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Nigerian movies.2017 NIGERIAN MOVIES|2017 AFRICAN MOVIES|FULL ENGLISH MOVIE.Enjoy this great nigerian comedy movie is Starring:EMEKA OKOYE,NGOZI NWOSU,TONIA NWOSU Director: Producer: Writer: "SUBSCRIBE"https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDCF-aA9PWivAWt_F7RMTEw "PLEASE FOLLOW US ON FACEOOK":https://www.facebook.com/RAYPOWERTV "VISIT OUR WEBSITE"WWW.NILOBAM.COM Please support us "LIKE" and "SHARE" this movie We are always committed.
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Text Comments (104)
Luis Morris (2 months ago)
Nice movie's
Stephen Abraham (5 months ago)
Yes!!! We are not lazzy.
Esther Happiness (6 months ago)
nice one
Ahamef Abdullahi (7 months ago)
Ahamef Abdullahi (7 months ago)
Zex Violla Hadro (8 months ago)
This 2018 videos are so much amaizing guys go ahead Nigeria
Collins Otieno (8 months ago)
Ritual iz gud coz no one would like to die poor, so, if the devil want the blood let him get what he needs.
John Isegbe (8 months ago)
yes this is to show that idiot that we are not lazy.Nigeria is d most hard-working country ever.
remy noëljuste (8 months ago)
I am nat bealieve that .beacaus she has som the criminal
Nina Agbai (8 months ago)
Thunder wey go fire buhari eh,Mr devil never cook am finish😦😦😦
This is fantastic
Brown Vee (9 months ago)
Mr President it was a wrong statement of you to say Nigeria Youth are lazy. How can you prove?
LE GRAND PERTCHOURD (9 months ago)
pepe Joseph (9 months ago)
Tu morenita pretty
Don' Kambiaso (9 months ago)
good movie
Wete Sam (9 months ago)
Hadassah Gdjei (9 months ago)
Emmanuel tv
matt brooks (10 months ago)
too much erro on this movie ...stop rushing your movie kelvin you are a very good actor
Alufa Daniel (10 months ago)
Luv dat
Francis Donsaga (10 months ago)
<b><h>ruged u guys
John Galt (10 months ago)
Stop making our children Mercenaries!!!!!!
Chris Amaechi (10 months ago)
when a leader fails to magify his call as a leader,he count the blames on his followers instead humbling him self and seek out for ways to improve and correct what is happening in the country. this is time to learn wisdom.
Bredford Lewis (11 months ago)
you and your family are lazy even you Buhari can not work all you do is to spend our money anyhow God will punish you.
Ahouanvoeke Pascale (10 months ago)
All_Naija's TV (11 months ago)
God I so much love this film
NSIADU HYGINUS (11 months ago)
Buhari it u and ur wicked family dat are lazy MUMU
Jolly Festus (11 months ago)
I don't call any body name oooh, my oldest papa the youth are nor lazy please, Nigeria is the only country where youth work hard to get what them want or to even eat, remember the time them vote for you some die for your sake, some not hands because of you, some lose them father because of you, some lose them children because of you, remember there's God, your day of judgment will come put that in your mind. The blood of the people in Nigeria will ask you.
Ali Jagourou (10 months ago)
Osa's Festive
Stephen yeboah (11 months ago)
Please next part
Ishaya Maikasuwa (11 months ago)
we're not lazy Mr president nice movies Buhari most go 2019
Silvia Egueagie (11 months ago)
Bad belle.my belle dey pain me nor let yr belle borst😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Samuel ugochukwu (11 months ago)
nice movie guys but need part2
Kenneth Edogun (11 months ago)
This is what is going on in Nigeria the police and some of the political leaders knew about those that did not want the Citizens of the country to leave in peace and have rest of mind. The police and political leaders knew more about the boko Harum nd handsmen
fred stevens (11 months ago)
yekparikpa, for we have come again.
fred stevens (11 months ago)
oh i miss ma ghuy already, were is he dha sailor dha gat long bears
Alfredo Life (9 months ago)
Monday Five (10 months ago)
fred stevens cartel
ODUNIFA o (11 months ago)
useless president,no were fr this world, way u no go c Nigeria guy huzzling
Uko Timothy (11 months ago)
buhari and his family are lazy
James tony (11 months ago)
we her not lazy .we her work hand OK
Akudinobi Ifeanyichukwu (11 months ago)
lolz.................our President don cause wahala
oluwa bunmi (11 months ago)
Buhari Buhari chai, you not just try for what you go to London to say about Nigerian youths. What you don't know Biuhari or whatever they call you, is your people that is lazy!!
OnyebuGOD Donald (11 months ago)
Hmm mm,, imagine d insult 4rm bugharia,,,,we are not lazy.ooo
OnyebuGOD Donald (11 months ago)
Hmm mm,, imagine d insult 4rm bugharia,,,,we are not lazy.ooo
martin Vicky (11 months ago)
Any country you go no Nigeria my guy run away as you your leg can carry you,I'm proud to say I'm from Nigerian
Alexanders Cummings Homms (11 months ago)
Nigeria Leaders are the once very lazy to establish work opportunities for the youth.. instead of that, they are very busy stealing and embezzling all the resources of the country
rufai usman (6 months ago)
Alexanders Cummings Homms that's true
U r right
Christian Egharevba (11 months ago)
Alexanders Cummings Homms God bless you
mercy Natalya (11 months ago)
Flexy Osiee023 (11 months ago)
Prince Nwobodo C (11 months ago)
Nigeria youths are lazy indeed
Rosemary Okonkwo (9 months ago)
So you're lazy? sorry for yourself. Nigerian youths are the most hard working youths in the world.
