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Building the Moroccan Court

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In 2011, The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened the New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, and Later South Asia, which house the Museum's renowned collection of Islamic art. A vital part of the installation was the Patti Cadby Birch Court, a Moroccan court built by a team of experts—from curators and historians to designers and craftsmen—over many months. Complementing the works on view, which span the past fourteen hundred years, the Moroccan Court provides an experience of space and architecture while demonstrating artistic traditions that still thrive in the Islamic world. This video documents a marvelous journey from Fez to New York, and the creation of a twenty-first-century court using traditional fifteenth-century methods. The court was made possible by the Patti and Everett B. Birch Foundation. Explore more at MetMedia: http://www.metmuseum.org/metmedia/video
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Kelyaan (1 day ago)
it's amazing that the tiles cut straight.
mustapha ouzdi (2 days ago)
You welcomme in our Website https://www.morocccan.com/
Mohd. Zakir (6 days ago)
Islam was on the zenith of architecture ,science ,technology medicine ,mathematics and of course military ,Tajmahal and countless other buildings around the world are living example of it
Lavender Mint Rose (14 days ago)
This is the kind of art museums should be commissioning. Why don't people do more like this? Why do they do all that grungy modern stuff?
Rana Mud (23 days ago)
This Islamic art taken from the Arabs They brought it to the north of Africa then built Andaluthia with it And they still use it luckily They callled it Nakish in the old days and colored stones called fusayfesah
Stunningly beautiful. So glad to hear that Morocco is making an effort to preserve the amazing art that is their heritage.
Jah Trini (1 month ago)
It's islamic art not only Marroco, and this art is more oulder than the name Marroco!!! And befor the Islam this art did not exist...
boaserpent (1 month ago)
this is moroccan islamic art. no other country in the whole world does have craftmen who can do this except morocco. why do you think countries all over the world if they need this kind of work, they get the moroccans to do this for them?
Desert Gara (1 month ago)
coldnhot youness (1 month ago)
moroccan architecture is magnificent
Rhynn Lorque (1 month ago)
This looks like game of thrones
Kono Dutch (2 months ago)
So beautiful.
kris wilkinson (2 months ago)
This is really beautiful. I went to morroco when i was younger and i always wanted to one day build a house like this, this video maybe one day can help
Aoudhubillahi (3 months ago)
I positively love this. I love Morocco. Subhan Allah. I love Moroccan artisans and especially Zillij...when I was younger I was a member of the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen of the USA Tilesetters Union. Moroccans are the best Tilesetters in the World. They almost bejewel a building and its spaces. And to witness, today, those who carry the skills of producing an Alhambra is priceless.
Mostafa Bouaity (3 months ago)
فنانون ومبدعون!!الفن المغربي وهذا النمط بالخصوص اصبح مطلوبا في امريكا واورباِ...للإشارة اصبح العامل في الفن التقليدي المغربي..مؤهلا علميا..وهناك معاهد معروفه في المغرب..تستقطب اصحاب بكالوريا+2 واكثر..إضافة لمنحه حكوميه تصل الى 3000درهم شهريا..والشكر الجزيل لبعض المقاولات العائلية العريقة التي حافظت على هذا الإرث الانساني الجميل خصوصا في فاس ومراكش..تحياتي وتقديري.
Tricia Mamaril (4 months ago)
the artisans were a lot of fun too! haha
Anders Trovik (4 months ago)
If I ever renovate. Or build a home, that plaster is going up there. Then when finished I'll drop acid and everything will turn to life.
Markhor Snakeeater (4 months ago)
Inner courtyard is totally Asian culture and architect Alkhwarzam ( Algorithmen in Latin ) and today Bukhara , samarkan, Kashgar ( West china ) were the most scienctific and architectual countries, from China there we muslims brought and learned many things, today arabic caligrapy is taken from chinese art, i traveled a lot around the globe ( many times to morocco and al andalus ) and i am still lerning other cultures and their roots, what i see in this video or i saw personaly, these all thing you can find in bukhara, west china, Bilad al sind ( Makli graveyard , even on sand stones and not on simple gipsum ) and some are in Malaysia. Al andalus was destination of many muslims from the world, these all monuments in andalus are older then any moroccans architect, this was brought to north africa by muslims of andalus when they left andalus,and went to north africa, all architect is in andalus older then morocan architect. if it was built by moroccan then first it should be built in morocco but is not, you can find 1000 of morocans who have asian faces, did you ever ask your self why? because these were the asian muslims who sattled in north africa after christian took over andalus. and there are still many people living in morocco with family name Bukharis.
