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5 Terrifying Climbing Videos on YouTube

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Text Comments (84)
Michael Shane (14 days ago)
Morons. People out there who die young from reasons they have no control over and these idiots risk their lives over selfies and videos.
Brett Bocik (26 days ago)
yeah..... fuck that shit watching this makes my butthole pucker up
Will Sterben (1 month ago)
I'm lying down watching this and I'm still getting vertigo.
ANTHONY BERRIOS (1 month ago)
These videos make my stomach turn in knots and I'm watching from the comfort of my bedroom.
smallpicture (1 month ago)
Whatever it takes to do something like this, couldn’t they channel that into curing cancer or something like that? Lol!
Marione Fgh (2 months ago)
Hands getting wet even watching video XD
Finnegan (2 months ago)
just watching this video gave me Acrophobia
Lord Proteus (3 months ago)
"I could not stop for Death, but Death, kindly, stopped for me."
Andre Jones (3 months ago)
Forbidden Truth (3 months ago)
Lol I do this shit for a living
Nostalgic X (3 months ago)
I've never been accused of being screed of heights, but FUCK THAT SHIT
blumenthol (3 months ago)
i was a paratrooper - 49 jumps - and this made me queasy and uncomfortable for sure. no offense to anyone but only a fool risks his life unnecessarily.
Jessica MacCabe (3 months ago)
I love this compilation please do more
Damarys Dingui (4 months ago)
I'm afraid of heights.. Nice video.. I subscribed too..🌺
Jez Sticles (4 months ago)
I'm more intrigued about how they got back down..
CrackedRack (4 months ago)
Thanks for subbing to me Deburke!
Kryptonlte (4 months ago)
Nice beat ;) contact me man!
PaperbackStories (4 months ago)
These videos give me more nightmares than anything else you show
qwertydog979 (4 months ago)
How do these people do it? My hands got sweaty just from seeing the videos.. The only climbing story I have is about me climbing the bell tower at my school for a science experiment. It was three stories of rusty ladders in bare-bulb lit chambers. I had never been and there were trapdoors I didn't know about. Yiiikes
Miranda N (4 months ago)
My legs...
Ginger Nightmare (4 months ago)
I keep coming back to this!!!!!!
Randpage (4 months ago)
And when one of them inevitably falls to their death there will be some numbskull that will say it was a "tragedy".
Drossel Von Flugel (4 months ago)
think i found a new hobby
Ginger Nightmare (4 months ago)
Wow!!!! So tense after watching that. Great video.
skyefeyden (4 months ago)
I now have the sweatiest palms in the world.
cheekydegus (4 months ago)
Stewart Millers (4 months ago)
Absolutely terrifying but fascinating, great video my dude.
Maestro Jack Slappy (4 months ago)
Yeah, you forgot to mention that people die doing this shit. Fun fact for everyone.
tariq fathi (4 months ago)
Aliens Exist (4 months ago)
I fucking hate heights 🤢🤢☠
Lio L (4 months ago)
Wow... maybe crazy but life is anyway crazy and they don’t endanger anyone therefore cool!!
Prof2You Smithe (4 months ago)
This is not brave nor is it courageous. This is simply stupid beyond all reason and measure. People have died to do this. Several people in fact. Isn't this video encouraging young people to risk their lives for a few minutes of fame and "likes?"
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
+Prof2You Smithe dude they dont do this for money they have 6000 views you moron choose something else to write your paper on you hypocrite, i bett you would piss your pants
Prof2You Smithe (3 months ago)
+Kenny Clauw Having "balls" for this is not courage. They do not do these things to prove how brave or noble they are. They do it because they see $$$. In the end, many end up on the corners slab. Ever been there? I have. You know what the human body looks like after a fall of just 60 feet? A mess. Of course, that depends upon what hits first. My entire point to this is that there has to be another way to channel this to other endeavours that do not risk life and limb so much. I hope you can see that.
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
+Prof2You Smithe well thats why you should respect it if your using the videocontent as a writing for a paper for first and as second they dont harm anyone else with it and as 3th you need to have to balls for this :D
Prof2You Smithe (3 months ago)
Kenny Clauw curious that’s all. Writing a paper on the subject.
