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Most leaders don't even know the game they are in - Simon Sinek at Live2Lead 2016

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Trust and cooperation are not standard in our organizations and yet we know they should be. There are two attributes that every single leader has the opportunity to possess that will help them create the types of organizations we would be proud to call our own. Those two attributes are EMPATHY & PERSPECTIVE. Simon Sinek's full keynote from John C. Maxell's Live2Lead event in Atlanta, Georgia, October 7, 2016. Find more tools, resources and ideas to inspire at https://startwithwhy.com.
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Text Comments (518)
Lisa Doby (1 day ago)
Ericka Burgoin (2 days ago)
Amazing speech. I am speechless. Thank you so much!
Irshad K (2 days ago)
hi, great speach, can i get your whatapp no
ANTIHERO (3 days ago)
Speaking to elites. Most jobs want to grind you into chalk for profits.
Maria Spanidi (4 days ago)
God I Love You. Thank you for your Speech...
David Russell (5 days ago)
As a late Gen X'er I've spent countless hours helping Millennials; however, the Baby Boomers who created the Millennials are still wrecking havoc. Aside from time the Baby Boomers should be the focus of the fix.
Hello Goodbye (1 day ago)
well said. Generation Jones and Generation Baby Boomers, who have it easy, are still clogging up the C-suite chairs, hampering succession and holding on for dear life until that pension becomes due. The late forty year old Gen Xers can articulate strategy that is just as efficascious as their's, and they typically possess 20 to 25 years corporate experience. As someone in corporate talent management, I see how out of touch many of the old boys / girls are. Many would be more comfortable listening to their Beach Boys tunes on a beach. somewhere.
A Christian Zecha (5 days ago)
So... the solution is just more mindful HR policy?
luca meddi (5 days ago)
It makes a lot of sense the only problem is that, only one 'Apple' exist, all the other ones are 'Microsoft' and Apple employees do not want (understandably ) work for the others , therefore in theory you can be the best leader on this planet but realisticly you dont have a team unless you create your own one. Also if you are an inspiring 'Apple' style leader and trying to work in a 'Microsoft' company you will be probably mobbed and fired for not being conform.
SC Rider (5 days ago)
Come to work afraid; maybe not now since 2017 or so, but recall when lay-offs were management tool, as he says and the management loved it, fear was their motivator and it worked, short term.
Rashida Abdullayeva (6 days ago)
Brilliance <3
LG (7 days ago)
Spot-on, but where was this guy 40 years ago? :)
Naim (7 days ago)
Does Rotogenflux Methods really work? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about Rotogenflux Methods. But Im uncertain if it is good enough to improve your IQ in a short period of time.
Bryan Burz (9 days ago)
So what is one person to do when coming to this understanding, while working in a company that what you have said is true.
Sanath Hemantha (10 days ago)
You actually start with why... I strongly believe you are a messenger of God...
Brute Oni (12 days ago)
i was born in 1985 am i a millennial? i didnt grow up with social media . social media didnt really happen untill 15 years ago. I grew up in a time were there really was no internet. The 90's was all about going outside and playing or playing games at home, almost no online gaming untill mid 2000's . I feel like social media messes us all up regardless of our generation.
Primoz Cernelc (12 days ago)
If you take this finite/infinite principle to politics you could argue that China is an infinite player and USA is a finite one. China has a policy of "silent progress": keep growing, keep producing, don't openly meddle in foreign affairs, keep it up for as long as possible. Whereas the USA rose from the ashes of WW2 as a sole economic victor and has been fighting to maintain that temporary title ever since. Guess who's overtaking who?
A Morano (12 days ago)
Simon Sinek, I am a first time listener/watcher. The world needs more people like you, thank you for spreading this word. I’ve been a part of governmental and private industry and i know that leadership can make or break an organization. Subscribed sir.
Liang Fang (13 days ago)
thank you
Aga Gabato (13 days ago)
John Maxwell at the front seat! WOW!
Wow! Great motivational speaker.
Sonam Yangdon (14 days ago)
i feel lucky to be listening to your talks .. just feel so good .. thank you simon
Ace Of Spades (15 days ago)
My gosh you are a duthdude. I red your book. It is complete shit man. Basic economy and you say it like you discovered moon. This makes me laugh. You so stupid like you millenial or some sort of. But this was fast enough to understand you are completely suck. This is WHY i am here to prevent those who follow you to fall lower than they are alrede fall. I wish you to fail.
Abdeljabbar Asmar (16 days ago)
M.I.Z Khalid (16 days ago)
Simon Sinek = 50% motivational + 50% emotional. Superb... Keep up your good work.
