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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro Review - Hands-On Video

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Get the URSA Mini Pro at a trusted retailer like CVP: http://c5d.at/ump Here's our hands-on URSA Mini Pro Review - the newly released ENG / Digital Film / Streaming crossover camera from Blackmagic Design. But what have Blackmagic Design improved? Read the full article here: https://www.cinema5d.com/blackmagic-design-ursa-mini-pro-review-hands-on-video
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Text Comments (109)
VariTimo (9 days ago)
I really can’t believe how unable BM still is at implementing the most basic functions. Peaking on the display information, a histogram instead of a waveform monitor?
HipStar (3 months ago)
Why yes...
MEDiAgamer (4 months ago)
The only thing that is "mini" about the Ursa Mini Pro is the screen.
Steve Cooksley (3 months ago)
And the price.
tip top Life (4 months ago)
I love you this company
Neffite davis (4 months ago)
Great job! You clear up a lot of things for me! I appreciate it!
Robi Metti (5 months ago)
BM did not learn from their mistakes... there is no stock anywhere of new cameras...
johnny cajas (6 months ago)
Hi, the sigma 18-35 F1.8 ART works well in the URSA MINI Pro?? Any problem of vignetting or compatibility? We can use all the camera capabilities (4k, 4.6k)?
Alex Hoonigan (6 months ago)
FHD? pd
Jon E (6 months ago)
Great review Nino. Thnx
TLHH 3101 E (7 months ago)
HARDEST SONG N THE JAILS https://soundcloud.com/harlem-smith-4404336/king-harlem-diary-of-a-king https://www.instagram.com/king_harlem_shakur/
chinelo betserai (7 months ago)
Can you still look at video footage through the touch screen
Laura Herrera (7 months ago)
Muy buenos días al equipo de " cinema5D" que hace posible esta gran producción, y gracias por atender mi mensaje. Aprovecho la valiosa oportunidad que me el contar con su atención para formularle una pregunta que ayude a resolver una inquietud que tengo. ¿Que configuración de equipo de video necesito para la realización de documentales al mejor estilo de la "BBC" Estaré atenta.
Laura Herrera (7 months ago)
@cinema5D Muy buenas noches y gracias por haber atendido mi mensaje.
cinema5D (7 months ago)
Hola, muchas gracias por tus palabras! Respecto de tu pregunta sobre la capacidad del equipo: los archivos de esta cámara son grandes, pero no requieren demasiada potencia de procesamiento. ProRes es fácil de editar, (pero DNG no lo es, y deberías convertirlo a un formato más editable o a proxies de todas formas antes de poder editarlos) Por lo que no debes preocuparte tanto por la capacidad de procesamiento de tu equipo ¡Solo asegúrate de contar con unidades de disco con MUCHA capacidad de almacenamiento! ¡Un saludo!
DARRYL SMITH (9 months ago)
loft worldwide (10 months ago)
one time ,, i used this camera ,,, easy to use but ,,, bad image,,, please don't use,, i am colorlist and director as well
Amit Rajkumar Bagai (1 year ago)
Hello thanks very much for the great work and tips. I need your advice. I am planning on buying a new Ursa mini 4.6k here in the UK by end of May 2018 which is on a killer sale offer but for the pl mount version as pl lenses seem to be more expensive and people buy more of the ef versions like yours due to the vast and cheaper lens options. I can only find Samyang Xeen 's and slr magic both in pl mount in the UK which are still expensive and Xeens give a greenish tinge and slr magic seems just okay hence now I am thinking to buy this camera with ef mount which is £1200 more (: and get sigma art 18-35 1.8 to begin with. My main interest is feature films for which I want to get this camera. Are Xeens and slr magic really worth? Kindly advice which mount would be better and why. I have very tight budget though. Would you still buy ursa mini 4.6k in mid 2018. BMPCC 4K is coming but still far. Thanks very much for your support. Regards.
Amit Rajkumar Bagai (1 year ago)
cinema5D Thanks very much for your kind reply and advice. I would love to buy the pro version but it's like for almost twice the price for non pro 4.6k on some special offer so for half the price non pro 4.6k is it still a good choice?
cinema5D (1 year ago)
Amit Rajkumar Bagai I would get the Ursa Mini 4.6K Pro, not the normal one, as I think the added features are definitely worth it. Unless you have access to PL cinema glass (and you can rent) the EF version makes much more sense because there are so many lenses out there for it. It's definitely still a great camera option I think, especially for the price. Nino
Paul Wright (1 year ago)
This is funny watching this in 2018- He says BMD has learned and have announced products only when they're ready to ship. Oops they did it again. I have no faith that they will ship the P4K on time.
