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8 People With Superhuman Abilities

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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] TechZone ► https://goo.gl/Gj3wZs Everyone has a talent, but some people have real superpowers. No one, or almost no one, can do what they do, and sometimes it is really hard to believe that it is actually real. Today, we are gonna talk about this kind of people, so make yourself comfortable and...
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Text Comments (1010)
ITZ Jake YT (7 hours ago)
Im super human and a psychic
SuperGoomba Chuck (4 days ago)
0:14 she is at the bottom of the screen.
Dominic Playz (5 days ago)
I have The syndrome people believe Troy James might have
Abri and Jam (6 days ago)
Jerry looks like Stan lee
Matthew Reath (6 days ago)
I have the ability to get hospitalized more than 2 times a year
Matthew Reath (6 days ago)
I have elders dantlous syindrum
Pepe Morato sr (7 days ago)
I have the ability to drink 7 kind of energy drink everyday
XxSupreme_ IrmaxX (7 days ago)
I have the ability to walk
BLACKSCORP 666 (7 days ago)
I can summon Satan!
Hellraisers (8 days ago)
Werner freund died on my birthday
Vicente Q (8 days ago)
I have night hearing from x men school Ha... the office
Markski gaming (8 days ago)
No I’m watching this video whiles bedtime. 4:22
Knobov Sossidge (9 days ago)
11.20 "she sees giant piles of different colours" - yeah whatever, there's no way we can know or disprove or see what she sees or doesn't see.
Jr Tapia (10 days ago)
Jerry looks from a movie
Travis Morriss (10 days ago)
Mind Warehouse (at the start): "Get comfortable" Me: ( Pause the video and heats the ketol up and makes a massive cup of hot chocolate) Me: "Now I'm ready!" What am I doing with my life saying this...
lisa bell (11 days ago)
I'm watching it before bedtime
UDS _AA35DASH (11 days ago)
Well he got arrested in our country
Lfreeman 17 (11 days ago)
0:15-0:16 you can see her head
JackStar (11 days ago)
F**k you! You can’t kill Suction-Cup Man! Look at me go!
Jovany Resendiz (11 days ago)
Troy James was in the ⚡️flash⚡️ season 5 😃😃😃
Cade Spencer (12 days ago)
Love that flash reference
Ricardo Miranda (12 days ago)
Im sooooooooo strong thats my super power i arm rustled my friend we broke our small table💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Ricardo Miranda (12 days ago)
I would give that person who liked my comment 20,000 vbucks
Jessica Boruque (12 days ago)
I like wolf's
Anoniem (12 days ago)
Alan can probaly claim the burgkaliva
Cloud Strife (12 days ago)
seriously , the amount of ads on this video is rediculous
Mikaia Tetevano (13 days ago)
cristiano ronaldo is super human
Sph3r3 (13 days ago)
Rah I wish I had the first one
Devonte Mitchell (13 days ago)
7:58 the real deadshot
Gaming Lord (14 days ago)
I can smell what I see in videos or really far away
Chase Woods (14 days ago)
I make my toe pop out of joint then pop back in without feeling anything. And my second superpower is if anyone hits me with something sharp I don’t feel anything.
Chase Woods (14 days ago)
You guys suck
Chase Woods (14 days ago)
Get on my LVL
Corinne Driscoll (14 days ago)
Caleb Power (14 days ago)
I have the ability to live
Jess Owan (15 days ago)
So you know when ever your cats licking you then just bites? What if that happened to the first guy with the lions
Toxic_Firebolt (15 days ago)
i can heat my body to withstand cold temeperatures subscribe if you believe me
My ability is to not like school
matthew lin (17 days ago)
I have the ability to speak :)
Nick Melvin (17 days ago)
i have the ability to type this comment
Lexie Estes (18 days ago)
Anyone can do what troy james does if their contortionists
Bob B (18 days ago)
8:38 Suction cup man
MadWolf (18 days ago)
0:07 I see a string...
Z4c14ry11 (18 days ago)
My ability that makes me unique is that I can make my heart pump and my eyes blink
Bob comedy (18 days ago)
I have the ability to eat food
I swear on my life my friend can bend all of her fingers backwards against her hand and
Meli TheWolf (18 days ago)
The only ablity of mine is the biggest laziness! Is is a record? Please tell me! :D
Leland Teixeira (19 days ago)
Rip Wrener 😔
alan robert= sutction cup man
iiJason124 (19 days ago)
9:12 f*ck you! you can't stop suction cup man!
Wicked Wells (19 days ago)
I have the ability to see things 👇 Like if you have this ability
Alex Hall (19 days ago)
I have ability is invisible
Alex Hall (19 days ago)
I have a power is lighting
Hyena Love (19 days ago)
Oh my, I didn't think Kevin Richardson was going to be on this list! I love that dude!
