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Brown Sugar Cover - A little practice and gear check before Jam Session

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I decided to attend a jam session (after about 15 years), so I restrung the guitars and did a quick break in of the strings and rehearsal; I haven't played music in front of a live audience for quite sometime so it will be exciting.
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HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
Thans for the clarification. We have discussed your amp settings before actually - I was surprised you used solid state amps - but it is strange your answer is not here - you probably sent me a PM. Anyway, this method of yours works really great, you get pretty much perfect "Keith sound."
Raymond Doetjes (5 years ago)
My goodness I did not see this question before. I use two amps, both Fender Deluxe R112 (solid state amps). One is clean to get that attack (twangy tele sound) and the other is overdriven. I used to always play (or still do when live) using two amps 1 clean and 1 overdrive. It gives you that spank for rhythm from the clean and the sustain from the drive and it's easy when you need a clean song too, then I just turn of the input. Lately I started using a single amp at home (new neighbours :D)
HappyStrat24 (5 years ago)
...and here is what we discussed...a great sense of rythm. Perfect! And very good sound too, what amp do you use?

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