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Everything Wrong With Cast Away In 14 Minutes Or Less

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Look what I have created! I... have found... SINS!! Here are all the sins we found in Tom Hanks' Cast Away. Thursday: Family-friendly sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/cinemasins Sins Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c4is-w&list=PLMWfZxj1nTkQBy4AeRGG4xH5d2IIApNPj Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasins Reddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasins Tumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.com Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: http://theablesbook.com
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Text Comments (5622)
Zefanya Lt (19 hours ago)
The more i scroll the comments below, the more i saw someone think eww is a serious review, ffs, take a chill pill will ya?
Zefanya Lt (19 hours ago)
You all need to watch everything wrong with cinema sins
Theodicist Eddie (1 day ago)
I LOVE this channel, but besides the "many trophies" errors... this was a terrible critique
I see I click (1 day ago)
Still havent sinned infinty war:(
Joshua Crain (2 days ago)
Wasn't until sin 64 that I finally found the sin counter. 😂
Joshua Crain (2 days ago)
My word... I'm never watching this film now. 🤣
Frank McCourt (2 days ago)
That was fucking brilliant CinemaSins
ryan lee (2 days ago)
Oh and for poeple who have never done a hand palm drill normaly takes about an hour and his use of the fire push board normally takes about 20 minutes for most
BUNCHofxs (3 days ago)
Fedex, faster than usps?, lmao.
Gary Glaser (4 days ago)
The guy who makes these videos needs to get a life. Seriously. There's a whole world out there, CinemaSins guy! Watch a sunset, listen to children laughing, smell a flower, maybe even kiss a girl! Just stop wasting your life creating these ridiculously annoying videos. (sorry, just some unsolicited advice)
Urban Man (4 days ago)
You are bar non the most annoying person I've ever heard. You're voice needs to be silenced.
burlap jack (5 days ago)
Wait, when did Tom Hanks pee in Toy Story? Everyone knows that Woody can't pee!
Cake 4life (5 days ago)
Cast away is awesome
Adriaan Van Den Berg (5 days ago)
Not funny at all and a lot of unnecessary swearing
Philip J. Fry (5 days ago)
Ive seen cast away like a hundred times, but I've never actually watched the first 20 minutes of it.
jimihenrik11 (6 days ago)
Like 5-10 of the sins where legit.
Manjunath Manja (7 days ago)
2:16 I laughed so hard.
Karl Pensyl (7 days ago)
Hanks is a paedophile. Boycott Hollywood.
J. P. (7 days ago)
I can’t believe it only got 87 sins. The movie was so bad, the only way my friends and I got through it was by making jokes about what was happening on screen. It was AWFUL
fajtR CRO (7 days ago)
5:40 Zinedine Zidane
Mikael OnTHC (8 days ago)
Boiling salt water, and making drinking water was the first thing I did in my first physics class. You know how vaporizing works right? When you boil salt water, the water will become steam and rise to the air, salt will lay in the bottom of your salt water container.
forrest gump (8 days ago)
Do you Recommend any movie that there's nothing wrong about it?
No movie is without sin
Shannyn Tritton (9 days ago)
I thought he was on the island four years not four weeks
He is on the island for way longer than 4 weeks but he has a 4 week time skip when off the island
Shannyn Tritton (9 days ago)
It said 4 weeks
No sin for the ex girlfriend having kids that are like 4 years old with the new husband?
ANounAMiss (9 days ago)
This movie has so much real emotion I thought it was a real story as a kid
BixZter Z (9 days ago)
I love you cinemasins !
Joe King (10 days ago)
I’m surprised FedEx wanted to be in this film, considering all the events that occur can be considered there fault.
Shadow (12 days ago)
If you catch the condinsation from boiled salt water you can drink it
BornToRunBarefoot (12 days ago)
FedEx did not pay to be featured in this movie. As Director Robert Zemeckis stated, “There was absolutely no product placement. We weren’t paid by anybody to place products in the movie. I did that in the past, and it wasn’t worth the little bit of money that they give you, because then you end up with another creative partner, which you don’t need.”
7shadow1man (13 days ago)
when i had a ps2 back in the day there was a cheat disk i had that reviled what was in the package, it was a satellite radio phone
Mike Rodriguez (14 days ago)
Sankii Sadhoo (14 days ago)
You have a keen eye.....I'll give you that. It is entertaining what you are showcasing. You are so leechy!!....
