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The VAMPIRES - Nigerian Nollywood movie

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The movie is a sequel to Physical Demon. the suspense continues; the all powerful women cult unleash more terror on the state, initiating more innocent girls into their secret cult. will justice prevail?Starring: Ini Edo Ehiagwina, Oge Okoye and Yul Edochie Produced by: Uwakwe Egbo Directed by: Ugezu.J. Ugezu subscribe to our channel on youtube. com/nollywoodpicturestv. Like us on Facebook.com/nollywoodpicturestv. Follow us on [email protected]
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Text Comments (94)
John Amanya (1 month ago)
Nice teaching movie! [email protected]
Usman Zainab (1 year ago)
Y are u guys confusing me which one is d first ?
mambili kelvin (3 years ago)
l fail to understand the last part of church riches,please elaborate further
Virginia Ogadi (3 years ago)
This movie is interesting but you guys need to work on titling the films in the right order and accordingly, if not people will not enjoy watching it as it is confusing.
MR Sampson (1 year ago)
You're right
Nollywoodpicturestv (3 years ago)
+Virginia Ogadi view the description please
Haja Bayoh (3 years ago)
Dogged style
Nollywoodpicturestv (3 years ago)
+Haja Bayoh Glad you enjoyed it, Always keep a date with us.
Ruben Gheraw (3 years ago)
i try to understand th movies of nigeria. but it is like childeren are playing with cameras. 1 scene is about 5-10 minutes. 5 or 6 scene one movie, and the story it is an mass up baby
Nollywoodpicturestv (3 years ago)
+Ruben Gheraw We have other interesting movies on our channel for your watching pleasure click to watch https://youtu.be/OdaIuSwrwZY
Diana Wawira (4 years ago)
I don't like this at all. I watched physical demon first. Why don't you put these movies in order? It's so confusing.
Ana Laura Castellanos (3 years ago)
No etkrkh se si te
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 years ago)
@Diana Wawira Sorry that you mixed it up, Please always go through our movie description before watching,the order of continuation is always stated there,we also send upload alerts to our subscribers in that way,you will know the order of its continuation.if you have not subscribed to our channel,click here http://bit.ly/1qV5g8h
lawson benjamin (4 years ago)
Horrid movie, no wonder Africa never develops. If you can literally diminish single successful women who have toiled as using supernatural crap, it just goes to show how Africa will never go anywhere. POOOR AFRICA
lawson benjamin (2 years ago)
+Habimana` Prida yeah abuse Africa? is my message abusing or disgusted by how single African women are potrayed. How about empowering single whom may want to be alone and are successful. Learn the word- Abuse. google it.
Habimana` Prida (2 years ago)
+lawson benjamin am proud to be African,abuse Africa bt u seem to be an African too.
lawson benjamin (2 years ago)
+Habimana` Prida you couldnt oppose, so your brain decides to go for the weak mans thoughts by abusing. cool dude.
Habimana` Prida (2 years ago)
Fuck you
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 years ago)
Do you like Ini Edo, Oge Okoye or Yul Edochie? Have you seen the three in a movie together before?  check them out now 
CreamyButta (4 years ago)
PURE MADNESS THIS!!!!!  I WATCHED THE OTHER PART FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know i asked i BEGGED that you guys put the order in the about seccion for your movies but you NEVER do!!!.. and then look and see so many people here asking what come first!!! and nobody responds to them!!!!.... is it because the movie free.. you feel you can't even make it easier for us to enjoy the movie in the correct order????????????????????... be blessed 
umesh kumar (4 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 years ago)
@CreamyButta Pls dear always go through our movies description to get the order of its continuation,and if you are subscribed to our channel you can get updates on our latest movies,in that way you can never mix it up.To get subscribed to our channel,click on this link http://bit.ly/1qV5g8h
Rita Nyarko (4 years ago)
Im confuse which one is the first part plizzzzzzz!
imo udeme (4 years ago)
Hv missed d series. After Physical Demon which is [email protected]
Nollywoodpicturestv (4 years ago)
The movie started with Physical Demons followed by sexy vampires and finally temple of riches 
Akyl Salh (5 years ago)
سكس افريقي جيد
adelina (5 years ago)
Camerou n
Queen la' sexy (5 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
my dear is just a movie, we tend to make it look real.. keep enjoying our movies
Queen la' sexy (5 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
Temple of riches is an upshot of "Sexy Vampire"..The story continues
Queen la' sexy (5 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
year dear
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
FROM INI EDO'S COLLECTION The movie is a sequel to Physical Demon. the suspense continues; the all powerful women cult unleash more terror on the state, initiating more innocent girls...
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
Physical Demon is before Sexy Vampires.
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
It pays to put your trust in God. Thanks for watching cheers.
