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Warhammer Chaosbane - Endgame and Post Launch Video

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Goatboy73 (1 month ago)
£52 & you want more for season pass? Pay more to unlock gated skills & emotes? Think I'll pass on this #robbery
Phil Collin Mmarai (1 month ago)
Endgame Content? 4 maps 4 enemy's different clolour that's all pls when someone sees this from the development team you have to patch the game to hell to make it interesting. Content have to come instant now!!!!! Look at the reviews you will see a slightly madness.....
Amexema (1 month ago)
То-кушать за такие средства за недоделанную бэту....... и сезон пас???? Вы охуели черти??? боби котик на столе в рамочке стоит??? Ждём чрез полгода free tooooo play alegofren??? Victory (Anthem) !!! Victory(Warhammer Chaosbane) !!!
Dinçer Oruçoğlu (1 month ago)
Can you do also switch port version. Thanks for efforts

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