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THE MULE - Official Trailer

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Nobody Runs Forever. Clint Eastwood is #TheMule, in theaters December 14. http://www.facebook.com/TheMuleFilm/ http://twitter.com/TheMuleFilm http://www.instagram.com/themulefilm/ http://www.themulefilm.com/ From Warner Bros. Pictures, Imperative Entertainment and BRON Creative comes Clint Eastwood’s newest feature film, the drama “The Mule.” In addition to directing, the veteran actor will step in front of the lens again, alongside fellow stars Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia, as well as Alison Eastwood, Taissa Farmiga, Ignacio Serricchio and Loren Dean, Eugene Cordero. Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive. Easy enough, but, unbeknownst to Earl, he’s just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel. He does well—so well, in fact, that his cargo increases exponentially, and Earl is assigned a handler. But he isn’t the only one keeping tabs on Earl; the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates. And even as his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl’s past mistakes start to weigh heavily on him, and it’s uncertain if he’ll have time to right those wrongs before law enforcement, or the cartel’s enforcers, catch up to him. “The Mule” marks Oscar-winner Eastwood’s first time on both sides of the camera since he starred in 2009’s critically acclaimed “Gran Torino.” Cooper, who stars as Bates, received his most recent Oscar nominations for his work with Eastwood, acting in and producing “American Sniper”; he will next be seen in his feature directorial debut, “A Star Is Born.” Oscar nominee Fishburne (“What’s Love Got to Do with It,” TV’s “Black-ish”) plays a DEA special agent in charge; Peña (upcoming “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” Netflix’s “Narcos”) plays a fellow agent; Oscar winner Wiest (“Bullets Over Broadway,” “Hannah and Her Sisters,” TV’s “Life in Pieces”) plays Earl’s ex-wife; Oscar nominee Garcia (“The Godfather: Part III”) plays a cartel boss; Alison Eastwood (“Rails & Ties”) plays Earl’s daughter; Farmiga (“The Nun”) plays the role of Earl’s granddaughter; Serricchio (Netflix’s “Lost in Space,” “The Wedding Ringer”) plays Earl’s cartel handler; Dean (“Space Cowboys”) plays another agent; and Cordero (“Kong: Skull Island”) plays a cartel member. Clint Eastwood (“Sully,” “American Sniper”) directed from a screenplay by Nick Schenk (“Gran Torino”), inspired by the New York Times Magazine article “The Sinaloa Cartels’ 90-Year-Old Drug Mule” by Sam Dolnick. Eastwood also produced the film under his Malpaso banner, along with Tim Moore, Kristina Rivera and Jessica Meier, and Imperative Entertainment’s Dan Friedkin and Bradley Thomas. The film’s executive producers are Dave Bernad, Ruben Fleischer, Todd Hoffman and Aaron Gilbert. Jillian Apfelbaum and David M. Bernstein co-produced. Eastwood’s team behind the scenes includes director of photography Yves Bélanger (“Brooklyn,” “Dallas Buyers Club”) and production designer Kevin Ishioka (“The 15:17 to Paris”), along with longtime costume designer Deborah Hopper and Oscar-winning editor Joel Cox (“Unforgiven”), who have worked with Eastwood throughout the years on numerous projects. A Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation, in Association with Imperative Entertainment, in Association with BRON Creative, a Malpaso Production, “The Mule” will be released in theaters December 14, 2018, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.
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Text Comments (5544)
The Mule Feels Like Clint Eastwood’s Magnum Opus >>> http://bit.ly/2Pzo4HT <<<
river rat (3 hours ago)
"and the academy award goes to--oh, wait. we gave it to 'unforgiven' when it should have gone to 'the crying game'. and we gave it to gene hackman when it should have gone to jaye davidson. sorry, clint. icon or not, you've had your share. now get out of line."
TwS Encore (3 hours ago)
The piano music tho
Stephen E. (3 hours ago)
I need to see this film.
Daniel Vargo (4 hours ago)
Awesome MOVIE!!😉,his grandaughter in the movie is Vera's DAUGHTER VERY GORGEOUS💓😘
SERG 2GR8 (4 hours ago)
This is his "last one" last movie
MA-121 (5 hours ago)
i am must watch movie. it looks very good. No one can replace Clint Eastwood. It will truly be a sad day when he is gone.
