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G.I. Jory: The Rise of Cobra

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The song is "Sharkbite" by Crushed Out Find them online at http://CrushedOutMusic.com I went to a small village of Christians today... Because they are an extreme minority in this area they are persecuted. They have nothing and so have to resort to whatever work they can find. Many of the men travel many km to find and catch deadly cobra snakes and sell them to make a living. A few men will leave for a day or two and return with one, two, sometimes no snakes. For the extremely risky work they make ~$2 a snake... You can see why they are extremely poor. Add to the risk of being bitten by a snake and dying because Bangladesh has placed the cobra on a protected animal list what they do is illegal... Be thankful for the job you think is shitty because there is far, far worse... This is part of my Bangladesh trip. I went to Bangladesh for 3 months to document the building of a school with Shawn (Uncultured Project). If you want to learn more about that project if you use the link below to his youtube channel all the details are there. The majority of the trip on this channel is cell phone videos of certain moments... If you like this video please Subscribe, Comment, Rate, Favorite, and tell your friends. Find me on... Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Jory_Caron Facebook: http://Jorycaron.com/fb Find Shawn at: Youtube: http://youtube.com/up Twitter: http://twitter.com/uncultured
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Text Comments (48)
Burgus (6 years ago)
This snake is too tired to strike, Its been in a box on a not so sunny so it's body temperature is low meaning the blood is not moving or acting as fast. You see when the snake man is "flashing" (i don't know the appropriate word) his clothing to the snake it barley move or makes a sound. But yes, grabbing the head is the best way to grab it but only when your trying to incapacitate it, and my theory is that he was probably showing it (and his massive skills) off to Jory and his camera.
Samantha Jones (6 years ago)
i would be screaming XD YOUR SO BRAVE!
brazilman14 (6 years ago)
kopsd \
Nicole M (6 years ago)
pretty sure youre adorable. dont get strangled by a snake please. lol
TheAwakening (6 years ago)
I'm putting you on my featured channels list. Oh, and I just subbed. ;]
AdmiralSpeedy (6 years ago)
I'll be unsubbing shortly if a video isn't posted soon.
AndreaPrime101 (6 years ago)
I would have been petrified by the cobra coming out like that.
paulmedley (6 years ago)
Didn't he come back Christmas Eve?
Quantum Designs (6 years ago)
Anybody notice that he hasnt uploaded a video in 3 weeks? :/
sonofdeath456 (6 years ago)
you grab the end of the tail to distract it then quickly get it's head. the snake really can't do much if you grab it by the tip of its tail
Jogwheel (6 years ago)
Why would the charmer want to bring attention *to* his crotch? That's the most valuable part of the body!
koowasha (6 years ago)
If fangs are not removed, these snakes are very venomous, can kill humans. Nice video.
I think he was a pokemon trainer, and that snake... was his Abrok, and thats why it didnt attack :D
jennieg789 (6 years ago)
OMG Jory ... crazy but so very cool! Are you almost done there? Your dad says a few more weeks? All the best from Canada!
i just realized that you look so much like your dad
fiveironfrenzy13 (6 years ago)
I'm so confused... you were always the guy microwaving things?... and now your in Bangladesh..??
DevilHorns94 (6 years ago)
Ladies!!! 8====================D ;)
Kevin Martin (6 years ago)
Now I want to know the science/information behind snake charming. That was epic!
CatotheCensor1 (6 years ago)
There will be a slight pause while I express my feelings about snakes. (EEEEEEEEEEEK!) We now return you to your regularly schedualed video, alreadyin progress.
kkkennedykk (6 years ago)
pass auf pass auf pass auf pass auf, fick die HÖLLE? ;D
Libratarot (6 years ago)
nice scarf :)
Janet LaCava (6 years ago)
lisa miller (6 years ago)
interesting. i would be scared as hell to touch that thing. From microwaves to snakes, you have some serious balls.
Wayne Yooktz (6 years ago)
This makes me love you even more <3
Jory (6 years ago)
wanna touch dinks?
Jory (6 years ago)
how many snakes have you caught? he's caught dozens... I'm all for watching the discovery channel too... but seriously... he did this for a living...
Jory (6 years ago)
looks like a renaming situation is in order... :)
Yaara Ben-Dor (6 years ago)
That's a cute scarf, babe..
AdmiralSpeedy (6 years ago)
Lol the dude was grabbing from the tail end... that's like the worst spot to grab a snake. You're supposed to grab them from just under the head so theg can't strike.
shortsillynerdgirl (6 years ago)
That was really neat, though I'm kind of glad I didn't experience it in person. I don't mind snakes in general, but I'd rather avoid the ones that could seriously hurt me.
Wayne Yooktz (6 years ago)
How could you NOT name this "G.I. Jory: The Rise of Cobra"? Just how? :/
Aaron Cameron (6 years ago)
so when will you be in the states again? out of curiosity.
CountitallJoi (6 years ago)
Daw snakes are so Cute I love them!!!!!!
LonerlRelnol (6 years ago)
cool necklace. where'd you get it?
AmericanHothead (6 years ago)
GO JOE...ree
Shaun Pack (6 years ago)
That is NOT on my bucket list!
amandam7777 (6 years ago)
You apparently haven't been watching his videos or read the description
Lymice (6 years ago)
Oh, snakie ~ It was so nice to see you Jory :) I really missed hearing your voice!
David W. (6 years ago)
oh and here I was going to take a screenshot and add a note that says "damn my balls so sweaty and itching up a storm!"
David W. (6 years ago)
I heard a lot of the charmers remove the fangs, and or sew the cobra's mouth shut so they can't do any harm to the charmer or people watching... kind of takes the thrill away in my opinion...
David W. (6 years ago)
Why don't you read video descriptions?
MiserablerHurensohn (6 years ago)
These are the same guys that collect rats nests to harvest the rice grains that the rats gather up?
MrOttuh (6 years ago)
You must be new here.
DTITATE (6 years ago)
Do you ever get the 'Put the snake back in the box right now' feeling?
Max Wallace (6 years ago)
Your titles aren't in all caps and that's a reason why I love you and your dink.
FaxBearMax (6 years ago)
i shall take this time to announce that im watching this instead of doing homework. WORTH IT
FaxBearMax (6 years ago)
wow, 1 view never have i seen this
Jory (6 years ago)
Don't worry he's not shaking his dick... The "skirt" he keeps shaking at the cobra is called a Lungi... he shakes it to rile the snake up as well as keep its attention... at least that's what they want us to believe...

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