Joseph Lora (1 year ago)
Buenas noches amigos de Cinema 5D, lo conectè por primera el grabador SSD, y el disco SSD. pero no reconoce la camara como un medio para grabar. espero puedan ayudarme. saludos.
Awang HD (1 year ago)
You very tajir
305kubrick (1 year ago)
I'm a huge fan of blackmagic. I hope they work on better camera designs in the future. They look like old cheap ENG cameras but their images can't be beat for the price.
Stéphane S. (1 year ago)
Is there touch screen focusing?
FourSixTeen (1 year ago)
"One small down side of the Monitor it still can not be rotated 180 degrees like on many other cameras" What the fuck ?! Go buy a RED then ... Oh... Wait ... Jesus christ ... its a "Cinema" camera ... not a fucing smartphone. Put some trust in your camera guy or go back to a Canon 80D or 60D ...
R Mani (1 year ago)
is it k for short films r length films making without any damage..like blackagic 2k r 2.4k..colour problems...
ANAK WATAN (1 year ago)
Wish blackmagic built a camera like size of A6000 or 70D with 4k feature
TechnoBabble (1 year ago)
The Pocket Cinema 4k is coming out fairly soon. It's bigger than most DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras but definitely small enough to be carried in a bag and be handheld.
Hello , why DNX si not avaible on codec screen ?
Mike French (1 year ago)
Great Review! Built in ND filters has got me now considering buying an Ursa Mini pro over the new Panasonic Eva-1.
Repz (1 year ago)
and iPhone 8 cant record at 4K 280 fps?
Cornelius Dobeneck (1 year ago)
Lots of people complain about the fold out monitor not been flippeble 180°. May I ask what cameraman stands INFRONT of the camera while shooting? Honestly? What the f...? The monitor completly doesn't need to be flippeble 180°. On the contrary! This is GOOD. Why? Turning the fold out screen permanently around and around fucks up the cables inside, I've seen that many times. Because one time you turn it around downside, one time you turn it around upside 180° and evrytime the cables inside gets twisted until they fall apart OR cause electric malufunction due to the protective sheathing been worn of from all the flipping. Good thing the monitor on this pro camera can not be flipped 180°. ;)
Christopher Shivers (1 year ago)
It's not to see yourself but it's good if you have a first ac and when they're pulling focus they can see what they're doing while the camera operator/DP looks through the view finder
M White (1 year ago)
Meh. I'm still going with the Kine Terra 6K
Cary Judd (2 years ago)
Love the review. Been shooting with the UMP4.6k for a few months now. It's an incredible camera, maybe the best value camera on the market. I still love the FS7 low light capabilities. One thing I'm surprised to find a lot of people talking about, including this review, is the complaint about the audio dials being infinite. It may be because my background an audio guy turned film, but If you have a little audio experience the best way around this is to use your ears when setting audio levels as well as looking at your meters. I can see why it would be frustrating if audio isn't your thing though. Thanks for always putting up great content! You're one of a few channels that I really take to heart.
Techincal india (2 years ago)
nice and good
KinoMagic.net (2 years ago)
Misleading title. How is this a review?
queefreak (2 years ago)
No hard stops on the audio knobs is stupid, but who would adjust audio levels blindly without staring at the meters. Hard stops aren't gonna save you if you're overmodulated
Snow Massy (2 years ago)
Un camescope VHS?!
right here please :)
E. Hinn Media (2 years ago)
what is the ISO range?
OccupyBlackWallSt (2 years ago)
he really commplained about the dial not saying clear instead of one???? Then he shows it explained on the body camera.,,,smh.... just shoot and shut up....people would kill for that camera...
paloma charles (2 years ago)
Does it have HDMI output?
gunnarsandberg1 (2 years ago)
no it doesn't! ... Dane you are ..... by the way.
Dane Parsons (2 years ago)
yes it does. you are stunning by the way.
Victor Coyenn (2 years ago)
Thank god I didn't buy Mini 4.6k, I totally love this one! Thanks for review. Just one significant question, does it have the same magenta issues that non-pro versions had? And if yes, is it the same when using built-in NDs?
