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Taylor Swift - The Last Time ft. Gary Lightbody

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Listen to Red from Taylor Swift here: https://taylor.lnk.to/RedID Shop official Taylor Swift merch here: http://taylor.lk/merch Music video by Taylor Swift & Gary Lightbody performing The Last Time. (C) 2013 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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Text Comments (9242)
Emily Solis (3 hours ago)
"you wear your best apology, but I was there to watch you leave" gets me everytime
mario porco (3 hours ago)
aisyah putri (4 days ago)
His voice is shooting smooth and deep I wish there was a version of him singing this song solo (not i dont like this too)
Jack Ruby (5 days ago)
Stan Lee was such a good guy, he taught us so much
Aishwarya Khadka (5 days ago)
this is so good
Edwardmohit Gupta (5 days ago)
Woooow 😎 😎😎 😎
Fiona Artemis (5 days ago)
Back on this every time. 2013, and now its 2018.
Jupi tar (7 days ago)
very very good taylor .
Arda Hastan (8 days ago)
Electric guitar bridge?
N M (8 days ago)
Beautiful ❤️❤️
Patcharee Poi (8 days ago)
Love it!
Kacper Porada (9 days ago)
KT (10 days ago)
Terrace House brought me here ;)
carabelleabbas (11 days ago)
Gary's emotion is amazing in this video
Lilly Drover (11 days ago)
Gary looks so stressed out wile your so calm!
Ester Eh Mo (11 days ago)
this was cool and pretty
CARLY unicorn (12 days ago)
i felt his pain when he was singing
Sima Zay (14 days ago)
Forever i will listen to this song
I dedicate this song too you Taylor Swift
T S (15 days ago)
jasanita sangha (16 days ago)
Taylor you my favourite singer omg from Asha
Mario Assumpção (16 days ago)
Estou aqui amando tú ! Taylor Swift.
Ruth Smith (16 days ago)
I actually really don't like it at all. It's an amazing song, but it brings back too many painful memories.
Agua Flow (18 days ago)
she doesnt compare to him. you can hear the loss... im so sorry for you gary. chose me, i chose you.. you scream as they cant hear you...
E Serv (15 days ago)
T S (18 days ago)
karla Glez (19 days ago)
2018 y yo aún sigo traumada con esta canción ❤️
Josh Bieler (21 days ago)
my bestest truest apology... like this: maybe be timely almost... stripes all over... my favorite cow...
Ava Meyers (21 days ago)
On a underrated Taylor Swift songs Marathon.
chang van (21 days ago)
i don't need a song that's great for the world i need a song that is relatable 😍
T S (21 days ago)
T S (23 days ago)
Destination Orion (22 days ago)
T S 39,276,799
shiro kage (23 days ago)
red the last album thats have place in my heart
T S (24 days ago)
angie louise (24 days ago)
Gary makes this song !!!
Edgar Schindler (25 days ago)
one of her best for sure
T S (25 days ago)
T S (26 days ago)
shinchan nohara (26 days ago)
Never get bored by listening this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jacqueline871 (27 days ago)
I cannot help it. I love this because of Gary. Something about an Irishman-musician with such intensity, talent, and that infectious smile.
Sha Luo (27 days ago)
so sad
Ceyda Yıldız (28 days ago)
If this Music has real music video. İt was be 1 B
T S (30 days ago)
Josh Bieler (1 month ago)
Red mic... and tall list...
San L (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
Ken Rodgers (1 month ago)
Ken Rodgers (1 month ago)
He's so bad and does it so well...
Ken Rodgers (1 month ago)
I rate every Taylor swift song highly ... Except the bad feeling ones because I have a little girly heart I proud of with a gangsta rap man polish... Like me anyone?
T S (1 month ago)
someonebutanyone 17 (1 month ago)
sledger2003 (1 month ago)
Gary Lightbody ... one of Irelands finest ...
Divya Rawat (1 month ago)
I love this song!! ❤
Ca Nn (1 month ago)
Beautiful shorts! <3
claire jeschke (1 month ago)
Anyone know the meaning behind these lyrics in this song?
