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What I Do To Sell Shopify Products On Instagram

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eCom Elites DropShipping + Mentorship: 👉 http://ecomelites.com (FIRST 100) FREE COURSE 👉http://bit.ly/AffiliateCourseFree I want to show you other ways you can make money with Shopify and Instagram works great. I've been using Instagram for a while now to make money on a daily basis and it doesn't take long to set it all up. You can use follow bots and shoutouts to build the following then sell your products. So if you want to know how to make money on Shopify with Instagram then this should helo. I know facebook adverts can cost a lot of money. Doing this on Instagram is very fun and I know some large Shopify stores making a lot! Useful Links 500k Study https://www.reddit.com/r/Entrepreneur/comments/38kjee/we_are_two_24_year_olds_who_invested_4000_to/ How to setup the bot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQp_JzujTBQ
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Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
Jump on my email list to get my new videos right to your inbox! https://www.onlinedimes.com/join
Gerald Davis (1 year ago)
I will pay for a shipify ad but I want to go with free and cheap before doing that.
MII (1 year ago)
Franklin Hatchett I like the videos ive seen and the details about how to make money! Not many people give out this type of advice. I have found the print on demand products to be a bit expensive leaving low margins. Is there a better one than printful or is there a way to get better margins?
Henrik Lassu (2 years ago)
Thanks :)
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
The cannabis niche is big and fashion :)
Henrik Lassu (2 years ago)
I love your channel so much. It's great really, learned so much the last couple of days. What niches do you think are selling good on instagram (if there's a difference that is). Thank you.
Justin C (3 months ago)
I like Franklin compared to other gurus because hes alot more logical and strategic. Some of the gurus are like too energetic and in your face. Too emotional for me.
valery chi (4 months ago)
how do I add www.lilacspot.com on instagram. It's a shopify store
R Coleman (6 months ago)
Instagram no longer works on Shopify, please let all new users know this, you can read post from Shopify Reviews https://bit.ly/2vM5ioQ
Rahmat Yani Hidayat (9 months ago)
Too much gem, thanks for the valuable information!
Travis Toh (9 months ago)
Great content. Instagram is a vital advertising platform that all Shopify owners should take advantage of. I am making $100-$300 consistent profits from instagram influencers every day using the methods from this incredible e-book: https://bit.ly/2rqzcwE
BaSick (9 months ago)
Did you only post your products on instagram?
Bleu Huxford (9 months ago)
Hey I know this is an old video.. But is that shoutout website still around?
D Hollinquest (10 months ago)
Frankllin...Great work,,,i was lost,,,,now I'm found ,,,thanks for explaining ,Darrell HOLLINQUEST [email protected] Awesome :))
BrownAngeldoll (11 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $6132_real money from this_amazing_here:Freepplmon.club/?O4ti2k
Rasmus Vivlen Fitness (11 months ago)
I’ll promote your fashion/lifestyle/beauty products on my 15k+ fashion page for a 24hr story post for only 10$. DM @fashion.natives on instagram and we can talk more. :)
K Michael (11 months ago)
You didn't even mention the shopify section of doing this
Gabriel (1 year ago)
Are you paying the $5 monthly fee for the followbot? ... also, are you using a proxy or your own computer ip ? Probably a proxy if your running multiple accounts right ?
kevaughn Brown (1 year ago)
If anyone is looking for Instagram accounts comment back or dm @fanmadecreations I have tons of accounts for sale some are pretty huge up to 100k! For much cheaper prices.
Yareli Arjona (1 year ago)
thanks for the info really helpful !!!
My Youtube Channel (1 year ago)
What is Instagram Auto Poster, some kind of software? Do you sell it, Franklin?
Admin Team (1 year ago)
Thanks mate awesome video. !I am looking to source shout outs Mexican based in the fitness market. You mentioned a site that is mainly Spanish but I couldn't find much. Do you have any recommendations ?
dharmesh bathija (1 year ago)
Will start following these tips for my own store "https://silentshoppers.online/" Thank you ... :)
Dude In A Studio (1 year ago)
Does this method still work?
The Penguin TV (1 year ago)
Hey do you do one on one lessons?
