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EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic Trailer

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SOEDESCO is collaborating with Snowcastle Games on their four year long passion project and first major title, EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic to get EARTHLOCK a retail release. A tribute to true turn-based RPG fans, EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic will test even the most strategic of players. In EARTHLOCK, desert scavenger Amon soon finds himself in his life's adventure when he crosses paths with a most peculiar creature back home in Zaber. Join Amon and other remarkable heroes in this turn-based fantasy RPG, on an unforgettable journey across the world of Umbra; a mysterious, beautiful but harsh planet that stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago. Key Features of EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic -Explore the vast and magical world of Umbra -Highly strategic turn‐based battles -Harvest magical materials and craft items on your home island -Talent Table: combining a classic 'skilltree' and equipment to -customise your character's progression -30+ Hours of gameplay
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