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tarzan slave girl whipping.wmv

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Sorry, I'm not able to fix the audio. These are scenes from the movie "Tarzan and the Slave Girl", featuring a brief, off-screen whipping scene
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Tony A (1 month ago)
20 lashes + female = death sentence, most of the time
Tom Coupland (28 days ago)
The voice of experience, is it???
Lesley Smith (3 months ago)
Why didn't Tarzan swing in and rescue them? Was Jane among them? Was Tarzan actually aware of this going on?
zooeyhall (2 years ago)
The audio being out of sync by at least 10 seconds.....
Slappy (2 years ago)
The whipper walks away with an obvious boner :)
1emmain (4 years ago)
Strange how all the slave girls are Hungarians living in California. Evidently the Arab slave traders of the day travelled far and wide.
Zarook Gafoor (5 years ago)
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percy 12/37 (5 years ago)
I use to know her name.
blacksultan85 (6 years ago)
bad azz lookin'slave girls damn!
eliz7212 (6 years ago)
The sound is completely not in sync
orlandobabe (7 years ago)
I wish this entire movie was uploaded on youtube.
whipnotized (7 years ago)
Lets see the whipping!
joe clarke (7 years ago)
What happens to her?
Matt D (7 years ago)
Can you repost this clip with the previous scene where the slave girls file into the chamber?

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