SociFunnel (1 year ago)
#1 Traffic Software. www.socifunnel.com.oto1
Kimberley Fun (1 year ago)
I do shoutouts? Can you give me the link? I think I heard wrong
MsRieB (1 year ago)
Kimberley Fun did you find the link? If so can you share? I'm not finding on Google...
Kimberley Fun (1 year ago)
Never mind....google
SWU TV (1 year ago)
thank you
Thomas van Ineveld (1 year ago)
i have an account with 120k followers and made $500 profit in 2 weeks, but still not impressed haha, I got 20k views but only 40 sales, so that sucks. im doing gaming products btw
xBlackW0LF (1 year ago)
Thomas van Ineveld maybe wrong niche bro
cesar hernandez (1 year ago)
Amazing video
Rashred Paul (1 year ago)
can't find the website on google with the ig shout outs
JApics (1 year ago)
Thanks for this video, I'm a car dealer, I buy and sell a couple cars a week, but this is a perfect thing to start doing on my down time, thanks
Videos of Slime (1 year ago)
Hey Franklin, do you reccomend using instagram shootouts for affiliate marketing?
Kanzeey Store (1 year ago)
Can u give the web link to shout out u mention on ur video.
Man Man (1 year ago)
Hi frank thanks for the sharing, can you share the case you said in this video about driving free traffic from google, like is there a link? also would appreciate if you can make a video on seo hacks thanksss
Mark Sol (1 year ago)
i just build my shopify its a general store to try out different products. should i create IG of specific niche or IG for my general store?thanks Franklin.
newbieshelper (1 year ago)
Just give it a go with general store...with general store you can test different products
Ken Black (1 year ago)
Are bots against Instagram TOS ? Wouldn't this hurt your brand ?
Franklin Hatchett (1 year ago)
They are but everyone uses them they are relatively safe.
Travis Grossman (1 year ago)
How do you get around the 5 account limit on Instagram, the fast lane forum that you've linked to in the past had over 40. How is that possible? thanks for all the help and tips!
Jonathan Lee (2 years ago)
Franklin, thanks for the content. Very informative. Any suggestions as to how to drill down for influencers in your niche if it isn't listed on the main menu (i.e. fitness, travel, cars, ladies, etc.?" Thanks again.
Sleek Goodies (2 years ago)
Hey Franklin, nice video. I need your opinion on something. Regarding instagram automation bots. which would you prefer: instagress. MassPlanner or Followliker? Thanks!
Sky Toddler (2 years ago)
With all this money you are spending and only getting 2-3 sales a day it means you net profit is quite low. What is your actual net profit?
Hashim ali khan (2 years ago)
Outstanding. Tons of great information. I wish I could have seen this video before.
bigtrell35 (2 years ago)
What app do you use to fill the orders in 30 seconds?
bigtrell35 (2 years ago)
Franklin Hatchett thanks man, great channel.
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+bigtrell35 Oberlo
Carter Addy (2 years ago)
I got a free shoutout from a big account with ok engagement (3%) for 135k account but like 3 sales at most, which didn't cover the cost of their usual $80. Did I just choose a bad account? Surprisingly, not many seem to reply.
GHCMargarita (1 year ago)
Carter Addy a lot of these accounts got fake engagement look at the comments are they normal people or similar profiles with a lot of followers. Easy to get burned you got to make sure that they got organic traffic. Plus try to go for 400k plus accounts
iGadget Hunter (2 years ago)
Great video, thanks. I'm still waiting for my first sale after 2 months =(
Harsimran Singh Sandhu (2 years ago)
do you still make 80-100 bucks per day? And how many followers do you have now? after 4 months! would love to know. from BHW.
Jamie Sutherland (2 years ago)
GREAT content, Franklin! I owe ya a pint! I'm curious if you feel that there's a "best day of the week" to start Shoutouts. Also, how long do you figure most outfits take to deliver?
Ruben Fernandez (2 years ago)
hey franklin you should do a video on how to not leave a footprint behind when doing all this stuff and also when doing money sites and google traffic. idk just a thought
Brian Halliday (2 years ago)
which forum do you run?
Lolz (2 years ago)
Dunno if you guys have noticed, but every product like the bot and the BuySell shoutouts is hes own. Not sure if hes just promoting..
