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Why we choke under pressure -- and how to avoid it | Sian Leah Beilock

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When the pressure is on, why do we sometimes fail to live up to our potential? Cognitive scientist and Barnard College president Sian Leah Beilock reveals what happens in your brain and body when you choke in stressful situations, sharing psychological tools that can help you perform at your best when it matters most. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (218)
Ardeshir Afshari (4 days ago)
That makes so much sense
love king (20 days ago)
Same that happen to me in math exam
Kapil Yadav (25 days ago)
1.Don't think just do it 2.Practice as much as you can 3.Can't find anyone to listen do it in front of mirror or camera 4.Write down your thoughts and worries in a paper just before the situation 5.Make a comfortable environment 6.Overcome your fear
TTH_ WaCa (1 month ago)
This video would have taken 10 min, but noo... its feels like “Some..times...we.....worry....”. Speed it up to 1.25 or 1.5x by the way. Helps you save time
SlayingRite (1 month ago)
"oh boy do i know that feeling" IM DYING
The Edifice Complex (3 months ago)
Tell that to someone with social anxiety or even general anxiety..." 420 baby and let it 𝙧𝙞𝙙𝙚." no pesky mental locks.. Aaah. 😎
Robin Lundqvist (4 months ago)
I don’t have social anxiety but this just happens when I get too exited, when I’m about to score a goal, I just get this rush of energy and forget my plan.
Weak1987 (4 months ago)
It seems lately TED-talks have been focusing on women and empovering women. Annoying. This channel should be about science(and related) and not about feminist agenda.
Avi.P (4 months ago)
This was painful to watch
Gregg Everman (5 months ago)
Good talk. I’m commentor number 200!
Kuzma1253 (5 months ago)
I wish I didn’t watch this talk, darn :)
Danny Al-Haoui (5 months ago)
That went very nerdy pretty quickly
Howard Cohen (5 months ago)
I recently had my music students write down their pesky thoughts at a music festival spending a lot of time talking about each of them. We gathered before the concert that afternoon and after reading the written-down fears aloud (in three languages) WE BURNED THE PAPER. I can barely describe how freeing this was for ME. We danced around the small fire, joked about the thoughts (joke, not choke), promised ourselves not to let these thoughts back in. The concert was beautiful.
Tuấn Cao (5 months ago)
i have a dream big,but i don't can play it,i head me will dose it i whoul like to my car,but i no money,i will by have it,yes I can do it
Milos Tomic (6 months ago)
She's choking rn 🤔
Shoqstar (6 months ago)
All the fortnite fanatics here trying to stay calm in the final circle
Ephemeral Q. (6 months ago)
How to avoid it: Don't choke.
Sonu Roy (6 months ago)
So, why MS DHONI perform better under pressure?
Rohit Goswami (6 months ago)
냥코 (6 months ago)
This video is an interesting subject, but the main conclusion of TED Talk is very simple. When everything is stressed, you have to avoid stress and make efforts. However, it is not easy to get rid of the stress once it is in a bad situation, but we have to try.
Jack Thorpe (6 months ago)
4:32 System failure.exe
Jorge A. Garza V (6 months ago)
When I clicked on ted.com link in the description, it went to a "don't go page" with a gray link saying go to link and a solid blue rectangle button saying go back to youtube, I think that's confusing to users, 'cos I klicked automatically on the blue button and unfair to Ted producers.
Idwarn (6 months ago)
It’s not soccer! It’s football agrrr
red watch (6 months ago)
One of my favorite talks.
srishti dutt (6 months ago)
Also you can look up to some amazing talks on TED here its like I would recommend these too https://yourdailywire.com/11-most-inspiring-ted-talks-youtube-videos/
K 2 (6 months ago)
This talk took a turn that I wasn't expecting. Sorry. But I take with a grain of salt an athelete who says she found out she learned best by being in a group and competing for the answers. Lol duh. That actually makes perfect sense. Surprised you weren't already in a study group.
ImJustDead (6 months ago)
Champions league final 2018 - Liverpool goalie chocked as well, its okay! :)
Aaryan (6 months ago)
8 mile! Anyone? Rabbit and Papa Doc
Chunk Light (6 months ago)
J.R Smith should watch this
I'm starting to believe that the group of negative comentators and thumbs down when women made the talk and, even if slightly, touched a feminist subject was really all bots from the 2016 election. Wow. It's like a completely different atmosphere now in TED videos. Much less toxic.
