didn't bother to show us the proper way to use and dangers that comes with that very phone they invent one day.....
Archie Andrews (1 month ago)
His millennial speech was only half credible. How many people do you know got into honors classes just because their baby boomer parents complained?
CVPS INFO (1 month ago)
You are amazing Simon
Anthony Martínez (1 month ago)
14:58-15:10 damn that lady sure is addicted to her phone. Lmao
Anthony Martínez (1 month ago)
I get annoyed when I get notifications or rings. Does that mean I'm different from most people on their phones/tablets??
Best speech, best lecture ever!!. Simon you're wise and very insightful!! Our growth as humans depends on your life so please live long for us.☺
William F. Buckley Jr (1 month ago)
Noah hates his job, Simon. NO ONE "loves" his job, Simon. Noah was gay and was hitting on you. No stop bragging.
KobeB24Lakers24 (1 month ago)
I love how the audience is writing stuff down on their notepads. His message is basically to be empathetic and genuine to your employees, like you need to be reminded on that
Umer K (1 month ago)
Simon...Million others have said this and would agree with me...you are 100% right and true inspriing speaker. Thank you.
Lisa B. (1 month ago)
I LOOOOOOVE IT! Damn. Eye opening
barbara lyster (1 month ago)
OMGOD I AM BINGE WATCHING YOUR PRESENTATIONS WHILE SHARING WITH LOVED ONES! IN MY WORLD, IN ANY WORLD PEOPLE WILL BE BLESSED your eloquent ( speeches) and delivery of real truth IS most precisely from God to us thru divine interpretation that is flawless that is why I know that I know, your words are from GOD! Thank you for making yourself a vessel for Him and for everyone ready to live in truth! There is still HOPE!!!! YAY! REINSTATING TRUTH, THE ONLY TRUTH THAT MAKES SENSE IS for ALL people of ALL generations RECOGNIZING the common denominator IS ABOUT "LOVE", encouragement, HUMAN CONNECTION, banding, bonding together a global community, so much, yet simple! Personally, I am in awe, Thanking GOD for YOU!!! REMINDING US OF THE EVER SO IMPORTANT MESSAGE (S) AND HOW FLAWLESSLY YOU DELIVER, I can see this truth , YOU ARE ANOINTED BY GOD HIMSELF! THANK YOU, Simon, I am sure you know you are and waking up hearts, YOU ARE chosen and you are powerful BRINGING IN THE NEW WORLD, so awesome to witness! CHOICES ARE TO BE MADE AND SOFTENING OF HEARTS AND MINDS IS KEY, exposing the rebooting the simple yet critical mindset OF THE YOUNGER GENERATION REMINDERS TO ALL GENERATIONS, SO POWERFUL! SIMON, I AM EXCITED ABOUT YOU, the message and instruction is pure and perfect, from God! ThaNK YOU SO MUCH YOU ARE CHANGING THIS WORLD ONE HEART AT A TIME ! MAY GOD PROTECT YOU, KEEP YOU CLOSE AND CONTINUE TO ILLUMINATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR STEPS on this journey TO BRING FORTH THE TRUTH OF GODS LOVE AND REMINDER THAT we each have freedom of "CHOICE" there is HOPE , AND MESSAGE OF PURE DIVINE LOVE YOU SHARED "What WE collectively can be !!! Hopefully, the Millenials will hear, know and adjust to carry the light onward and forward !!! Thank you God Bles you!
Andre Kee (1 month ago)
very inspiring
John Standerfer (1 month ago)
Becki Nelson (1 month ago)
I've been teaching this about "those millennials" for years... SO TRUE!
hellopuppy00 (1 month ago)
sure hes right that the problem is that M's were coddled but he's wrong if continuing to coddle them is the correct solution.
Vibe BroadcastTv (1 month ago)
I have nothing but only one thing to say... THANKYOU. ☺
Yesu Weh (1 month ago)
Love that he started with"I am not normal"
Greg Zuccolo (1 month ago)
"Hard Wired" is a really hard thing to say. It is not appropriate in this "hard" sell. Stop talking about addiction like it's a one size fits all biological imperative!
