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G-Eazy - Official Haircut & Style ★ Slick back side-parting ★ Hair Men Inspiration 1080p HD

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Buy Hanz de Fuko hair products here: https://www.hanzdefuko.com/ Song: "Been On" by G-Eazy DANIEL ALFONSO MEN’S SALON OPENING SOON!!!! 7465 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036 For men's haircut & style appointments email: [email protected] || Instagram: @huaman_alexis Video Produced by Mike Cassidy and Jeff Youngblood Post Production: Jeff Youngblood (www.youngblood-films.com) IG/TW: @HuamanOficial || @DIGITALCASSIDY FB: Facebook.com/AlexisHuamanOficial
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Text Comments (4)
Sarim Hy (3 months ago)
Man you’ve been rappin for a long time... how long? Lmao!!! Had me crackin up
Jr Lopez (1 year ago)
what would I ask my barber to get this cut?
THEGUY (7 months ago)
#1 reverse skin fade
Ahlicks (1 year ago)
Jr Lopez " yo barber Gimme that G Eazy cut"

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