Mo Sabri (1 year ago)
No. I think they fixed the magenta with whatever the hardware problem was. I believe they fixed it with firmware too, so it's hard to tell as the cameras that DO have it, it's barely noticeable anymore, but I believe they did also figure out the issue.
Yaya Keita (2 years ago)
Best Review! Thank you
Terry Thomas (2 years ago)
IMHO, a "review" is about the actual use of the camera... What you have provided is a commercial... Yeah, I can get "your" information from the BM website.
Silvis Samitis (2 years ago)
Can it record Raw in SD cards?
Marcin Kościelny (2 years ago)
Those should depend on the cards being used.
Silvis Samitis (2 years ago)
Do you know what are the limits?
Kurtiskurtical (2 years ago)
No. You will have limited recording options if recording to SD card.
TheOccasionalGentleman (2 years ago)
This camera is not compatible with Nikon lenses
zenbe (2 years ago)
Yeah, you can see it here: http://nofilmschool.com/2017/03/ursa-mini-pro-46k-camera-blackmagic-announcement
TheOccasionalGentleman (2 years ago)
hmm, didn't see that anywhere, but it's great news if they are offering that, I use Nikon for photographs and only dreamt of this happening.
zenbe (2 years ago)
The Nikon mount was officially announced along the camera, but they said it would be available in the future.
scarmenl (2 years ago)
I was looking at the Mini so to step up seems a good thing to do. I will save some more before I order.
Audy Erel (2 years ago)
Better than RED?
Kurtiskurtical (2 years ago)
The only Red camera it could be better than is the Red One. BMD Cameras have horrible fixed pattern noise and no way to calibrate it.
Black Crow Films (2 years ago)
Adding this to my shopping list for sure :)
Claire McHardy (2 years ago)
Still got the same stupid sensor
Michael Mystro Pierce (2 years ago)
Nice review, Blackmagic I PASS. Bugs and Beta Testing.
Mo Sabri (1 year ago)
Sure but your videos don't look great, so what are you trying to prove? If blackmagic cameras had bugs, would John Brawley risk his career by using it on FOX shows?
Curtis Judd Audio (2 years ago)
Thanks Nino, great overview!
Apsis Motion Pictures (2 years ago)
what about the magenta cast issues of the previous Ursas
Mo Sabri (1 year ago)
Both UMP and 4.6k have IR filter. It's been in all Blackmagic cameras. The Magenta corners of the 4.6k were largely reduced with a firmware updated. The Pro version doesn't seem to have it at all, meaning that Blackmagic quietly figured out the issue but won't tell anyone what it is so that 4.6K users don't get mad.
bashful228 (1 year ago)
THere's an IR filter in the MiniPro
The famous Black Magic Magenta seems to be tamed on this one. When I first got mine I could see a tiny, tiny bit of magenta in flares shooting in the direction of the sun/hard light (which why would you do that?), but since doing the most recent firmware update it doesn't seem to have the problem. Great value camera, maybe the best out at the moment.
bobby sands (2 years ago)
Hi Dane, I still see many video clips on youtube with the magenta cast...can you point me to more recent clips? Thx
Dane Parsons (2 years ago)
it has all been fixed from firmware updates a while back now, this camera is a beast!
Christopher Pitbladdo (2 years ago)
Thank you for this
legendp2011 (2 years ago)
the smaller screen and weight are a bit of a downside. but the rest seem like an improvement. how does the screen compare, is it brighter? crisper?
Michael Garske (2 years ago)
The Mini is HUGE.
Chloe Black (1 year ago)
like how the "Mini" Moog is still big compared to a Modular ;)
sunnyspeed studio (2 years ago)
That's why they have "micro"
Nino Leitner (2 years ago)
Then you haven't seen the original URSA - but yeah I would also have called it "URSA Normal" ;-)
Joseph D'Anthony (2 years ago)
HOLLY FRIGIN COW, I think I tinckled:-/ Built in ND's, PL and EF mount, SD Card, and under $6000.
I've been using this camera for a few months now. It's been really great! The built in ND filters made it a solid contender for me up against the FS7 & Canon C300. Throw in RAW recording and it's unquestionably the best value out there. One word of warning, the EVF doesn't come in the box, so you'll spend another $2000+ getting it rigged. Even still, amazing features and quality at this price point.
