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Magic Tree - Official Trailer

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All your magic tales will come to life in Magic Tree! 'Once Upon a Time' does indeed exist, in the all-new 3D social game, Magic Tree! Click on this link to download the game for FREE on iOS! http://m.com2us.com/r?c=1155
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Text Comments (87)
Just An Observer (28 days ago)
BRING THIS GAME BACK I AM SO UPSET THAT ITS GONE. I THINK ABOUT THIS GAME EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE. Literally the best game I've ever played. Why? How could you do this to me?
Cake Cakeee (3 months ago)
Please bring this game back!! Why’d you delete this awesome game?? 😭😭😭😭😭😭I miss this game sm
Ini Lopez (3 months ago)
I loved it
Ini Lopez (3 months ago)
I need it back
Lindsay F (4 months ago)
This was a adorable game.
Bridgette Kelley (4 months ago)
Why was this taken off iOS it’s so cute I need it back pls
cheyenne4eve (5 months ago)
Why did it have to go?
cheyenne4eve (5 months ago)
I miss this game so much 😭😭
_ Mibria _ (6 months ago)
Bring it back this game please 😔
Shoshitake Takeyani (1 year ago)
I miss this game so much
김하은 (1 year ago)
다시하고싶어요 진짜 제발
Daria Dumas (1 year ago)
Please bring back this amazing game
Rare Candy (1 year ago)
I paid for this game .. :( one week later it disappeared ... whyyy bring it back pls
Lauren Brooks (2 years ago)
com2us you guys should bring this game back
Kehinde Akinyemi (2 months ago)
*sigh* I really miss playing this game.....
Gensara (2 years ago)
Dear Com2us i beg you can you back this game all players want to play this game also me too i want play with my friend so please put again in app store i will wait this game thank you for made this game i love farm rpg
Rai TDR (2 years ago)
I miss this game!
Korteezy Breezy (2 years ago)
Com2us can you please bring this game back. i miss it so much😭😭😭
Anderson Tavares (2 years ago)
plis bring this game back
pikachugirl15 (2 years ago)
I wanna play this game ;_;
Deric K (3 years ago)
plis bring this game back
FargothPL (3 years ago)
Why you killed game server :C Could you give us server files if you dont want host and develop this game anymore?
Jeon Michelle (3 years ago)
I love this game! Its so kawaii I play this game everyday! And I am searching for friends...you too? Then add me please: Canpanella Dont worry I will accep you❤ and visit you!
Kayla Jackson (4 years ago)
Add me I'm Iwantzcake11. We can help each other out.
Enchantress (4 years ago)
ADD Me: PluffyBunny Let's help each other <3 ^_^
王金玉 (5 years ago)
王金玉 (5 years ago)
TarozJallim (5 years ago)
Wanna play this game so badly! But it crashes a whole effin' lot and it's unplayeable.
Enchantress (4 years ago)
Yeah.. It chases on iPad even when it's still the loading screen! But it works perfectly fine on android... :)
Rian Studebaker (5 years ago)
Add me! I'm tohruhonda87 and momijisohma87!!
Kura (5 years ago)
Add me:kowaiyami123
O yeah (5 years ago)
I'm vol 10 username youngest90 or 900
Lily Tison (5 years ago)
I love it!!
Ayaka Rain (5 years ago)
Add me: TiaSnow
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Yes, need internet connection to play :D
Ana Kenway (5 years ago)
Do you need internet connection to play it? I reall love the looks of this.
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Using microscope or just walk around your village
cheyenne4eve (5 months ago)
Are you going to bring this game back??
WarriorGirlol (5 years ago)
How do you find the letter treasures for the talking cat stone?
Fatimah Azrizqah (5 years ago)
Cute Games For Me
Laura Steele (5 years ago)
Add farmwife90
Edzy AS (5 years ago)
Awesome game, I super duper love it.. new in this game.. Add me: lamboching22 and my bf's account wisely09 thanks
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Cut down the tree :D
Brendlej (5 years ago)
Anyone know how to get our village bigger?
Noir Perle (5 years ago)
Awesomely cool game! ;u; i love it! Even if its difficult to level up... Btw where can i find the soundtrack?
Johnny Wesker's (5 years ago)
Heyy!! I'm Johnny_W. Look for me!! Heyy!! Soy Johnny_W. Búsquenme!!
Yukeru (5 years ago)
* device My phone is Boston JellyBean
Yukeru (5 years ago)
"Your desce isn't compatible with this version." Oh man, but I want to play... ;___________;
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Not perfectly. We're so sorry
Com2us USA (5 years ago)
Ask your hub friend. They will help you. (also during the quest, you can get a rock)
Brendlej (5 years ago)
How to get rock?
Cio Nata (5 years ago)
add me CioNata
Bashful Inky (6 years ago)
Awesome game
Add if you want to: CakeyPanda
Com2us USA (6 years ago)
Through Quest, You can get a chance to buy a clothing shop
Mimi truong (6 years ago)
How do I get clothing?
ducamao (6 years ago)
spend too many stars to buy decorations and it's also too expensive
Raul Arguedas (6 years ago)
Add me Raultyco :)
南川ひなぎく (6 years ago)
yura sep (6 years ago)
add me im violo
Jinita01 (6 years ago)
add me pleas I send you gift every da JinitaKitty
SHINeeFreak100 (6 years ago)
Add me theshawol1
Sunee W (6 years ago)
Add me Tuey
Bunny Luv (6 years ago)
How the Hell do you add people? I can't find it no where
Muhammad Adashov (6 years ago)
hfkayxjvnmc cbAsmvkfkdyjv
The Destiny (6 years ago)
On my Android cellphone I can't dowload the game... It says it's not compatible with it... My cellphone is Galaxy Gio, please tell me if there is anything I can do and I LUV YOUR GAMES!! (By the way, I'm Portuguese)
Ellis Monta (6 years ago)
iAzusa (6 years ago)
Add me Zilyana I help you
Weerawat Martthong (6 years ago)
magic tree did not update it?
Cornyco (6 years ago)
just started playing:) addictive! add me CorneliaC
Cicada. (6 years ago)
Can anyone tell me how to move my things?
Thalie Chong (6 years ago)
thaliechong. add me guys ^_^
DJNoiseaddictz (6 years ago)
We want this for android!
Kuroyasha (6 years ago)
Awesome game, hope theres an update for more clothes and stuff, Add me danielkrocks
Yehez A (6 years ago)
Ah! Come Out For Android Please !!!!
Christianno133 (6 years ago)
This kind of looks like Animal Crossing? Don't you think? Just a smaller world to play on? Thumbs up, so Com2us can see.
Aliistrae (6 years ago)
This took a while for me to set up. Apparently my original hub id was set to male gender and I couldn't change it so I had to make a new hub id. I need friends for this. Already have a quest I need a friend for. Please add me through the hub if you are playing this. My id is: Eilistraee
Hadifuad Kamalariffin (6 years ago)
kuchipatchiluver (6 years ago)
Hope it comes to the US soon =/
Alice (6 years ago)
when does it come out for android?
lunyuis (6 years ago)
I like the graphics
Chadd Youkel (6 years ago)
so cute i puked
Chadd Youkel (6 years ago)
so cute i puked
xpaco7861x (6 years ago)
awesome :D
Tapes of T (6 years ago)
looks great!
くろ | KuroDot (6 years ago)
none for android ?

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