Princessa Stardusty (1 month ago)
i also have a question (or 2) for Simon How do you deal with a person that does not allow help, as a leader - you can go to them and follow A, B, C, and yet they hold back themselves ? you can show the way - inspire by doing yourself, following thru, and via your empathy you can see the struggle or the self-destruction - you ask all the right questions, are you ok. you show you care. and it is pushed away or you are even slapped in the face for caring and trying, ? how do you handle that situation then, ? not all are going to be happy with A, B, C, ... or ever allow that hug for the big O release , ... HELP !
Poizin Rath (1 month ago)
I watched this on my phone instead of going to see my friends
Poizin Rath (1 month ago)
Those jeans have the most brutally sadistic inseam I’ve ever seen in my life.
Anthony Howell (1 month ago)
I read this title and immediately thought about the CEOs of EA (Electronic Arts) and Bethesda.
Nouer Uz-Zaman (1 month ago)
omg .that i soo true 14:42
Hey Simon. Take one day and please help the homeless who sleep on the streets. Then you will not look like a scammer.
etjh 00 (1 month ago)
why would a speech like this get 663 dislikes?
JC (1 month ago)
Practical , logical and to the point with every statement and belief.Great teaching Simon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience
Princessa Stardusty (1 month ago)
dude! he says it like it is, with humor too, and thank GOD! i have tried. ... and tired, and tried and my words do not even come close to his, lol WTG Simon, im OLD and know tragedy and still JOY, and for God's sake, finding it now, is almost next to impossible, ... no empathy, kindness is a lost art, lol, and wisdom just about extinct, ... what HAVE we done, ... :( wow. Simon, ... keep it up, someone - somehow, may listen. im done trying to inspire, teach, influence , ... whatever. luck be with you, .... this age is a mess. ... Grace, ... forlorn. i pray you get thru to at least a handful of peeps, Rock ON Simon, you are so needed. ... <3
Mr Sinek is giving me goosebumps with this speech! "Those who play the infinite game understand it is not about the battle, it's about the war." So true!
Alex Goslar (1 month ago)
Dear Simon, please keep in mind that Alcohol has civil rights as well. It does not care to be abused.
Alex Goslar (1 month ago)
Great advice. Practice empathy.
Dan Vaudreuil (1 month ago)
Thank you Simon - mission accomplished - you inspired me today & I am going to share and inspire my team!
Alexis Paternostre (1 month ago)
What's both scary and fascinating with Sinek's inputs is that he explains bascially how human relationships *should* normally work...
Robby Myrick (1 month ago)
Simon is one of my favorite communicators ... ever! Information + humor + science = excellent presentation! Thanks Simon :)
Big Broo (1 month ago)
I love the way he taugh me this
Dennis Bosse (1 month ago)
JamiAndMarla LOVE (1 month ago)
Right on! Building this for small business has always been a passion of ours, it starts with vulnerability!
Vivvi Pallas (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who disagrees with the millennial thing? I mean, there is definitely a lot of truth, but I feel like all the nuance was thrown out in the name of simplicity. This really only talks about a portion of millennials and yet acts as if it's true for them as a whole. I understand why you would throw out the complexities (time and stuff) but it would've been nice if he at least acknowledged that there was nuance instead of acting like what he was saying was the whole and complete truth. I also feel like some of the connections made weren't very valid. Feeling entitled doesn't link to trying to get facebook likes. People do that because they compare themselves to others and feel inadequate if they don't match the comparison. This has existed since long before social media existed but now it's just a lot more obvious. Are people really more depressed than ever because of these thing or is it just that in recent years the stigma around mental health has deteriorated, making people feel more comfortable about sharing the fact that they have those disorders as well as making people feel more comfortable with sharing emotions to even get the diagnosis in the first place? I mean, it's not like people are suddenly catching the gay now that it's legal. Gay people always existed, they just never revealed themselves in fear of prosecution. Mental health should be no different. I'm saying this as a gen Z-er who hardly missed the millennial cut.
Dipti S Thakur (1 month ago)
Simon, I m truly inspired by your mentoring. Wish to meet you to attend your session at least once. Great thoughts. Transforming minds.
Andrew Rice (1 month ago)
Simon is crazy smart it's really impressive
Bruce Roden Jr (1 month ago)
simon tipping the bill since 2016

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