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The Real Reason These TV Shows Were Canceled In 2018

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper It's a tough world out there in the TV industry. For every megahit, there's another show that fails to find an audience. Sometimes, it's a reflection on a series' quality, but in the era of peak TV, that isn't always the case. Often, great TV flies under the radar due to the sheer amount of content viewers have to choose from every week. With that in mind, let's take a look at why these shows were canceled in 2018... Ash vs. Evil Dead | 0:28 The Exorcist | 1:13 The Last Man on Earth | 1:58 Lucifer | 2:49 The Mick | 3:30 Mozart in the Jungle | 4:24 Once Upon a Time | 5:03 The Path | 5:41 Roseanne | 6:20 Shades of Blue | 7:15 Taken | 7:50 Timeless | 8:38 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/122670/every-tv-show-canceled-2018-far/ Netflix Lists and Features https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oot_P8Tw6II&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=2 The Untold Truth Of Stranger Things https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEYuRxO-yVk&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=6 Hidden Netflix Gems You Definitely Haven't Seen Yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu17yaejJns&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=7 Netflix Hacks You Need In Your Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mY38CnDpR0M&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=10 Underappreciated Thrillers You Need To Watch On Netflix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXyc-KkmJxs&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=11 Netflix Exclusives You Should Be Watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHhV7RE9BsU&list=PLOzaghBOlEsdlqhq0VRe4oh3nDDopoX7F&index=16 Website → https://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Looper (3 months ago)
What canceled TV shows do you miss the most?
yatin srivastava (7 days ago)
You forgot Quantico
M Molenda (8 days ago)
Once upon a time, the Royals,TrueBlood,Grimm , and Lucifer
Shelly York (15 days ago)
Miss Cadiz (15 days ago)
Fail-Flix (1 month ago)
It would've been nice if they would have at least finished the story arc of Happy Town. I couldn't see it going a full season, either, but they could've ended it well in another two or three episodes.
Sweetpea Green (2 days ago)
I just found out on of my favorite tv shows got cancelled... HOW DIDN’T I KNOWWWW R.I.P Last man on Earth
Adelie Lindsey (4 days ago)
I like to wait for a few seasons come out so i can sit back and binge watch them. I hate waiting week to week, sorry.
hairlesswookieify (4 days ago)
Almost human I thought was a good show
ZuZu Beard (7 days ago)
I still miss MY NAME IS EARL
yatin srivastava (7 days ago)
You forgot Quantico
M Molenda (8 days ago)
Once upon a Time, TrueBlood, Grimm, CSI Miami, ColdCase, The Royals,Lucifer and SOA
K27 (8 days ago)
AvED: maybe if they didn't region block seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 could be watched in Canada, but not the following two. For LAst Man on Earth - they purge live action comedies like this but then give us "Rel"? ugh. Fox is still full of idiots
Mary Smith (9 days ago)
Will they put the exorcist on Netflix 😈 ??????????
Enigma (13 days ago)
Hannibal, Ash vs Evil Dead had a lot left in it what a blow to cancel it so soon.
Meadow Sweet Lovable (14 days ago)
Cancelling Roseanne was the biggest mistake ever. No one wants to see The Connors.
Austyn Price (15 days ago)
The rosane ones the most disapointing
Tim OB (19 days ago)
Is the narrator on helium gas?
Christina Hildebrand (20 days ago)
No mention of everything sucks on Netflix? Dern!
her es (26 days ago)
penn dreadful
Artilleryman91 (28 days ago)
I am sad about Jericho, that was a good series
Velvet Cyberpunk (30 days ago)
Ash Vs Evil Dead was also one of the most pirated tv shows which did it no favors. A real shame because it was an amazing show.
Onu Onyedikachi (30 days ago)
Devious maids
ChronoXShadow (1 month ago)
Did Looper just call Bruce Cambell a big name star!? Wtf? Even Bruce himself said he knows himself as a b-movie star.
Daren Moore (1 month ago)
FOX loves to cancel good shows and pissing all of us off
Maher Bhavsar (1 month ago)
TBH they should've cancelled OUAT at season 6. Technically, they could've fitted Henry's happily ever ending in one episode, or something.
tripjet999 (1 month ago)
"Cancelled," not canceled. Get thee to a spelling checker.
Tony Valverde (1 month ago)
What the FUCK timeless is gone really I loved that show 🤯😠🤬
Chris Pittella (1 month ago)
Anyone else hate the narrator's voice?
gianni bude (1 month ago)
The only show i miss is timeless
jocamadad (1 month ago)
I didn't think ratings mattered anymore. I see top rated shows being cancelled while shows that only freaks and geeks are watching manage to stay on the air.
