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I go to IKEA for the first time ever!!! Blog - http://beccarose.org Twitter - http://bit.ly/K9kHpW Instagram - http://bit.ly/1ct0vcC Rupert's Instagram (woof) - https://instagram.com/itsrupertthepug ___­­­__ I'm Becca Rose, (formerly voussontbeauetbelle) and you've come across my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle channel! Subscribe for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00PM and Sunday at 10:00AM For business enquiries please contact: [email protected] For pretty pictures of daily life have a follow of my Instagram! http://bit.ly/1ct0vcC For general natter please message me on: Twitter: @BeccaRoseTweets Thanks for stopping by! Before you go, subscribe eh! ___­­­__ This video is NOT sponsored by any brands mentioned or shown in this video. All opinions are my own :) All items were purchased with my own money, unless marked with a *, which means they were gifted to me from the brand, within a 'gift bag' at an event, or for general PR reasons of which I am very grateful for!
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Text Comments (54)
DANIEL 69 (2 years ago)
Someone in Ireland acc got married in IKEA
DANIEL 69 (2 years ago)
I thought I was the only 1 who wasn't been to IKEA
Erza Scarlet (2 years ago)
You look like adele!😍
Ella Twiss (3 years ago)
Warrington IKEA oh my that's where I live x
Lauren J (3 years ago)
You look like Adele so much, especially when you're sat talking in the car!
rockyourheartandsoul (3 years ago)
Lol. My mom hates IKEA. You can find some nice stuff there, some not so. Nice to waste a day there. As fuller house said it's like hell once you're in there's no way out... Only one way out? I don't remember :) anyway fun times!
Saira (3 years ago)
Becca IKEA is just the best ... And this haul has made me want to go so bad! Your pug PJ's are also so so cute! Saira Xxxx
Izzy xo (3 years ago)
IKEA is my fave shop ever!! 🌺🌺💖💖🎀🎀🌺🌺 love you Becca
Becca French (3 years ago)
Where is that gorgeous scarf from?
Honey Boop (3 years ago)
I went to ikea the last year! Is amazing, i can spend all day long there! lol! Guys if you can CLICK MY NAME AND CHECK MY CHANNEL! I'm a small youtuber and is hard! You will make my day! <3
Asia Schuler (3 years ago)
Please do a ikea haul! X
Bonkers4Beauty (3 years ago)
❤️ I love IKEA! I don't like the food either but I always have an almond slice! Hope you have a lovely Sunday! xxx ❤️
DanceLover14 (3 years ago)
Haha, I've ate Bratz cake before but it's never happened to me...I just got blue icing everywhere 😂😂
Kim Russell (3 years ago)
That's the ikea I always go to in Warrington🤗
Floral Beauties (3 years ago)
No a fence how did u get the Alex nine drawers and u haven't been to ikea xxx
Jessica P2672 (3 years ago)
Maybe she ordered I dunno lol
Eleanor Jolly (3 years ago)
Where are beccas pug pjs from 😩😩
Roselle Ann (3 years ago)
Y'all worrying how she hasn't been to ikea and I'm just here thinking why she ain't wearing seatbelt
Josie (3 years ago)
I recall her saying before in a vlog that she just tucks it under her arm because it's uncomfortable for her
J Sc (3 years ago)
I literally noticed this in her pug home video too haha 😁😬 buckle up Becca
Maja Johansson (3 years ago)
I'm swede, I practically live at IKEA...
Lesieva (3 years ago)
Do you actually eat crisps as food (you know, not as a snack)? That's kind of weird to me xD making me want to go to ikea so much! I actually drive by it a lot but i haven't been inside in forever.
lara atkinson (3 years ago)
How annoying is her pug voice tho :/ so gringe ;)
Lottie Corbett (3 years ago)
Omg u were in Warrington! Im so sad i didnt no this I wud have love to have met u, love ur jumper xx
Missbeauty H (3 years ago)
Can't wait for ur haul becca 😍😘
Halo Rose (3 years ago)
Warrington ikea :') my second home hahaha x
L Nicole (3 years ago)
lol i first went to ikea in January when i moved! loved it, actually i just went yesterday as well. i could stay in that place all day! can't wait to buy my 1st place!
Lola Harvey (3 years ago)
The chocolate at ikea is so good !
oPuenktchen (3 years ago)
never been to ikea? wow
Caity Annabella Marsh (3 years ago)
Warrington IKEAS the best ❤️
Becca Whiting (3 years ago)
HOW HAVE YOU NOT BEEN IKEA OMG! I make my life choices in ikea, i decide what im having in my house when i have one😝 ikea does things to you haha😂x
missjamm31 (3 years ago)
Hahaha love you video but im pretty sure your ot suposed to take the bags home hun xx Have a great weekend xx
missjamm31 (3 years ago)
+World Of Neeve Oh didn't know. In Holland I don't think you can. But thank you xx
Emily Divall (3 years ago)
Can't believe you've never been to ikea it is like my face shop in the whole entire world I know this sounds sad 😂
Amalie Jensen (3 years ago)
Where is your friends dress from?😍
Lucy Docker (3 years ago)
It's from asos! Pretty sure it's a denim smock dress ☺️ I need it!
Malin Rheindorf (3 years ago)
IKEA food is the best! Meatballs <3
Becca Whiting (3 years ago)
OMG YES THEY DO! I get them every time i go!😍
Bethan Jones (3 years ago)
Love the totoro bed!
Cait Lloyd (3 years ago)
I had the same problem with a Bratz cake when I was younger!!! I went on holiday the next day after eating it, and in my hotel room, I had blue/green poo, and me and my mum were confused whether it was a hotel thing, or whether I actually had blue/green poo!!
No no (3 years ago)
OMG I HAVE THOSE PUG PYJAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Graca Pinto (3 years ago)
love your dog. 💕
Isbel April (3 years ago)
omg at the beginning of the video you were like on my street! and I'm originally from Warrington where the Ikea is
Meredith Richards (3 years ago)
Loved this vlog.
osnapitzjodz (3 years ago)
Throughout the entirety of this vlog all i could keep thinking was how incredible your eyebrows look, haha :)
Zodie Styles (3 years ago)
Ikea is the best 😊😍
Eilis Coughlan (3 years ago)
I live for IKEA 😍
Hilary (3 years ago)
Also Becca can't believe you'd never been to IKEA! Its like the best thing ever. And that pug jumper is on fleeeeek. Love your shoes too. and of course always your eyebrows I am IN LOVE with your eyebrows!!! Have a good evening xxx
Charlotte Greenwood (3 years ago)
You missed out not getting food at IKEA!! It's so good x
Anya S (3 years ago)
So early! Yaaaassss! You slay X
thegirlcriedfashion (3 years ago)
I am absolutely ADORING your everyday May Becca!! :D
Rachel Lott (3 years ago)
I love your videos xx
Yun Fan (3 years ago)
Second second :)
Hilary (3 years ago)
I'm so early! haha!

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