JBB COMEDIES (11 months ago)
Nobi small thing
Ambassador Nwadaddy (11 months ago)
Exactly this is what the youths are doing cultism everywhere in Nigerian, youths are fighting themselves, politicians and citizens are into ritualist Killing of citizens because of election and money.
CHRIS UBA (11 months ago)
I believe this not the best way to show that the youth are not lazy. but it speaks much about our leaders complacency and negligence towards the youths. and the leaders failed to provide jobs and social amenities
Lukong Ivan (11 months ago)
luke noso (11 months ago)
Buhari is a big fool idiot President mumu
Andrew Turay (11 months ago)
"...Bad-belle why ya dey cry naa..?" All ma body dey pain me! LMFAO!
Cletus Omakpoji (11 months ago)
very interesting movies
Bate James (8 months ago)
blessing Okpara (11 months ago)
Who else is here for Kelvin
Promise Uche (11 months ago)
please can someone help with the part 2?
Yprince Yprince (11 months ago)
Yea u will get it
Iyokho Collins (11 months ago)
U, ahhhhh
Kal Jared (11 months ago)
Nigeria youth are not lazy my buhari check around the world any country you go no Nigeria person know that there is no peace and work there lemme ask you Mr president what have you done for Nigeria youth since you entered sit nothing 😠😠😠😠
prince Oluchi (11 months ago)
Don't mind that man . No country that you will go that you Will not see Nigeria youth. We are the best hand working people worldwide
Confidence Pikin (11 months ago)
Am back again
Dornu Evelyn (11 months ago)
Who is enjoying with me here now
Terry West (11 months ago)
Mr president all your family are lazzy, did you remember that these youths vote you in before you be came president🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫🔫
Yacouba Ouedraogo (11 months ago)
Terry West
Bright Anyanwu (11 months ago)
Buhari and his household are the lazy people not us hard working youths....Nigeria Youths remained most brilliant and talented black race across the globe hustling for their own betterment, also contributing alot towards Nigeria Economy growth. So with due respect Mr President your the Lazy one not Nigerian youths.
Paul Lucbert (11 months ago)
Sunny felix Anthony (11 months ago)
Bright Anyanwu
Samuel Koffi (11 months ago)
Nice one!
Happiness Happiness (11 months ago)
The ominibiko himself one love Kelvin ikeduba💪❤
lazarus taruwa (11 months ago)
Wow, this is interesting. Permission to shear. One Love.
Kingsley Innocent (11 months ago)
Do u think dat dis is d best way to show dat Nigeria youth are not lazy? Answer me plzzzz
Justice Ayo (10 months ago)
Dat is not solution.
Kingsley Innocent (11 months ago)
Jade Black wat 'll den happen if d dirty water refuses to get clean later?
Jade Black (11 months ago)
Well it might not be the best way.. But children live what they learn...The head of a stream has to be dirty to send dirty water to the bottom.
franca Ndukwe (11 months ago)
how do I joined Nollywood Ray TV
Tessy Peterobie (11 months ago)
na wa o even movies industry don carry am youth are not lazy nigerian were are we heading to
Ikechukwu Nwafor (11 months ago)
Na in house hold dey lazy that in son wey get accendent dey lazy useless cow man
Uchenna Joseph (11 months ago)
We are heading to Ghana
Wisdom Nelly (11 months ago)
Hahahahahahaha nigeria president someone should help me tell him that we are not lazy oooh
Victor Oghiabui (11 months ago)
Hmmm watched
Facedon Oche (11 months ago)
we are working hard, nothing like lazy...
Nelson Young Nkuplim (11 months ago)
wow I really enjoyed the movie..... more grace to u guys all
Nelson Young Nkuplim (11 months ago)
wow I really enjoyed the movie..... more grace to u guys all
Nelson Young Nkuplim (11 months ago)
wow I really enjoyed the movie..... more grace to u guys all
Nelson Young Nkuplim (11 months ago)
wow that's awesome video... I admire
Matthew Crawley (10 months ago)
Nelson Young Nkuplim (11 months ago)
wow that's awesome video... I admire
Kizzo_official Prince (11 months ago)
Buharri said the youths are lazy, Mr president we ar not lazy oooh
Faith PC (11 months ago)
Once again this movie is amazzzing. 👏👏👏 Part 4 please 😙 Canada
Abdias EXPERANDOR (8 months ago)
Faith PC portable Toshiba forum
Jacson Pierre (9 months ago)
Jacson Pierre (9 months ago)
MT 3kdkdfnf.PC
Eljamil Yusuf (10 months ago)
MT PC usher
Stella Gabriel (11 months ago)
Bamkater Omega (11 months ago)
am d third person here today YouTube landlord's and landladies make o na come join me enjoy this power full movie
Tracy Gold (11 months ago)
happy new week guys👍👍👍👍👍
Tracy Gold (11 months ago)
happy new week guys👍👍👍👍👍

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