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Taylor Swift - Delicate (Vertical Version)

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Text Comments (11136)
George LeBlanc (1 hour ago)
hi     I'm   around  !
Dorota Mazurek (1 day ago)
Ava L (1 day ago)
It is sad how she's changed though
Janinne Orozco (1 day ago)
I Looooiive this fucking song omg!!!<3
Noel Escuro (1 day ago)
Hi taylor
sebestyen tiberiu (1 day ago)
Taylor Swift U Will Rise!
sebestyen tiberiu (1 day ago)
Look I Hawe One ''MTV"' Matrix On My Heand, and Daem I Got A Haewy Heand. So Please, Get You'r Act Together!
sebestyen tiberiu (1 day ago)
You Are Gonna Be Back In That Satle(No Problem MR Mouse) You Gonna Ride It, And You Gonna Low It. You Are Taylor Swift!
Diqi Yasha (2 days ago)
I just came for take a look of her nails and rings, she didn't wore a snake rings and she painted her nails with pastel
Brooke Grigsby (2 days ago)
love taylor swift especially her country songs like the new ones too
Dawson Berglund (3 days ago)
taylor swift is hot
mere (3 days ago)
she's the cutest
John Michael (3 days ago)
nice video💖💖
Adharsh Nair (3 days ago)
余先生 (4 days ago)
Taylor, you are so gorgeous
Emma st. (4 days ago)
Liezel Dela Cruz (5 days ago)
Alexander Ying (5 days ago)
It says Vertical Version but it‘s more like horizontal version with black borders 😟
Taylor Swift has scary songs, 😲😲😲😲
George LeBlanc (6 days ago)
nice song you made in mid may 2018. taylor dearest over 90% of the people love you like I do. I want to deicate a joke song to make you laugh ray stevens song taylor swift is stalking him (ray S.).I keep having a dream I want a baby from a taylor swift look alike and people are teasing me i' m chicken to ask a big composer on a date. I dig your music and I thing you're very hotlooking, but I don't want to feel like a horny toad. later your fan always george
Libby La Beau (6 days ago)
Her nails are TS7 💖
GAMING_ CLONE (6 days ago)
taylor swift , you look pretty!!!!💖💕💖💕💖💕
Araceli Macias (6 days ago)
Amo esta canción ❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞
Bella Goalez (6 days ago)
OMG I love Taylor swift
Adnan Romeo (7 days ago)
OMG so good 😉😘😍😉😍😘
Pamela Vanest (7 days ago)
The song Delicate and the video are so awesome!! ThankYou Taylor Swift for being You
종이학 (7 days ago)
Yuri Furuhata (8 days ago)
Is it hot that I said all thatis it warm that you in my headCause that I know it 's Hellicate
my dream is tay (8 days ago)
I really want to sing i did something bad with you but i know it's impossible
pratik dash (8 days ago)
The video is full of life ,🔥🤗
Aqib J (8 days ago)
Miss u tay tay. *******************
I love you too… You’re my route routes on Lake shake it off shake it off I like that song
Isaiah 53 (8 days ago)
Justin Cera (9 days ago)
This song reminds me of Steven and Sammy Jo in Dynasty...(reboot) [Steven to Sam]: Verse 1 Dive bar on the east side where you at Phone lights up my nightstand in the black Come here you can meet me in the back Dark jeans with your nikes look at you Oh damn never seen that colour blue Just think of the fun things we could do [Sam to Steven]: Verse 2 Third floor on the west side me and you Handsome you’re a mansion with a view Do the girls back home touch you like I do Long night with your hands up in my hair Echoes of your footsteps on the stairs Stay here honey I don’t wanna share [Both]: This ain’t for the best, my reputation’s never been worse so you must like me for me We can’t make any promises now can we babe... but you can make me a drink In the series, Sammy had a reputation for being an undocumented immigrant while Steven had issues with his rich family. They met with a drink and ended up on the bed in a hotel room.
L Lo Lov Love Love y Love yo Love you Love you t Love you ta Love you tay Love you tayl Love you taylo Love you taylor Love you taylo Love you tayl Love you tay Love you ta Love you t Love you Love yo Love y Love Lov Lo L
Eakin Wong (10 days ago)
*tik tok users left the chat*
mark smith (9 days ago)
Huge w
samantha mayer (10 days ago)
I love taylor swift
samantha mayer (10 days ago)
I love this video
Panda channel (10 days ago)
i love u
ritik katoach (10 days ago)
She's so cute and happy!
Luke Odenthal (10 days ago)
anybody here after april 26 announcement?
MARALAND SAWZY (11 days ago)
This is not vertical video..... Can't full screen
Ddean 5 (12 days ago)
Whooop whoops.. I got it..a flying kiss.. 💋...😇... Sorry joe😬
Soydan Pamir (13 days ago)
Vertical video that you cant watch vertically kdkskdkdk
George LeBlanc (14 days ago)
hi Ms. taylor, I broke my phone plugs and mic ear plugs, because the ghetto bums put paper or foil in the computer plug in. I'm on the computer with no sound. people go to soup kitchens to give away their food to a  ganster they like most. I'm fine most of the big criminals are gone. I adore the way you sing and look. later your known admirer. George F. LeBlanc Jr.-------------- later I have to leave in 25 minutes.-----text you later pretty shooting star and a swift moving shooting star ---- your groupie and fan George always loyal......bye bye
liaisonforest hcts (14 days ago)
Some times I wonder how people can hate her she is so gorgeous and also sings awesome thanks to God that he gave us Taylor Swift
Joseph Bennefield (14 days ago)
We love u
Joseph Bennefield (14 days ago)
Joey timeejo
jyoti bhatt (15 days ago)
Delicacy level 100% ❤
Nhel (15 days ago)
Jake Whitaker (15 days ago)
shes a goddess
Jake Whitaker (15 days ago)
shes a goddess
Jake Whitaker (15 days ago)
shes a goddess
Jake Whitaker (15 days ago)
shes a goddess
朱忙森 (16 days ago)
Paul (16 days ago)
Best video ever! The reason? Because it only cost $500 to make this vertical video on a smartphone. Best ROI FTW!