James Animations (19 days ago)
Lion: i have fewings
God (20 days ago)
I'm waiting for the guy to fall and die so I can say "I told you so" to a famous person
Gabi Benavente (20 days ago)
At the beginning, is that the guy Ariana was supposed to marry?
Phuong Lu (20 days ago)
i CaN sEe ThroUgh GlAsS
Sonic Yt (20 days ago)
0:06 it had a string
Sonic Yt (20 days ago)
i mean 0:08
Chris Morris (21 days ago)
4:26 I am ):
Monsterboy 123 (21 days ago)
It’s the opsite of bed time
Uzoma Anugwom (21 days ago)
You can see the strings on the fake gun lol 😂 0:03
Jacob Stark (22 days ago)
Ells _Lura (22 days ago)
Jerry Miculek is like the real Deadshot
Danh Mai (22 days ago)
I can go down a 90 story building in a few seconds
BzKr_iNdEpt (22 days ago)
My ability is to fart silently..... ;)
Park KimchiChim (22 days ago)
Omg when I heard Philippines I instantly woke up since I was half asleep🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭💜💜💜💜
Park KimchiChim (21 days ago)
R u a full Filipino/Filipina
Kimlek Hat Lang (21 days ago)
@Park KimchiChim Nice!!!
Park KimchiChim (21 days ago)
Kimlek Hat Lang (21 days ago)
@Park KimchiChim Jin, What about you?
Park KimchiChim (21 days ago)
Yes who's ur bias
Mr No Body (22 days ago)
I have the ability to click on videos on YouTube I'm so fricking amazing
Mr No Body (22 days ago)
I can also shoot Dr pepper out of my hands
The Dead’s Rising 4 (22 days ago)
Alain Robert is Suction Cup Man! That’s Alain Roberts super hero name.
i have a song f you!
Nathaniel UncleDrew (23 days ago)
Ι have the ability to sleep all day.. They call me crazy.. ..but I am.. The sleep-man
TeaSeries (23 days ago)
I can move my hand Get on my level biyotch
Official KING (23 days ago)
Even petronas tower my place malaysia why i never heard of him.
That middle finger in the title is for u
Red_ Boy105 (24 days ago)
that guy that can bend is from the flash
Crazy Art (24 days ago)
What movie is this 4:00
Crazy Art (24 days ago)
And this 3:44
COZmic_ZaE_YT (24 days ago)
I can gleek on command
Abby Stevens (25 days ago)
Correction: EDS is not a rare condition! It is, in the hypermobile type more and more recognized all over the world.And that type EDS is now considered more common then they thought.I know a whole group of Dutch,American and Britisch people with EDS.Most of them have the hypermobile type.
Sai Sukumi (25 days ago)
He must love SNL
Watermelon Studios (25 days ago)
I have the ability to DRINK
That man climbs in one of our building in Philippine's *That's making me proud* 😊😊😌
Ritzmonde Natividad (26 days ago)
Yap the french spiderman is arrested in the philippines
TristinGaming Hansel (26 days ago)
My power is that I can shoot myself then I appear in another world
Superboom909 (27 days ago)
I have the superhuman ability to be the stupidest person in the world and have the lowest self esteem in the world
james fiaco (27 days ago)
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Hi Hi (27 days ago)
Idk really know if this is a superhuman thing, but swans really like me for some reason. Even wild ones.
The death Lord (28 days ago)
And also who else at 0:15 saw the girl crouch
The death Lord (28 days ago)
Aurorati Plays (28 days ago)
heat hands palm sweats and more heat BaKuGoU
Playing With Legotray (28 days ago)
Omg it’s suction cup man
Jay Uzumaki (28 days ago)
So that flexible guy played Ragdoll from the flash
Bob Dicklesuckle (28 days ago)
am bob
Julius Orji (28 days ago)
Technically the first person to die has held their breathe for the longest
Superb.mp3 Mp4 (28 days ago)
A real alpha man
Legend Reach (28 days ago)
0:09 I see a white rope
RainDOGE (29 days ago)
I have the ability to trip on the stairs and fall up the stairs, marvel sign me up
Doggi Pluto (29 days ago)
I have the ability to see the past My memories
Lupe Villegas (29 days ago)
0.05 I saw a string
Behemoth Slayer (29 days ago)
I'm literally dreaming about the future, I get it right all the timeeeeee reeeeeeeeeeee
Cason Kim Dean (29 days ago)
0:14 she has the superpower to duck down under a cloak!
B & D (29 days ago)
BipolarChick (29 days ago)
Alan will run out of luck
Emar DELA CEUZ (29 days ago)
I can drown fish
Jenn Weisberger (29 days ago)

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