coldnhot youness (1 month ago)
@Markhor Snakeeater as all the peoples , we have our architecture and culture that mixed with the islamic culture and the result an architecture very beautiful and very unique that u cant find in any other countries , the architecture in middle east or asia or bukhara is very different from the moroccan architecture , and not just the moroccan architecture that is different but also the food , traditional dress , traditional wedding , traditional music , décoration etc
Markhor Snakeeater (1 month ago)
@coldnhot youness and what kind of architect had morocco before islam and muslims came? answer : Nothing, you are proud moroccan i respect it, but first do comparitive study and travel in other countries then you will find out what is your and what eblongs to other, people like you always even think that the Number 1 2 34567890 are arabic number lol
coldnhot youness (1 month ago)
The architecture in morocco is very différent to any other kind of architecture in the whol world , there is nothing like this in asia or in orient and in Boukhara u have an persian Iraqi influence in the architecture ,trust me it is so easy to distinguich the moroccan architecture and from the first look ,
Markhor Snakeeater (2 months ago)
@Ali Hassan when you read book of ibn batuta , you will find that he took so many people from sindh and hind, check makli grave yard , see the handy craft and design on the graves, which is stone work, and very hard, same design you will find in alhambra on gypsam walls which is easy to sculp. Khitanos ( spanisch gypsys) were also from sindh and rajastan desert, check their music and dance , which is related to clapping hands of qawali, and dance related to ghatak dance. bro this all has to do with islamic culture, not only arab culture, real arabs are from arabian penusuela and they were on high ranking and ruling elite only
Markhor Snakeeater (2 months ago)
@Ali Hassan i wen many times to moroco these people in morocco called " Bukhari " and they all are from sub continent,. uzebkistan, and west china
Moroccan style is the best
Kareem sean (5 months ago)
Moroccans are a real hard workers , yeah they arr poor but such a creative smart talanted peaceful thankful smily kind people
Powder (5 months ago)
islamic art is really disgusting for western eyes.. just like theyr music.
Anouar Sholay (5 months ago)
تفضلوا بزيارة موقعي الالكتروني، أنا أصنع لوحات فنية من الزليج التقليدي المغربي Visit my website, I make paintings of traditional moroccan tiles(zellige) https://zelligedarif.blogspot.com
Thuglife1000 (6 months ago)
Damn Islams... Breathing all the white man's air
Radim Mynář (6 months ago)
yess Fes this is my next travel stop :)
Marilyn Smith (6 months ago)
What does she mean Morocco not Africa, please know your history before you speak🙏🏿
coldnhot youness (1 month ago)
She mean morocco in north of africa
Denise N. Casillas Cast. (6 months ago)
John Martin (6 months ago)
How good to know these craftsmen were and are sufis!
Joseph Campbell (7 months ago)
When people say Islam is a religion of peace what they mean really. MashAllah what an amazing west islamic proud Rich heritage culture . Breath taking Art of work .
arbimd2 (7 months ago)
I love Morrocon Architecture.
Lukas S (7 months ago)
blueyomogi (7 months ago)
Years ago, I took a guided tour with one of the Met's volunteer docents who took us through the arts of the Islamic world. At the end, a young couple thanked him for showing such respect for their history and culture. It was very moving and I still think of their gracious acknowledgement of his time and effort. Thank you - wonderful video.
Said Azenzar (7 months ago)
Centuries of artistry & Craftsmanship .... Undeniable Beauty !!!
احتاج لمصمم فيلا على الطراز المغربي
flash back (8 months ago)
Where can I find institute to teach this craft in algeria ??? 😍😍 just i love it ❤❤❤❤
Said Hamdaoui (5 months ago)
Algeria hhhhhh
NASSIM ALWASL (8 months ago)
le seul pays dans le monde arabo-musulman qui a pu conserver l’héritage Andalous ,pas seulement dans le domaine architectural mais aussi dans bien d'autres domaine , culturel ,artistique , musique , cuisine , traditions et habitudes et j'en passe , les grandes villes impériales du Maroc telles que Marrakech , Tanger, Titouan , Oujda ,Fes, Meknès et bien d'autres en témoignent ,
coldnhot youness (1 month ago)
C est de l architecture marocaine , il y a des gens qui essaye de voler notre patrimoine en répétant que le Maroc n est q un héritier et copieur des omeyade , et je parle pas des algériens mais des jaloux du moyen orient
اسماء اسحاق (5 months ago)
Mais arrête de dire ça c'est une architecture marocaine pur
loly lulu (9 months ago)
João Batista de Souza (9 months ago)
Gostaria de receber estes desenhos para fazer mosaico aqui no Brasil, é possível me ajudem [email protected]
Dilshad Asif (10 months ago)
Could any one tell what kind of material used with plaster on wall carving?
