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Ringlets in Curly Hair | Perfect for Picture Day

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Hiiii Friends 💖💖💖 In this video I show you how to do this cute ringlets hairstyle that would be perfect for picture day. It took me about 45 minutes to do and I would do this the night before picture day and make sure she wears a satin cap at bedtime so it says nice for the next day. ___ Hey, Check out our Amazon store of all the products we use in our videos: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sekoraandsefari. *******TIP - If you hover the mouse over the text bubble you will see where I buy my products. Or you can purchase on Amazon and we will receive a small commission**** ___ Flaxseed Gel Video - https://youtu.be/nir5AnyLUbU Products I used: What's in our spray bottle: * Filtered Water (I use a Brita Jug) I like to use filtered water because it's healthier than tap. * Organic Fields Coconut Oil (I buy mine from our grocery store but any organic coconut oil is great) * Giovanni Smooth As Silk - https://amzn.to/2pUnGtD (Amazon link) (I bought mine at Winners (Canadian store) but I checked online and it looks like you may be able to find it at Walmart). Use whatever conditioner works great in your little one's hair. 🦋If Coconut Oil doesn't work well in your little one's hair try olive oil or avocado oil as these are also moisturizing oils🦋 Blueberry Bliss Control Paste - http://amzn.to/2jvH5y0 (You can check out curls.biz to buy there or check out https://www.curls.biz/curly-blog/where-to-buy to find out where they sell it in your city, or click the Amazon link to buy that is where I get mine) Rat Tail Comb - https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/scnci-antstat-tail-comb/200202 Comb - https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/hype-hair-setting-comb/6000195542424 Elastics (Sally Beauty Link) - Coloured - https://www.sallybeauty.com/hair/hair-accessories/rubber-bands-assorted-brights-400-count/SBS-632006.html. Black - https://www.sallybeauty.com/hair/hair-accessories/brown-450-count-rubber-band-tub/SBS-632024.html?list=Search_Results#q=proclaim+rubber+bands&start=1 I buy mine at Sally Beauty (in store). Elastics (Amazon link) Coloured - http://amzn.to/2zX5anC Black - https://amzn.to/2wPjv4L Soft Bristle Brush - http://amzn.to/2EfHJZm Detangler Brush - http://amzn.to/2EVDfHL (I bought mine from Winners or you can find them at Walmart) ___ Also, friends if you are not already following us on Instagram or Facebook click on the links below and hit follow. I try to share things I do not normally share or unable to in YouTube videos. XO Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SekoraandSefari Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sekoraandsefari _ 💖If you are not already Subscribed click the link below to keep up with us💖 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz2yThIUm7DEqMoMz94i89g Business Inquiries: [email protected] ⭐Tips I give are from my own experience and what works for her hair your LO hair may react differently ⭐ DISCLAIMER: This video description contains an affiliate link. If you click on one of the product links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you which is AWESOME. This helps support the channel and allows Sekora, Sefari and I to continue to make videos like this. Also, you can show your support by liking our videos, commenting and subscribing to our channel. That helps us in more ways then you know. 💖💖💖Thank you for your support My Friends💖💖💖
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Text Comments (268)
Coralie Ballista (12 days ago)
Omg first
Sekora and Sefari (12 days ago)
Yayyyyy 💖
Nyanna Ross (4 hours ago)
I remembered my mommy doing that without gel. Does gel actually make it longer? Mines got so short 😂
Lemon Lee (5 hours ago)
I don't have curls, but I couldn't resist clicking on this, because it's so cute. I admire the work that goes into creating these hairstyles. I would never have the dedication required.
Sandra S (6 hours ago)
When I used to have waves my hair is curly now I was in pe brushing my hair and the brush broke no joke
Ramona Hayes (11 hours ago)
Very pretty!😊❤
93junee (18 hours ago)
She's a lucky princess, having you as her hair stylist xD
R. (22 hours ago)
Gorgeous baby girl x
simplycbh (1 day ago)
this is so cute ! they look like starter locs kind before they loc
IDakota (1 day ago)
I just HAD to comment!!! she look So BEAUTIFUL 😍 TYSM for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dark Illusions (1 day ago)
What about 4c hair? Will it have the same effect or will it just be puffy ringlets?
Ashlee White (1 day ago)
I love this!! Cute hairstyle
Phantom Link (1 day ago)
Im surprised at how patient she is lol she looks adorable tho
Yafa (1 day ago)
This looks to tight
lee wana (1 day ago)
I am so Asian and I don't know why I keep watching this. Lol it's so satisfying somehow to tidy up fluffy hair. BTW she's super cute.
imac darl (1 day ago)
So beautiful and I want to try it out. But I need to know what you have in the spray bottle and what you used as the gel. That gel thing is light, slimy and drawly. Is it something I can get in the store or home made. Thanks
Whitney B (1 day ago)
She's adorable and the hairstyle very cute
Raven Bergeron (1 day ago)
She is precious! This hairstyle is so cute! Props to her for sitting so still! I would've cried the whole time back in the day lol.
