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This riveting documentary examines the deaths of 10,000 cattle in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado over the past 25 years, speculating that an alien force may be responsible for these bizarre killings.
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Lynn Whitney (1 month ago)
Has anyone researched a timeline on this? Be interesting if the Native American people had stories of such. Is OUR military doing this? No. Sorry conspiracy folks. But they are taking injured animals for study.
Richard Wariner (2 months ago)
After watching this video and listening to all the different researchers and their theories brought out for the viewer to decide which theory is the right one. Out of all the researchers I believe Linda Moulton Howe's theory why, because Linda has been involved in this case for over 40 years she was told what happened from the very beginning throughout the 1970's to present day. We know threw Linda's work that this is a Worldwide Phenomena because it's happening in Canada, South America, Australia, UK to name a few. If it's paramilitary or black ops doing this like they claim or try to make you think that it's them, then.. Why are these mutilations happening in these other countries? Do you really think that these other countries are going to allow some unknown agency into their country and kill and take tissue from their cattle and just look the other way? I don't think so, look these other countries have the same surveillance technology like our government does don't kid yourself. They would know if someone was in their airspace and doing that to their citizens cattle.
Macio Luko (3 months ago)
It is so so clear that these are not man or animal made wounds. Nothing we know of can do this. However with only 3 500 views you can see how effective the media blackout on this topic is. There certainly is contamination of the land and water from the numb skull atomic explosions. At this point, the government is so far gone with what it allowed for in the past that no one in government today wants to touch that can of worms.
blkcat1254 (3 months ago)
The blast area that they talk about is false because IF there was any problem with the cattle,remember that all the animals would be on the dinner table somewhere, mad cow was just a joke because they will not sell cow brain's for craft or food BUT they will put that cow on your dinner table, who is fooling who.
blkcat1254 (3 months ago)
They found it a couple days later, wild dogs would have been on that animal before the day was over, so even dogs,wolves or other never touched it, strange
Casombra50 (6 months ago)
Thank you for putting up this video. Let me tell you about my experience. On March 30 1985 my ex-husband and myself were heading to Cripple Creek Colorado along the Phantom Canyon road from Canon City Colorado to Cripple Creek. My ex pulled over to relieve himself and I stepped out to stretch my legs. It was dark and about 8:30pm. I was looking over the canyon toward the foothills when I saw a saucer type shape with a ring of lights that was moving just above the foothills... no this was not a plane or anything like that.... it moved up and down and side to side then just STOPPED. Meanwhile my ex started watching this thing and others coming along to road just stopped, got out of their vehicles and watched as well.... about 4 cars including ours. Then this object (for a better word for it) had a beam of light come down from it... lasted about a minute then the light disappeared and WHOOSH the object just took off and disappeared. Now this was strange enough and shook us all up... however a week later we were watching a tv program like this and at the end of the program they had an addendum. That on the morning of March 31st a couple horses and a cow was found mutilated near Cripple Creek Colorado. My ex and myself looked at each other and said nothing...... we were just freaked out.
DebbyAbqNM (6 months ago)
I'd like to know the date of this documentary. I appreciate that it starts in northern New Mexico. Maybe the mutilators like the scenery... Perhaps ranchers should soak their cattle in chile salsa... Edited to add: at the end of the video, a screen says "Since filming ended in November 1997..." 21 years ago. Perhaps film makers will return and see what if anything has changed. That's a documentary I would watch; this one is way too old now.
Macio Luko (3 months ago)
Yes. This one is old but the benefit of it is that it shows the data and instances from the 1990s where the technology was not as advanced, severely limiting the possibilities of what could have done this. Oh and you still had a a Nick Pope who was on the fence on this topic. If you hear him now, it is like listening to a different human being. Incredible what focus does to belief.
Herb Walker (6 months ago)
Since the New Mexico Livestock Board denies that these mutilations even exist, They need to be leaving work one day and find a dead COW on the hood of their CAR!  :)   Deny THAT!
Macio Luko (3 months ago)
They would write down "swamp gas" as the cause of the damages.
Herb Walker (6 months ago)
Many seem to have so many broken bones, as IF they were DROPPED from a great height after the animal was taken  .....  I suspect that they are harvesting these tissue samples to determine the effect of some unseen weapon that has been deployed ,from the air. If you look at Contrails/ Chem trails .............that sprayed in an area and corresponding cattle deaths, I believe one would be surprised. Today, people in the chemtrail conspiracy community report that they've grown sick after seeing contrails in the sky. Many believed that contrail clouds were a new phenomenon, delivering dangerous "geoengineering" chemicals that were making them sick.   They are used as lab rats to fine tune an agenda.....global DE population!
Murray Flewelling (6 months ago)
Sooooo Larry used the standard US citizen approach to every crisis. " I saw something in distress and clearly it needed American intervention as soon as possible"..... "I fired a second shot and suddenly a silence fell over the wooded area, I smiled thinking great job Larry, once again an american brings peace to the world around him".
Finnegan (6 months ago)
So what does the Livestock board say when you show them a pictures or video of Mutilated cattle? "Those pictures aren't real!" LOL
JUSTINTIME (6 months ago)
Jeff Bach (6 months ago)
Linda Moulton Howe is the most respected journalist investigative reporter there is. 😎
Finnegan (6 months ago)
i agree, she's the best

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