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Everything Wrong With Cast Away In 14 Minutes Or Less

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Look what I have created! I... have found... SINS!! Here are all the sins we found in Tom Hanks' Cast Away. Thursday: Family-friendly sins. Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?! Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/cinemasins Sins Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c4is-w&list=PLMWfZxj1nTkQBy4AeRGG4xH5d2IIApNPj Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasins Reddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasins Tumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.com Call us: 405-459-7466 Jeremy's book: http://theablesbook.com
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Text Comments (4988)
Lightupthe Darkness (3 hours ago)
You are bitching about stupid shit
Hunter Cook (4 hours ago)
It wasnt his first day when everyone abandoned him in a hotel room, it was four weeks after he was discovered at sea as you clearly missed during the "Four Weeks Later" cutaway
Sir Globs Alot (7 hours ago)
That package had a solar powered, water proof GPS cell phone.
TonesTheGeek (7 hours ago)
Sin#72 I imagine he spent those 4 weeks after he was rescued in a hospital and spoke to at least one or two psychiatrists before he was deemed healthy enough to return home. Plus the guy was used to being alone for four years, what's 8 hours?
nsmcgirt (7 hours ago)
This movie sucks
oogrooq (7 hours ago)
Most annoying voice on youtube.
Jennifer Woolridge (8 hours ago)
One of my fav movies and one of my fav actors ❤❤❤
J Mo (8 hours ago)
90% of this is nitpicky bullshit You wouldn't have a movie if you cut all that stuff
WhatIFindInteresting (8 hours ago)
Because a large portion of the movie has no other people but Tom Hanks, no music, I would argue the opening scenes of simple talking were indeed important to the telling of this story. It's the minor conversations, the everyday life stuff that you would no longer have on the island, to better emphasize the loneliness and solitude of his then existence
little rugrat (8 hours ago)
"He ends up sad as f*ck. Like me. I hate you." God damn ain't that the story of my life.
damitzdesign (8 hours ago)
How about a sin that his nails were short the whole movie? Did one of those packages have clippers?
Dario Impini (10 hours ago)
You missed a couple. 1) There's no way a jet engine is running with a mouthful of water. 2) There's no way it survives intact to continue running after crashing into stormy seas. 3) There's no way it "runs away" and explodes being dunked in the water like that. As noted in point 1, it's not even running let alone "running away" to the point of explosion.
Astral Belt (11 hours ago)
there's nothing wrong with Cast Away
DoubleStandards 4Enemies (11 hours ago)
this guy is too critical and uptight
Sleepless Study Club (11 hours ago)
Please can you do everything wrong with the shawshank redemption?
Patrick Baptist (11 hours ago)
Stupid lame ass channel.
Lynn Roberts (11 hours ago)
#1a. can easily start fire with the lens/glass of the flashlight.
Lynn Roberts (12 hours ago)
#1 he would not write HELP. international distress signal: SOS. lol, sailor?
Luke Hedlund (12 hours ago)
Miles Teg (12 hours ago)
You know I got to 50 and don't agree with ONE of your sins.
DepriverOfSouls (12 hours ago)
All I hear is a lot of complaining about a good movie. You disappoint me, "CinemaSins ".
kyle glasco (12 hours ago)
if you boil sea water and catch it in a rag or palm fronds that have been beet fine or the clothing you have on you have clean water you can drink.sin removed
MrMagee78 (13 hours ago)
this movie was still great I don't care! lol
suspiciously official (14 hours ago)
These videos are trash. Just enjoy the movie fuck face.
Rickarama Trama (14 hours ago)
This was hilarious~!!! What a performance~!! Thanks for uploading this gem. Pat yourself on the back repeatedly and thanks very much.
TheRapie (14 hours ago)
why did you fasten up your voice?
Lazarus Magellan (14 hours ago)
7:23 hand drill*
TheJetman968 (15 hours ago)
Your review is dumb.
Brian Riback (15 hours ago)
Man you need a hobby.
Jeff Conrad (15 hours ago)
By the way.... the CinemaSins guy is also a liberal little race-baiting bitch! The only video of his I ever watched was about "Days of Thunder" and he starts out by saying "they give 20 minutes to a Confederate flag waving in the wind at the beginning.. well that's just racist" When you're dealing with an idiot he have to just ignore him... assholes like him will never understand that flag is about patriotism to all the men who died in that war... not about racism!
Jeff Conrad (15 hours ago)
This CinemaSins jagoff needs to get a life, find a girlfriend, move out of his mother's basement and find something positive in life! There are better things besides sitting around picking apart movies that are made by people 50 times as smart as him and also 500 times as rich as him with actors who have a life,unlike this loser! These movies make a lot of money so Mister CinemaSins.... shut the fuck up and get a life....you make me sick! Fucking sanctimonious dickhead! Try examing your own life, bet you could find 50 things wrong with yours in 2 minutes scumbag!