Cutie Pie (1 day ago)
This is toooo cute!
Kirt Kirt (1 day ago)
such a well behaved kid!
Alandra Coleman (1 day ago)
Definitely won't work for a little girl who has a different hair texture than hers.
Angel J. (2 days ago)
So cute
Haylie Rehmer (2 days ago)
She is literally the cutest
saria albob (2 days ago)
llove you soooooo much
Keturah L. (2 days ago)
She's soo adorable
Katherine Morel (2 days ago)
Loved your daughter's curly hair 😙😙😍
Sarah (2 days ago)
She looks so cute
sharina michaelangelo (2 days ago)
BvckotfotcfofoysDQWeitlvutflhyfasl col fcvcf Gfklhyc🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Teirra Babyyy (2 days ago)
Such a beautiful child 😌
ChestnutMad 13 (2 days ago)
She is adorable 😍😘😁
ELISHA KANI (2 days ago)
Omgggg she is gawgeous
tbrash03 (2 days ago)
Who thumbs down this video? I need to know why?
secretplace44 (2 days ago)
She getting so big 😍😍 but still has her little baby face 😘😘😘😘
Beanie boo love (2 days ago)
She is so adorable 😂❤❤ I love it!
Shannon Leeann (2 days ago)
I love it but dang that is so much work
KamSay (3 days ago)
Girl everybody be sleeping on that detangling brush,i used it once at my friends house...she stole my brush!🤣🤣 Especially for natural hair!
Blah Blah (3 days ago)
VeroAliJ (3 days ago)
comb coils. You can also do this with your fingers.
Tiffany Simmons (3 days ago)
my hair use to do that
Elisa Kudo (3 days ago)
aaaaa your girl is so pretty 😭
Live (3 days ago)
Future Miss Universe wow.
Zaakirah Idrissu (3 days ago)
Have you thought of publishing a book? This is so valuable ❤
Brooke Bishop (3 days ago)
My God she is precious
fluffies 03 (4 days ago)
She's so cute ! And so is the style. You're good at what you do
Mariyah Nowden (4 days ago)
Oh my gosh, she is soo cute! I wish I had a little sister because I'd be playing with her hair everyday! 😂
Mrssewhardtoplease (4 days ago)
I am guessing this wasn’t a school or kindergarten day!!!
Mrssewhardtoplease (4 days ago)
Does the gel flake when it dries???
Michelle Daniels (4 days ago)
So cute!
Arryn Williams (4 days ago)
I know I haven been here in a while, but has your little one had a hair cut.
Mindymaria (4 days ago)
OMG what a beautiful baby 😍
João Gomes (4 days ago)
OMG !!!! So cute ♥️♥️
Lexis Shinn (4 days ago)
My daughter has curly hair I tried this and it turned out cute.
Victoria X (4 days ago)
omg so precious! !
The Hapa Vegan (4 days ago)
Such a beautiful little girl 😍❤.
Khadija B (4 days ago)
big like for your princesse is verry nice
That lil girl is absolutely adorable.
Emmanuella Georges (4 days ago)
Very beautiful 😘💕💕
Raina Lawrence (4 days ago)
Hi, I'm currently 7 months pregnant with my first child. As I'm going to have a mixed-race daughter I'm doing my best to educate myself on black/mixed hair. I'm curious what "type" of hair does the child in the video have? My sister-in-law has suggested I focus on watching videos regarding type 3 hair.
Ri'Ris Diary (5 days ago)
Alana Coleman (5 days ago)
I love this technique and style, I'm going to try on my hair minus the ponytails
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️ Awesome!
Real Talk (5 days ago)
So adorable ☺️
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
DJ Johnson (5 days ago)
Beautifully done...😍
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you💖🤗☺️
GSW Power (5 days ago)
I just cut my hair and I'm 15😂 and I'm about to have my mom do this
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Hahaha awwww awesome💖🤗☺️
Princess Bina Chosen (5 days ago)
This is really awesome. I wanna try on my little sisters (one has long hair though..and the other has softer hair...I wonder if it would work...hmmm
Princess Bina Chosen (5 days ago)
+Sekora and Sefari just saw both of them and I am sure it will work. ... Thank you so much. The styles are so pretty and don't seem hard at all. God bless your hands!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you Friend💖🤗☺️ awww your such a sweet sister! I would try it. It works on both my little one's hair and my littlest has soft hair.
