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Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

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The Fate of the Furious: The Album available now - https://atlantic.lnk.to/f8 Download the new Furious 7 Soundtrack Deluxe Version on iTunes here: http://smarturl.it/furious7deluxe See Wiz on tour http://wizkhalifa.com/tour Tag ‪#‎SeeYouAgain‬ on Shazam and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the music video! Get official merch here: http://atlr.ec/OfficialWKMerchYT Stream Furious 7 on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/streamFurious7 Directed by: Marc Klasfeld Follow Wiz: ►Subscribe to channel: http://goo.gl/y3Bnno ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/wizkhalifa ►Facebook - https://facebook.com/wizkhalifa ►Instagram - https://instagram.com/mistercap ►Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/wizkhalifa ►Website: http://wizkhalifa.com ►Taylor Gang: http://taylorgang.com Follow Charlie Puth: ►Subscribe to channel: https://www.youtube.com/charlieputh ►Twitter - https://twitter.com/charlieputh ►Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/charlieputh ►Instagram - http://instagram.com/charlieputh ►Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/charlieputh ►Website: http://charlieputh.com/ Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack
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Text Comments (1737076)
seyar sultanpur (1 minute ago)
25, April, 2019
Kaybear 0w0 (3 minutes ago)
We had to sing this for our 5th grade graduation and it was the best thing 🤕 The fact that I’m in 7th now makes me feel old
GOOZ (6 minutes ago)
R.I.P. Repose en paix ✌️ 😞😞
Elijah Campbell (6 minutes ago)
This song make me 😭 cry
Riki Dutta (7 minutes ago)
If i could go back in time, i would save Paul walker😢
Tomáš Marek (7 minutes ago)
Never forget❤️❤️ RIP😣😢
Antonio Cereja (7 minutes ago)
RIP Paul Walker
Eric Moss (14 minutes ago)
It's been a long 9 months without you baby bro 💔 and now my girlfriend is facing death. Don't know why this keeps happening to me 😪💔
Denzel Andersen (16 minutes ago)
Me I’m watching at 24 April
Spidey Fan (17 minutes ago)
This will be the song When Tony and Steve die In Endgame, If they do, not sure, Depending on when you read this, Im typing this before Endgame's release, I Bet they will tho 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sangabi Vfar (18 minutes ago)
Satan Shady inc. (19 minutes ago)
I request to Thanos that wipe out these 776k people who disliked this Video🙂
DSLD 1945 (22 minutes ago)
4Mrd wow
lildress 99 (24 minutes ago)
24/April of 2019 Who for here❤️
Érica Rodrigues (27 minutes ago)
Paul Walter #TheBestOfAll #Always #LoveForever #Brasil
It's 24th , not sure is that's special i dont watch fast and furious ut crying thinking f my uncle had a dream about him last night
Rachel Vincent (29 minutes ago)
Rachel Vincent (30 minutes ago)
we miss you Paul walker
XxProz3xX GD (30 minutes ago)
Love it
DeoLuk (32 minutes ago)
Habib Jadir (34 minutes ago)
2019 suckers
Habib Jadir (34 minutes ago)
Fast and furius is nothing without Paul Walker😭😭😭
Xylon G07 (35 minutes ago)
Yasmine Marseille (37 minutes ago)
Jianing Chen (38 minutes ago)
25 April 2019 ? Paul Walker 😭
Flower girl (38 minutes ago)
Paul Walker didn't die unhappy, he ended the race quicker! We will see him again for the last ride in heaven.
Agustín y yohan (39 minutes ago)
La gente buena siempre muere y el era una de ellas te recordamos de todos lados 😫😭😭😭😭😭
Cor Angar (40 minutes ago)
Ciarki mam
Cervteresa.21 Cervantes (42 minutes ago)
🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌔🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑
angelo antonio (52 minutes ago)
edik asanakunov (54 minutes ago)
Вечная память Полу Уокеру!!!
Samryn Dick (55 minutes ago)
This is song is so legit , it has inspired many other people to keep fighting people. No one deserves this love unless you have done something so incredible , and he has Remember that , you give respect , you receive respect Make this world a better place and fight for the people who has been here and tried doing that. Stay strong little ones
Serbian Gamer (56 minutes ago)
this song will almost surpass "shape of you"
ashwin singh (56 minutes ago)
It touches your heart !!