Laoud Ghita (2 years ago)
I don't understand how SEO work with google ? Is there any video explaining that ?
willie combs (2 years ago)
Thanks for the heads up....Great value and thanks 4 sharing
Korania Braxton-Brown (2 years ago)
I love you Franklin you've been my teacher for like two weeks. You have had the only videos that I've trusted since I'v been trying to learn how to make money online. My life has been turning for the better everyday. I am forever grateful for you! God bless you!
Oliver Johansson (2 years ago)
*2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway* http://storage.googleapis.com/0274201079996/1452277788293.html
Janet (2 years ago)
Hello Franklin, is it safe to put my link on different instagram accounts bio ? For example the same link on 10 different instagram bios ? If not, how many times you think it will be safe ? Thank you!
business proposal (2 years ago)
How to Easily Earn $50-$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing just google *"chriseo online money machine"* to see how.. NO JOKES
mega trust (2 years ago)
great indeed
RB (2 years ago)
Wow Franklin, another great video. I have been struggling to find great quality videos and information. Do you have any courses that you are selling? Like ultimate guides or anything? Thanks.
Jay Jeffs (2 years ago)
Hey Franklin. Just recently started building a shopify website, not completely finished yet but my niche is phone cases. But thats besides the point. My full time job is I'm a social media marketer and I was just looking at the instagram shoutouts section of this video and from what I normally pay it seems pretty expensive. For instance that 1.7m gym account was showing it gets like 3k likes and was selling 1 hour shoutouts but I have a buddy that has almost 1m followers and gets 70k+ likes for $100-$150 an hour. Just thought I'd let you know. And if you ever need any promotion let me know! By the way huge fan of all the videos, its helped me alot so far. Can't wait to get my shop completed and filled with products and try out some advertising!
Jay Jeffs (2 years ago)
they were selling for $200 per 1 hour. Just seemed ridiculous but I could have misread.
Trevor Bailey (2 years ago)
Check out instagress.com. Pretty cool bot and much more affordable.
Nathan B McBride (2 years ago)
Are you still fighting to get success online? Just search google “jestifa easy system” I'm so happy that i found this group & doing really good.
Chris M (1 year ago)
Nathan B McBride there is no get rich quick schemes so shut the fuck up
Arthur M. Fuller (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing the site.
Wesley L Gravois (2 years ago)
Really the site works good.
Ronnie Green (2 years ago)
Hey Franklin started an instagram acct. before seeing this video. I must of gotten flag because of my url in the bio. It goes to a clickbank product... Should I change the url or start a new account?.. Nice work man thanks!!
DennisKyng (2 years ago)
Have you ever had any problems with using multiple accounts and onlyput? I had signed up for the service but they don't work with private proxies. They said if I was running proxies with a bot, it may conflict with their service. Have you ever had any problems with this?
AMAZING TIPS thanks so much !!!!
Steffi Meier (2 years ago)
hi, do i need to be online all the time to have followliker work or can i be offline?
Chen Lim (2 years ago)
This is a great video :) Thank you.
Jay H (2 years ago)
Great stuff
keithdmedia (2 years ago)
Took action and made $114 in two weeks. Thanks man!
Heroo Mann (8 months ago)
I have an IG account with 2000 followers, can i take action now or not???
BaSick (9 months ago)
Hi , did you only post your products or also some other things?
Marcio Lamas (11 months ago)
With which type of store? General or Niche Store? Congrats!
Štěpán Pták (1 year ago)
What did start to sell?
keithdmedia (2 years ago)
Thanks!! I sure did! In fact I did some really awesome ninja stuff to make that happen and quite honestly it's a formula I'm going to use it to start making that kind of money every single day! Subscribe because I'm going to start letting this information rain on folks.
Toni (2 years ago)
I have two accounts with around 5k followers, when should I open a store. I would like to make Instagram my no. 1 source of income but it's growing so slow..
Mind Abundance (2 years ago)
Hey Franklin, excellent video. I have a quick question, I've finished designing a very professional looking website. And now have 3 instagram accounts with listed products and good captions. All of them also use a nice domain name to redirect to my main website. However although I've been getting good follow back and likes, my click through rate isn't too high. People are adding things to the cart but so far no purchases yet. Its only been around 3 days, so is this normal and that it takes awhile before purchases start to come? or should I be worried. Thanks!