4 Ceasons (5 days ago)
I like that. Nice!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Jack Amisa (5 days ago)
Can u do dis for a permed hair
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Hmmm I'm not sure but I would try it out 💖🤗☺️
Leah Bana (5 days ago)
I do this style all the time just with out the comb. Its basically locs without locking them it can last a few months if you want. Butttt that detangling is a nightmare 😂😂😂
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
OH cool I need to see how locks are done.... just to know 💖🤗☺️ Haha when I put her hair under the water for a few minutes and add conditioner to it and detangle with our wide tooth comb it works awesome. xo
jaanaitube ! (5 days ago)
who else can smell this video😂
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Lmao 💖🤗☺️
chris scott (5 days ago)
Love it!!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Badmus Kafayat (5 days ago)
Omg lovely
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Monique Smith (5 days ago)
Omg! So cute!!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Awe thank you 💖🤗☺️
apple pie (5 days ago)
Too much hair control for a child
Deja xoxoscruff (5 days ago)
It's enough and it will last
Angie Angel (5 days ago)
omg you make it look so easy, l am still struggling with these ringlets
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Practice my Friend💖🤗☺️
Stacy Good (6 days ago)
Omg, my daughter has the same texture but her hair is so frizzy. How would you tame the frizz?
Indiegirl007 (6 days ago)
This is so cute and so age appropriate.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Awe thank you 💖🤗☺️
CatherineGirl24 (6 days ago)
What a cutie. Thanks.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Aww thank you 💖🤗☺️You're so welcome:)
Angel Ferreira (6 days ago)
Omg this seems so easy and simple, til i try it lol
Angel Ferreira (5 days ago)
+Sekora and Sefari thank you! I will, think i need to let her hair grow out a little longer though lol ❤
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
It is 💖🤗☺️ you might not get it the first few tries but keep trying until you do xo.
So cute
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Tay Tay (6 days ago)
Oh this bgm is so relaxing and calming while watch. Thank goodness fornyour good taste. 😊
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Quinesse Pope (6 days ago)
Love the style, can't wait to try it on my daughter.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
2shae88 (6 days ago)
This is the MOST beautiful little girl with the PERFECT head of hair and I love ❤️ how you maintain it keep it up just beautiful! You need to give lessons MANY LESSONS! This is how to wear natural hair
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
WOW thank you so much 💖🤗☺️That's why YouTube is so awesome 💖 I am able to teach a lot of people xo
4Exquisite Service (6 days ago)
So beautiful. The hairstyle and baby girl.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Awe thank you so much 💖🤗☺️
Lashawna Brady (6 days ago)
justdreadest (6 days ago)
I have 4c type hair doubt this will work....But I can't stop watching till the end. Soooo cutie!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Hey Friend💖🤗☺️ try it out you never know xo Thank you :)
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Sisa Al Badri (6 days ago)
Love it!! And she’s so beautiful 😍
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Lillian Smith Whyte (6 days ago)
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Lola Mustapha (6 days ago)
Will this work on 4c hair?
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Hey Friend💖🤗☺️ I'm not 100% sure but I would try it out and see xo.
George Mcelhaney (6 days ago)
lovely great job👍
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
Althea Sayers (6 days ago)
my mom did that for my hair when I was little. good memories.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Same with me 💖🤗☺️
elizabeth taylor (6 days ago)
So beautiful!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
muchanaka20 (6 days ago)
She’s so cute!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Thank you 💖🤗☺️
natalie christian (6 days ago)
I’m gonna try this on my hair this technique !!!!!
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Awesome 💖🤗☺️
Victoria Mensah (6 days ago)
Is that your daughter
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Yes she is 💖🤗☺️
Xidiga (6 days ago)
This is what horn african men would do back in the day!! Crazy skill. Great job!
Xidiga (4 days ago)
+Sekora and Sefari keep up the great work. Beautiful job.
Sekora and Sefari (5 days ago)
Wow I had to look that up. I found a picture on the internet and that is so so so awesome! Thank you for sharing 💖🤗☺️
Sexylawyer Blakgerman (7 days ago)
Black little girl's suffering. ....
nf094e (7 days ago)
She's adorable and her hair came out beautiful! 💕 I used to make ringlets with a pencil when my daughter was little.
Foxx Named Roxx (7 days ago)
Can you do this on none curly hair? My daughter has a super tight curly pattern. Will this work?
angela goldsmith (7 days ago)
Omg 😯 this hairstyle was so beautifullly done and it worked on my sisters hair thank u
She's adorable!
Smile2Joy (7 days ago)
Fingercoils are making coming back. Yay!!!

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