Melissa Radcliffe (22 days ago)
claire jeschke search “Taylor Swift red album track by track description” she explains the meaning behind every song on the album there
Allison Mamanchura (1 month ago)
Esta canción me encanta ❤️❤️
LAOUINI Ikram (1 month ago)
Gary &Taylor are putting different energies into the singing.
Senja H. (1 month ago)
This is wayy underrated 😫❤️❤️
T S (1 month ago)
Liv Gonzalez (1 month ago)
she improved a lot. saw AMA 2018, there was vulnerability in her that wasn't there before.
cruisepaige (1 month ago)
2:35 he looks hammered
Arcellei Garcia (1 month ago)
October 2018 🙋‍♀️
Anshika Kushwaha (1 month ago)
Taiga Aisaka (1 month ago)
I just love this song. Every time I see it I want to click it so I can listen. Just so beautiful!
Konb 7 (1 month ago)
2018 anybody?
T S (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
Carley marie (1 month ago)
Def one of her most underrated songs, so emotional. This song was my shit I'd simp to this when i was like 13 lmao.
Ben Moss (1 month ago)
The most underrated song 😍
Shelley Lin (1 month ago)
this is about to be the surprise song for reptour dallas night two ,,
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Shelley Lin it should be. Dang. Gary!
T S (1 month ago)
Bestfriends Ata (1 month ago)
I love this song
Gadi Venegas (1 month ago)
Definitely, Gary feels the song !! Love it ❤
Đức Anh Nguyễn (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
Hilda Novianty (1 month ago)
The most beautiful song and lyric
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Hilda Novianty because it was co-written by Gary lightbody. And gary is a master of heart wrenching lyrics. Check out Snowpatrol's songs.
Xie Wuki (1 month ago)
so underrated
Alliah Garcia (1 month ago)
so underrated. this track always gets me in my heart
frank madrid (1 month ago)
Soulles Woman (1 month ago)
Gorgeous ma bae luv u♥️
T S (1 month ago)
Ann Sinco (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
Liam Thompson (1 month ago)
This is my goodbye song for Kerry gone forever
Spencer Olsen (1 month ago)
Wow! This is such a beautiful song! This is one of those songs that reminds me of the girl of my dreams I lost.
Spencer Olsen (6 days ago)
I will check him out for sure! Thank you!
heyhey heyhey (8 days ago)
+Spencer Olsen you're welcome. I just would like to share that I have this massive appreciation to this man, Gary Lightbody.. It's like i wanted to sing out every song from them to the girl I really like. His lyrics are so deep and honest.
Spencer Olsen (8 days ago)
+heyhey heyhey thank you my friend!
Spencer Olsen (1 month ago)
+heyhey heyhey thank you so much my friend!
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Spencer Olsen welcome.They've got a diverse lists of songs. If you're in love, broken, or in any state of mind right now, i'm pretty sure they have those songs for you dude. Cheers
Yato sama (1 month ago)
gauri vyas (1 month ago)
T S (1 month ago)
Rawan Mohammad (1 month ago)
This is so underrated ... love it so much
Monica Yunnei (1 month ago)
I truly love this song!
Mark Rojas (1 month ago)
This type of song that only sang once live is a masterpiece <3
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Mark Rojas correct. You should gotta try Snowpatrol as welll especially their old songs. Those hits so hard.
Me Wu (1 month ago)
Don't mind me...jest reminising and BAWLING
Nurul Muzirah (1 month ago)
Tanya Artiaga (1 month ago)
This one of the songs by taylor where i sing on top of lungs 😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎤🎤
Just Me (1 month ago)
The other guy is just freaking out Taylor is just so chill
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Just Me he lives to it. Gary is always like that. He's the frontman of Snow Patrol fyi. You should gotta check their live performances. They're brilliant. Cheers.
Asaf Kopla (1 month ago)
You are amazing Taylor, sending kisses & love. Thank you:-)
Tina Lui (1 month ago)
My favourite song in the Red album.
Atalanta (1 month ago)
Who's here for Gary!
heyhey heyhey (1 month ago)
Atalanta me ! Am I the only one who thinks Gary is gorgeous?
Rekam TS_13 (1 month ago)
Taylor 😍

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