Renzo Chávez (2 years ago)
hi, my friend franklin thx for the videos is great but, where i can buy proxy for instagram?
Nathan Chapman (2 years ago)
Hi, great videos they really inspire me and I get a lot of enjoyment out of watching them. I was wondering if you could answer this question please: You mentioned that for some of your Instagram accounts you just post products and for other you post a mixture of products and niche related images. For the accounts where you post a mixture do you brand this account as a fan page or as business page? Thanks
Nathan Chapman (2 years ago)
Also, do you just get the content from google images/other pages? Thanks
Ashutosh Mishra (2 years ago)
Thanks will give Instagram a try besides that Pinterest is really giving me hard time in growing followers and they also ban website anytime. Do share the story of your or any of your followers if they try out pinterest.
ben wa (2 years ago)
What Shopify app do you use to automate the ordering process with aliexpress?
Nicholas D'Anto (1 year ago)
Sales pop
yotonyishere (2 years ago)
ben wa oberlo
rahim lujina (2 years ago)
ben wa (2 years ago)
+Franklin Hatchett Thanks once again :)
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
I use Oberlo
hammerpower100 (2 years ago)
do you use a private proxie for the bot?
John Sunder (2 years ago)
also how long did it take you to get those 42 k followers?
John Sunder (2 years ago)
from where I can take pictures for instagram? I know pixabay and flickr. If I take pictures from other instagram accounts with credit to other users will I be ok?
SilverbladeVI (2 years ago)
This channel is a hidden gem. LOL Too much valuable information
Bianur Beauty (2 years ago)
Great content! Thanks for the info! Will implement it soon!!
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+Eclectic Chic No problem
True Light (2 years ago)
Hey Franklin, how can we use shopify payment if we don't live in US?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+True Light I use Paypal
Lucas Currell (2 years ago)
Thanks for the down to earth help. :) Random question: How do you track Page post engagement purchases for your different adsets running at the same time, so you know which adsets have led to SALES for your PPE campaign?
Mlimit (2 years ago)
Love it :)!! Love your vdeos!! Works for me, but only for Shopify .. Had my affiliate products on another side no chance ... Was my first day and I was planning my first Facebook Sell only by Instagram Greetings from Germany `:)!!
Neil Bhabuta (2 years ago)
Bro come Back on BHW... You are a legend there and ignore all the haters
Neil Bhabuta (2 years ago)
+Franklin Hatchett haha... do you have skype? I need some SEO advice
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
Oh the haters don't bother me :) They are like my free marketing team, every time they talk crap they push traffic to my site. I just don't go on much at the moment because I'm working on a lot of things. Don't even have much time for me own forum :)
GadgTek Innovate (2 years ago)
Would you recommend using different suppliers for your online store. like 2 or 3 who specialise in specific products
bigtrell35 (2 years ago)
What app do you use to fill the orders in 30 seconds?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
I don't do returns they are a pain in the ass and a waste of time, time is money :). I just refund and let them keep the item if they have any issues.
GadgTek Innovate (2 years ago)
Thank you franklin. How do you sort out the shipping issue with your customers then because the items will be coming from different suppliers. Will that not complicate your returns. I'm in South Africa but I opened a myus address . Can you advise
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
I use quite alot of suppliers one my stores because I sell alot of products. As long as they have a good rep you are usually good.
priyank soni (2 years ago)
Man you create/share awesome content for free. Then why do you promote something fishy like Ecom course that you did last week ??? It has basic setup guides and nothing advance. I learnt more for your videos than that entire course. And their support is not even responding.
priyank soni (2 years ago)
Don't defend them to make a few bucks in affiliate commission. You are doing great job otherwise with your blog and videos.
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+priyank soni Its not fishy thats what helped me get started thats why i promote it. Just because my content is better doesnt mean that course is useless. Its slways good to see how diff people do things. They probably dont respond to people because they get asked stupid questions all day long
M. Iaco (2 years ago)
Another great video. What app do you use to automate orders? Do you use anything to import? I've seen one for woocommerce, and a quick google search shows Oberlo for Shopify. Thanks in advance.
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+M. Iaco I use Oberlo :)
Noureldin Abdulwahid (2 years ago)
You Always on Top of your things man. I appreciate the time you put to give us valuable content as usual. I do have a shopify store only started 10 days ago and made one sale so far and still learning. Maybe you could give me some feedback on it.
