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Monsters, Madness & Mayhem: Creatures - FREE MOVIE

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Dragons and trolls and gorgons; Vampires; Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch.
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Paul Franciosi (1 month ago)
Some women are like vampires they suck the life out of you and your wallet.
Brenda House of Shine (4 months ago)
Thank you for the posting. Good stuff!
Ubbelohde Joey (1 year ago)
Whatever happened to the Kelly Incident video you had?? That was the actually video I had saved to my playlist then all of the sudden I have this saved to my playlist. Note that was the only video I had saved from this account
TooSwoss (3 years ago)
My girlfriend saw a mamoth the other day.   When we showered together.
I am Jase (5 years ago)
Vampires...I have a friend that claims to be one. But, when we were watching Day Breakers, during a very bloody scene near the end, she had to excuse herself saying that the sight of all that blood made her sick to the stomach. ...what?
I am Jase (4 years ago)
@Shineymcshine79 Oh, I see what you mean.
Shineymcshine79 (4 years ago)
A tryhard.. It's something of an australianism I suppose. I guess the US equivalent would be 'poser'. I.E Someone who trues to be something they so very clearly are not.
I am Jase (4 years ago)
@Shineymcshine79 A what?
Shineymcshine79 (4 years ago)
Your friend is a tryhard I'm afraid.
Nihar Dash (5 years ago)
appearing  ufo is real our atmospiour. like wind blow they attack . and some are hidden. some people those who posses blind belief  want to bed for other& with the help of evil they can do anything. even  such as name fame ,win a assembly /party. 2013 research  human/ individual capture one's brain and  making them evil thing. mano yana mano. it's true.inside india some village, dist&city . u didn't belief them they behave like your friend. but they Chet common-era & society.
seko24041973 (5 years ago)
grrrrrrr.....burrrrba! amin... a burrrr! i am a monster, a burrba!
Josh Cha (5 years ago)
Narrator is the voice of Obama
C. Dianne (5 years ago)
phil lis dick (5 years ago)
Dan P (5 years ago)
My dick changes shape into a snake when it gets touched. So I believe this werewolf business.
Corey Ellerbe (5 years ago)
Although I love these type of shows, this is partly why animals go extinct. Calling everything "blood-thirsty" or "man-eating" makes it look like everything is out to get us. Humans are really more dangerous than any animal.
Happyface Killa (6 years ago)
I always thought they drove Toranas
Happyface Killa (6 years ago)
vampires drive XD panel vans lol
Burger Man (6 years ago)
vampires are not fucking REAL
diamonddog257 (6 years ago)
Actually, if you put everybody in the world, standing, it would be about the size of Connecticut...
Axlyss (6 years ago)
I knew a "vampire" he said it was an illness like an addict she has a strong urge to drink animal / donor blood. Like psychopathy.
kerrie slade (6 years ago)
obviously the fulla from near brisbane bled out ya dont have to be a scientist to work that out that when intoxicated your blood runs more freely and wont clot like it should normally very quickly but takes quiet some time to clot due to alcohol thinning the blood theres no way anyone could consume assuming they could at all almost 2ltrs of blood ?
Kamal 1994 (6 years ago)
If i saw bigfoot, I'd just shoot his ass.
Jim Hagler (2 months ago)
please don't shoot. you may kill a human who is only being bigfoot for the night. and it hurts.
Arku (6 years ago)
That was probably a wereshark. Even sharks think they're evil.
deaconsmom2000 (6 years ago)
Sharks are NOT evil! Way to perpetuate the myths pseudo-scientific show.
david johnson (6 years ago)
how is bigfoot scary? all he/she ever does is peak from behind trees.
2014Challenger (6 years ago)
Yowie is the Aussie version of Bigfoot...
R (6 years ago)
Bullshit bud, bullshit. Did you know if you took everybody in the US and put them in a room, it would equal to about the size of Texas, thats it. There is a shit load of land down in Fiji that is unexplored, aswell as large parts of Canada. You dont know what youre talking about.
R (6 years ago)
A little self rightious are we? You contradicted yourself in the first and second sentence. War, greed, and evil are all a bi-product of human nature, so you sir have no idea what you're talking about. Read The Lucifer Principle sometime, its worth read and will make you more knowledgable when ranting about why humans become assholes and why war is inevitable.
ElementalEclispe (6 years ago)
Seattle Arrowman (6 years ago)
Keflar5, you would cry like a baby for your mommy if you were left in the center of any number of our remote national forest lands. "Remember Erik Rudolph, the Olympic bomber of 96. Hid in a forest for years. Millions of dollars and man hours could not find him.
reallyneed2know (6 years ago)
been there .. share your pain..