Matt Morgan (1 month ago)
I can't tell if thats a human or program voicing this.
Nerdy Burd Recaps (1 month ago)
yeah I agree mostly bc OUAT was cancelled when the outrage of what happened to Rumbelle, they were the last ship left standing in the present timeline of the final season. CaptainSwan were only in 2episodes, Snowing &OutlawQueen were only one. Rumbelle's sendoff in Beauty broke alot of hearts, bc it was Beauty&TheBeast, Rumbelle style. They had a better ending, than any other ship on this show. They had a bittersweet ending to one of the best and longest-reigning couples. My only disappointment was how Rumple finally died, tho GoldenNook made up for the miss CaptainCharming. I still have this feeling, one way or another. WishHook is the new Dark One and Rumbelle are still alive with their son Gideon on the Edge of Realms. I mean, everybody is trapped in time, the final curse had everybody together in Storybrooke, Maine. The New Disneyland. I was gutted when Rumbelle sunk, and they killed off Belle, Rumple needed her, without her he turned back into a cowardly DarkOne. He barely helped his grandson or great-granddaughter. The baddest antihero of this entire series, when he became a hero, he was still considered a villain, yet on the final season. It took his WishRealm-self to steal his thunder so Rumple could sacrifice his future with Gideon to save a friend, WishNewHook/Nook so he could be a father to his daughter, Alice once and for all. If anything, Robert Carlyle deserves alot more credit now than when he did SGU. Bobby practically kept this show going for as long as it was on the air. He's always been my favourite Scottish actor. Rumplestiltskin from the Enchanted Forest, the Beast from BATB, the Crocodile from Peter Pan, Mister Gold from Storybrooke, Detective Weaver from Hyperion Heights, or better known as The Dark One showed me in the beginning he was born a savior, until his mother took away his destiny, she ended been the darkest evil who he would destroy in S6finale. BlueFairy and Tigerlily lied to his father, Malcolm made him resent his own son, thought this baby was wasting his money and his time as his son killed his mother. Both fairies didn't own up to their mistake and also BlueFairy never got her own origin tale in flashbacks, seriously? WTH?! Those two practically turned Rumple's parents into the Black Fairy and Peter Pan and Blue was responsible for most of the newborn heroes who eventually turned into villains and she didn't nothing but lie to the heroes the whole series run. I'm like most Oncers, TheBlueFairy, Mother Superior was the Queen of Shade, she had so many secrets and many stories to tell, her only regret was how she lost a fight to Rumple's mother, and how she lost Rumbelle's son Gideon to be kidnapped by his evil paternal fairy grandmother. Rumple's known as the village coward in flashbacks after his father abandons him as a boy traded his son for youth to become Pan, while Rumple did the same with Baelfire and traded him for the power of the Dark One's dagger and before all of this, his wife Milah leaves him for adventures with Killian Jones, a pirate abandons her young son Baelfire, who literally needed his mother, rivals with his potential stepfather during its entirety of S3 when he runs away from Rumple as a boy, lost to another world without magic, then is taken in by his mother's exbf, only to be handed over to his evil grandfather Peter Pan and for over a century in S2finale. S3 Nealfire finally escapes Neverland, hides from his father, unknowingly impregnanting the show's protagonist for 6seasons. Their only son is adopted by her mothers evil queen stepmother, so on and so forth. I could go on, but I like to think OUATs best seasons were 1-3 that's it! After s4 had Frozen arc, Queen of Darkness/Author arcs. S5 had DarkSwan/Camelot/Brave/Underworld and closure for the heroes with their dead loved ones, well some did, the others not so much. S6 was Emma's final season, she was dying, fighting her son's paternal uncle, Nealfire's little halfbrother Gideon who was kidnapped and raised by Rumple's mother. I mean, Fiona was alot worst than Malcolm, I've given the show creators that. However BlackPan both had one thing in common, a one sided relationship with their son, each kidnapped one of their grandsons, somehow, through trickery they both got the upperhand with their greatgrandson. I'm just glad they never got their hands on their greatgreatgranddaughter, well unless you're counting wishRumple and wishHenry, that boy literally held his true selves family hostage in a snowglobe during s7finale. I think S7 wouldv been a whole lot better, if they wrote about GlassBelieverFamily more than just making AmnesiacHenry not believe in his own daughter, he was taking after his mother from S1, as his kid was taking after him for the rest of the series. If anything, show wouldn't have been cancelled if GBF looked like a real family in flashbacks. Not have the