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Interior Design — Elegant & Comfortable Open-Concept Main Floor Makeover

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On http://houseandhome.com/tv, Erin Feasby of Feasby & Bleeks shows off an open-concept main floor space she redesigned from its original builder-basic layout. Learn how she added character in the kitchen and living room with a new Moroccan-inspired backsplash, a kid-friendly dining banquette, custom built-ins and a functional layout. Watch the next two segments from this episode at http://houseandhome.com/tv/episode/great-room-makeover-bright-family-kitchen, along with hundreds of other segments!
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Text Comments (44)
FixItYerself (1 month ago)
counters and 40s style backsplash don't look good with the white cabinets
Rachel Ngoma (2 months ago)
It's pretty but it's too full... I feel more space = happier life.
One Pun Man (2 months ago)
White people renovate by Randy Marsh
Leila Kilpa (3 months ago)
I think that island is really too big for this room. Overpower everything. Like the grey wall shelving
kay davis (4 months ago)
Wow! Beautiful
zauberklarinette (6 months ago)
A person sitting at the desk of the "office space" is going to get dust kicked into his or her face when people walk up the stairs - not to mention the lack of peace that person shall experience being so close to a high traffic area - the stairs.
yushi911 (7 months ago)
The paint dark charcoal color is perfert.
yushi911 (7 months ago)
She put a word on something that really annoying me these days with the all the small tile panel backsplash we see everywhere..."it's busy". You are right, will follow your tips, will light , simple and medium size backsplash motif.
Lucas Cruz (8 months ago)
I honestly hate almost everything you did with this space...
aideh okoloise (8 months ago)
I really hate how House & Home does the before pictures. Like they go out of their way to make the before pictures, dark, low light, and ugly. The before for this wasn’t bad at all and I wish they were represented in the same light so we could truly see the difference
A B (9 months ago)
Backsplash already look outdated to me
a33a33 3333 (9 months ago)
Erin always does a great job. her spaces are always beautiful, but comfortable & livable.
Kathleen Nelson (11 months ago)
I am watching this video for the first time in July 2018. I noticed it was posted on February 2013. Erin Feasby is spot on with future trends. The rooms look current for today's decor. What a "futuristic" designer. I love it!!!!
S Luzardo (1 year ago)
Open Floor plans are terrible, cost more to heat and cool and no more privacy...
Katerina Aza (1 year ago)
Nice makeover. I would add some artwork over the fireplace and also change the color of the kitchen island to blend it better in the space.
Double Dragon (1 year ago)
Having a sofa block a fireplace doesn't work for me.  Whoever designed this house was not thinking clearly with putting the fireplace there.  Personally, I would have moved it or removed it.  The rest of the design was fantastic.
Eugenie Isaiah 41:10 (1 year ago)
Don’t like bankets (sp?) but the space looks very warm and inviting. The designer did a great job.
sara m (1 year ago)
The cabinet beside the sink could have been open shelving as there is a lot of bulkiness near the sink
Maureen Amos (1 year ago)
Jimmy swaggart
Mz. Happy feet (1 year ago)
This is the exact flow I was trying to convey to my husband. Love this simplicity.
Jaclyn Harper (2 years ago)
This looks incredible! Amazing job.
Nora Usubova (2 years ago)
l love the same kitchens
Diana (2 years ago)
So inspiring !
Thisisme Olivia (2 years ago)
Love love love!!! ❤️❤️ This is exactly what I needed to see and what I want to do to my place! Thank you!!!!
looks amazing love it. awsome work🤓
cattuccino fung (3 years ago)
umm, watching tv at an angle, not good for the neck, i'd think?
ladyvee7110 (3 years ago)
Sorry, but still a lot of the typical white, sterile design that is very common on this channel.
M.B.G. (2 years ago)
Chloe Camporedondo (3 years ago)
so precise and practical. good job!
Mz. Happy feet (3 years ago)
love, love love it
C. Lint (3 years ago)
This designer did a great job. She really did. And I don't usually feel that way about a lot of the designers featured on this channel.
kaykay8151 (4 years ago)
Nice kitceh, but I'm not sure about the white counters on top of the white cabinets.
Chandler Gufflyr (4 years ago)
mrsjimmymare (4 years ago)
Kitchen island too big? It eats into the TV area. And 2 ottomans? It kinds of unable to "ground" the space, thus giving off a feeling the kitchen is too big. The original kitchen just need a change of backsplash and perhaps imo cabinet handles (change to dark bronze), get a new island overhead light fixture and you'll be able to make a difference. Why would you changed the granite countertop?
Sujita Kong (1 year ago)
Extension Impressions (4 years ago)
The room makeover is done beautifully and in an elegant way. It has changed the whole over look of the #home.
Dathan (5 years ago)
I like it, especially the gray wall/shelving but it seems small and the kitchen over powers the space.
Aditi S (5 years ago)
I liked the old kitchen too! White platform to get dirty with foods n sauces
TobiDecadance (5 years ago)
beautifully made home, where is the black square lantern from?
Foxhound (5 years ago)
It looks like a Hospital Kitchen... I like the old kitchen. very ugly
vidiansodality (6 years ago)
Very lovely. Lots of depth. The two different wood tones of the island and the floor just works. By itself I would not have chosen the backsplash tile but this is where a designer shows her talent; the backsplash just fits right. Great job on that. The large lantern is my favorite. Overall a gorgeous design.
Xidcat (6 years ago)
beautiful! absolutely beautiful!
Hey Nikki (6 years ago)
love it...
BZaildar (6 years ago)
Beautiful! I wish i can afford to hire her!

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