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How to Replace a Radiator (Complete Guide)

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Leaking Radiator? Learn how to replace a radiator in your car or truck. Radiator replacement is easy and I show you how to replace your radiator hoses, thermostat, water pump and coolant. How to Super Flush your Cooling System: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s--5ft5YiHg CarQuest LIFETIME warranty Radiator: http://bit.ly/2OU5omX Hose Clamps: http://bit.ly/2OSexM6 Radiator Hoses: http://bit.ly/2OTbd3e No Spill Funnel: http://bit.ly/2ORwavo Flare-nut Wrenches: http://bit.ly/2OUAQ3w Thanks Advance Auto Parts for providing the radiator and supporting cooling system parts so I could make the video! → Become a ChrisFix Subscriber: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=paintballoo7 → Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisfixit → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrisfix8 → Website: http://www.ChrisFixed.com → My Channel Home Page: https://www.youtube.com/ChrisFix **If the video was helpful, remember to give it a "thumbs up" and consider subscribing. New videos every Week** Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. ChrisFix assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. ChrisFix recommends safe practices when working on vehicles and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of ChrisFix, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not ChrisFix.
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Text Comments (5629)
ChrisFix (2 months ago)
Get your daily "FIX" here on Instagram (like the turbo kit I am about to post): https://www.instagram.com/ChrisFixit/ Also, I got another discount code for 25% off your entire order from Advance Auto... Use code "RADIATOR" for 25% off anything (not just radiators). I got that code for you guys and for myself lol... I dont make any money off of it and the idea is to try to make fixing your car even more affordable, so put it to good use!!!
No One (12 days ago)
ChrisFix How do you know it tased sweet
Obdcution (1 month ago)
ChrisFix Throttle Body video?
EclipseSi (1 month ago)
ChrisFix can you do a freeze plug video. I just bought a mustang and it needs one yet, I have no idea how to and I think you’d be the best at explaining it.
Ethan Bliss (1 month ago)
I love watching your vids but I would like to see more of them Like how to tint your windows or how to fix your A/C because my cars A/C is broken please thank you 🙏
Haider Ali (1 month ago)
Where are you for so many days? Am missing your videos
Dakota Hires (8 hours ago)
ChrisFix, your videos have helped me through a ton; I started working on my families and my neighbors cars for them when it's needed and I always tell them if I can't figure it out I'm sure Chris has a video on it. So let me watch it and then I'll fix it.
jarupongch (8 hours ago)
There's absolutely nothing wrong with my coolant system, I'm just here for ChrisFix
Peter Deering (14 hours ago)
Chris like the video, I have one question. What brand or model is that torque wrench you show on your tool box and you used it to mount the radiator. It looks like it's a 1/4 drive 8 " long wrench ( small size)
live and let live (14 hours ago)
My '03 civic overflow hose keeps coming loose and spraying coolant all over the engine!
Dane Peg (14 hours ago)
Why do vehicles need air intakes
Guy Manuel (1 day ago)
Sorry mr. Squirrell. I think you have to find another place to store your *N U T S* .
Johannes Kolk (1 day ago)
How to move your truck air intake top to the roof for offroading?
DanTaninecz (1 day ago)
Was going to comment about the dog thing. Then you mentioned it. Good man.
NPDarkside13 (2 days ago)
Chris I own a 99 Ranger 3.0 and you should have removed the heater line from the lower radiator hose while you had the power steering bracket and everything off.
Clint Watson (2 days ago)
Hey Like to see video on how to do fan clutches.
尼古拉斯赵四 (2 days ago)
El Dragonaut (4 days ago)
I learned how to replace a radiator and how to bleed the system. Thanks ChrisFix!
nur man (4 days ago)
my channel is better))
Again and Again, Thanks for your videos. I dont need to change my radiator, but I enjoy all of your videos anyway, and I learn a lot of stuff. I'm moving to my own house soon, and I will be able to work on my cars... I'm hoping for that day for years.... Chris, question (hope you read this) I saw in all your videos your globes, seems to be great quality, any brand/model to recommend? THANKS
Alvin Mintura (5 days ago)
What is that? Looks like another radiator in front of the radiator you replaced? Looks like double radiator on the truck? 12:56
Lalin D (6 days ago)
Would be a good idea to check the water pump for rust/ corrosion too! *exp*
Arturo Mora (6 days ago)
Chris i do not recommend using the old hose clamp, they lost their clamping force once you open them and take them off the hose, i've done tests on that particular matter because i work in a lab for the automotive industy, so once you take them off, i would recommend using a worm clamp to replace the old one. You can have trouble later on due to the pressures in the engine because the joint (hose-fitting-clamp) can pull out
Tony K (6 days ago)
Very thoroughly done video ! 👍
Tony K (6 days ago)
Deez Nutz !