Soralla RUS (6 hours ago)
My favorite actor.Love his movies.
K PRICE (7 hours ago)
I Love Clint Eastwood. I'll definitely be at the theatre to see this!
Richard Smith (8 hours ago)
He's got a few movies in him yet.
Mike Carter (9 hours ago)
Just saw it excellent movie Clint at his finest
Debbie Song (9 hours ago)
Thanks for the clip. I can't wait to see it. It should be in Plano or Irving by February 2019. It looks like another good one from a great egg. I'm glad to hear you're still going strong. We will vastly miss your gravelly voice and that perturbed look, or is it a scowl? If he reads this, Merry Christmas, Mr. Eastwood""" My father loved you until the day he died in '94.
The Boxer (10 hours ago)
I went to see this movie today. The only thing that I did not catch is how Bradley Cooper's character, the agent from the DEA, picks up the conversation from the drug thug and his boss on the phone when they intercept Earl right after he is getting out of his wife's funeral service.
Charlie Dicanio (11 hours ago)
saw it today
Ghost Party (13 hours ago)
88 years old and still a great actor
Kismet Destiny (13 hours ago)
Icon. Pure and simple.
eric naoue (13 hours ago)
does he knows the word retirement.?
DiamondBack662 (14 hours ago)
88 and the man can still ramp up a scene better than 99% of Hollyweird.
Tomas Hatada (14 hours ago)
"It's the last one. God help me" Is Clint Eastwood's last ride? I don't think so and it's a good thing. 😊
Paco Taco (14 hours ago)
Damn so old and still kicking ass damn.
Meathead615 (15 hours ago)
Gran Tarino 2!
Meathead615 (15 hours ago)
Dirty Harry and Morpheus.
Harry Daniels (16 hours ago)
Clint Eastwood is the greatest actor of all time. No one else even compares to him. God bless you Mr. Eastwood. Love all your movies and Rawhide. God bless.
Janet Menge (18 hours ago)
truly a great man
Tom Patchen (19 hours ago)
The music in the trailer is the same as that in the movie, Ordinary World.
Luiz Gonzaga (19 hours ago)
...and this is how you make a trailer!
Zac Scott (19 hours ago)
Clint old as fuck! But damn he knows how to make a movie!
Lemmy K. Is God (20 hours ago)
One of my favorite actors ever. There will never be another guy like him in Hollywood again 🏆🏆🎬🎥 🤠
Soralla RUS (6 hours ago)
mrbrownization (22 hours ago)
So... somebody knows how to cut a trailer without giving out the whole plot !
Jennifer Ray (1 day ago)
I feel sorry for the pecans.
Leviticus Khan (1 day ago)
How this fool gonna talk family values and he got several baby mommas!!!!
Personally, I haven’t heard or seen a movie advertised in well over a year or longer, That made me want to sit my rear in a theater seat, Until now! If Clint Eastwood has anything to do with it, it’s good, if he directs it, it’s fantastic, if he acts & directs it, it’s an instant classic Gold!
Iwill win (1 day ago)
Great cast.
Jack D. Flippin (1 day ago)
Considering he's almost 89, he looks great. There's a lot of life left in him. 😃
Willow Creatures (1 day ago)
So let me get this? Propaganda for the old american white men to sympathize with the mexican drug lords? ... kiss my ass with this disgusting bull. BIG THUMBS DOWN...
Twist Visuals (1 day ago)
Came here after a review complaining this movie was racist melodrama. I see nothing of that sort in the trailer. And if you go into a Clint Eastwood movie, you know what you're going into. He already gave up his racism in Gran Torino and Unforgiven. So if this is racist, it's probably shown as a joke or in a bad light. Unfortunately some people don't understand the difference between jokes and reality.
Nunzio Jaycee (1 day ago)
The guy could’ve retired 20 years ago and lived the rest of his life comfortably but that’s not who he is, he keeps bringing us great cinema whether it’s in front or behind the camera because it’s in his blood, it’s his passion and it shows in the great works of art he keeps bringing us and I’m there for it!