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
agnes aisha (5 years ago)
Nice movie it teach a lot about God trust in God we trust.chineke
rinah kapinga (5 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
The movie is a sequel to Physical Demon. the suspense continues; the all powerful women cult unleash more terror on the state, initiating more innocent girls into their secret cult. will justice prevail? Starring: Ini Edo Ehiagwina, Oge Okoye and  Yul Edochie  http://youtu.be/QIJsVIvnRjk
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
true talk thanks
Vanessa Natey (5 years ago)
Jehovah can conquer all evil.
Queen Spanic (5 years ago)
God bless u for the enlightment!
EJIMEC EJIMEC (5 years ago)
Ai Laura, please that new word you people speak ( GOSH) what does it mean? i think is not a good word, you people should try and understand something spiritually, all those word and hand sign is demonic,
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
Thanks. do stay tuned for more movies.
manjoula cisse (5 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
sorry dear.
Laura soledad (5 years ago)
Omg nollywood movies u are giving us a little headache u know why ...bcoz u keeping changing the tittle of de movies Gosh ......argh argh .......pliz pliz pliz ....:D
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
Amen.please subscribe to our channel for more movies.
eric koomson (5 years ago)
I tank d almighty God for making dis day possible for me.
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
thanks dear. please subscribe to nollywoodpicturestv for more movies
Ismael rajab (5 years ago)
mobali2011 (5 years ago)
Apprend l'anglais. Non mais pour qui tu te prend?
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
thanks dear. please browse through the channel to watch more interesting movies.
Sunday Okoro (5 years ago)
I like this video. There are great moral lessons in it.
Nollywoodpicturestv (5 years ago)
sexy vampires,physical demon and temple of riches
kween lily (5 years ago)
Pls which is the first from this movie?
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
thanks dear. stay tuned to NWPTV
Alost Jackson (6 years ago)
This is my fav movie! Need more like this
tatiana (6 years ago)
The order is Sexy Vampires, then Physical Demon and finally Temple of Riches. You're welcome
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
physical demon
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
physical demon comes first followed by sexy vamipres
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
physical demon is the first followed by sexy vampires
melsy mcnaughty (6 years ago)
These people. They tok abwr God this n tht nw they hev bigger prblms, they r bewitched n they forgt tu pray or evn call th pastors. Seriously mouths r gud at chit chatin
Aqualine Gutu (6 years ago)
prequel or sequel?m now confused
Theresa Moro (6 years ago)
seriously? they want me to believe what she ate was human flesh? lol there is nothing i will not c ooo
Seun Micheal (6 years ago)
the native doctor is a fool he keeps on saying "it would backfire on you" but still he would still give the charm msthewwww
Egunjobi (6 years ago)
Someone tell me, what is the essence of the EGG,in the culture that is represented in this movie?
A2Zitolduso (6 years ago)
lool at Eve and Precious' acting!! LOLOLOLOLOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
Deborah Mensah (6 years ago)
Mockingjay 57 (6 years ago)
oge girl you is one ugly actres some how i can't seem to like any of her films i think she fights to much with her facial expressions darmn shes ugly
Katy (6 years ago)
im not a zombie infact im a vampire :) check out my other channel thekatyzone
Ifeanyi Nduka (6 years ago)
which comes first physical demon or sexy vampires
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
Sorry about it
pearl royalty (6 years ago)
this is disgusting.....
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
Yes you are perfectly correct
Précieux (6 years ago)
Very good film devided in six parts: Sexy vampire1 and 2 ,then Physical demon 1 and 2 and finally Temple of riches 1 and 2.
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
Na so.ooooo
Nollywoodpicturestv (6 years ago)
Christy O (6 years ago)
I guess only zombies find vampires sexy lolz!
fraciscar matter (6 years ago)
nice movie ,i like ini edo`s uncle how he is acting .congrts nolly
franckie Carlos (6 years ago)
@Odilia Michelle sexy vampire
Missy Brown (6 years ago)
i love this movie!!!
makimoments (6 years ago)
18:00 i want that lipstick haah
Odilia Michelle (6 years ago)
which is first sexy vampires or physical demon
Ralph (6 years ago)
By the way Ms Brown, no offense, it's just my opinion but I think you would've made a fantastic Sexy Vampire.
Ralph (6 years ago)
Such pretty little evil creatures. I know i would be easy sucker prey. Never trust a big but & a smile.
Pappadap100 (6 years ago)
that girl 's mouth looks like just a pussy....
Katy (6 years ago)
yes there is
Saktress Samz (6 years ago)
Is Physical Demon before or after Sexy Vampire? I just finished watching Physical Demon part 1 & 2. Hate it when the movies name get change and I don't get to watch them in order or even know the continuation due to name change. Still love my African movies, you guys are great.
Christy O (6 years ago)
there is nothing sexy about vampires lol
peacynic (6 years ago)
oge bleaching has finished you. see you hands, fingers and legs
Bertha Shoperai (6 years ago)
nyc 1

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