Nino Leitner (2 years ago)
Yes I agree, it offers a lot now.
Alexander Kuiava (2 years ago)
shut up and take my money!
Хороший обозрение! И стоимость вроде не высочайшая!
Mario Off-Topic (2 years ago)
I would like to know if the camera is still windowing the sensor when recording in 1080p.
Mario Off-Topic (2 years ago)
Thank you!
Nino Leitner (2 years ago)
Yep, my previous repliers are right!
James Jackson Films (2 years ago)
Mario Off-Topic it only goes into window if you shoot beyond 60p otherwise it's a full readout
Sune Eskelinen (2 years ago)
Mario Off-Topic No, the camera only use window-sensor if you select that option in the menu. Like the 4.6k.
Sune Eskelinen (2 years ago)
Hard stops on the audio knobs would not work togheter with the touch screen? Turn off "Status text" on the front SDI and use the overlay from the viewfinder instead and you get rid of the peaking problem. Or turn on status text on front sdi and turn off overlay on the viewfinder. Then turn off the peaking in the viewfinder and turn peaking on in the front sdi instead. Both ways should work?
Nino Leitner (2 years ago)
Good point, thanks for clearing that up, I wasn't aware. I still think it's a bit weird that this is even possible though. The camera should recognise its own viewfinder in any case.
Polani Almoni (2 years ago)
The ugliest camera ever
Austin Hu (2 years ago)
does it still have horrible fixed pattern noise and no way to calibrate it? thanks
Black Crow Films (2 years ago)
Even if Polani is right, the difference between $20,000 (for a Red) and $6,000 (for an Ursa) kinda makes up for it wouldn't you say? ;)
James Jackson Films (2 years ago)
Polani Almoni again I disagree. I typically just have to drop the rec709 LUT then slight grade, like Canon colors. with RED it's been more involved. not a bad thing. RED definitely has more flexibility but not that much (ecxluding the iso. That I agree BMD needs to improve, but I don't find the ISO too troubling for the shoots I have). and I don't know about pink artifacts as I have never experienced that with any blackmagic cameras.
Polani Almoni (2 years ago)
James Jackson red is easier to grade then Blackmagic color sience. Also low iso is horrible. Pink artifacts all over.
James Jackson Films (2 years ago)
Polani Almoni I have to disagree. definitely not 100x better. I like it better than RED. Haven't used Arri so I can't speak on that. But its my favorite image wise that I have worked with.
DAN JOYCE (2 years ago)
Looks great
ESSECIFILMPRO (2 years ago)
shared https://www.facebook.com/uhdworld.essecifilmpro/
ESSECIFILMPRO (2 years ago)
as always bro
Dawson Boyle (2 years ago)
Cinema 5d you guys should make an ursa mini to arri Alexa log c Adobe camera raw preset like you did with the inspire 2
Dawson Boyle (2 years ago)
Danny Franco this is true but other than that like when your shooting a outside shot with lighting modifiers some people still expose for the sky which the sky should almost always be 1-3 stops over exposed in broad daylight. Totally agree with you!
Danny Franco (2 years ago)
Well it's good to preserve highlights if your using lighting on your subject to match the brightness of whatever is behind the subject. But in the event of natural lighting I agree to ALWAYS expose for skin tone unless there's something in the background that needs to be acknowledged
Dawson Boyle (2 years ago)
Danny Franco lol I could sense you were joking yeah it's not that bad a just think the small difference that changes bmd film to Alexa log makes the footage look better because log c is so iconic. Also I think most users who own blackmagic cameras are doing so many things wrong that professional digital cinematographers don't do, they try to preserve all the highlights and underexposed the image and then later while grading they are afraid to blow out highlights and the image just looks flat and under exposed, look at any roger deakins films or heck look a Logan that just came out, there are many blown out highlight because the skin in properly exposed and the color grade compliments that, sorry for the rant.
Danny Franco (2 years ago)
Lol I know I was just messin. I use the BMCC 2.5 and I transform the color space from BMD to Arri at the start of my grade on ALL my footage. I really wish they'd work on their color science more
Dawson Boyle (2 years ago)
Danny Franco nah man bmd film doesn't look that good and the ursa has great resolution and dynamic range but the color science should use some work
Dawson Boyle (2 years ago)

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