Made in México (6 days ago)
Man, you really inspire me to do mechanics, thnxs for your videos
Tabitha Richardson (6 days ago)
We’re is all the new vids
andres garcia (7 days ago)
No sabía que ya podía ver el video con subtítulos en español súper bien Chris 👍🏻 saludos 🇲🇽 entiendo el inglés pero que bien que la gente que no sepa lo pueda ver en español, tus videos son muy interesantes y e aprendido a hacer muchas cosas con tus videos gracias
One thing about the radiator sealer, some engines have bypasses to let a small amount of coolant through so that theres still some coolant flow even with the thermostat fully closed. That stuff will clog that passage way and cause issues.
3HORN (7 days ago)
Just an FYI Chris, most coolant fluids nowadays are manufactured with bittering agents in them just in case animals or children attempt to taste or drink them. Not that I'm saying it's an excuse for lack of proper safekeeping or disposal, its just another preventative measure. But obviously in your case, you wouldn't have to worry about that because you pay attention to safety above all else. Love the videos brother, I'm an auto tech out here in Las Vegas.
handyatmusic (7 days ago)
For Honda I'd use only genuine Honda coolant. It's blue.
emaan Chaudhry (7 days ago)
Did anyone else see his subs at 3:35 it says 8 point mil something but he only has 4.2 mil
iNeX (7 days ago)
When your car breaks down. Normal Drivers: No this is gonna cost me a lot! Chrisfix: Yes Now to make a new video!
stupidmonkey121 (8 days ago)
Chris if you see this my mechanic installed a new radiator today, I’m seeing some steam but upper opening the hood there is no leaks my mechanic said it’s gonna be some coolant on the frame or in the bay from the old one that was leaky and it should be fine soon. Am I okay?
tuna madanoglu (8 days ago)
Keşke Türk olsaydın :-) ya da biz seni anlaybilecek kadar İngilizce bilseydik. Thank you.
cisa93 (8 days ago)
Somewhere out there in NJ, there’s a chipmunk running around looking for his nuts! 😳😳😳😳😳😂😂
It's the Roses (8 days ago)
Chipmunk Hey why you steal my nuts
Jaron Lesonen (9 days ago)
there is a dog in the backround 8.39
M.M (9 days ago)
Great engaging videos.
Noah Elliott (9 days ago)
Hey chris if you bought your parts from autozone you wouldn’t have to drill in your thermostat. ;)
Jason Tamashiro (10 days ago)
Hello chris i need help on my van The car has to be on max throttle just to move Any ideas on whats the problem It happend after rocks went under the car
Gabe Hoing (10 days ago)
Ur channel is lit
ChrisFix (10 days ago)
Talon Tranter (10 days ago)
chris! do a performance radiator install on the driftstang!
SWVA Vaping Co. (10 days ago)
Might as well show us how to completely rebuild a motor
Andi Sadler (11 days ago)
In some cars especially in the UK the water pump runs off timjng belt which is a bigger job.
Aldo Andrade (12 days ago)
jimi.naskalii (12 days ago)
Why is this is for finnish
Kaly ta (14 days ago)
Very nice
Carter Nelson (14 days ago)
Have you heard of putting eggs in the radiator in emergency situations to stop leaks? Do you think its a legit emergency trick?
Cheese Grader (14 days ago)
imagine if the chimpmunk saw this video..
Nerfamus (15 days ago)
Look at the videos at 3:38
Fion Pereira (15 days ago)
Hey guys ChrisFix here and today I'm going to show you how to replace your radiator. So first you turn off your boil- wait what? Wrong radiator?
Omar Khader (15 days ago)
You are very professional !! nice job
LeonVIPPER (15 days ago)
Only channel i can watch a 19 min video without getting bored.
gor ric (16 days ago)
hey why you change to chinese title hahah?