Brandy Wasay (6 months ago)
I really loved Math because I was lazy to study ... all I needed to do was listen attentively in class and understand the theorems... there are only so few theorems compared to memorizing History .... historical names , dates, and places . So my worst subject was History... and any other subject that required mainly memorizing words, names, places, dates, etc
#seslu (6 months ago)
when your squad dies and your the last one left
Seeyay (6 months ago)
Good one.
Xingxing Mo (6 months ago)
i love maths😂😂😂i hate English now
beach life (6 months ago)
If you repeat the same word in your head over and over, you are not able to think.
Paige -Low Key- (6 months ago)
lol figure skating is constant choking for me its all u all the time constant perfection
Gojira (6 months ago)
this bish ugly
Gojira (6 months ago)
cause ima dbag sitting behind a computer
tunebros2 (6 months ago)
Why would you say that?
Amando Ocampo (6 months ago)
Tom Callaghan (6 months ago)
so Nike was right ... just do it!
duy (6 months ago)
TL;DW Practice under stress
adam nunez (6 months ago)
At 1.5x speed she talks at the same rate as normal Ben Shapiro
김수림 (6 months ago)
easy to hear and easy to understand, interesting contents
Misterlivs (6 months ago)
Over 90% of elementary school teachers are female... sexism totally overlooked.
David Wood (6 months ago)
used no mind as in Marshall arts your unconscious mind know the way
h (6 months ago)
Fierfek1972 (6 months ago)
My fear of maths stems from poor teaching practices. If I didn't understand something, I was shouted at and made to do more of the thing I didn't understand. When the penny finally dropped, no thanks to my teachers, or my parents really, I was given something else I didn't understand, shouted at and punished for not understanding that instead. To this day I have a visceral fear of maths and I still don't understand as much as I should, I work with 8 year olds who surpass my abilities, which hurts, and deepens my anger and resentment of 80's "one size fits all" teaching. fortunately, schools have learned a lot in the last 30 years.
Brandon_AC (3 months ago)
Omar G Yeah. Get all A’s except for one F and you’re a failure.
David Moloney (6 months ago)
No one cares about womens soccer so you didnt miss out on anything.
Eve ill Anderson (6 months ago)
because we're babied as children and have no ability to improvise or think critically
dreaminginnoother (6 months ago)
this is why i have to drink to excess to talk to women.
pibadar (6 months ago)
experience. the mother of confidence.
Random Stuff (6 months ago)
That math thing is absolutely correct. My father was never good at maths and he would always say how he struggled during his school days in maths. This got in my mind and I started struggling in maths I am good in high school maths but when it comes to elementary maths I still suck at it.
Rolroorlo (6 months ago)
Great Talk
Geoffrey James Amio (6 months ago)
So basically she is explaining ultra instinct?
NFL DNA (6 months ago)
I may have to stop but pressure on myself to do great and just strive to do great
s13n1 (6 months ago)
Some good tips for archers.
LinZy AZ (6 months ago)
I think this concept can be used in therapy for people w/ PTSD & CPTSD. Especially when it has accumulated into a fear of failure bc shame from getting your life back on track combined w/ lack of understanding from those around u. Maybe that is why EDMR therapy seems to be so successful w/ trauma recovery therapy. Very very good talk. Made me think about many possible cognitive connections. I can relate to this concept so much it is ridiculous! Pressure is like kryptonite to me.
Vegeta (6 months ago)
I work better under pressure....
Philip Hernandez (6 months ago)
Looks like a fat sara Silverman
timduncankobebryant (6 months ago)
someone send this to morata quick!
Vic T (6 months ago)
Never felt this before in my life
Joseph is Awesome (6 months ago)
Send this to FaZe or team liquid
john smith (6 months ago)
It a really scary to be in a situation and just freeze. As a child my niece jumped into the deep end of the pool and sank like a rock. My sister froze not even screaming so I dove in after her. Not exactly choking but when we get overloaded like that we tend to mess up even basic tasks.
Novabow John Mivule (6 months ago)
For some reason, I'm almost always calm in uncomfortable situations. I wounder why?
Gabrijel Ozimec (6 months ago)
And now she has scoliosis, just because that one moment.
Bruce Ruttan (6 months ago)
What bothers me most about these kind of talks is they go on and on and on without even starting in on the magical discovery until the sad reader has wasted ten minutes! Her answer is; trust your autopilot and have fun.