USAV3T (16 hours ago)
wasn't the guy she married his dentist, Dr. Spalding?
Clan Symbiont (16 hours ago)
Nothing wrong with Cast Away
DrPsychedelic (16 hours ago)
swearing makes you sound so cool
Mr2at (17 hours ago)
Predator noise at the end had me in stitches.
pewpeat (18 hours ago)
did u even watch the movie? 3 minutes of jokes about the unopened package, and you miss that its a damn first aid kit
Evan Kowala (19 hours ago)
James Rigal (20 hours ago)
Very very funny! I really liked the movie but I couldn't agree more with your sins lol.
Roland (20 hours ago)
this review is pretty bs
Rhuludian (20 hours ago)
I worked for UPS around the time of cast away's release, and we had training to teach us what to do in case of a bomb threat. Anyway the guy who did the course was a senior safety adviser and he told us that UPS was asked first but when they read the script and found out that the plane would crash in the movie they turned down the offer. They thought it would have a negative impact for the public to see one of their planes go down. As it turned out this actually had the opposite affect for Fedex and helped them improve sales.
cityofchamps66 (20 hours ago)
The moment he learned to make fire, he should have burned the island down, movie would have lasted about 80 mins
Kabir Maindarkar (20 hours ago)
FedEx actually didn't pay anything at all for the product placement.
Oliver Guzowski (22 hours ago)
Ok this is epic
c (22 hours ago)
why is this "14 minutes or less" video 15 minutes long...
Dino (16 hours ago)
The sin timer is 14 minutes or less, not the whole video.
The Soviet Bear (22 hours ago)
You took the US mail joke too literally.
Johnny Bobcat (23 hours ago)
14:08 it’s a what? WHAT IS IT?!?!?
PEH 2 (1 day ago)
Castaway was a great film. He makes a few valid points but a majority of sins were not sins but acceptable elements to a well told story built on the foundation of survival. I loved this film and the scene in the hotel room holding with tom hanks holding ice and touting us to "keep breathing" inspired me during my darkest hours.
negromermaid 420 (1 day ago)
Helen Hunt is it.
Fishy Fisher Tarkov (1 day ago)
You forget the ice skates that wont fit the persons foot who ordered it
Bill Frazer (1 day ago)
Cinema sins, sin at 4:47 bad Jerry Lewis voice attempt.
Jason Outdoors (1 day ago)
7:23 You said bow-drill f**kery but it’s actually a hand drill sooooo
Ethan Schellenberg (1 day ago)
Ur a nonfactual ranting cuck .
Devbo Slice (1 day ago)
Talk about a big long commercial. Fed ex, Wilson, matson, McDonald Douglas, Elvis, Sony, Jeep, ice, Pacific life, GESeaco, along with many other brands that I forget because I have not watched this movie in a year. God damn. Surprised they didn't use Doritos, Pepsi, or Taco Bell.
RetroGirlPlays (1 day ago)
I loved this move. sure every movie has things wrong with them. But I still like this one.
mr Brown (1 day ago)
The real guy who this movie is based on worked for Fed-Fucking-Ex! I can save everyone wasting their time watching this video... 'Everything wrong with castaway - Nothing,' Job Done.
Franklin McKinley (1 day ago)
So how many movies have you made
J Lock (1 day ago)
Who the fuck cares that an actual shipping company is used in the movie? Are people that sensitive to real brand names? If it was a made up one then it makes the movie less realistic. Kinda like those fake news organizations like GNN or something. SILLY!
Poul Boghede (1 day ago)
Cast Away sucks just like the snowflake Tom Hanks.
An potato (1 day ago)
Who tf do you think you are judging cast away.
Zack Soyer (1 day ago)
Best FedEx commercial EVER!
Zeik Ashraph (1 day ago)
You should totally do Forest Gump
Ryan Sherman (1 day ago)
Someone should do an "Everything wrong with this video about what's wrong with Cast Away." The island vs search area size criticism would only make sense if that was the only island. Why he didn't open the box is obvious, as was the heavy-handed point of the flashlight---you really don't get it? Finally, the belt! The belt on the dead guy! Didn't you notice he left the belt on the corpse?!
Joseph Foran (1 day ago)
Very nicely done :). Nolan Ryan with radar correction would've thrown a 108.5 mph fastball.
True Investors (1 day ago)
Do tales from the crypt demon night.
15:06 minutes of blab and waste. I loved the movie and this was bullshizzle.
Ian Thomas Thomas (1 day ago)
I love this movie. Your analysis sucks.