Ray Krueger (59 minutes ago)
This is my favorite song it makes me cri😅😥
gabriel osorio (1 hour ago)
Puta la weaaaaaaaaa
Augustas Bagdonas (1 hour ago)
Mans Walker (1 hour ago)
Furious9 2k19😪😪😪
Ice 2 (1 hour ago)
This song really emotional Make me cry
Nicole Edits (1 hour ago)
Addison Parsons (1 hour ago)
most viewed video on youtube🥺it deserves it💕
Hussnain Ashfaq (1 hour ago)
When listen this song i cried
ShadowLMG (1 hour ago)
See you again Paul Walker❤🏁🇺🇸
TheReal 800K (1 hour ago)
First, this is a movie song And then, a legend DIED Oh Im sorry LEGENDS NEVER DİE
Amel Rrr (1 hour ago)
Charlie's voice here is such cure 💚
isabelli Salvatico (1 hour ago)
isabelli Salvatico (1 hour ago)
I love music
Meno Priezvisko (1 hour ago)
Legends never die 🌠👑
Qodirov Dilshod (1 hour ago)
Who's watching at 25 April 2019? I think I'm not alone😎
24 апреля 2019 год) Russia)))) Топ песня) Форсаж 7$)
USA 🇺🇸 👍🏻
So many memories😭
Ronald Lucas (1 hour ago)
SouŁ々Aveek (1 hour ago)
Legends never die!!
ana podgoršek (1 hour ago)
Who's watching at 24 april 2019?? I hope I'm not alone heheh...
Leyendas son una maravilla🎵🎶❤👍👌
Mai Santos (1 hour ago)
kacper dobosz (1 hour ago)
Cuando hay mas memes de la canción q likes😂
Kai Crooks (2 hours ago)
who's peeling onions?
The Strett (2 hours ago)
See You Agian Eski Sevgilim.
Johndeer Poop (2 hours ago)
Bilal Giribaldi (2 hours ago)
Denat Halimi (2 hours ago)
JAIWIN (2 hours ago)
paul walker isnt gone ...bish ! deep down we love him )
AL's JKT (2 hours ago)
I miss this video so i'm see this again :) and i think....... I miss paul walker😭 R.I.P
This hits 😔
Till this day I listen to this song...ahh man Paul . Really miss you why did you speed man why you could have gone slow .
الا اله إلا الله
Gabriel Dias Silva (2 hours ago)
Amor aprimeira vista foi eu e essa bela musica
Leticija Cimdina (2 hours ago)
Tete Designs (2 hours ago)
Legends Never Die😢💔
April 24?
ProAcheiver5157 (2 hours ago)
My friend Arion got hit by a car last summer. He had helped me get thru the school year and when I heard he died I was devastated and I couldnt stop crying and I dedicated this to him. R.i.p Arion
Apple Pro (1 hour ago)
ProAcheiver5157 deep
Chander Bose (2 hours ago)
Charlie puth lover In 2019 😍😍 i know i am not alone
saif OTV (2 hours ago)
i missed him and i loved the song it was very sad too that i cried so hard i ruined my laptop
Mateusz_ No_Pain (2 hours ago)
It's 2019! Wow who watching in apirl?
Roizad Nuri (2 hours ago)
now its 4B
Mateusz_ No_Pain (2 hours ago)
You miss Paul?
Ece Seçkin (2 hours ago)
Whenever i see his bright blue eyes i feel as if he was alive iwish but unfortunately good Man good dad farewell
Beats_Records (2 hours ago)
Congratulations 4B #Team #Brothers
SK GAMER YT (2 hours ago)
Why are u earning money by this song Can money replace paul😭😭🙏
Rhea Jimenez (2 hours ago)
See you again song before sleeping me😌😢 And cries me before listening😢😥
koassassino (2 hours ago)
Idk how, people just say, "2019 ?" And get thousands of like.
Molly Catherine (2 hours ago)
this song gives me so much 2015 vibes and it makes me emo
Mexsi Lyx (2 hours ago)
Shanta Nihalani (2 hours ago)
Daniely Oliveira (3 hours ago)
Muito bom
Pickle Stick (3 hours ago)
Who’s here in April 2019 listening to this after the first day back at school
Oktay Sert (3 hours ago)
Lin Ren (3 hours ago)
Answer's in a million years you still won't have too much pain...
BK Remix (3 hours ago)
776 B disslike fbi
Chilliger Lifestyle (3 hours ago)
25 April 2019 Anyone?
Elizabete Marques (3 hours ago)
LUKAS 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹
Just Smile (3 hours ago)
Есть апрель 2019?
Sherali Khattak (3 hours ago)
whos watching this now ..

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