Sankii Sadhoo (14 days ago)
You have a keen eye.....I'll give you that. It is entertaining what you are showcasing. You are so leechy!!....
James Baugh (15 days ago)
Is this the most sins you've *removed*?
stretchwith (15 days ago)
BOO! You seem to just need something to complain about.
Berke Beenhouwer (16 days ago)
This is by far the most utterly nonsense in 14 minutes or less. Your channel sucks, out.
Kenneth Lindahl (16 days ago)
how about the fact they have a at oldest a 97 jeep cherokee in 95 one sin ..but you mentioned joe vs the volcano so one off
Lee Ren Ni (16 days ago)
too much talking just enjoy the movie..
Keyser Sozie (17 days ago)
After all that she could have given him a blowjob. That doesn't count as sex. And 4 years, She didn't waste anytime getting married again.
JSamOfficial x (17 days ago)
Speaking of Tom Hanks, have y'all sinned Sully?
Camille Prevost (18 days ago)
Mystery blood flight sentiment both sake comedy threaten nurse tire.
Joe Hanick (18 days ago)
forgot to mention his wifes nzme is rita WILSON
Choff C (18 days ago)
Movie Sucked I agree
CruelWorldVids (19 days ago)
Just look at his stupid ass here 4:15, he doesn't think you can distill salt water lol.
Rahul Verma (19 days ago)
nice movie
Duckykentucky (19 days ago)
The only fing u cant sin is spongebob squarepants out if water
Dasvigo Morgan (20 days ago)
The box he did not open had a satellite phone in it but they cut it from the ending.
Johnny Shields (21 days ago)
I would have preferred an over the top beginning played to music al la james bond or pretentious comic movies. Why is the exposition dump of trophies family photos and other shit falling out of a mail plane? Who gives a shit it saved 20 minutes.
Druid Riley (21 days ago)
It took 4 weeks because the cont ship was in the middle of the fucking Pacific Ocean. It ain't going 500 mph. No helicopter can reach them that far out to sea. So unless Hanks was dying, they weren't going to even try to get him help. Their onboard medic would treat him and he was just going to ride along with them to their destination taking anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to get to there and then he probably then needed some rehabilitation. Not a sin.
hater get lost (21 days ago)
Watching this movie in my health class
Lucatdat (21 days ago)
Maybe you shouldn't watch movies anymore, fiction is not for everyone
Andrew Fenn (22 days ago)
Your an idiot
starrystarrynight52 (22 days ago)
Thank you Cinema Sins, I hated this movie. I couldn't get anyone to agree with my criticisms of this movie until now =)
ickess (22 days ago)
I used to work for ups. We were told that ups turned it down. Worried about bad publicity.
Shan K. (22 days ago)
It's a work of fiction and entertainment pendejo
LadyClassical (23 days ago)
I got freaked out by this movie SOOO much as a kid! The volleyball part especially!
Amanda Seilhammer (24 days ago)
I tried watching this movie once. It was so boring I couldn’t even make it to the end of the movie.
TheErciyaslar (25 days ago)
Actually, Fedex didnt pay anything i believe. They also didnt get any credit.
Eli August (25 days ago)
This channel is born of negativity. Ugh. I rarely ever comment, but damn, ya'll are exhausting.
Cutie pie 2000 (26 days ago)
4:31 Also, what the hell is he even yelling at? Save your breath, dude! Jesus!
Matias Ahuanari (26 days ago)
Bartley Norman (28 days ago)
God does NOT like His name in vain. You're an idiot who needs a Savior. Jesus is the answer. I think you are incorrect on your assessment of this film. You just wanted clicks and try to get paid for your dribble.
Kyler Janovec (1 month ago)
You can boil saltwater and make freshwater but you have to catch the condensation
Nick Peronace (1 month ago)
Had to stop watching. Your points make zero sense and you are incredibly annoying.
M I S T E R G R A Y (1 month ago)
He should have opened the last package and been mentally unstable when he came back.
Jack NeXuS (1 month ago)
your just making yourself look stupid with your commentary. its an utter waist of my time!
Pinkie Pinkster (1 month ago)
I hated this movie and all the Fed ex commercials.