Patrik Blommaskog (6 months ago)
Not quite. It is more that in order to be able to rely on your autopilot for unimportant stuff so that you can spend your focus on the important matter, you need to make sure that the actual conditions get programmed into the autopilot.
shrekislove1289 (6 months ago)
Lol this was recommended to me immediately after watching Conor vs Khabib
Alpha Strength (6 months ago)
We choke mostly because of not breathing deep enough, this is the problem, we go to gym and train the front side of the body forgetting that the back side will pull you back and you get fucked up position, that is why most of the time I try to stretch the front side and to work the back side
343Films (6 months ago)
There's a fuckload of thesis's here...
Puglosipher (6 months ago)
Play at x2 speed. Ur welcome:)
pravin khude (6 months ago)
Perfect research, many watching this video would recollect their choking moment. I did the same. But, Math doesn't scare me at all. This research is amazing if not convincing to most, at least we would not discourage our children with the thing we are scared of.
David Kamer (6 months ago)
These are some really interesting observations but why are the solutions always "we shouldn't do x" instead of focusing how to teach something more to improve our ability to cope. It's futile to attempt to force people to "behave" to your standards. Instead give the children the tools needed to cope with negative external stimuli. Look at Asian culture in countries like Japan. Women are definitely not looked at in the way that western society wants us to look at women, however they are much better at sciences. This is because they have a stoic like approach to life. A barbie saying "Math is hard" in our culture is "Oh man, guess I'll suck then because it's better to give up" instead of "Wow, probably but I can't control the difficulty. I can only control my actions so I should put effort in" which makes them even better at math than someone who just likes it.
David Kamer (6 months ago)
So basically self hypnosis lol.
Aldo Leyva (6 months ago)
Tony Romo definitely would need this Ted Talk
Alex (6 months ago)
i got nervous when she said the coach was watching her, i never even played Soccer. Calm down Alex.
Kerri R (6 months ago)
This is helping me cope with a commemorative speech tomorrow in my Public Speaking class tomorrow.
Nekoback (6 months ago)
Ultra instinct in a nutcell
Paul Grigor (6 months ago)
I get a memory loss every now & again & I have to apply something similar to the narrative. Now I'm more aware of what I was doing it for & feel a new construct to go by thanks TED 🐻 😂
Vazazell (6 months ago)
Why would i fall on the stairs though? That's just mindfulness
Chaiwat Jeenjua (6 months ago)
Set the speed to 1.25x. Thank me later.
Jesse B. (3 days ago)
Maybe increasing play speed is fine for YouTube videos such as this, but wouldn't you be doing yourself a disservice watching a feature film at a faster play speed? After all, you'd be cheating yourself out of moments that lead to building tension and/or speeding up the protagonist's struggle, thus making it less impactful when he/she finally succeeds.
Dániel Palágyi (21 days ago)
The speed is just perfect for me as an english learner and for millions of people who is learning english by TED videos, as well. Thank you later.
eastersunflower (3 months ago)
Ah thanks so much
Rashmi Raj (6 months ago)
1.5x actually
Owen Shao (6 months ago)
I slept 2 hours yesterday(today), I have to turn to 0.25x for some extra energy then 2x
Gaurav Dhawan (6 months ago)
U and research team surely did sth but research!
pit mal (6 months ago)
It feel like the whole talk is about her, I bet she just want to show off 🤷‍♂️.
masks (6 months ago)
I personally both thrive and fail under pressure it really depends on what it is that's pressuring me. A good example of this would be when I first started training in MMA there was one guy who could always out grapple me so I always got nervous having to go against him. However through time I changed that into motivation and as time passed I got better and better and a really surprisingly high rate it actually got to the point I had to go from kids classes to adults (I was 8 at the time) by the time I was 13 I was taking on people twice my age and half my bodyweight heavier than me. Turn your stress and anxiety into motivation by not focusing on it but by learning from it. If I can do it so can you as humans we believe that we can't do great things but we really aren't that different. Please just keep in mind that nobody is smarter or better than you at anything if you really put the time and effort into it.