Beryl Walubengo (16 days ago)
Profound! Profound! Profound!
Sam (18 days ago)
High Functioning ADHD (18 days ago)
I thought I worked for a financial company but turns out it’s Cesars Palace... Fantastic video, thank you Simon!!
Alfredo CH (18 days ago)
And Noah got fired from Caesar's Palace...
Ria Banerjee (19 days ago)
My hubby bought zoon! Yes... They killed themselves unfortunately.
Ria Banerjee (19 days ago)
There was a man lay off in my company. I thankfully still had my job. I left in 2 weeks - didn't feel safe :( Even though my manager (director) is very very empathetic. The lay offs are unfortunately not in his hands... So I didn't feel safe.. .
Reiden Lightman (19 days ago)
My boss never trusts us but expects us to cooperate with his text messages.
Andre J. Little (19 days ago)
I haven't finished the video yet but wanted to post a comment. From my experience, people just want to be a leader because it translates to more pay. Not because they know how to lead or sacrifice or anything like that
Dmitry Stolyar (19 days ago)
How to find any job if I am already 47 and I live in Russia?
TheOriginalBleachX (20 days ago)
I just think Simon needs to find a new "true story".
Kim Davis (22 days ago)
absolutely incredible. just too many positives in this session to pick one out
Spiritual Hunger (23 days ago)
My GOODness! What a video. Thanks for this. This was amazing
CyberNerd1000 (24 days ago)
Simon talks great points but the reality in business world is all about profit with no empathy. The reason is majority of employees are too weak to raise their opinions to their boss especially employees who are the main bread winner to their family. Lastly and more importantly there are so many managers and leaders out there with very few good ones.
Christine Walsh (1 day ago)
That's why this speech is targeting leaders, not employees. If the leaders, CEOs, mangers change the way they treat their employees, they will build a culture where employees will become stronger and will strengthen the company, in turn, improve profits and outcomes.
BlackTiger (24 days ago)
This guy is amazing, when he speaks it's impossible to me to get distracted by anything.. That what i suffer most of the time when i try something useful.. I will stick to this to become better and better at this game (life).
Michael Knight (25 days ago)
fk you .. southwest airlines is the ONLY airline i like flying
Licinda Stevens (26 days ago)
"The infinite player play to outlast their (so-called) competition."
Licinda Stevens (26 days ago)
" How do I help my people be at their NATURAL best." (emphasis mine)
arima arner (26 days ago)
Hi Simi n you are awesome, your employees are very lucky to work for you.
Paria Izadmehr (26 days ago)
I would like to invite you for a cup of coffee in Chicago.
Brandon Bodden (29 days ago)
Excellent education on Leadership! At no time was I distracted or felt the need to stop the video. Solid advice.
Shasmida Eiases (30 days ago)
Omg, I want to marry this guy. His intelligence and level of interest in humanity are just so appealing.
James Jucutan (30 days ago)
This is going to be a timeless classic.
Steven Lolay (1 month ago)
He should not blame the children, it is the Leaders!!! Politicians, Businesses Leaders, they are the reason (if) children are so called unproductive. Why should the children care in a cruel world of manipulated markets: economical, property, poisoned foods. Maybe the children are just doped up on chemicals in foods and medicines. Parents homes are broken apart due to manipulated markets of property and banking. This guy is narrow minded of the truth or just intelligent to enough to make money from a leaders market group. He should be taken out and shot, blaming children for a society which is crippling people and their children. He should be telling leaders or politicians not to make addictive social media (Facebook is designed to be addictive) not blaming the children or parents for the lack of values and love in the so called leaders. we on the floor have to take care of ourselves, and we will..systems are corrupted, people not. This guy must live in a happy bubble and cannot really see clearly what is happening. He should be blaming the leaders for failing the children and their parents
Xuyen Duong (1 month ago)
it’s totally a new experience everytime I listen to him again and again. Sometimes i just lose my track to have a good leadership
Markus Gjengaar (1 month ago)
One of the best videos I've ever seen! I feel like I want to start a company now and be a good leader.
krissy R (1 month ago)
Millenials are great generation (have two if my own), they are very helpful and considerate overall Depression hasn't increased... Think of insane asylums, lobotomizing, electric shock treatment for housewives in the 60's.... I've noticed my generation (I'm nearing 60) are most addicted to phones, won't admit fault, complain bout others, self medicate with alcohol, ciggies, food, TV. So I disagree with this video. Older people criticising younger for problems they created, "before pointing out the splinter in ur brothers eye.."
praveen svsrk (1 month ago)
I am a bit confused here. You mentioned how parenting is not done right (rewarding for failures with participation medals) and how technology is spoiling us with instant gratification. If leaders start to show empathy, isn't it the same as 'parenting done wrong'? Won't people start to take things for granted? Does this mean there should be a limit to the empathy we show?