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
It's not really a good idea to show your store publicly so might pay to edit it. I would change the background and use one that isn't copyrighted... I would also sell more niche specific jewellery. You have also spelt jewellery wrong.
Naveen r (2 years ago)
hi i have a 55k tattoo model niche account im getting avg 1k - 1.5k likes does this will work?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
If you can find a product in that niche sure but I don't know much about that niche sorry.
Kasra Moghaddam (2 years ago)
what's caption ?
Brett Foster (2 years ago)
Hey man. another valuable video! thanks. I have a question on your follow liker video. Id love an answer on that if/when you get time
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+game tricks8 Links have to be in the bio
LateNightKrew (2 years ago)
+game tricks8 you can't, you have to lead it to the bio
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
sure will have a look
Bank Massive (2 years ago)
Another great upload Franklin. One of the few people talking about real strategies to make money online.
Shawn (2 years ago)
guys this guy is the real deal! franklin your videos get me pumped I mean I haven't took action yet but it helps working a crappy job to come home and watch a video from you and think maybe one day ill have it like that,  GREAT WORK BRO!!
katty jones (2 years ago)
Great tips shared by the video owner, thanks much. *But if you want to Learn How I earn $50 per day* with CPA MARKETING, just Google *"chriseo online money machine"* to see how.. NO JOKES
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+Shawn Alexander No problem :) thanks
Ciarán Sheil (2 years ago)
For the follow liker how much ram does the server need
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+Ciarán Sheil I run multiple bots on a cheap $8 a month server so it doesnt need much
Tommy91 (2 years ago)
interesting, but is this still working with the new API limitations?? because what i know is that Instagram made a change that stopped lots of third-party apps/sites (so probably also bots) from working..
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
I just stick under 1000 following a day and don't seem to have issues. I have it set to 800-900
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
Oh nice! Yes i only really go up to 900 followings a day anything over than and it starts pushing it. You can contact the guys at follow liker and they can upgrade you any time
Brett Foster (2 years ago)
ftw: https://www.instagram.com/brettdavidfoster/ I just got it a week ago and I am getting 100-200 new followers a day. My account had just hit 2000 followers when I started using the bot and it played around with the setting a lot and yeah its working well for me now. I just bought the 5 accounts version of followliker and it was only 70$ or so. the one account version is only $50....I would have started with that but I couldnt, and still cant, find any info on weather you can upgrade at a later date.
Tommy91 (2 years ago)
even as it regards limitations in terms of number of followings or post x time?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+Tommy91 Still works for me i havnt had any issues
Matias Cardozo (2 years ago)
As a 15 year old what do you think is the best thing for me to start doing
Paid Pipers (11 months ago)
Learn as much as possible and try different things!!
ben wa (2 years ago)
One of the complaints I used to get a lot from my customers is the Chinese letterings on Aliexpress packaging. How do you handle that? Did you charge your customers extra for paid services like DHL or UPS?
ben wa (2 years ago)
+Franklin Hatchett Thanks!
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+ben wa I dont really get many comaints like that but when i do i just say it was sent from our overseas factory. I always ask in the note when ordering for them to try not have that type of stuff on the package
zCLUBz (2 years ago)
Great video again bro!
Blood Dragon (2 years ago)
Should we also create a facebook page for the brand just as well as the instagram? I dont think it hurts to have a twitter for customers to ask questions? Would you disagree?
Blood Dragon (2 years ago)
+Franklin Hatchett what would be a good average start up capital for the drop shipping business?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+Blood Dragon Yea i would be a good idea to have them for social proof. I just havn't used twitter for advertising is all
XaticBeats (2 years ago)
great video, is that bot "legal"? can instagram ban you for using it?
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
I use a site called Insta Proxies
Manny S (2 years ago)
+Franklin Hatchett can you link the proxy website
Franklin Hatchett (2 years ago)
+XaticBeats Ive never had any banned but thats because i use proxies. You can get banned yea but it done right its fine
ben wa (2 years ago)
Using followliker got all my accs banned :( IG is very sensitive with bots!
Ivan Prytkov (2 years ago)
I was just thinking about how to utilize the 2 together properly! Thank you once again, @FranklinHatchett

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