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
well if they want to risk their life and your here to watch to arent ya :D
Gabriel Tobón Moreno (4 months ago)
So glad I'm touching the ground with my two feet
Nicolette Braun (4 months ago)
It makes my feet tingle and feel weird. No just no thx.
Mj (4 months ago)
Next do a video of people that actually fell off.
kuramayoko23 (4 months ago)
NNNOOOOPE!! The ONLY way I would do these would be if I were Spiderman with web-slingers.
dethswurl117 (4 months ago)
I'm sweating so much watching this haha
shaun (4 months ago)
Super Human , vid one needs a para shoot on the way down I think lol
Duke the meister (4 months ago)
It's just a matter of time before one of them goes SPLAT!!!
Angie Huffman (4 months ago)
I loved the video, but man it gave me anxiety.. I've climbed some stuff but not like that... Such adrenaline ha!
zencat55 (4 months ago)
There were 2 people that fell and died doing this crap. Why encourage them?
colin kelly (4 months ago)
Because its funny
Roberto (4 months ago)
I would have the courage if it’s about saving someone’s life , but I would most likely fall of in most cases .
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
so if im on top and i dont have the balls to come down your coming to save me cutiepie?:D
elodie (4 months ago)
agh secondhand adrenaline oh my god this is bad
liv (4 months ago)
this shit made me nauseous lmao
DeathPrevails 713 (4 months ago)
anyone else getting sweaty palms watching these vids?😨
Data Quester (4 months ago)
#5 he has a parachute on his back"just n case"...
Christina Lopez (4 months ago)
I just shit my pants :(
First Last (4 months ago)
My palms are sweaty just watching this. They have balls of steel.
First Last (3 months ago)
+Sergio Cazarez Yeah, just one unexpected gust of wind and you're dead. Anything for likes...
Sergio Cazarez (3 months ago)
First Last But the stupidity of a book shelf.
Kerry Ann (4 months ago)
Oh my god. Just watching these videos makes me feel queasy and uneasy. How do they do it. My legs would be like jelly!! Great video.
Hayden H (4 months ago)
It’s ok all they have to do is deploy they glider
dex kael (4 months ago)
i have really bad fear of heights but i forced myself through this video anyway. it was really cool even tho i feel kinda sick haha
dex kael (3 months ago)
+Kenny Clauw greetings from sweden! 😊
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
+dex kael me to , to be honest so your not alone <3 greetzz from belgium
dex kael (3 months ago)
+Kenny Clauw thanks but i'd rather die than climb something like that 😥
Kenny Clauw (3 months ago)
you climb the shanghai tower next week with me :D i would love to have a pretty woman around hihihi
michael Longford (4 months ago)
Anyone else get an uncomfortable feeling in their stomach when you see how high they are? Its so stupidly brave. Another brilliant vid deburke.
Michael Shane (14 days ago)
Not brave. Moronic. In some cases, they put themselves at risk and others if they happen to fall and land on someone.
sylvia koziarski (3 months ago)
Stupidly brave? How about just a Special kind of stupid?
bam birimbum (4 months ago)
chillin' feelin' on ma nutz
Suhaimi sulaiman (4 months ago)
Nice video as always..
GDO'lu Inek (4 months ago)
Music is awesome!
Red macaroni (4 months ago)
ew heights
tey tyes (4 months ago)
Crazy fucks. Risking their life for shit.
salman Pubg Mobile (4 months ago)
Happy Diwali.... brother...
Dark Jesus (4 months ago)
Hey Deburke321 i miss you bro, how you been?
Deburke321 (4 months ago)
I've been good man thanks for asking
Myra Michaelis (4 months ago)
idk how to feel 'bout the chill bgm to this terrifying vid 😵😱 Great video as always👍
konikuz (4 months ago)
My body just can't deal with these heights... Even in this video
99fruitbat (4 months ago)
Aaaaggh ! I am scared of heights 😶😶 Thanks for the upload anyway ☺️
Dark Jesus (4 months ago)
Me too
drawnseeker (4 months ago)
These are all insanely dangerous. Anyone of these daredevils could have died.
Heather Hent444 (4 months ago)
drawnseeker And killed others in the process.
ANTBoyHAKEEM (4 months ago)
put on your VR headset for this one boys
videogamebomer (4 months ago)
There's no way I would be able to see the man in the middle of the screen thank you for providing a red circle
Olivia Ray (4 months ago)
It's the YouTube way

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