Imane (1 month ago)
Baked lime, they bake it in pottery type ovens. Its called Marrakech lime, it has this very peculiar hue and soft texture. Moroccan artisans used it in my bathroom as a wall treatment called tadellakt. We've had it for 15 years, as good as new, and it even grew character, gorgeous look and feel to it. This style is outside of time. So it can never be outdated
Shoshana Gleit (10 months ago)
I'd prefer to have heard what the artisans had to say rather than some stuffy art historians.
howdy268 (10 months ago)
magid kabbaj (10 months ago)
Craftsmen are real artists !!!
Taura (10 months ago)
michael zinn (10 months ago)
Quite remarkable and stunningly beautiful!
Hajer al-Mubarak (10 months ago)
Hajer al-Mubarak (10 months ago)
I am in love with every bit of this cultural video💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘
Truth Conquers (11 months ago)
Never mind Vincent Van Gogh ... These men are true artists.
Truth Conquers (11 months ago)
Absolutely Amazing... Need to visit Morocco asap. Thank you, such a feel good piece.
Naiza Lopes (11 months ago)
Eu amo tudo isso um dia vou realizar meu sonho de conhecer o Marrocos
TJ Mulligan (11 months ago)
it's such beautiful art and craftsmanship!
Ericson MontoYah (11 months ago)
ماشاءالله 🙌🏻
Mel Danvers (1 year ago)
Someone should show those Muslim haters this.
misael gonzalez (1 year ago)
Wow 😲 Wow 😍😍
hassan azough (1 year ago)
الجماااال والجلاااال 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sachchidanand Swami (1 year ago)
Inspiring, stunning and remarkable work of craftsmanship, creativity and construction!
Al- jabr
14NINASKY (1 year ago)
My beautiful country Morocco <3
Anishul Islam (1 year ago)
its amazingly beautiful...
Aidan Walker (1 year ago)
Wow, this is incredible!
Roxana de la Cruz (1 year ago)
¡Increíble! Mi mayor respeto a esos trabajadores, son unos verdaderos artistas 👏👏👏
Amazigh/berber craftsmenship
H. C. (1 month ago)
@ahmed saeed Idiot, Tarek bin Ziyad is a Berber ! Please check his fathers name :)
اسماء اسحاق (5 months ago)
تقاو الله نحن المور و هو المزيج العربي الامازيغي و نحن اصحاب هذا الجمال....الفتنة نائنة لعن الله من ايقظها
ahmed saeed hahahahhaha bullshit
Damien Haak show me 1 builiding in the middle east from the middle ages that looked liked that if it is arabic
ahmed saeed (7 months ago)
@Adam Dz tariq ibn ziyad is arab musa ibn nusair too the force of arab include berber muslim
Middleway (1 year ago)
As an Architect, i pay great respect to these craftsmen. its almost a spiritual experience for me to just following their every stroke..
Angel Rivera (1 year ago)
I sooooo much love Morocco, I was flabbergasted with the amount of artistic representation in this country. These people are amazing, I would love to make something like this in my house. Now tell someone in the west to accomplish this, THAT WOULD SIMPLY BE IMPOSSIBLE. Bravo Morocco!!!!!
Anders Trovik (4 months ago)
If you want something exotic you'll have an much easier time to replicate what you see in these videos yourself instead of paying someone to do it. Watching others work can be rewarding, but never as rewarding as watching your own work after you are done with it.
iomoon (1 year ago)
That’s insane 😳
rabi jahid (1 year ago)
Morocco 🇲🇦 you are in my heart... god bless Sidi Mohamed
Sam10947 (1 year ago)
The moroccan architecture predates the 1300s. In fact Moroccans are the moors who built Muslim Spain
Rana Mud (23 days ago)
Boy In The Cave funny ... barbers used to live in tents at that time when Arabs came with Islam to the north Wake up baby 🍼 I
Rana Mud (23 days ago)
Boy In The Cave hhhhhhhhhhhjjhj
Rana Mud (23 days ago)
Hhhhh you always wish to change history But unfortunately you can’t Arabs brought this to the north of Africa and then made Andaluthia in Spain Please stop changing history And call it yours No way its Moroccans originally It was brought to you by the Arabs in alhazeera Iraq and Syria It’s mentioned even in Western books
H. C. (1 month ago)
@Markhor Snakeeater Berbers have a great culture, what you are saying is bullshit; i suspect racism towards Moroccans! Just appreciate Moorish architecture (this is what is called) and shut up
Boy In The Cave (1 month ago)
@Markhor Snakeeater Look up Moorish architecture and compare to Persian.
love morocco (1 year ago)
so beautiful
Akelarya Design (1 year ago)
Kindly friends support my new design project with "LIKE" https://www.facebook.com/Akelarya-1988802158040602/ . Thanks
carlotta4th (1 year ago)
Fantastic work. The craftsmen, of course, did an amazing job but I also appreciate the amount of preplanning design that went into the project.