I love how entire videos and speeches are created now to explain why my generation is so useless and how its not our fault ahaha how embarrassing. Your parents aren't here to tell you or to show you what to do, they're put here to show you what not to do. Its our responsibility to be better than our parents not the other way around
Balaram Hariharan (5 days ago)
thekimcorner (1 month ago)
Another great presentation by Simon :-)
SalsaTempo (1 month ago)
The Millennial generation have been practicing hiding their vulnerabilities on instagram and snapchat since childhood, why would you suggest they have a hard time doing the same at a big corporate environment?
madmanzila (1 month ago)
John Maxwell is in the Audience ! that man is gold...
MAC CAM (1 month ago)
jean distefano (1 month ago)
I experienced a very similar situation like Noah. Gina in Lights
James Linder (1 month ago)
Companies also fire people because they don't really have a choice. Again; what would he suggest otherwise????
James Linder (1 month ago)
He makes some good points but when he criticizes companies for seeking to reward shareholders he is ignoring the fact that these are the owners of the business. It is not simply a theory but a fact; his analogy is wrong.- these are fans but owners.
GameExplorer (1 month ago)
That was a great speech as always but having watched a few of your speeches or interviews, I have started feeling you were saying the same things that you knew people find funny and expected from you to say, with minor variations depending on the audience.
Fredrik Sträng (1 month ago)
4:35 min "You have not talked to a customer in 15 years. There is no CEO on the planet responsible for the customer". Perhaps if you Simon who lecture for fortune 500 companies and not companies with 5-10 employees. Give a speech for a small company next time and see how well received that phrase is.
The Ending Sucks (29 days ago)
+Fredrik Sträng I know exactly what I'm talking about. I can clearly see that English is not your native language so I'll try to be clear and concise. The CEO or Chief Executive Officer is the top level manager of companies that have other upper management positions. Some examples would be a COO, CFO, CTO, senior VP, etc. The other chiefs or VPs report to the CEO just as the department managers report to them. This company structure is only necessary in a large company. His statement was directed at real CEOs who are hundreds of people above consumer level. I can run a company with 2 people and call myself a CEO but I'm not actually doing the job of a CEO. Hope this was clear. Have a nice day.
Fredrik Sträng (29 days ago)
If you write this you don't know what your talking about.
The Ending Sucks (29 days ago)
If you run a company with 5-10 employees you are not a CEO.
Paul Wisperwind (1 month ago)
I have just one question...what if your an Introvert? Should i think i'm doing something wrong because i don't like to talk much with friends?
Ngocson Vu (1 month ago)
The greatest speech I ever heard! Thankyou so much Simon!!!!!
Xavier Medina (1 month ago)
Game Theory: 27:31
FixItStupid (1 month ago)
Its A Nuclear END One Way Or The Other @ 0,22 uSv/H
Alex (1 month ago)
So...any plans to add spanish subtitles or allowing the community to do it themselves? I'd love to share some of your speechs to non speaking english friends. Thanks!
SOULITIFIED (1 month ago)
🤙🏾💡💡💡Appreciate your knowledge
Tina Dodson (1 month ago)
So good to get to know you, Simon! Great insights!!!
Robyn Linn (1 month ago)
Simon this is so, so powerful!!
luke Stanton (1 month ago)
Thank you!
Menyar Ghaibour (1 month ago)
Carla Paulino 2 (1 month ago)
Spectacular. He´s such an Empath.... lol amazingggggggg content.
Change Talk (1 month ago)
In the education industry, we would remember to “set the conditions for learning” - that is an example of LEADERSHIP. In companies, it is no different. Set the conditions for success by how you interact - empathy and perspectives - that, too, is LEADERSHIP. Wonderful talk - thank you Simon.
Michael Marchese (1 month ago)
Finally someone gets it god I thought I'd never see that day.
Michael Marchese (1 month ago)
Free food and beanbags encourages them to be lazy you don't get something for nothing.
Michael Marchese (1 month ago)
The rest of his speech however is spot on.
Michael Marchese (1 month ago)
Micromanaging doesn't mean they are good at their job bullshit. I know from experience that's wrong all that bullshit does is say you're incompetent and aren't smart enough to do the job and that just pisses everyone off which equals to less productivity. The more you bitch aka micromanage people the less they are going to do for you.