villains, the Alternate-Tremaines were rushed to be redeemed even Facilier turned out to be a nice guy. Only Gothel/Hansel remained the same. The best thing was WishRumple and WishHenry in the series finale. I like to think Tiana had more chemistry with Nook, even more so with AmnesiacHenry too, and she was more motherly with Henry than Jacindy was. IDKY but thats why i'm saying, S7 wouldv been a whole lot better if GlassBelieverFamily (Henry/Jacinderella/Lucy) were written properly, so I saw the deleted scenes and I think they should have been kept in. Would'v made the season somewhat better than it was. Important scenes were deleted, scenes that had the original episode confusing at times. js,IMHOofc tbh i never understood why people hated Henry's father Neal. he was Rumple&Milah's son, BlackPan's grandson, Belle's future stepson and Gideon's future little 1/2brother. if anything Belle was the mother he should have had. But no he was always considered as the deadbeat guy who broke Henry's mothers heart and sent her to prison for his crimes, bc Adult Pinocchio told him to, this was S2. In S5 when CaptainSwan kept sailing, these two were the lowest-rating DarkOnes who only lasted 6weeks. I wouldv liked it if the hype on DarkSwan was more mutual than one sided, in the end I started to love these2 together, only to hate what the writers were doing to them. DarkHook was willing to let his girlfriend and her friends and family die, Neal wouldv never have done that. He hated magic his entire life bc it broke up his parents, altho he also blamed Hook for keeping his mother from him as a boy, Nealfire always believe Hook tore apart his family when in fact, it was Milah's choice bc it was Rumple's fault as it was his also when he killed Milah for saving Hook was the only man she loved, after she said she never loved Rumple after he asked her why she abandoned their son. Seriously, really thought Milah was turning around in S5 when she came back, Rumple&Milah were reconciling until Hades ruined that moment. SRSLY it was Neal's fault, August told him a story, then Emma was sent to prison to Nealfire wouldn't have to reunited with Rumple. Hook gets resurrected twice by Emma and Zeus, turned into a dark one, and he tried to kill her. If im been honest, Hook's death broke Emma more than Neal's. Yet, during S3-4&5 Emma tried to turn Zelena into a dark one, punishment for taking Henry's father from him. DarkCS may have been together after s3finale, but Emma still tried to honor Neal's memory when everybody else started to piss on it. Swanfire were still sailing whether we all liked it or not. Then S6finale happens and both GoldenSwanBeliever forgave Zelena for what she did to Neal. Altho Zelena never truly said the words to Henry. I mean when you're adoptive aunt kills your dad, bc your paternal grandpa chose your adoptive mother to cast a dark curse so said, grandpa could find the remnants of his longlost son who turned out to be his grandson's father, talk about fate having a sense of humor. Sometimes OUATwriters weren't normal with their writing, IDK what happened half the time, but these are not Disney's stories, they are original tales from the original writers Disney decided to make his own adaptations. Actually had hope the writers would have the original authors of Disney's stories be incorporated in the final season. I actually wanted to see if they would make Yensid, a villain since he took stories from the original authors before him as he was most likely before Isaac. I thought for sure Rumple wouldv harmed baby Robin just to have Zelena understand what its like to lose a child, but he didn't he was if not, a friend to baby Robin's father Robin Hood. Rumple owed him alot, just by been a friend of Neal's. Rumple did have this rule, he would never harm a child, not after what he did to Henry in S2finale. He went to freakin' Neverland to save him, tho Pan told Nealfire his dad was there to kill his son. But nonetheless in S7midfinale, Rumple was like a father figure to both, WickedOutlaw/NookGothel's daughters MadArcher. It was pretty obvious in the flashbacks. In the end, Rumple died saving Nook, the most selfless thing he ever did true. It's hard to watch the series from start to finish, but OUAT will always be up there, thanks to Robert Carlyle. not been a stan, i still dont understand that term, its actually offensive. Ive only met a couple of my heroes when i was little and a young teen, now I just cant be bothered to go SDCC anymore
2 broke girls
XanthraX (1 month ago)
I swear to god i'll do something bad of they pull the plug on AHS.... (i freakin love that show.....just so you know its been going on since 2011😨)
J4 RU (1 month ago)
At least for timeless we get a 2 hour movie! That show will be missed.
Ken McCarthy (1 month ago)
I say bring back Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!!!
Ken McCarthy (1 month ago)
Manhattan Love Story. Analeigh Tipton is such a great beautiful actress!!