Charles 22 (4 months ago)
+masks I like your response (though what is MMA?), but I have one small correction, and maybe you didn't mean it that way. I don't ever assume that anybody is uptight all the time, even if they are like that almost non-stop on the net, but the ol' "if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck" comes to mind. In my own case, if you're referring to the psychobabble I referred to, to me that had nothing to do with being uptight, actually, quite the reverse. Because I see people that are labeled uptight, are usually called that because they think seriously, and the namecaller would rather think very little, or at least with the way common society seems to go. To me, those sort of name callers are the sort of people that are more into parroting lines they hear from general society, or what is popular at the time, such as the common fad of using the words "passion", "process", and others. So I'm glad to see that you did indeed have something of an aberration from the way you generally think, as, after I've looked it over in the way I just did, I actually surprise myself to notice that you probably were indeed being uptight. Now while that may sound contradictory, for a thinker like yourself, to resort to parroting something, is to truly manifest being uptight. You must had just wanted something quick to say and that blurted out, perhaps becoming frustrated that you started off fine, but it started slipping out of your control. Yup, usually a quick response, is an uptight one, whereas those who call others uptight (something I don't think I've ever done, though there must be some worthy recipients of that) just assumes serious thought is being uptight, when it isn't. I think the bottom line is that uptight in it's truest sense, doesn't describe a way of thinking about something, but rather that you're gritting your teeth as you say it. You can talk about silly things or beautiful things and still be truly uptight about them. So when you reversed your course and saw some uptightness, you quickly relieved it of it's power, properly. I know what you said was incorrect, but regardless of it's level of correctness, you realized you could still be uptight about it. I just dealt with what you said, and I never suspected you were uptight. Somebody, besides yourself may had been able to see it, but sometimes I can get very focused on a sentence or two and lose focus on the whole, which actually is pretty easy to do with my frequently gale responses (like this one). Some need to think seriously, while others need to think of puppy dog tails. We all need some blend of both in either case. I would like to think everybody should think like me, and then I could run into a better me, and I could ascend further, but then I would probably never have movies and ESPECIALLY music. I love lots of different music, but I don't know even an iota of making it, and it seems that's generally a train of thought that is fairly far removed from serious thought, at least within a secular culture. So we need the more inclined to express serious thought, to have music most likely, but still, we all need to blend serious thought and less serious thought. You can be very serious, even extremely so, and still be a musician, but I would suggest that it is less common than serious thought levels within philosophy (my love!). Then again, I do know lots of silly philosophy, and it's almost as comforting as the intended serious type, so music most certainly is that way as well. What is silly philosophy? Stuff like the saying, which doubtlessly very few have heard, which I steal now from an old friend of mine, that is "you can't beat that with a stick", or similarly another sill quote, believe it or not from the same guy, which was said when the movie Pretty in Pink came out: "If you are pretty in pink, you must be ugly in green". I don't think he cared for Molly Ringwald that much. My, the ol' silly philosophies, so much fun.
masks (4 months ago)
+Charles 22 I'm not up tight like most people what do I learn or get from telling everyone their wrong? Nothing. I understand were you are coming from in terms of writing comments can be very difficult especially when you have so much to say on the topic/video. I couldn't tell you how many times I have written a comment out maybe taking me an hour and then turn around and delete it because it doesn't quite go down the route I want it to. As in for the young teacher she/he pretty much sums up the internet. I don't know how many times I have argued with people across comment sections without any background to who they are or what they have been through or they're reasoning for the sour conversation anyways. In terms of sports in school I was always really good but I never played for the team because my focus was always on MMA. I'm from Northern Ireland so our choice of sports were never great which sucked because if we even had wrestling or boxing that would have been something I actually would have done. In MMA I was always taught to respect others especially my training partners because realistically it's them that were helping me learn. I live by the rule respect me and what I stand for and I'll do the same to you and to be real I might want to work on my life rule because it gets me in quite a few bad spots every once in a while. I respect the fact you went on a bit of a tangent it tells me your human and like everyone else we want to let loose and express on what we have to say.