NeonsStyle (1 year ago)
If you're going to record something that has so much fine detail as islamic art, then give it the justice it deserves, and record in at least 1080 so it shows up and isn't just blurred out like a lot of the inner courtyard was here. Love islamic art.
ilyass nadah (1 year ago)
11:41 that mixed picture with and old style, brings memories of ancient moroccans
Ibe Free (1 year ago)
Adam Habeeb (1 year ago)
the prophet .sw. named us *Ahlo Almarreb* the people of the sunset and Morocco is the name of the best quality leather made by the blessed hands of * Ahlo Almarreb * they shall remain on the truth till the day of judgement according to our beloved prophet .sw. who said only what is right .
Adam Habeeb yes the berbers
Surf Shop (1 year ago)
Friggin amazing
schatzen121 (1 year ago)
wow. I am not moroccon but absolutely wow
C. Scott (1 year ago)
It is not Islamic architecture, it is Moroccan.  Its also Arab in influence.
Adam Dz (1 month ago)
@H. C. Lol the only things that come in from Morocco is zatla and 9hab
H. C. (1 month ago)
@Adam Dz Algerians bring Moroccan craftsmen to build houses in Algeria lol
Adam Dz (6 months ago)
@Andaloussi Wow. No history? Funny joke. Morrocco is a country of Drugs and Prostitution. 60% of your economy comes from tourism, you have an Israeli embassy in Rabat. The polisario are fucking you from the bottom. Spain still has 3 cities in Morrocco till this day. Algeria is the country of 1 million martyrs and real men. Go get your sister from the white man and khaliji in the hotel.
Andaloussi (6 months ago)
+جيش الإسلام Pathetic. Algeria has no history. No architecture. You were colonized by the whole world. Avoid spitting on Morocco, which has existed for 1200 years. Remember that France created your country and your borders.
Adam Dz (6 months ago)
@Andaloussi So Algeria didn't exist before the French? Lol get lost you idiot. Algeria is everything you wish to be
krimo EL (1 year ago)
RED REBEL (1 year ago)
Just beautiful
Notmatt (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I lost my breath many times.
myksweet (1 year ago)
Transcendently beautiful. Love.
Nathan Davis (1 year ago)
is that Ofra Haza's voice at the end?
JG (1 year ago)
So cool!
diane jarvis (1 year ago)
Exquisite beyond words. Full of admiration for the craftsmen. Art of the highest kind.
alus nova (1 year ago)
Exquisite workmanship!!!!!
fathia abdullahi (1 year ago)
I have so much respect for this
hamburgerhelperflick (2 years ago)
Been there many times but seeing this makes me want to see it again, this time with the knowledge of the amazing workmanship that the artisans put into it.
Tamsin Huxford (2 years ago)
absolutely incredible! fantastic idea by the met!
Simo Elidrissi (2 years ago)
These is the rooted civilisation of Morocco, I am so proud of being Moroccan
Soukaina El El (2 years ago)
my city Fez ♡
Teresa Jägerbauer (2 years ago)
woooow! thank you for this! absolutely stunning!
Sabq (2 years ago)
this design now because an islamic mark !! even the graphic designs use it to make islamics designs
please the soundtrack in the end 16:39
Raziel thesniper (3 days ago)
أمينة العلوي - لأيّ سببٍ أهجر
Thoran666 (2 years ago)
17:20 Read under Music
xcx23 Cwea (2 years ago)
No Artificial Intelligent required. Only Human Godly talent. God bless these Craftsmen.
richard Rueban (2 years ago)
beautiful workmanship..much respect to all of them.
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whycuds (2 years ago)
I'm very impressed. I hope I can see it some day.
Mohamed. Amara Amara (2 years ago)
Terry Fonte (2 years ago)
wow... I love moroccan architecture and this is beautiful
mriziga rouiass (2 years ago)
Awesome. My bests to the craftsmen
kwwiko lamssatti (3 years ago)
made in morocco orignale morocco
Artiste morocco (11 months ago)
kwwiko lamssatti اجمل السقاية أو النافورة بالزليج المغربي التقليدي وجبس 2018 https://youtu.be/KUcjcS6GokM
Co Mo (3 years ago)
absolutely beautiful art and architecture design..the skill and expertise required to achieve this level of craftsmanship is amazing...simply amazing...
Jing Li (3 years ago)

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