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This is my very first youtube video! I am so excited to share my journey with youtube & I will be posting funny videos, such as this, as often as every Monday/Tuesday! :) DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE :) ►SNAP [email protected] adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/adrians_back/ ► [email protected] https://twitter.com/adrians_back ► [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/theadrianmiguelshow/?fref=ts
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Text Comments (41)
Dominic Elias (9 months ago)
Halloween is LIFE!
Joey Raul (9 months ago)
papo are you in miami? i want to meet you
Dale Thibodeaux (1 year ago)
Love Halloween. Great song choice for the first skit. Britney Spears!😊👍
Danny Simion (1 year ago)
Aww, you're so animated here in your first video and top down my favorite random fact is #6. Can't believe you got your grandma who don't speak English in trouble..haha. That and #12 no doubt.
Jason Lewis (2 years ago)
congratulations on YouTube so far I love your videos😃
CaliDude (2 years ago)
Just sayin..
CaliDude (2 years ago)
Halloween Rocks!
CaliDude (2 years ago)
Dude, I hate shitting in public places too, but i have been lucky to have never shit myself yet.. Your dog and Brother are cool and I like they subtle way you threw out you were gay.
Nathaniel Spirit (2 years ago)
Hey! Thank you so much for the like and comment you gave on my channel! I couldn't reply back so i came here instead. I hope you see more videos from you soon. Keep it up and good luck :)
Max Best (2 years ago)
Here I am!!! omg I love this Video so much!! And Yaaaaas HALLOWEEN is like the best time of the year!!! given this video a giant thumbs up and subscribing!!! LOVE IT
Connor Bly (3 years ago)
Your like my favorite channel on YouTube :3
Connor Bly (2 years ago)
+The Adrian Miguel Show  you should make a video on playing the guitar but creating new ways of holding the guitar lol
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
+Connor Bly Thanks a lot buddy! :)
Connor Bly (3 years ago)
Halloween is my lifffffeeeee!!! I love you for that!!!! Youre soooo funny!!! :3
The Adrian Miguel Show (2 years ago)
+Connor Bly Halloween is the BEST :)
4jimmycurtis (3 years ago)
I have a dog named Max and I terrorize with my hugs and kisses and squeals of joy lol
MariLove (3 years ago)
I'm further in to the video I love it too funny
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
Thank you! Also good luck on your channel! Looks good so far :)
MariLove (3 years ago)
I almost dropped out of college but I have nothing better to do so I'm back :)
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
Hey, the way I look at it.. College isn't a race. I'm going back soon. Just figuring things out at the moment before I got back
Kelly Cribb (3 years ago)
When you're famous, remember the little people.
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Kelly Cribb lol you got it Kelly!
Alex Garcia (3 years ago)
Lmao bro your hilarious hurry up and make more videos
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Alex Garcia lol thanks bro. Much appreciated!
Melinda Santamaria (3 years ago)
Omg I remember when I was little I made you Brianna Christian and my bro and your bro to do a little performance like a song or something maybe I inspired you when you were little lmao
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Melinda Santamaria lmao.. probably... Oh I don't know if you remember this but you killed my baby tadpole when I was like 7 years old!
Stassi Cunha (3 years ago)
Now I feel dumb from leaving Tampa, Florida for Sacramento!!! Damn he's hot! good luck with your channel! :)
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Stassi Cunha Hey, California is where I want to be!! Thank you :)
Amy Ramkhelawan (3 years ago)
I loved this! SO funny. Can't wait to watch the next one. Love ya!
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Amy Ramkhelawan Thanks Amy! :)
Abby Linen (3 years ago)
Abby Linen (3 years ago)
Congrats adrian it's so cool that your starting a channel I'll be sure to watch all your videos
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+AbbyTheAwesome Thank you Abby! :)
Bf Mum (3 years ago)
Lol I love you Adrian!! You were greattttttt
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Nitsha rivera Thank you Nitsha! (So sorry for the super late reply lol)
Juliana Garcia (3 years ago)
I love this ! so proud to call you my friend ! love you !
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Juliana Garcia I love you too :)
Dominique (3 years ago)
you are so adorable ❤
The Adrian Miguel Show (3 years ago)
+Dominique Steele Thanks boo
ShelbShar (3 years ago)
Hey nice this was a great video! I left a like and you seem really nice! If you like check out my channel. I recently started making videos too! Welcome to YouTube and keep up the good work!

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