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You gotta watch: "Instagram Marketing: 5 Advanced Tips | #TheKubbyShow - Episode 25" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62m39XvtLcU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- How do you get 1 million video views on Facebook or YouTube? Simple. You could build a YouTube show. Produce YouTube videos daily, build a community of viewers and then hit the 1 million plays. Or you can pay for it. In this episode I talk about how you can easily get 1 million views for your video content by advertising smartly. I give you three simple steps to getting 1 million views. Follow along as I talk about which platforms are best, what the big players are doing, and how much money you should spend. Find Kubby here: Website: http://www.chriskubbernus.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/chriskubbernus Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chriskubby Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/chriskubbernus Periscope: http://periscope.tv/@chriskubbernus Snapchat: http://snapchat.com/add/chriskubby LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chriskubbernus
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Conrado Eiroa (2 years ago)
"HOW TO GET 1 MILLION VIDEO VIEWS" -- The guy with 'The Secret' recompiles whole 608 views in 8 months. Bravo! Looks like advocating for empty 'marketing' strategies with no underlying value doesn't work so well?
Jack Murnin (2 years ago)
you IDIOT! Corando, you have 6 subscribers. At least he has 1,000 subs! Kubby makes amazing content. Shut the hell up, if you have bad things to say get off this channel.
Conrado Eiroa (2 years ago)
Hm... As a matter of fact, I did. But that's okay, the way you deal with criticism speaks for your real value. For a second, when I started reading your response I thought (even hoped) that you were going to respond in a more mature manner, but I was evidently wrong. Low value videos = low value producer!
Conrado Eiroa what I'm saying does have value. It's a strategy that works. I'm not using it on my videos because it's an expensive strategy. But what the fuck would you know, you haven't bothered to watch the video and hear what I'm saying.
Conrado Eiroa (2 years ago)
Just checked your FB page. Last video (nov 10th): 26 views Second to last (nov 2nd): 39 views Out of 45 videos you have ON FACEBOOK, 20 have less than 99 views... and only 11 have more than 1000 views. Your best video has 26,346. Needless to say, this is quite far from 1 million! Not trying to discourage you from making videos, I actually like the idea of talking while walking around, just providing some constructive criticism: If you talk about something, make sure it has VALUE. Empty words lead to 612 views! Oh yeah, 4 views in a day... Of which two are ours ;)
Conrado Eiroa watch the video fuck face, I'm talking about Facebook video views not YouTube video views.
The Silver Standard (2 years ago)
Amazing vid mate deserve more subs so thought I'd drop you a sub your a amazing youtuber keep it up btw any chance you could check my channel out give me feedback maybe drop a sub if you enjoy and I'll look forward to watching you in the future
InDisskyS131 (2 years ago)
So says the guy with 354 views
Luke Galvin (2 years ago)
Hey dude! I agree Facebook has become THE way to share and grow video views. I just like doing videos for the fun and community side. Love your videos dude!
Luke Galvin (2 years ago)
+Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus Awww thanks mr! We need to get you into your million subs!!!
+Luke G Tv well you have another right here!
Luke Galvin (2 years ago)
It really is on YouTube! I've made so many real friends here
+Luke G Tv hey Luke, thanks brother! Facebook is killing it on video. But I feel like the community is here on YouTube.
Leon Lush (2 years ago)
I agree with you that facebook is the best and cheapest form of targeted advertising going right now. My only concern is that people should have a goal or a vision for why they want those video views... since spending 2k just to get X amount of views could be a waste of money unless you have a solid content plan and a body of work for people to dive into.
+Leon Lush totally agree!
Leon Lush (2 years ago)
+Chris “Kubby” Kubbernus absolutely, but having a plan on how to capitalize once you get that exposure I think is important
+Leon Lush Hey Leon, I agree it would be a waste of money if you didn't have some sort of base of content or plan to work from. But I think it's interesting in the one hit wonder context. I mean you could start out with a non-organic "viral" video and see if it jump stats your audience?
Leon Lush (2 years ago)
Killer picture man, you using a Canon G7x by any chance? In addition, I have been browsing your content on multiple channels for a bit and am a big fan of your style and quality content... looking forward to getting to know you better!
+Leon Lush Thanks. Just checked out some of your content as well, love your stuff! I am using a 5DM3. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
officialllchris (2 years ago)
Great tips
Thanks Chris!!!
Eno Explores (3 years ago)
Great video! I don't know what your city is, but it looks Amazing
+Eno Explores thanks, this is actually Roskilde, Denmark, but I also film in Copenhagen, Denmark which looks similar.
Jean Brunet (3 years ago)
Thanks Kubby! Great video!
Thanks Jean!!
Michael Kawula (3 years ago)
Great video and going to test it next week for Social Quant (first need to make the videos) ~ Cheers
+Michael Kawula Hey Michael, nice to see you here. I recommend it, super effective.
Goal Guys (3 years ago)
Great suggestions man! Excited to give some of these suggestions a try. 👍
Robert Olsson (3 years ago)
Great video!
+Robert Olsson thanks Robert. Hope you're well.
Luca Leonardini (3 years ago)
Great video. Excellent advice. Very simple and very effective way of communicating.
Thanks so much Luca!!

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