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Taylor Swift - The Last Time ft. Gary Lightbody

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Text Comments (9496)
Huong Nguyen (7 hours ago)
Your voice so sweet and I love you so much Taylor
zTrvis YT (1 day ago)
Mostafa Rahmati (1 day ago)
What the hell has happened to this pure kind of Taylor Swift????! I really miss her in her former style...
she's doing better than she ever was
Siang He Khong (3 days ago)
Red deserved a Grammy 🌹
Swiftie For ever (3 days ago)
Justice for Red !
Little Niece 123 (3 days ago)
Tbh the first time I heard it I thought it was Ed that sing with Taylor... Still I love this song, so and too relatable
Lucas Swiftie 13 (3 days ago)
Lillie Kelly (6 days ago)
I’m not a huge fan of Taylor. I used it be for a very long long long long ass time. But while she took her break (which was very well deserved) I found other artist to love and be inspired by. When she came out with Reputation I fell in love with it. She’s amazing. But I will say this as personally and well grown she has become, I still love the deep songs. And the other day I ran out of skips in spotify and it played her song stay stay stay. And I thought about how much I was inspired by her and how much I loved her. And then I listened to all of her old albums again and fell in love with red again. Red will always be her best album. Don’t @ me. It’s was so personal. It was very inspiring. It was very very very powerful. I love this.
Bobby Chiarelli (6 days ago)
This is the worst Taylor Swift ever
Juan Ramirez Gonzalez (7 days ago)
Alarik T ? Ramirez Gonzalez
jmmacb03 (8 days ago)
I am 61 and am seeing Gary and Snow Patrol on May 3rd here in Toronto. ♥♥ Taylor is so much better than I gave her credit for.
POÉSIE FUMEUR (15 hours ago)
essie Paite (10 days ago)
april 11 2019
mark mark (11 days ago)
Lisa Schettner (13 days ago)
Listening in 2019 💖
Shannen (14 days ago)
Ahmad ABM (14 days ago)
remembering one of the best albums of his career pd. tay keep making me stop with your music and I'm looking forward to ts7
Lisa Boland (18 days ago)
Taylor your so good with him I love you so much
Nermin Rzazade (11 days ago)
Pls watch "you belong with me"..we have to make it 1b before its anniversary...we just need 50.500.000..and we have 1monts 6 days..pls help😓😓🤐🤐😚😚
Arianator 4ever (18 days ago)
Tasaduq H (18 days ago)
For all the people who are in unrequited love: I know it feels like this is how you are going to be for the rest of your lives. But believe me it is a phase, and it will pass. And this phase is going to teach you so much if you just look for the signs. The mixed signals aren't much of a mixed signals, there are people who are going to love you so god damn much you wouldn't imagine, but you don't stop loving, allow yourself to feel bad and sad while you listen to this amazing song. but know that a better you is waiting for you few days, few weeks, or few months from now. xoxo
Mr.ロナウド (20 days ago)
Beanie Buddies (21 days ago)
Buetiful song
This is my favourite song from taylor swift😊
Agatha Moura Silva (22 days ago)
URI - official (23 days ago)
Wow I never saw this! It's so underrated!
Paul Livesay (24 days ago)
I sometimes think that youtube should have a double like button. This is hitting me now...
Regina Turner (26 days ago)
their voices match so well im cry-
Eymy (27 days ago)
había olvidado lo mucho que amo esta canción:(
Altry jeje xd (28 days ago)
Jøhnny b o y (28 days ago)
this song is so perfect that is underrated 😔
TianCrash (29 days ago)
If today someone tells me that Taylor Swift did a song with Snow Patrol's frontman... i'd fall and roll over the floor laughting as hard as i could
Vanessa Chavez (1 month ago)
pure ART
Dystent Trash (1 month ago)
is it just me or does it look like tswift is late to her own concert lmao
Toni Wormold (1 month ago)
This is so awesome.....Love love love it!
Amanda Gwala (1 month ago)
This is the last time I'm asking u why, you break my heart in the blink of an eye
Tingar Cyrox (1 month ago)
alexandria mcdaniel (1 month ago)
How are you supposed to feel if you’re the person who keeps leaving? Asking for a friend
Minesh Mandia (1 month ago)
anyone 2019
Amina Younghang (1 month ago)
Breaks my heart every time I listen to this❤️ Taylor truly is such a great performer, an artist in fact.
azam.k.a chan (1 month ago)
i think i miss taylor switch very very much so muchhhhh..... T_T
Yasir Bajwa (1 month ago)
Most underated song of the decade
Vidhi Jayswal (1 month ago)
This song gets to me even now. It's lyrics are just so similar to what I once faced. Taylor you have the power... The power of your words... Their ability to take us to these moments in life... You are magical.❤️
Sylwiacoveruje (1 month ago)
I admit. It's good
Akash Paul (1 month ago)
This song sounds so great to me but I don't know why exatly this song is so underreted.. poor gary....his voice is awesome though
Cianne Salvador Naval (1 month ago)
Still listening in 2019!