Joseph Gallagher (1 day ago)
I still don't understand the final scene.
Dev (1 day ago)
Too much swearing. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Why not use the name of Buddha or Mohamed or Allah as a swear word? Otherwise, you did somehow​ manage to point out the flaws.
James Medina (1 day ago)
good film...but a shit youtube video.
You're really reaching here. Hardly any of these are sins.
Dietrich Cheney (1 day ago)
fuck you
john doe (1 day ago)
I just realized this whole channel is about being salty, not true "cinema sins". Just say you didn't like the movie lol. But of course the background of relationships and high paced life in the beginning is supposed to contrast with the raw survival and aloneness that follows for the rest of the movie. It sets the stage for why he's able to survive and his motivation for needing to live instead of killing himself as he attempts to do. It's over a 2 hour movie and you think 20 minutes of setting the background up is too much? Fuck dude. I was hoping for more actual criticism like shitty camera positions, lack of continuity, or plot inconsistencies. But this is just nitpicking for enough content to amuse a YouTube audience long enough for adsense, oddly the same complaint made against the beginning relating to FedEx.
Mitch Seward (1 day ago)
the fact that you didnt play that moana song at the end makes me angry. +sin
IRON SQUADRON (1 day ago)
RIP Wilson
Koala Nectar (1 day ago)
You seem to completely "gloss over" the fact that after an insane mega-disaster like crashing in a plane and washing up on a desert island, this guy might not be thinking as optimally as he usually would. I think I'm gonna start a video series about the sins with your sins videos.
Koala Nectar (1 day ago)
Seriously so many of these sins are just so shitty and flimsy. I agree with maybe 10% of it. And I've liked a lot of your other videos, but so many of these are just insanely subjective and nitpicky.
Koala Nectar (1 day ago)
The Fedex product placement gripe is kind of weak. Who cares if it's fedex? They are a real company. It's MUCH better that they used fedex, or UPS, than some generic fictitious movie version of them. Not to mention, the Fedex plane CRASHES. That's not exactly flattering product placement. I think a lot of these "sins" are just you reading way too much into these things.
Monk Abrahms (1 day ago)
Language not necessary..
Wow...a meth-head narrator. Dude, lay off the meth and SLOW DOWN!
pw (1 day ago)
6:10 there is light from a ship
Colten Dixon (1 day ago)
Your annoying
Matthew Wakamatsu (1 day ago)
you can take salt water, boil it, and make it potable. You just have to capture the steam.
David Shelp (1 day ago)
You must right for the DNC.  You are the jackass.
clockwork org (1 day ago)
What they also did wrong , they should have casted Pee Wee Herman instead of Tom Hanks now that would have been cool !
classycynic1 (1 day ago)
It's a great movie in all regards
4:20 well actually you can boil water and make it drinkable if you can distill the vapor. I'm adding a sin to this video
drashfield (1 day ago)
We don’t care what get on your nerve stupid narrator
David Guzer (1 day ago)
What are you talking about glossing over pottable water, it makes great emphasis on him being insanely thirsty and fighting for water with his coconut frustration and angry at how little he gets from all the work
Near November (1 day ago)
A lot of unnecessary things were pointed out. The narrator obviously has issues with movies and has to have everything perfect at all times. Cast away was a great movie despite the tiny flaws it had.
Cody Wild (1 day ago)
I went to the island it was filmed on in Fiji because they do day trips there.
gamarada bamal (1 day ago)
Would he still have a valid license after 4 years
Yer Maw (2 days ago)
Not sure if anyone has told you, but you didn't keep it 14 minutes or less. Kinda ruins you concept if you don't stick to it
Max Covfefe (2 days ago)
About sinning logos... Here's my rule of thumb: back in my customer service days, 1 minute was "too long" to keep someone on hold. There it is. They have 1 minute to get through their logos, or I'm gonna fast forward to the movie.
Steven Crisp (2 days ago)
In all of these videos, he just names every event of the movie, adds a ding sound, and marks the counter up, nothing in any of his videos is actually wrong with any of the movies
jack jones (2 days ago)
OMG! The biggest sin wasnt even mentioned...after years of sunburns, his skin would've been shredded wheat! Yet 4 weeks later, his skin is perfect!
Andy Von (2 days ago)
So you don't have a life. So you don't like the movie. We get it.
Austin Martin (2 days ago)
these are not plot holes, these are just things that annoy you
123spleege (2 days ago)
what a waste of time. Just a bunch of blathers and impressions. CinemaSins........who gives a shit?
Chris Nolin (2 days ago)
I hated that he buried the guy in his clothes. He didn't strip those off to re-purpose them.
Joseph Pellerito (2 days ago)
You sick

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