Tejinder Singh Swaraj (1 month ago)
Daan Hakvoort (1 month ago)
Great explanation! Inspiring talk
S Jahan (1 month ago)
Hi Simon, I disagree with you when you discussed empathy. I have seen highly empathic or emotionally intelligent people using it for their personal gain or manipulating others. The right term is 'compassion'. Thanks for the great talk!
Vaibhav Kapoor (1 month ago)
I hope Elon musk watches this He is verygood but he fires lot of. People
Bev Gowan Kramer (1 month ago)
I love the immediate statement of Leaders should take care of the people that are in their charge. Being in an office with a 28 year old millennial I am feeling the age crunch. She doesn't know how to bond with me on a personal level. I am leaving this job because of her and her Lack of her Managerial qualities. I took her job. Etc. But now I am moving on to find a happier work atmosphere.
yippieyayey (1 month ago)
I learned a lot of new english words today.
dominicano0102 (1 month ago)
How do I know what kind of game I am playing? 🤔
Herman Pocaterra (1 month ago)
Thanks you so much for shared your knowledge. I’m a diplomatic who works for the government of Venezuela and I’m stuck but your are open my mind.
Derek Savard (1 month ago)
@nicolas audet
Azmir Aziz (2 months ago)
Simon knows stuff.
luis jimenez (2 months ago)
I love you man
Robert Pajor (2 months ago)
Talking very passionately about cellphone addiction. Boyyy, it's just the start.
Miguel Calderon Tantay (2 months ago)
I learned so much.. Thank you Simon for sharing your masterpiece.
Darcy Reaume (2 months ago)
Great video, love watching Simon speak. Feels like an opportunity was missed to switch the order of talking about Technology and Impatience so that it spells PITE (like a more elegant version of pity). Just to make it sticky.
CrazyKFamily (2 months ago)
FIRST NOTE - This is really not about Leadership. It is about all the things we talk about every day that concern us about our current society from our children and ourselves to Millennials and the corporate workplace - and WHY they're happening and WHAT we can do about it. And it is INSPIRING. It is one of the most mind-opening TED Talks I have seen to date (and that's saying a lot, since there are so many mind-expanding TED Talks - check them out if you haven't. They're addictive.). This is such a great summary of where our society is at this point in time. It is entertaining, educational, mind-expanding and hopeful. I PROMISE that you will get 10 TIMES more out of watching this 30-min. video than any morning show, TV show binge-watching, Facebook surfing, etc. Invest the time - You will NOT regret it. And - if you are working in corporate America and you are frustrated, this will really nail down why (it's a big reason why I left the corporate world 13 years ago - and why so many people are trying to figure out how to exit it, too). I know it will resonate with many of my friends and clients, since I've listened to their struggles. If you are a manager in the corporate world and you are frustrated with your job, this can truly change that for you - and the people who work for you. I hope, for your sake, that you watch it.
Future Hertz (3 days ago)
stop playing the game thats the source of all problems. realize the truth of life witch, is one for all and all for one and all the problems will end related to the game living way
Future Hertz (3 days ago)
as soon as he starts talking about parenting milenials i was like: oh look they are figuring out wha tthey did wrong! but then he starts to talk about the parenting process and i was like: meh false alarm they still didnt get it...
Jack Son (2 months ago)
his speech is making me produce dopamine
Martín Cabrera (2 months ago)
So sad that a guy who is so smart falls into millions of generalizations. Generations are such a lie. I fall into the "Millennial" made up generation, and I am so different than many of my friends that grew up with me. I left my house and went to live on my own when I was 18 and went on to study, started working at age 16, got married at age 24, and now at 29 I have two kids and still married to the same girl. Sounds like a different generation, if such a thing ever existed. This is populism, people like hearing that the next generation is worst than the one before, and use the "poor thing not their fault" just to get also the "Millennial" public on. So sad that you have turned completely into this lie.
Marvin Cabreros (2 months ago)
That Apple senior exec was probably Yoda
Dizzy Bates (2 months ago)
thank u boss!
Harry K (2 months ago)
my leader has no idea how to do my job... he was hired because he had leadership experience. this is how it should be. he can help us with career development and helping us to reach our goals, but he's not there to look over my work and critique it. although, he loves taking credit for our results lol which i think is a pathetic quality in most leaders.
Alondra Asis (2 months ago)
Very nice talk Simon! All what you said teaching people to open thier mind what is the reality in life.

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