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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] BRAIN TIME ► https://goo.gl/tTWgH2 Every person on the planet has a talent. Some people can draw, other people can sing beautiful songs and other can run really fast or are good in science, for example, in mathematics. If you think that you don't have any talents, don't worry, because you probably just haven't discovered them yet. It turns out, there are innumerable talents, and some of them are so unusual that it's even hard to understand how people found out they had them. Sit back and watch carefully, because today we are gonna show you people with the most unusual talents on the planet
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Text Comments (441)
This can't be real it would go through
Abyssal Guy (3 hours ago)
Dat get out footage doe...
Abyssal Guy (3 hours ago)
“Similar with that of bones” 😯 Don’t mess with this guy...
Peter Quill (3 hours ago)
Starts at 0:38... you’re welcome pilgrims
EIDB Gt (7 hours ago)
How about philiphines????
MaddyTRS (9 hours ago)
7:16 Daughter of Bill Cipher
Bryson Mcklemurry (9 hours ago)
I can shoot water from my eyes I figured out last year
Lencin zerzan (11 hours ago)
I will just eat the bees
aiden taylor (13 hours ago)
That girl that says stuff backwards is satanic to fck!
Person827 (14 hours ago)
The ear baloon 1 is because when you hold your nose and blow out of it your ear blows out air
I can read the future sometimes, it’s kind of over whelming
BroToPro (16 hours ago)
i bet frank could not survive a punch from george foreman
PatukaKanuka (18 hours ago)
isao machii is prob the yasuo v2
David McKenzie (19 hours ago)
7:09 i was gonna ask if she could say that omg XD
Netty Voyager (19 hours ago)
i read all your comments and wasted 10 min of my life :P
MyNameIsAjLEGEND (20 hours ago)
For #1 what if he tried to break into your yard that had an electric fence
Mikko Muhonen (1 day ago)
Blowing the balloon via ear, simply means he has hole which bypasses the eardrum. After that, there is nothing special on it. Just as mouth is connected to nose, nose is connected to eyes, and yes, there goes a channel to ears aswell. If you keep mouth closed, hold your nose with fingers and try to blow out your nose, you should feel the pressure in ears. That is simply what he does, but as he has a hole bypassing the eardrum, the air will come out of his ear.
GT_ 810* (1 day ago)
Absolute mad lad!
Future Chemist (1 day ago)
Impressive, but have you scene Robbie rotten?
MusicMonster (1 day ago)
6:39 i saw a video that a kid drink a milk uses his nose and goes out from his eyes
Gobble Gobble (1 day ago)
TheNoob (1 day ago)
I wonder if being fat would help me🤔
Choua Vang (1 day ago)
A new language?
Jimmy Lu (1 day ago)
The only thing I survived was the amount of ads on this video.
FBI (1 day ago)
*shoots BB gun at him* He dies
tanner cunniff (1 day ago)
I can hold my breath under water for 16min.
William Agaton (1 day ago)
So the bee will guard my house
William Agaton (1 day ago)
I want to control bees
LoganHd For life (1 day ago)
oh yeah he can survive in a cannon how about ROCKETS!!
ELIANA KLUS (1 day ago)
Kenneth Vallejos (1 day ago)
last video is not true..with the right ampere for a machine and a light bulb to work by also not hurting the body can be achieved..machine showed was simple thus carries minimum to not electrify the body
Sami Dawud (1 day ago)
7:39 When they said they want u to say, in my mind i was like supercali..... Would be impossible and then she says it
Fri9ht_Noxus06 (1 day ago)
At 9 seconds others can run really quickly its racist all but 1 dude is black
Edward Piner (1 day ago)
Rijad Custo (1 day ago)
In our country we have a kid that is also magnetic Maybe his dad is that bald person
FADE DiAbLO (1 day ago)
I can blow air out of my eyes, I’m not joking though, hold your mouth closed and your nose closed then start breathing outwards through your nose while holding your nose and mouth closed, if it works please leave a like
Ze Yang Lim (2 days ago)
When isao machi opened the door of the car and the editor speed it up, i thought isao machi blasted through the door with his sword
Nippling Hamster (2 days ago)
alyssa = zatara
Brxant (2 days ago)
What about god?
Dylan Wong (2 days ago)
6:48 the movie 'get out'
ReinerHopper YT (2 days ago)
He watched One Piece.