Mark Anthony (6 years ago)
Now she sucks the life right out of him
moorek1967 (6 years ago)
The biologist says they need to leave teeth or bones as evidence..ok scientist, there are literally millions of deer, squirrels and birds that live and die every year, where are all their bones. Think about it, you rarely actually see deer yet the herds are large and roam wide territories, new deer are born and old deer die, where are the millions of bones to prove their populations, huh scientist?
The Elephant's Foot (6 years ago)
The narrator is trying so hard to be serious that he comes across as ridiculous!
Marko Lovrenc (6 years ago)
well i think that boogyeman is responsible for that
Roy Long (6 years ago)
The book "How to Overcome Superstitions" explains well about these topics. It will be free for a short-time on Amazon in a few days.
johnathan lee (6 years ago)
I love monsters! BUT I think these morons that are living humans that say they must drink blood need to have their gov checks cut and made to go to work...they are NOT real vampires.
Michael Marki (6 years ago)
My Mom bought me a chicken dinner today from KFC
jakedizzle (6 years ago)
He just said he lost 75% of his blood. He didn't say she drank it all lol.
marcio ilbraim (6 years ago)
things that man has introduced into the brain that is not true .... for man and own evil ... q there are things we do not know the hidden power of money.
KingFluffs (6 years ago)
I'll assume you've tried...
Dimitrij90 (7 years ago)
75% of blood cuked out.. yeah sure. Try that, you will throw up as soon at it is in your stomach. A human can only consume a very low amount of blood.
Spyro Gamer 1991 (7 years ago)
03:23 Bigfoot raped him?
69LusciousLucy (7 years ago)
sick shit
Antanas Sasyskinas (7 years ago)
this is some funny shit
thorshammer25 (7 years ago)
giganto wasnt a flesh eater.
IETCHX69 (7 years ago)
a little too far-fetched for me...
Cletus Yokel (7 years ago)
@SharnOfTheDEAD then dont marry her... lol
en jay (7 years ago)
they go to hunt the creature in australia but when confronted .. they run. worst hunters ever.
Greatnezz Awaits (7 years ago)
@SharnOfTheDEAD lol
nikemac84 (7 years ago)
Nice BLOODY program>>>>I almost hurled!!! Fuck!!!
scottieman2 (7 years ago)
Bigfoot's awesome.
Tailored Effect (7 years ago)
The Thylacine were really sweet, and friendly with humans. Most of it is bullshit about them. They are extinict, they made a yip yip yip sound, and they were about the size of a medium dog. They were hunted for their beautiful fur.
Utis (7 years ago)
What's more scary than encountering a raging, hungry bigfoot in the woods? Encountering the Australian Hominid research team in the woods! What was the name of that old movie where a bunch of city guys were hunted by pervert redneck hunters? Something like that, yeah...:P:P
IETCHX69 (7 years ago)
the host is Very Douchey...
wajinBoy (8 years ago)
Am I The Only One Who Looks Back On The BigFoot Segment And Thought Of "Harry&The Hendersons"? Or Jack's Link Beef Jerky?
Rookie Phantom (8 years ago)
02:51 bela lugosi
guntherbladderburst (8 years ago)
LOVE the conclusion.
guntherbladderburst (8 years ago)
There is absolutely nothing showing that Elizabeth Bathory bathed in blood. She was a sexual sadist who thrived on inflicting pain to her victims as most serial killers of our time do. To say that she bathed in their blood is pure speculation – it just makes something that’s scary enough as it is, scarier. What they describe here is nothing more than what is depicted in the movie “the countess”, which is pure fiction.
Kraele (8 years ago)
@ccipollini1984 His voice is seducing me right now.
prncessleia (8 years ago)
I don't know about biggyfoots, but that redneck scares meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
he is a Chucky??? kkkkkk
scottieman2 (8 years ago)
@jayantasodekar what that mean and no im not going to the site to find out.
scottieman2 (8 years ago)
This proves that they are real!!
LeGette88 (8 years ago)
Chakdegirl (8 years ago)
@SharnOfTheDEAD naaah...shes a monpire ....sucking money...
SingerTonya (8 years ago)
@SharnOfTheDEAD One of THOSE eh?
Adam P. Murray (8 years ago)
@redhotromance technically that was Nosferatu that made the aversion of light a staple in vampire mythology, in the stoker novel, Dracula could go out in the day, but he just hated to do it because the night was more his time. if anything he knew the freaky chicks came out at night
David Ritchie (8 years ago)
LOL This is the kind of guy who reads fairy tales, and can't sleep for weeks...
chuck norris (8 years ago)
the brisbane vampire was canadian
Kelly Woods (8 years ago)
Lol This was really good untill the guy who died from Vampires spoke...
tinkz (8 years ago)
big foot to could be a extremely tall person with hyperthyroidism or hyperdrocossis ( i think its spelt wrong)
jStevieO (8 years ago)
The "Church "of $cientology is the biggest Monster and modern day Vampire as it will surley suck every cent of your ca$h from your life and reasonable thought from your mind !!...beware of its Poison !!