Milagros (1 month ago)
Daniel Miller (1 month ago)
Tbh this is tue most depressing song I've listened to in a long time it reminds me of my mom l only wanted to matter to her but she never cared enough to stay
Prasanna Kumar (1 month ago)
Soo melodic👌
Karyn Snake (1 month ago)
Minsan talaga, hindi ikaw ang priority kahit na mag-makaawa ka pa. IYAK! 😢
this song reminded me of you and cant stop listening to this song
Kierstin Womack (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?? Probably not bc nobody really seems to appreciate this amazing song
cherie (1 month ago)
Anouska Abigail (1 month ago)
this is amazing!
Jason Y (1 month ago)
xoxoxxx I love how you have grown into a woman!! So incredibly sexy!!!
Fernando Loera (1 month ago)
Only real fans know that this is not the album version
Gaia B (1 month ago)
Amzar Jaz (1 month ago)
Isabel Walsh (1 month ago)
don't think I will ever get over just how PERFECT this song is!!!
Jyoti Hassan (1 month ago)
in March 2019?! :) LOVE this song...unfortunately nothing feels better except this song!
HellgateLondonn37 (1 month ago)
Quand tu écoutes du Taylor Swift pour décompresser devant Dark Soul III 😘
Taylor Swift (1 month ago)
This is real music ...
Deepti Kashyap (1 month ago)
Film feline (1 month ago)
Ha! Guess Taylor can do it nice Louisa Vendroff style. Very nice
ika chisho (1 month ago)
Aka kaka..... listening Delhi my house cooking for us. I will always love you the song.
Fernanda Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Melhor música <3
Lukeaschia Groep (1 month ago)
Meow Romantics (1 month ago)
I fuckin love this alternative rock vibr
K3Y (1 month ago)
Little did this Taylor know where the future would take her
Ahmad ABM (1 month ago)
Mida Al. Soviana (1 month ago)
Red will always be my all time favorite album.
Daniel Borrome (1 month ago)
This is the evidence that the Red and Reputation deserve more appreciation in Grammy's
金木水火土 (1 month ago)
Alicia Souvelle (1 month ago)
Restu Nanda Larasati (1 month ago)
2019 anyone ??
WolfmanTrevel (1 month ago)
One of my favorite songs <3
Ayush Kumar (1 month ago)
Ayush Kumar (1 month ago)
This song has power to blow all the charts
Etser Emmanuel Kango (2 months ago)
This and Sad Beautiful Tragic are my fav songs of this album. I love how it can be dark and intense !
TheSaoManutArchive (2 months ago)
2019? Anyone?😻👩🏼🧔🏻
Karyn Snake (2 months ago)
Napansin ko lang, maiksi pala yung guitar solo dito, pakinggan niyo sa RED na album ni Taylor sa Spotify o Apple Music. Sobrang ganda ng parte na iyon.
Haley Hartman (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Faith Watson (2 months ago)
i wish to meet you Taylor swift even tho im in 3 grade i love you songs im 9 years old your the best
Faith Watson (2 months ago)
your the best singer ever AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karyn Snake (2 months ago)
Noong patay na patay ang karamihan sa JGMAR na duet ni Pink dati, ako itong duet na ito na ang jam ko. Iba talaga minsan kapag may taste. 👌👌👌
grace34 (2 months ago)
This song is so underrated
hanumraa (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Parker (2 months ago)
love this song
eda yıldırım (2 months ago)
Best ever At the top of my fav.♥️
דור דוד (2 months ago)
Esther and Naomi Ko (2 months ago)
Still listening in 2019??
April McGrew (2 months ago)
I was there!! Amazing to see them perform live!
Cat Nap (2 months ago)
WAIT THEY HAVE A SONG TOGEHTER?! I didn't heard it, but i already love it now.
Ems Tubianosa (2 months ago)
Mady Pad (2 months ago)
Lyrical masterpiece
Trần Nghĩa (2 months ago)
Well Red and The last time are two of my favorite in this album. The other songs in her new album are really good, but its not obsess me like these two, it is like a deep and gentle words in my mind, and also grief and emotional. It just make my heart flinch when i hear it again.
sell _ (2 months ago)

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