0 x (2 days ago)
I can blow a balloon with my ear
G G (2 days ago)
Wait jack dempsey (dempsey roll)
Frank 666 (2 days ago)
my talent is making animal noises and i did not train once
Clark Ramirez (2 days ago)
My talent is singing japanese song
michael jan soliman (2 days ago)
Maurice Wadesisi (2 days ago)
Bee king,also known as shino🤪
JayTalks (2 days ago)
Omg nooooo... your intro triggered me!!!! "HELLO GUYS"?? USUALLY YOU DO "Hello everyone"
adam aboul hosn (2 days ago)
Is moving the ears or eye brows a talent cause I can do that
Preston Johnston (1 day ago)
adam aboul hosn it’s not I think
TwezTV (2 days ago)
The dude with the magnetic body is using suction, like if you have stikeez, when you place them on the surface, the air is squeezed out of the way, and a vacuum is created, causing the stikeez to stay on that surface
Kaloyan BG (2 days ago)
The last one is a scam
4:03 Hadji Ali's Amazing Skill of Regurgitation Was LEARNED And REPEATED By David Blaine, After David Visited The Young African Man Who Can Also Do The Trick of Regurgitation In Our Modern Times.
Deadulad YT (3 days ago)
I can draw fine art really nice
Mkhrz 168 (3 days ago)
So does that mean David Blaine is no more at world record cuz he just do 17min underwater look at 9:48. Edit:this one is 22min
Darknight4022 (3 days ago)
Nah I actually have no talents
Deaconator22 Official (3 days ago)
Didn't they show that video on Spongebob?
xue zhao (3 days ago)
but I’m not being lazy.
lol XD (4 days ago)
Isao Matchii Is Too Op.Devs Needs To Nerf Him
NZ WOTB (4 days ago)
In 1841 my great great granddad was loading a cannon on a ship he went to light the fuse after it had burned the cannon still did not go off so he was told to pull out the ball and as he was doing that the cannon went off he was blown off the ship into the ocean and was rescued by the ships cook who cut off both his arms from the elbow down and had the ends put in a bowl of salt for the rest of his life he had 2 hooks on each stub he died in 1910
Jerus Patulot (5 days ago)
Idk my talent it's been years that I don't do any talent 😭😭😭 or I don't have a talent
Roldan Flynn (5 days ago)
Too bad that last guys super power isn’t growing teeth.
Justypine Z (5 days ago)
3:13 fruit ninja remastered
Comedian DaBeast13 (6 days ago)
The last guy is like Deepak changra
ThePixelGod (6 days ago)
The guy who can withstand shocks try a lightning bolt
Foxy Eagle (7 days ago)
he cut a fucking Bullets.
That’s when I swallow something from a fish bone and meat I eat it and then I swallow it and then I spit the bones
It’s fake see bill’s channel.
Or not because we need to see it o-o
X-toBit3 Gamer (7 days ago)
That spitting trick would suck if you were sick and throw up
iii Ethan iii (7 days ago)
My talent is staying under water for A while . My least was 10 highest was 18 mins
Niranjan Karanth (7 days ago)
11:06 - why do you need a wire when you can be the wire😂
zaid TARIQ (7 days ago)
And I have other powers like hyperthermesia
zaid TARIQ (7 days ago)
I have alessas power
what's the point (7 days ago)
"do not try this at home" yea just have cannon lying in my house
NextDoorWatermelon (8 days ago)
The perfect human shield
VeNoM (8 days ago)
Uhh that guy that freaking took a cannon ball to the stomach is not a human! 😵
Novaticz YT (8 days ago)
Toxic Player (8 days ago)
Can a 🐝 👀? That's the real question!!
Kaleb Guerrero (9 days ago)
7:41 Mary Poppins
Brandon Vazquez (10 days ago)
Wait I can blow air throw my nose and eye lids
Donncha Finn (10 days ago)
At the start he says I need to look for my talent so should stand in front of a cannon and see if I survive
Master of all arghh (10 days ago)
His skin suck in air an thats why he can do it
PJ P (11 days ago)
4:40 Amazing yet Disgusting
what am i doing (13 days ago)
anyone subscribeeeeee to me XD only if u want to
MJ Builds (14 days ago)
My talents are mainly based to video games
HANTA NITSHTAKA (14 days ago)
Contractor Rotcartnot
Harry Constantinou (15 days ago)
Harry Constantinou (15 days ago)
12.05 is the best part
Gabe Collins (15 days ago)
he should try an shoot himself in the stomach
Lohit Pant (15 days ago)
U spoke indian city muradabad correctly......like a BOSS
Cloudy' Heart (16 days ago)
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :/
MaximusVE S (18 days ago)
The one guy with the metal canisters and that, he is able to do that because his pours suck in the air.
Stewie Griffin (18 days ago)
The title should be The only man that can live without his liver and pancreas
신비 (22 days ago)
Amazing👍 This video deserve more views
Gaming XbhejidiedX (23 days ago)
Its sweat that made him 'magnetic'
UnionPacific4014 & 844 (23 days ago)
1:48 oh there is my breakfast.
Keyboard Warrior (23 days ago)
There is also Biba Struja from Serbia, just like last man in video. Google it.
Owenage XD (26 days ago)
Twinkle Boy Corsimo (27 days ago)
You mean the most toughest people that could survive a cannon ball. Tough means more defensive.
Midnight Breeze (27 days ago)
He survived because he's *E X T R A. T H I C C*

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