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tarzan slave girl whipping.wmv

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Sorry, I'm not able to fix the audio. These are scenes from the movie "Tarzan and the Slave Girl", featuring a brief, off-screen whipping scene
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Andrew Farrow (1 month ago)
White slaves? I want reparations.
Svetlana Gold (1 month ago)
The big girl really did need a whipping. She was too bold, spirit not broken enough.
Kay Thompson (1 month ago)
jim h (4 months ago)
All the girls were envious.. She got 20 lashes with a 12 inch dick... It started out 12 inchs of soft penis.. And after 20 lashes was sp hard it almost poked his eye out..
Michael O'Donoghue (4 months ago)
Not a Mark on her and he calls himself a Man.
Tony A (7 months ago)
20 lashes + female = death sentence, most of the time
Michael O'Donoghue (3 months ago)
Svetlana Gold There are, not many perhaps, but a few nonetheless. My Sjambok is still untested on female Flesh, because Willing Victims at that Level are Few and Far Between. I do imagine that perhaps Five Power Strokes would be any females Limit with that particular Instrument.
Svetlana Gold (3 months ago)
+Michael O'Donoghue At your hand? I'm intrigued. I've never been satisfied by the whippings I've gotten by men too afraid to hurt me. I wonder if there really are men who wouldn't be afraid to really show me what lashes are truly like.
Michael O'Donoghue (4 months ago)
Tony A Hate to Shatter your Illusions, but plenty of women have survived far greater. In some countries a Judicial Flogging of 100 Strokes is not uncommon and entirely survivable, even under My Hand.
Tom Coupland (7 months ago)
The voice of experience, is it???
Lesley Smith (9 months ago)
Why didn't Tarzan swing in and rescue them? Was Jane among them? Was Tarzan actually aware of this going on?
leeeastwood (3 months ago)
Tarzan was just enjoying the show!!
zooeyhall (2 years ago)
The audio being out of sync by at least 10 seconds.....
Slappy (3 years ago)
The whipper walks away with an obvious boner :)
MONA GOPE (4 months ago)
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1emmain (5 years ago)
Strange how all the slave girls are Hungarians living in California. Evidently the Arab slave traders of the day travelled far and wide.
Zarook Gafoor (5 years ago)
there is endless websites where real honeys are on their webcam that are many times better than youtube, i know you all too lazy so ill tell you where i find all the babes just type in GIRLCM.COM Bricks, bricks, and bricks could be used instead of gold, silver, and bronze medals in the Olympics. If all an athlete cares about is winning, then I’ll take the precious metal off the
percy 12/37 (5 years ago)
I use to know her name.
blacksultan85 (6 years ago)
bad azz lookin'slave girls damn!
eliz7212 (7 years ago)
The sound is completely not in sync
orlandobabe (7 years ago)
I wish this entire movie was uploaded on youtube.
whipnotized (7 years ago)
Lets see the whipping!
joe clarke (8 years ago)
What happens to her?
Matt D (8 years ago)
Can you repost this clip with the previous scene where the slave girls file into the chamber?

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