Hadley Anderson (1 month ago)
I want Witches of East End back!! (even though that wasn't cancelled in 2018)
Franklin Damico (1 month ago)
I wish they'd bring back my name is Earl.
vsgfilmgroup (1 month ago)
I don't mind when shows get canceled. There's usually a reason. But for crying out loud, at LEAST allow the story to finish. I hate cliffhanger cancellations.
veronica carlson (1 month ago)
The evil dead slid right down the tubes. I missed a few episodes of the last man on earth and couldn't figure out what was going on. Tried again and it still didn't make sense with a bunch of new characters. Happily Ever After never recovered from a few horrible seasons and although it seemed to be on the right track Henry's new love interest the show spent a lot of time on couldn't act at all. Prince charming is now on a new show called manifest about a plane that takes off and lands 5 years later but the people on the plane think it's hours later and they haven't aged. I thought that sounded great but apparently they are going with the old tired plot of having some psychic connection. Hoping for the best still.
Vaughn Peterson (1 month ago)
OUAT was a classic for me and it ended just in time. Shows like Grimm or Nip Tuck (for those who remember it) went on too long and ruined the show.
shana Burch (1 month ago)
HEROES092 (1 month ago)
They need to learn most ppl that are 18 to 30 don't even have cable just let us stream it with minimal ads or Netflix
MrRamo300 (1 month ago)
I really liked Timeless! I had no idea it had gotten cancelled.
Rebecca Delaney (1 month ago)
The three last seasons of Once Upon a Time have two plot holes. Why didn't Elsa and Anna return to StoryBrooke and where's princess Kida!? Why didn't they put Beast on the show?
Rebecca Delaney (1 month ago)
Some of these shows I don't care about and I don't mind them being cancelled.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Jake wayne (1 month ago)
Timeless is not been Canceled. it has not aired Episode 11 and aired Episode 12.
Darren Brown (1 month ago)
No mention of Six??? There was no final ending. The season ended on a cliff hanger.
amas kade (1 month ago)
Whyyyyyyyy canceled ,for whattttt ??????!!!!!!!! ,the last man on earth is my favourite comedy serie
Arlene M (1 month ago)
Downward Dog.
Scorching Bawles (1 month ago)
Mozart in the Jungle was an enjoyable sow that got worse with each season.
KYB77 (1 month ago)
Once upon a Time sucked since day one every thing was cheesey
Tea Shistar (1 month ago)
Shit I loved the path. Didn't know it was cancelled. Last man on earth and the Mick were great shows!
ese kurt (1 month ago)
I had never heard of Timeless but as a kid I use to love and I mean LOVE Quantum Leap which sounds exactly like the same story....I would of checked it out...
Mario Castillo (1 month ago)
Inhumans was so bad it didn't even make the calculation list...
DrmAllen (1 month ago)
Timeless deserves the axe, it was an illegal rip-off of "El Ministerio del Tiempo"
Jackie (2 months ago)
I never hear you actually explain why Lucifer got cancelled, just that it had been.
Cindy Davidson (2 months ago)
I know it is from 3 years ago but i still miss Hannibal. It was an awesome show.
Toyosi Amos (2 months ago)
I want Grimm
Jamal Vargas (2 months ago)
Regular show axe cop undergrads and ugly americans
The Whiffy Box Sniffer (2 months ago)
Bring Back October Road, Earth 2 and Terra Nova
Michael D (2 months ago)
Ash vrs evil dead should of been a Netflix show
Who Cares (2 months ago)
I hate to break it to you, but everyone already knew the real reason for the Roseanne cancellation.
Robert Collins (2 months ago)
Every one of the shows was garbage and should never been made at all they all were full of SWJ crap I no longer want to see peoples personal agendas and politics and TV shows I no longer watch TV thanks to them and your leftist liberal leanings anti-God and pro Muslim and and their the world is a village lie sickens me personally I miss good shows like Little House on the Prairie or the blue night with original Battlestar Galactica with Lauren Green shows like this didn’t have special little agendas they were meant to entertain not brainwash with the gay crap like tree hugging Veganism and socialist hippy shit and ani-American race baiting all euro trash ideas I won’t buy the appetizers product and I won’t watch their garbage don’t go to the theaters to see it either I just keep watching the old tapes wearing men were men and women were ladies. Note : Saturday mornings land of the lost is the show I miss but if you brought it back and be full of garbage because the writers and the producers would rather lose money than produce something decent also the actors can’t act and the writers can’t write anymore at lest with out their personal opinions coming out and the actors definitely can’t act anymore without throwing up their unwanted unneeded personal opinions I don’t care about their lives order they are your actor get off the stage it’s about the story not the unmanning of America or changing of story’s already written to suit your rant of the day they change history in movies to put people groups in history setting that they never were and change comic icons like captain America into a nazi I am personally offended by Hollywood Disney entertainment industry for their anti-constitutional anti-American values or I should say lack there of You want to bring something back Bring back something that has Americans constitutional values without your opinion or agenda vomited all over it. Oh yeah hey the right nationalities for the Wright rolls and age-appropriate please. Not just my opinion
Mr. Carroll Ware (2 months ago)
Ash vs Evil dead was a joke.