La\\//inci (1 day ago)
Amazing movie just go see it
Sauce Money (1 day ago)
I’m on 100 mg of Zoloft and this trailer made me tear up lol
Tracy S. (1 day ago)
Clint Eastwood seems like a very kind-hearted person. I can't wait to see this movie.
fanglethorpe (1 day ago)
Clint Eastwood makes better movies at 88 years old than other directors in the prime now...
cornel bacauanu (1 day ago)
A master of acting , A master of producer .
S Rodriguez (1 day ago)
It's so cool knowing parts of this movie were filmed at the corner of where my mother lives in Augusta. Literally seen this man across the street but didn't get the chance to meet him :(
Dario100 (1 day ago)
looks like a great place to live. regards from switzerland
Doug Simar (1 day ago)
Clint is a living legend. I will certainly be seeing this movie.
Eric H. (1 day ago)
Thanks to that FKN MUTT ! 🤣 Cop was a nosy bstrd too. DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS !
Glenners (1 day ago)
Can people please stop hiring michael pena?? He ruins everything he's in.
Francis Phuong (1 day ago)
"...the last one.." not sure if the drug cartel will let him off the hook that easily. Once you are in, the only way out is death.
Jeff Davis (1 day ago)
I haven't been to the theater in years but December 14 is my birthday and will be going to see this movie Clint Eastwood is awesome
Douglas Monroe (1 day ago)
You know what's sad? I'm more exited about this film than I am with the next Star Wars film. I happen to be a Clint Eastwood fan. If this film came out next year around the same time as episode 9, I'd probably go see it over Star Wars.
Suleman Mughal (1 day ago)
We will miss u clint
Jay Sommerset (1 day ago)
Fuck clint eastwood! This old mfr#
chaoticdays (1 day ago)
Clint Eastwood is by far the most admired personality among the Hollywood community. Let me tell you a true story. This was told to me by the tour guide when I went for the Warner Bros Studio tour in LA. John Travolta was shooting for a movie in the studios and he was addicted to playing basketball so he asked the studio head if he could get a basketball court set up in a vacant spot on the premises. The studio head who was totally against the idea asked Travolta to get 200 signatures of producers and he would allow it. John took went to Clint Eastwood's office and got his signature on a piece of paper. He took the piece of paper and went to the studio head who ordered the immediate set up of the basketball court.
Three One (1 day ago)
Eastwood's character represents 50% of the Baby Boomer generation. Foreclosed home, out of money, broken family, no support network and full of regret.
Mike Diangelis (1 day ago)
"Buzzards gotta eat same as worms"
Wind of Freedom (1 day ago)
wesley thompson (1 day ago)
OMG anything with Clint Eastwood in it especially when he's directing it. Grand Torino, American Sniper and Unforgiven 👍👍👍
Dr Longus (1 day ago)
Looks awesome!!! Can't wait!!!
360 gaming wizard (1 day ago)
Can someone PLs explain the trailer coz I don't get it
fred smith (2 days ago)
Getting good reviews and really annoying all the pc reviewers too. Can't wait to see it.
Phat Dik (2 days ago)
This man is on sum life extension program takes loads of vitamins and has sum fancy routine he'll live to be 150
sharon r bower (2 days ago)
To bad our little town theater won't play this. They claim they can't afford to. Reality is if they would play this they would be able to afford to play more great movies.
Frank Mata (2 days ago)
Pee Cans?
A.I.G (2 days ago)
A movie that only gonna be in cinemas for one day, WTF New Zealand!!
Renee Diaz (2 days ago)
Can't wait to see it!!
wavygr (2 days ago)
What is this world coming to? Clint Eastwood as drug dealer. Next thing you know Hal from Malcom In The Middle will be cooking up crank.
Thepringleman (2 days ago)
Still very fucking old but still a legend😤👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼
Dixie Normous (2 days ago)
Looks as good as Gran Torino.
Martin DEAN (2 days ago)
Robert Wheeler (2 days ago)
Im going to see this movie on opening day
DARK OVERLORD (2 days ago)
What are you spooks doing?
Stanley Brill (2 days ago)
Rhapsody on the theme of Paganini, Rachmaninov ?