Margarett Salisbury (8 years ago)
Nessie was just a prank of a boy and his father! When they saw something in the water, they thought it was a monster and postd it in the newspapaer so, they both got scared and hid! After years, and years they told the truth about Nessie is a prank or something! DUH!
Fight0Tyranny (8 years ago)
Ugh sick and tired of hearing about humans with Mental issues, Vampires are supernatural! SUPERNATURAL, they are NOT humans with a blood thirst, they are NOT energy vampires, they are MENTAL! Let's have some REAL vampire stories ok, not this BS
jayant asodekar (8 years ago)
Flacksful (8 years ago)
That vanilla ice advert was the second most whitest thing i've ever seen, after his movie of course...
STroB (8 years ago)
Ok, this man actualy knows about vampires... the real ones...
falingsnow (8 years ago)
Pfffft i've seen worse monsters than these outside my front door, there called junkies and you get them everywhere!
Xullern (8 years ago)
Eh Ads are not so bad but when they glitch and have the endless spiral and no ad's are coming up thats when it is annoying. Ad's glitching or causing videos to lag up now that is when shit hits the fan.
MEGA DOLL (8 years ago)
fuck david cameron hes a cunt
Ethan (8 years ago)
Wheat Thins still suck, no matter how much they spend on advertising them.
Excon (8 years ago)
@scarey9596 Is your time THAT valuable. they are what 20 sdconds..... Sorry dude, you aint THAT fuckin important.
Rodrigo Bertussi (8 years ago)
I waste my fucking time watching this crap
Porelax17 (8 years ago)
What the hell is going on with these adverts? I don't want to buy a Nissan..
RBG (8 years ago)
filha da puta do moche! que vale é que so pago 5€
Znn00 (8 years ago)
@shazzaforeverthabest care
Richard .Sejour (8 years ago)
i am watching and commenting from my ps3.
theScytheofGod (8 years ago)
10,000 yrs ago, there was land bridge between the US and central America. The indians came over with the racial memory of the Gigantipithicus.
r j bassett (9 years ago)
the aussie who got attacked by yowie is a wimp the yowie just ruffed him up for hunting his friends the animals i met a yowie and it was and is a kind animal believe it or not
scottieman2 (9 years ago)
Who is the narrator?
megaman12521 (9 years ago)
their is a reason y monsters and war sustain our population. we deserve it we see vampires as scary creatures but what about s? like humans we kill animals and vegetation.
megaman12521 (9 years ago)
cant the government just tell us whats going on? it feels like all of these secrets seems like they are lying to us
AstroMen2911 (9 years ago)
What about Satyrs? Cousins of the Vampires.
mrtruthify (9 years ago)
Well spoken Amorphustruth!
ErikVaughnDillinger (9 years ago)
Ummm. dude, he reads lines, he didn't say that because he believes it. That is the key of a good show, to exagerate things. In the end, you are watching a show about paranormal activity. You wanna share your view on humans and all that.. go out into the world and do something about it. Don't be another little bitch talking shit through your computer.
Endrid Cold (9 years ago)
@Mistresspenguin Haven't seen it yet but is "Tracy" the same one who is now on that silly & utterly phony show, "Paranormal State"? I think she is Tracy, the homely lesbian psychic vampire who feeds off the life force of other lesbians. What a psychic "ho"! Further, if she is now part of the PS dweebs, she would be, Tracy, the phony homely lesbian psychic vampire. What a phony psychic "ho". If she is isn't, then.....nevermind d
mrtruthify (9 years ago)
Its been proven recently skeptics enjoy a kind of rush or "high" from a bio-chemical reaction! They are apparently more controlled by bio-chemical processes than the believer / discoverer type's, who appear to be using a much more natural and LOGICAL thought process! Throw these new scientific findings at the next uneducated arm-chair skeptical scientist you meet! Remember, they are supposed to be the fearless ones proving or disproving these things THROUGH SCIENTIFIC STUDY! NOT SKEPTASISM....
fattard (9 years ago)
lesbians are a breed of monsters atleast those butch ones with mullets.
Sean Fries (9 years ago)
in the Bigfoot part the recording they said was recorded in Queeensland Australia is in fact the Ohio Howl these people know nothing its all bullshit You need to do better research
JonasPlass (9 years ago)
The background music at the Kraken part in the beginning is taken straight from "Heroes of Might and Magic III" when you visit an obelisk... That's hillarious...
Carmarthan415 (9 years ago)
this show needs a new host...
ken cool (9 years ago)
wat i didnt even hear anything about trolls

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