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China ultimate fake: IKEA lookalike store at China - 02Aug2011

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It has the same blue and yellow colour scheme, the same miniature pencils, the same shopping bags - but don't be fooled, this IKEA store is only a lookalike The imitation store - called 11 Furniture - is a four-storey building in the southern district of Kunming city in south-west China. The store looks and feels the same as IKEA, with the same mock-up rooms, layout and even rocking chair designs but it sells its own furniture made to order instead of IKEA flat-packed products. The shop covers a huge 10,000 sq m and even has a cafeteria-style restaurant, complete with minimalist wooden tables, although the menu features Chinese-style braised minced pork and eggs instead of IKEA's Swedish meatballs. The retailer is cashing in on replicating the brand experience rather than faking the product itself. This copycat store is characteristic of a new trend in China. Last month, an American blogger posted pictures of an elaborate fake Apple Store in Kunming, selling genuine if unauthorised iPhones, Macbooks and other products. However Paul French, the founder of the consulting firm, Access Asia, says no one should be surprised. He said: "It's nothing new, it's been going on for 25 years. Just about every foreign brand that has ever come here has been faked. "What we are seeing with the Apple and the IKEA stores is that they are 'lookie-likies', they are not actually fakes." The presence of the imitation stores in Kunming highlights China's appetite for western brands. IKEA said it has teams working at both the country and global level to handle intellectual property protection issues. "IKEA as one of the biggest home furnishing companies in the world, protecting Ikea's intellectual property rights is crucial," said Ikea China. It has nine stores in China - and plans to open one to two more stores a year. Chinese law prohibits firms from copying the "look and feel" of other companies' stores, but foreign companies must register their trademarks with China and enforcement can be lax. The United States and other Western countries have often complained China is woefully behind in its effort to stamp out intellectual property theft.
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John Sanabria (1 month ago)
its custom fault for allowing these things to pass to usa and idk how china allows these ppl to sell fakes this is why original companies go out of business they built their country with our money and they make more fakes and more factories and live like kings over there and mean while we can't even fix a damn pot hole in usa illegals and immigrants don't care about america its all about them
Fridelain (3 months ago)
Is it still going? Would love to see a comparison of their products with the IKEA stuff, in design, prizes and quality.
Xander Walker (4 years ago)
SuperZX (5 years ago)
Not everything in China is fake or of poor quality. What gets exported is custom orders and the companies that import that crap to your countries are the ONLY ONE responsible for the goods inferior quality. These businessmen are all money hungry pigs and request their Chinese-made goods to be made with the most inferior materials possible to save on cost and earn a good profit in their markets. I purchase top-notch things in China and all of them are very high-end goods that are NEVER exported. These brands and products  are industry/category leaders in China and rarely any foreigner gets to see them or buy them. Don't be so quick to judge a whole country with the actions of a handful of people.
SuperZX (5 years ago)
Oh My G*D. Nothing is safe or off limits from these people.   Here's an opportunity how they can turn this counterfeit store into an original. Replace all the Yellow and Blue with Chinese red and yellow and Paint all the kids' toys with lead paint and presto! You got your own FAIKEA full of crap (like the real IKEA) and minced pork full of bacteria.
Kaljung Sherpa (5 years ago)
be care full from chinese food and  made in chinese things they garbage 
Bart Stratton (5 years ago)
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
MrMock (5 years ago)
Yay for counterfeiters! They all force retail giants to lower their prices to remain competitive. Consumers will all profit.
Lauris Bee (6 years ago)
Who says that yellow and blue can be only used by Ikea? look a like store did not have Ikea name anywhere........they are just look a like stores. Products are similar........... so what? Those are not fakes........just similar products. Why no one is taking Chinese chicken to court because it is laying the same eggs as British chicken........... somehow no one argues that!!!
John Keller (5 months ago)
A valid trade dress can be infringed, and the infringers can be taken to court. Trade dress includes a store's "total image and overall appearance," so things like color scheme, layout of store, how the products are displayed, the concrete floors, the open ceilings, etc. are all added together, a trade dress can be infringed by "a look a like store." And, a trade dress is granted the same protection as a trademark.
excitationz (6 years ago)
I think you're missing the whole point of what this news clip is all about. I have no problem with my computer being 'Made in China', as long as I'm 100% sure it's being made under the supervision of the brand I'm buying. Actual fake APPLE retail stores, fake IKEA retail stores... we're not talking shoes & purses here, but actual buildings, with employee's, manager's, check-out stands with REAL cash registers... can't think of another country with that amount of ignorance to do this but China.
Nick (6 years ago)
should change to copied in china.
gudetography (6 years ago)
"lookie likies..."
MagaliJU (6 years ago)
Everything is made in China... so what... -.-
Widin von Dusk (6 years ago)
china WTF
Boricua3lions1985 (6 years ago)
"¡Hijo de gran puta, cono!"
Fridelain (3 months ago)
??? A cuenta de que viene eso?
halua khan (7 years ago)
its not IKEA....its FUCKYA china !!
han rash (7 years ago)
lol the one thing china is infamous for
vk3crg (7 years ago)
There is a very thin line between industrious and downright theft of identity and what makes a brand...a brand. It's pretty rude. What a pack of scammers.
Ekkatx (7 years ago)
@nkve Not soon, it's already everything on market
Jimmy Leong (7 years ago)
where there's chinese, there's counterfeit....
ritz carlton (7 years ago)
In China we hear fake gadgets, fake milk, fake store and etc etc. Soon you will hear fake LV boutigue or a fake BMW car in China...In China everything is so fake!
princessarisa (7 years ago)
China, the land of fake...
J Y (7 years ago)
Copying a brand's product is bad enough. Now the entire brand, their values and concepts? Too much i say.
AngelYuki (7 years ago)
Lookie likies. LOL

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