Dylan Cannon (2 days ago)
It makes me sad knowing this could be Clint’s last rodeo.
Beginners Luck (2 days ago)
Gotta go see it
C-AZ (2 days ago)
I was going to laugh out loud from happiness. But then I remembered that the mule don't like people laughing.
loot6 (2 days ago)
OMG can you still star in a movie when you're 300 years old. He's the same age as Gene Hackman who sensibly stopped making movies 14 years ago.
Jorge Nava (3 days ago)
Clint Eastwood!! Hell yea!! Eastwood a legend!
Sree Raam (3 days ago)
This looks like an altered version of breaking bad..
James Eddy (3 days ago)
CLINT IS A WANTED MAN...….wanted by all the people that love him.....stay with us Mate...
Ziggi Rogalsky (3 days ago)
Clint Eastwood - it's enough for this movie to be in my "I need to watch" category :).
Rusty Shackleford (3 days ago)
Hippy baby boomers feeding drugs to the next generation.
Bass King (3 days ago)
I've seen every movie Clint Eastwood made . I love all his movies can't wait to see it ... looks good
The Coin Alley (3 days ago)
That piano solo is quite haunting. Does anyone know the name of the piece?
Aidar Kusainov (3 days ago)
This trailer brought tears to my eyes....
Conor Tague (3 days ago)
Man, Clint is doing too much shit for Warner Bros. I like it, though. But why is that? I never found out the reason.
Tim Hicknell (3 days ago)
Navigator truck sick!
Johnshitaaiite wut? (3 days ago)
A LIVING GOD...cannot wait to see this. Everything he ever done was gold.
Gevo A (3 days ago)
Damn it Clint you aren't Heisenberg, whip out your fucking revolver and start shooting 4 people in one second like you did in those movies 50 years ago
Davi Cirillo (3 days ago)
No matter what Mr. Eastwood will always be a badass mofo.
netmatrix75 (3 days ago)
Is this a continuation of Grand Torino?
drewcliff82 (4 days ago)
Can't go wrong with Clint.
Its Me (4 days ago)
Okay okay I won't ruin it for everyone my, my friend is an actress and we got invited to the premier.. We just got home from viewing it, Clint wasn't there but all the other actors were.. All I'm going to say is the trailer is good that's all yall can guess the rest.
Its Me (3 days ago)
+Lee Coc man if I missed him that sucks cause I really like him, but she agreed with me my friend that is and no she didn't have a part in the movie, we had great seats 4 th row
Lee Coc (3 days ago)
Its Me just sounded like you were trolling because you said Mr Eastwood wasn’t there. Did your friend have a supporting role or background role? Did you tell her you were disappointed?
Its Me (3 days ago)
+Lee Coc thank you sounds like a more mature statement than accusing me of trolling. Don't get me wrong I love Clint but man I guess my expectation was really high I guess for this flick.
Lee Coc (3 days ago)
Its Me “Dude” you can’t tell me anything I was in the movie and read the whole script! Only reason i wasn’t there is because my son had a championship AllStar football game. It’s ok if you didn’t like it. You’re def entitled to your opinion. Thanks for watching though. Have an amazing day.
Lee Coc (3 days ago)
Its Me Clint was there. Sounds like you’re trolling to me.
Lachie Campbell (4 days ago)
they just stole amy pond's theme from doctor who. It does look like a good movie though
62 Dub (4 days ago)
I want to see this movie
Rhys Is The Joker (4 days ago)
Anyone getting Logan feels?
Clayton Murray (4 days ago)
Looks like another classic
GravityZero (4 days ago)
Breaking bad but not good
Mask. Surname (4 days ago)
I aint happy, feeling glad.
M???????? A??????? (4 days ago)
Clint Eastwood 88 years old and still punching out some great tear jerking movies one of the greatest western/dramatic actors ever
Charlene Graveline (4 days ago)
Just WOW! The unknown is killing me! How will it end ...
C Logan (3 days ago)
+Robert Chambers thanks for the tip
Robert Chambers (3 days ago)
Charlene Graveline research leo sharp.. that's who this is about
ThanhMit Boi (5 days ago)
God damn this is terrifyingly awesoem amd the piano track hunts me like a nightmare

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