Charles 22 (4 months ago)
+masks Hmm, well you just proved you're a rarity; admitting some error (congrats!). Perhaps you just got soaked into all that psychobabble sort of talk those motivational speakers all get into? They just go into these monologues of unending length, and that sensation can almost be hypnotic at times, no matter how placid they may appear (or put you to sleep of course). Perhaps it makes it more understandable how Hitler was such a hit with his speeches? Funny enough, sometimes I do that to myself in a way, as I can get all windy, and just keep going, and going, and going, with a commentary. And even if I do get windy, you don't know how much time I spent with that post, and how much I deleted, and how much I wanted to also say, what I left out. It's almost like you want to tell your life story, as it fascinates you anyway, though likely quite boring to others, but different nonetheless, and yet you know better than to really do that. I can't tell you how many times I've thought on something literally for hours making a post, so full of thoughts, and then I delete the whole thing and start all over, or not comment at all. So yeah, I understand something of what may had gripped you. Personally, I'm into philosophy and right now one thing occupies my mind, and that is sort of what you might call a science of response. Take my response, for example, to you, I mixed an attack at part of what you said, with a hope you could do better, even within the bounds of what you were thinking. How much different your response to that would possibly, or even likely be, should I had been more attacking. And what if I had come across softer? A bit fascinating you may agree, as different sort of responses, often beget different results. I appreciate your sporting response there, but it can really be hard sometimes to see a fault in something we say (don't I know it). Even if you can't admit it in responses, you should kick it around in your head and see if there's somewhere within your outlook to life, your philosophy, where that somewhat poor manner of what you said, can't be better stated at least. Currently I'm in another TED thread where somebody seems VERY much the opposite from you in how they respond to me, quite possibly they're a teacher, but seemingly a VERY young one, who interestingly enough, SEEMED to think I was a child from a one sentence response I had, though they told me they didn't when I brought it up. They also don't seem to want to admit to anything and then put words into my mouth I never said. I had to resort to quotes of both what I said and what they said, because they seemed to not want to go back and see precisely what we both said. I don't know how they could be so delusional, but I know what their age is approximately, because I thought something along her lines once upon a time. Ah, it's so sweet to have some age, because you can practically read minds, but you must strive to always realize there's always exceptions to the general rules of observation, so you just keep that knowledge back there, influencing you a bit. To defend that seemingly young opponent, I do recall a time, and perhaps I've just been mistaken on what I observed from them, where I had to be mister perfect and I had to defend my reputation no matter what. But over the years I mellowed, partly because of being that perfect way is perhaps the more errored way. Why? Because it's perpetrating a lie; though subtle. It's a statement that not only must I think myself perfect and am capable of achieving it, even if I'm not, but that others must think of me that way. And the whole farce about it? Everyone already knows I'm imperfect, even before they met me they knew that (a little bible knowledge will tell you that, and probably a number of the pagan philosophers). What could be more farcical than to carry on with such behavior? Yet I did. To be fair though, it seemed at that time all the world consisted of those like me, and those who were loose as a goose (and then there were those inbetween, we call them parents), and so you just made the better choice, when all along, both are incorrect. See how windy I can get? (yuk yuk). Also, my recent post to this thread you may find quite amusing, about choking, as I'm sure I came across a little vindictive, but it was pretty fun writing it anyway. Incorrect attitude or not, I truly despised the athletic type, not so much because they were better than me, but that they thought so much of themselves, and frequently, so little of the lesser athletes. To be sure, I met some really cool good athletes too, but frankly, at least as far as high school goes, I think they were the minority. They probably showed a better side to the girls anyway. I'm sure there's lots of girl athletes who could tell you the same thing. The song "At Seventeen", by Janis Ian, speaks to that sort of thing to a degree. It's in the best of our hearts, that we at least pity those whom got the short end of the stick in so many ways. Oops, here I go getting windy again, so I better stop now.
masks (4 months ago)
+Charles 22 you are absolutely right, I think I went on a bit of tangent to be honest.
Charles 22 (4 months ago)
masks: I was right with you to a point, and then you went on that motivational speech nonsense at the end. What a bunch of psychobabble. I think you would be better off if you revised that and gave it a more concerted train of thought.
Midosh Brown (6 months ago)
amazing talk ...please can someone explains to me what this means at 12:23-12:29 ----> " I judge my first grader's math homework by whether it's a one-glass assignment or a three-glass night"
debbieomi (6 months ago)
Glasses of wine.
Geary Kunkel (6 months ago)
Most baseball players choke 75 % of the time ....those who only choke 70% of the time are considered champions ...a very fine line ....don't obsess !
Alistair Sebastian (6 months ago)
YEESSSS!!!! Thank you!
if ur a kindergarten teacher and you’re worried about getting 2+2 wrong I don’t think you should be a teacher
Chinar Vartak (6 months ago)
So basically I need to master ultra instinct
Brian Cotuinho (5 months ago)
+Eric Ren how in the world did you come to that assumption!? Did I miss a reference? Also how does you mind equate missing a single reference to being all of Anime!? I'm a moderate Anime fan, but I'm really curious why you would assume someone was not an Anime fan based of a single comment that had nothing to do with the subject? If someone missed a reference to One Piece, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tale, or any of the other dozens of Anime's I like I wouldn't assume they aren't an Anime fan... I wouldn't even assume they aren't a fan of that series for that matter. It might even be a reference to an Anime I like, but that doesn't change my like for anime, just because I missed a reference in a comment section of a Ted talk of all things!
