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Hot Highway To Hell Video (Cover)

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A little gimmick cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell, a one take song since, I wanted to compete in FilmRiot's challenge where you had to be in a nonexisting environment but it's a bit longer than 3 minutes :D A non-existing environment.... Well I opted for red hot, glowing, fire and brimstone! The back ground is drawn completely with Photoshop (stock images and digital painting). The animation is done with After Effects.
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Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
Thanks mate! I love the video too. It's the first time ever that I shot my own green screen footage and made my own background. The ESP LTD is wild! I like it a lot! It's not often that you grab a guitar and go: "Woaahh!!" and you look at the price and you go: "Woahh!! that's cheap!". Though I have to admit that I played this through my marshall but volume was turned down (you can actually hear the screens) as I recorded it at 06am before work :D
HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
Well played! And the visuals are great, really. The guitar sounds perfect, if you haven't told me it was an LTD, I would think it was a Gibson.

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