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I Used to Fuck Guys Like You in Prison - Road House

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The classic scene from the cult classic movie "Road House"
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Text Comments (37)
Jay Zee (2 days ago)
They just don't make romantic movies like they used to.
handsomenot32 (1 month ago)
This like can only be topped by "I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast" from Happy Gilmore
Torontofan (3 months ago)
Dalton: Thanks for sharing.
labotamysausagedog (3 months ago)
Used to?
tokiisradical (3 months ago)
hell yeah
Cory (4 months ago)
Sounds like a country western song...
caps201 (5 months ago)
Even for this movie. That has to be the most unexpected line ever
Sepulchral Miasma (7 months ago)
I heard prison has a very healthy LGBQT community.
michael rojas (2 months ago)
Captain H (8 months ago)
One of the most unsavory quotes ever...and it was penned by a woman
ray gordon (8 months ago)
Hahahaahaha you'd think he'd say something tougher!!!
Flanders (7 months ago)
That's not tough to you? If someone was kicking the shit out of you and said that, it would be terrifying.
Quixotic Dragon (8 months ago)
gay for the stay.
roktopus (1 month ago)
Prison has a permanent aura of No Homo cast on it
Rage Shadavor (8 months ago)
The best insult of all time
ConcordClark (10 months ago)
TMZ brought me here.
Wow, I totally didn't remember this in that movie. Mandela Effect or Selective Memory?
Hexendrucken (10 days ago)
You guys probably never saw the full version cos they pass it on tv a lot. So they probably bleeped it or edited it out. But idk
reten Geten (5 months ago)
Agreed that Mandela effect is real, because I do not remember that either. Umm... the graphic nature of it all is something that would have stuck in my mind.
RaisedontheRadio (11 months ago)
The most romantic moment in the entire movie....
Jo V. (1 year ago)
even for being on the winning side of the fight, that is.... just not a tough guy line.
Jason Wallace (1 year ago)
This is something you don't want to hear when your fighting a guy in the middle of the woods and losing.
@Jason Wallace....you're comment is twice as funny and yet so true !
handsomenot32 (1 month ago)
chrismc410 (3 months ago)
@Captain H the direct or implied threat to a man's cheeks and booty hole motivates him to do things he didn't know he could do.
Captain H (8 months ago)
Maybe it was that line gave Dalton the motivation to win
Gomez1915 (8 months ago)
killajay26 (1 year ago)
Juan Guzman (1 year ago)
Who ever wrote this movie has a fucked up mind
Adam Jackson (1 year ago)
This shit is gay
DoctorXander (1 year ago)
By the looks of this guy this is not consensual sex we're talking about
Dark Avenger (4 months ago)
I’m littered watching that episode right now😂
Jerome (9 months ago)
lol nice Parks & Recreation reference.
Shadow Uchiha (1 year ago)
Devistatngpanda (1 year ago)
DoctorXander Damnit Andy
GreatfulGert (2 years ago)
I've never seen the movie so this is some funny shit

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