Eric Ren (5 months ago)
+Brian Cotuinho im assuming your not a anime fan
Brian Cotuinho (6 months ago)
You also need to master letting that instinct take over, even in the most important situations. The speaker focused mostly on people who already master ultra instinct, such as sports players, (most people do to some degree), but explained that when many people are under pressure they override their good instincts with less good conscious effort. This doesn't surprise me that it is a problem as a huge fan of video games I long ago discovered that I play best when most of my game is defined by instinct. It is notable though that this is especially true for timed issues and can still be complimented with appropriate amounts of conscious effort (as long as it doesn't become too much).
Brayan2 Monjaraz (6 months ago)
Chinar Vartak 😂😂😂😂
Tony Cipriani (6 months ago)
This is great!
Mr. R (6 months ago)
Quite interesting
Ariadne (6 months ago)
Unfortunately, thinking less will not help with school.
Joseph Song (6 months ago)
Thanks a million ! God bless you.
Victor Cash (6 months ago)
Imagine how awkward its gonna be if she choked during this ted talk...
Beka Kokoladze (26 days ago)
She’s nervous. That most of the time means choking :)
Shaylynn Williams (6 months ago)
I think she would've glazed over it like a pro! But I know exactly what you mean! I was nervous for her.. and so relieved she delivered 😂👍
Sahil Sharma (6 months ago)
lmfao awh
phen drik (6 months ago)
kulik03 (6 months ago)
This is the first TED talk that I've liked for months
The Flaneur (6 months ago)
"I'm too pretty".... Yeah until the hit the wall at 35, and shockingly discover they can't get men to do all the hard work for them.
The Flaneur (6 months ago)
Wow, a woman saying the un-PC thing that women ARE in fact terrible at math. That explains why they still think there's a wage-gap.
Sebastian Gomez (6 months ago)
Aight. No more second places in Fortnite
Xingxing Mo (6 months ago)
come on, pubg time
Schwanzus Longus (6 months ago)
haha omg fortnite is everywhere
Xingxing Mo (6 months ago)
Deepak Rajotia (6 months ago)
May be... The secret is to focus on whole scene instead of just one aspect u r afraid of.
No Obstacle (6 months ago)
Literally just failed an exam and came out to this.
Some Girl (6 months ago)
I have had 2 exams this week and one of them was at most a B... It was math. I feel ya fam.
Michael Guadiana (6 months ago)
I stopped studying for my exam to watch this... lol
Josh Hardy (6 months ago)
Nice 😂😂
Deepak Rajotia (6 months ago)
I fucked up while asking out a girl because I was paying too much attention to what I was saying. That was the most fearful event of my life. I have been surrounded by group of people ready to smash me and I wobbled a lil bit. But in front of her I came across as super low confident dude and she rejected me😁
That’s tuff
Josh Hardy (6 months ago)
I found that conversations go better when I don’t think about what I’m saying at all, just say whatever comes out. Because when I try to think about it I mess up and it’s just not good.
Sp1x (6 months ago)
Just walk it off..
SavvasCube (6 months ago)
Interesting topic, but the conclusion of the talk is pretty simple. Practice under stress to do well under stress. Same thing applies to everything. You have to practice for what is going (or what you want) to happen.
Son0fHobs (2 months ago)
- Recognize and acknowledge fears and worries ahead of time. Write the down to be rid of them. 8:00 - Your environment matters. Having a stress free even playful learning and practicing environment makes all the difference. Don't ask stressed or worried parents for homework help. - Practice under pressure.
Son0fHobs (2 months ago)
A memory champion practiced memorizing cards while under water to add pressure (pun intended), and distraction. This was suggested by a Navy Seal who was mentoring him in the mental aspects of his training. As a result, even though he was sick and got little sleep the night before, he still won. Practice under added pressures, then the actual feat will seem easy. (There was a Big Think video about it.)
Son0fHobs (2 months ago)
+Flukey Rely on muscle memory more than mental memory - for physical feats anyway.
Death Angel (5 months ago)
Thats just one* part of the solution
Howard Cohen (5 months ago)
No. Practise SUCCESS under stress. Practise loving what you're doing under stress. Many practise choking under stress and that's worse than not practising at all.
Ho Chi Mints (6 months ago)
I'd like to make her choke on something if you know what i mean

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