R.B. Ratieta (16 days ago)
That chipmunk is going to be so pissed/depressed.
Alex K (17 days ago)
Like.. Can u be my boyfriend?
Terese Berry (18 days ago)
Hey Chris I have a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan se with a 3-3L engine I have a question what is the hose called that crosses the upper radiator hose and it goes all the way back to where the blower motor resistor is what is that hose calledI wish I could send you a picture but if you know what I'm talking about can you tell me what hose that is so I can replace it because part of it is missing from the connection the other part has a clamp on it and the holes came a loose from the clamp but the rest of it from the connection at the top by the blower motor resistor is missing what is that called for that make and model car please what is that hose called
Hastings direct (16 days ago)
Hit it with a hammer
21Legendz (18 days ago)
Why hasn't anyone hired you?!
dabmaster21 (18 days ago)
Thanks for the help my Radiator it was very rusty
_Sebastian _ _E_ (18 days ago)
Chris what is the difference between green and orange coolant? I think i've even heard of purple coolant?
TIG2MAN0 (18 days ago)
fucking cool
Keith Chapin (18 days ago)
Hey just a little tip to go along with switching out the hose clamps to stainless steel worm drive clamps is to wrap a layer or two of electrical tape around the end of the hose where the hose clamp sits to prevent the clamp from digging into and possibly damaging the hose
Özgür Rahim AYDIN (19 days ago)
how is do you know every think👍😊
Hastings direct (16 days ago)
+Özgür Rahim AYDIN there ya go that makes sense
Özgür Rahim AYDIN (16 days ago)
+Hastings direct he knows everything. Isn't that great?
Hastings direct (16 days ago)
What? That doesn't make sense
Levi A (21 days ago)
Thank you that is that is good. I'm working on my truck. Thank you!!
Milind Malli (22 days ago)
Very cleverly did....
John Fritsche (22 days ago)
My wife's radiator cracked and was leaking everywhere. I got a quote for $1,200 to fix it. Your video, ~$400 in parts, and a few hours later it was fixed. Thank you ChrisFix!
GA110 Negr0 (22 days ago)
whos dislikes his.vids fucin haters
M Ali (23 days ago)
How many cars do you have Chris
Wagoneer (23 days ago)
hey chris, i have replaced the water pump, radiator, all temp sensors, 2 thermostats and even the cooling fan but i still have this problem. my temperature drops to around 70 degrees celsius when i drive on an open road. when im stationary with the engine running or in stop and go traffic my temperature stays perfect at around 90 degrees celsius and the fan turns on when needed. What could be wrong, im running out of hope. car is a 1993 fiat panda 900.
Invader272 (23 days ago)
on a 1929 ford model a i even had to remove the headlights because of the wiring :D :D keep up the vids!!
starrwoman1 (24 days ago)
I love watching your videos, it like a walk in the park. It makes working on my CVP1 that much more enjoyable. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)
Badenhawk (24 days ago)
Chris definitely fills me with confidence that I could do this myself.....but I’m still not sure.....
De'Zjaughn Wilson (24 days ago)
3:35 I’m waiting on those videos you got on there...
Vickry Ferry Adrian (24 days ago)
Why Im watching this ?, Im even don't have a car...
SapphireVfx (25 days ago)
Tell me why I don’t need to fix my car or anything but I watch these cause they’re interesting
Jordan Jones (26 days ago)
You make me look like a jackass
antsolja (26 days ago)
how in the world did a chipmunk get inside the airbox?
hima4all (26 days ago)
Hi Chris, i had a small accident with a rock and guess what my radiator was leaking so i bought a new one then i found the metal piece holding it is also damaged so i bought it also but i found out that it is being attached without any screws but they are pressed together maybe a machine dis that anyway i removed it and put screws so my question do you have any workarounds for situations like this where metal welded or pressed together without having to drill holes and use screws? My car is a Peugeot 206 BR Ibrahim
Nick Macedo (26 days ago)
Love your videos and how you put them together but they just aren't very good as instructional videos. You spend about 45 seconds on the idler assembly, AC compressor and water pump when in reality this is where most of the work is and it has to be done right.