Unbe Kannt (2 months ago)
I loved The Mick and The Last Man On Earth. RIP.
Mark Ukrainetz (2 months ago)
Roseanne was cancelled because she's a MAGA in Hollywood.
Sushi Time (2 months ago)
How desperate would you have to be to go to Fox with your series?
Alain Somerlinck (2 months ago)
Beatriz Zacharias (2 months ago)
Honestly deep down we all know that part of the reason why FOX cut off this amount of shows in 2018 is because they're cleaning the house for a smoother process of being part of the Disney.
rocky362 (2 months ago)
bruce wightman (2 months ago)
dιмα вσяιsσv (2 months ago)
Aubrey (2 months ago)
Bring back The Mick!!!!!!
1958debs (2 months ago)
Starz has original stuff? Dropped them years ago due to crappy, questionable movies.
Jim Ellison (2 months ago)
GREAT VIDEO................
pretenditsagoodworld (2 months ago)
I'm so glad Lucifer survived - at least for one more season <3
Leah Anderson (2 months ago)
Why was the show that Halle berry was pregnant with the alien baby cancelled it was a good show to me
Prowler Cam (2 months ago)
Finally! Someone who knows how to spell "canceled"!
Rick Jasper (2 months ago)
Three things KILLED Once Upon A Time. 1. The politically correct indoctrination (lesbian princess lovers in a KIDS SHOW... REALLY, DISNEY??). 2. Dead people didn’t stay dead. There’s no real drama if there’s no real peril. 3. The plots got stale.
Matt Vlogs (2 months ago)
Hulu an Netflix are streaming shows not tv shows in my book
Nelson Alonso (2 months ago)
How is Deception not on this list? The story and writing was amazing.
Jaclyn Smith (2 months ago)
How was Penny Dreadful not on this list????
Heather Crawford (1 month ago)
Jaclyn Smith i *LOVED* *Penny Dreadful*. Such an amazing show!
Mew mew girl Abbey (2 months ago)
I loved the ash vs evil dead series still idk why they cancelled it and I also loved the Lucifer series to and Idk why that got cancelled either
Samantha Cameron (2 months ago)
Zoo ended terribly. i was so sad.
DJ Thornton (2 months ago)
should have mentioned shadowhunters
my name not yours (2 months ago)
The Path was such a great show. I don't understand how it was never nominated for anything! Hulu should have brought it back to at least finish the story.
Patricia Thomas (2 months ago)
Once Upon a Time started to drag after awhile. The rest of these I never watched if I even heard of them.
Dd Valentine (2 months ago)
The  loss of  The Exorcist was a pity. It is the scariest show I have watched.
Elizabeth R (2 months ago)
I miss The Brave.
Odd jørgensen (2 months ago)
Did the Expanse get shitcanned too?
Odd jørgensen (2 months ago)
Colony ended on a yoooge cliffhanger, basturds need to stop doing that shit.
Jesse Schoedel (2 months ago)
Once Upon A Time got cancelled because it lost it's way after Season 4 (in my opinion. No two fans really seem to agree on when exactly this happened). The Queens of Darkness storyline was great. Nothing that came after it was nearly as entertaining.
Helgali (2 months ago)
Firefly Sliders
Yolanda M (2 months ago)
And yet Lethal Weapon is still on?
Miranda Platynum (2 months ago)
I'll miss The Mick. I remember when the first episode aired, I said it wasn't going to go anywhere but I got into it but only watching the next day on Hulu. I figured it was going to be canceled because of that episode when Jimmy found out Micky had something to do with the firecracker in the butt thing. A crazy episode but the show was kind of funny.
Neo Moon Sevin (2 months ago)
We don't know wtf happened to z nation it was 2014 when the series finished and since then syfy states it's still coming back with the 5th season now wtf has happened can looper go to syfy studios to find out why the series ended on a cliff hanger and never went forward from there I loved z nation

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