Killa Kiaba (1 month ago)
The Survival Rules of 3 You can survive three minutes of severe bleeding, without breathable air (unconsciousness generally occurs), or in icy water. You can survive three hours in a harsh environment (extreme heat or cold). You can survive three days without drinkable water. You can survive three weeks without edible food.
Twisted Nut Brothers (1 month ago)
This movie is great shut the actual fuck up
NuclearBullet16 (1 month ago)
Also how does he remember how to drive after being trapped on the island for so long??????? Love the movie though!
Bryan Tann (1 month ago)
I'm with Roger Kincaid, I DARE YOU to sin Shawshank Redemption. I will also raise you one. I double DOG DARE you to Sin The Godfather.
Spin Apex (1 month ago)
CinemaSins - The Money Pit - out in back (of the house), whizzing while standing near the faulty statue-fountain expressly sculpted for the purpose of setting-up yet another (a la Green Mile) enlarged prostate gag. (Rolls eyes.) Great work on this. Thanks so much.
John Bowerman (1 month ago)
Why is the guy cheating on his somewhat hot wife in Texas in Russia? (that actress is dead, btw).
ZEC (1 month ago)
Wilson still making me cry in 2018
Comment Comment (1 month ago)
Dude you don’t know a single thing about what makes a movie great and you don’t know a single thing about survival
Comment Comment (1 month ago)
FYI you can boil salt water to make it drinkable.... Don’t judge the movie’s survival aspect if you wouldn’t be able to survive for 2 days out in the wilderness
Saif Saif (1 month ago)
You're too chatty in this video, and your description of issues drag on as well. Youtube sin for you.
You talk way to fast
-houdini- (1 month ago)
That movie is awesome. Your videos suck
Ahmad Ghosheh (1 month ago)
If he was declared legally dead it would be freaking next to impossible to get through the paperwork, red tape and dealing with the government to establish he is not dead. It will take him years to do that.
mudkat85 (1 month ago)
Ahmad Ghosheh I totally agree with you on that
Zach Neice (1 month ago)
Swing and a miss, not entertaining
without a name (1 month ago)
LMAO ,I'm surprised a Megalodon doesn't eat him before he gets to shore 😂😂😂😂
Ripptyde64 (1 month ago)
had to stop watching at precisely 2:55 because of the incredibly annoying narrator.
fortlata5 (1 month ago)
You scrub, toy story is an animated movie ass hole
Jacksonville Sgt (1 month ago)
Mother fucking mother nature making such a useless evolution
Monique Van (1 month ago)
Do meg
John K Lindgren (1 month ago)
*”Product Placement” is the word. Bangkok-Johnnie CarSanook Media THAILANDE*
Michael Rooth (1 month ago)
I couldn't watch this.
Aldon Smith (1 month ago)
What the fuck? I thought I was the only one who cried over a Volleyball.
Heinzkitz Velvet (1 month ago)
The first thing you said was wrong. 28 seconds in and I don't wanna see nothing else if you can't even get your first statement right. Fed Ex didn't out big UPS for product placement. The entire goddamn movie was one gigantic Fed Ex commercial. Paid for 100% by Fed Ex. Wtf are you talking about UPS?
joe smith (1 month ago)
U have to slow this guy down to make sense. Slow it down to 0.75
Hose Climbing (1 month ago)
+sin, there can't be AWFUL lot of rock climbing
Chuckles Nuts (1 month ago)
Blackfang 420 (1 month ago)
Everything wrong pulp fiction
wiseguy100 (1 month ago)
The package he held on to, to be delivered upon (hopefully) returning...contained a working satellite phone with many spare, full batteries.
If this is true half of this movie might not have happened(in movie land of course)
Druid Riley (21 days ago)
That's what the director said was in the package. I hope he was joking.
Nick worster (1 month ago)
I can guarantee this narrator has no friends
San R (1 month ago)
Find a friend who treats you the same way Tom Hanks treats Wilson.
Trey Cain (1 month ago)
The Titans reference hurts me every time
C Patton (1 month ago)
This guys voice and delivery is really annoying.
This guy's voice is really annoying.
Then make like a banana and split
Sam Haas (1 month ago)
According to IMDB, FedEx did NOT pay for a product placement in this movie, and were initially reluctant to have their brand shown in a negative way (the plane crash of a FedEx plane).

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