Candise Coleman (27 days ago)
I need to tell my dad about the distilled water thing... He told me about the 50/50 water but not distilled water part. Ty!
collin. (28 days ago)
Hey Chris, you should make a used-car buying guide to tell us what to look out for in used vehicles!
soulayman elmathari (28 days ago)
what if there is oil in your intercooler do i have to replace the whole radiator?
Kevin Selagea (28 days ago)
Hey Chris. I gotta ask man. Roughly how much have you spent on your drift stang so far? Looking to do something similar as well.
SpartaGames (28 days ago)
"ChrisFix Face Reveal" and "DriftStang takes on a crowd" made me giggle. Keep up the enjoyable work man!
Evan Ploof (29 days ago)
Great video!
zeecen volse (30 days ago)
2013Rango (30 days ago)
The radiator on the truck looks to be part plastic, the bad part as newer cars and parts are made they are making most parts out of plastic because it's cheap but the point is plastic gets weak and breaks in a short time, think about it for a moment, back in the older days like the 1970's and 80's most cars had more metal and not much plastic and most of those cars are still around with parts that my have lasted 20 years, newer plastic stuff of today might last 2-5 years before needing a replacement, in short plastic will break down faster then metal because plastic degrades and gets brittle from being in the weather, I remember something my dad said many years ago, (in the old days cars were built to last, today's cars are meant to last a short time so you have to go buy another one every 2-7 years.) One more thing, I have a friend that he changes cars about every 2-4 years because they cost more to fix then to replace them as he said but my car is from 1980 and it still runs and drives great. But I know, what can one do when the car companies make cars cheap and mostly plastic, fiber glass and aluminum cars meant to be junked after a few years, not much unless you get a classic car that was built like a tank back in the day. sorry about a small rant lol, any way great video man your awesome, keep up the good work. :)
Ranvir JAIN (1 month ago)
Hey! 3:35
My Music Karina (1 month ago)
Awesome video Chris!! i am replacing my 97 grand marquis radiator right now at 11:30 p.m lol You are such a natural at this, voice and all. Very clear and easy to follow...ok breaks over for me. You answered a few questions i had so thank you very much! How about a ball joint and suspension coil video?
Marfnl (1 month ago)
Question i did this exact same procedure a while ago for my car, a citroen C4 But it only took half/1 liter to fill?! is that normal. my car runs like normal Sooooo I don't know...
SS CygnusX (1 month ago)
Azooz Marwan (1 month ago)
You talk while you’re recording Or You record you voice after you finish work ?
ChrisFix (1 month ago)
I record as I work
old engine damage!
Sebas (1 month ago)
The interior of your truck looks just like my old Ford Explorer.
Idiotic HL (1 month ago)
Thank you chris! My mom's car was having the same squealing problem like you did at the very beginning she got it fixed and now it's awesome thank you so much!
J3AN P3T3R (1 month ago)
Chris how much do they pay you for repairs ? like replacing the radiators ? youtube gotta pay more right ?
Jay Gamer (1 month ago)
Turn on your Subtitles at 17:45
Emil Vall (1 month ago)
I need you to come to do this on my truck f150 2002
Tristan N (1 month ago)
What does a radiator do it looks like a filter?
Tristan N (24 days ago)
Badenhawk mmmk thanks
Badenhawk (24 days ago)
Tristan N I’m no mechanic, but when your engine gets around 95-100F, your thermostat opens to let the fluid circulate through the radiator to cool it down and thusly cool down the engine so it doesn’t overheat and get damaged. I’m sure there is a better explanation on google that can give you a better answer.
Sebastian Schack (1 month ago)
"a little tight down here" - in a truck. In an american truck. From 1900-something. There's so much space, you could like, dance in that engine bay.
Edwin Reyes (1 month ago)
Man, you give me the confidence to do my own repairs. Been thinking of getting a car and your channel has given me some tools that will help along the buying process as well as if I encounter issues along the way- great job as always! Appreciate your insight and step by steps to diy
Klaes Emil Wiberg (1 month ago)
Ar you danish
TheFlyingSeagull (1 month ago)
I don't own a car, but these videos are really satisfying!
ART CORE (1 month ago)
I'm watching this too late. Just paid $720 to Firestone today to get my radiator and termostat replaced on my Infiniti M35.

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