Marie BH (17 days ago)
*Me trying to find the perfect angle to take a Selfie*
celina Drei (17 days ago)
.l love you😇😇😉
Branislav SS (17 days ago)
I love watching Horizontal videos Vertically.
Ryan Blufarb (17 days ago)
Yowana puspitha* (17 days ago)
fisher1908 (17 days ago)
You are riseing me
Jordan Hosford (17 days ago)
i was at your concert omg i <3 you :D
Paula Guthrie (17 days ago)
Shyaam Kumar (18 days ago)
Who else blows her a kiss when she does??? I know i do!!!!
Fausto Guzen (18 days ago)
Linda e maravilhosa Taylor Suephiti
dayna coleman (18 days ago)
this video cleared my skin
AN1 KAN (18 days ago)
Isnt it weird that I'am starting to like you?
Clara Lois (19 days ago)
Help me get ybwm up to 1B views!!!
chung Nguyen (20 days ago)
When is Taylor Swift coming out ?
Sara Bae (21 days ago)
One year ago, i listened to this song every day for all of winter 2018 feeling so in love with someone i was talking to everyday for at least 7 hours a day on facebook chat for 3 weeks not knowing if he felt the same as i did or if we were just friends...this song decribed everything that i felt,was thinking, dying to scream out at the top of my lungs trying to hide these feelings. then, our first night together alone, he told me that he liked me a lot and was scared to tell me because it was such a delicate situation of him not knowing if i felt the same way,that he was leaving back home to europe soon so it would be not smart to say anything bc we would have to split up when he left. we both hadnt dated anyone in years..... for me, i was divorced and single for 2 years. He was single and hadnt dated anyone in over 4 years ect... the night we both finally said how we truly felt about each other was such a warm, passionate, heart bursting, relief to both come out and say it at the same time! I got That disney princess feeling when they always hold their hand to their heart, twirl and plop on the bed and sigh bc the disney princesses were so damn smitten! It was such a crazy high!!! Then, i showed him this exact song telling him "for 3 weeks, i listened to "delicate" thinking of you! Im so glad you like me too!" We both listened to this in my basement hugging and holding each other too and now its "our song".. since that night, a year and 4 months has passed and i never thought we would end up where we are today currently: i quit my job i hated in dec 2018, flew to europe to be with him and now we are currently traveling the world together living out of a giant suitcase going from country to country each month. Dec 2018 :berlin, germany January 2019: prague, czech republic February/march 2019 -rijeka, croatia March - april 2019: belgrade serbia And who knows where the wind will take us next! P.s. i converted him into a swifty!!! Haha :)
Nisa Gökhan (21 days ago)
2019 ??
THEWIN JAMES (21 days ago)
Umm,, this is not vertical
Mark Young (21 days ago)
I'm sorry to hear about your Mother , She will be in our prayers.
Jovic Alleyne Liwanag (22 days ago)
Valeria Sanchez (22 days ago)
*Taylor Swift has entered in TikTok*
Matt Phillipy (22 days ago)
so good taylor
Matt Phillipy (22 days ago)
lenore joy Fabila (22 days ago)
Fuck yuo
George LeBlanc (23 days ago)
I love the echoes in this song !  happy April's fool's day hope nobody plays a joke on you writting  music is work. I guess  you're the boss min the the band, the written part of the business video  you're th lead o
Kalyani Kalyani (23 days ago)
I loved the song toooòooo much ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍
Nice! We're (trying) to take a page out of your book. :P
Fabio Gutierrez (23 days ago)
katie klien (24 days ago)
Taylor I love you
john thompson (24 days ago)
TalkSportsPhilly (24 days ago)
Truth, My Reputation has never been worse, so you must like me for me ... cause it's Delicate, called for TS help long ago ... Rep Tour
kevin knight (25 days ago)
Hey pretty blond lady... Can you get off my lawn?
Hàn Mẫn Nguyệt (25 days ago)
she is gorgeous
kiki, im like TT (25 days ago)
ur voice is soft...
lil apple (26 days ago)
Oh no Taylor got broken up with again. Poor Taylor.
Emily soccer lover (26 days ago)
Natpongm Meesoongm (26 days ago)
I Love You since 2009
Marcus Wong (26 days ago)
Can't believe she is almost 30 yrs old... how time flies.. how much she has grown up since her crazy gossip days. all healthy and mature.... good job taylor!
Chung Nguyễn (27 days ago)
L LO LOV LOVE LOVE TS❤️❤️💛💛💚💚💜💜🖤
Sisters in Cambodia (27 days ago)
I love this song that I keep Typing the Lyrics 😄😄😄😄
Nadia (28 days ago)
Nail colours are serving me TS7 vibes
Heartbreak Lolito (29 days ago)
Can’t figure out if this was scripted and filmed professionally or if Taylor pulled out her phone and was like “this place cute imma take a video” and accidentally started lip syncing delicate and kept going and posted it😂
Dean Burlock (29 days ago)
chaos and pure chaotic and doctor of chaos us here

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