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Blackmagic URSA Mini and URSA Mini Pro Live Setup with ATEM Switcher

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Here is a quick behind the scenes of a multi camera switch running URSA mini's and URSA mini Pro. With a mixture of B4 Broadcast lenses, EF Lenses, Talkback, CCU, Tally, Resolve Micro Panel for grading and more. Along with some custom setups. Hope this helps for those looking to have a live setup with the Blackmagic system. Here is some actual footage from the event streamed to youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tq1V5RRRA7E&t=9287s Let me know if you have any questions and ill try to help the best I can.
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Text Comments (42)
Ryan explicame como balancear las camaras en blanco con el panel de control por favor en español grasias. Desde teleislas canal regional. San andres islas colombia.
TheVickersDoorter (22 days ago)
Quite some set up, even if the content is a load of hogwash.
toddler1009 (6 months ago)
that's a really great set up, great technical information, however it was payed for by a bunch of suckers who thought they were helping god. How can you live with yourselves? Fuckin bananas.
DJ Thornton (6 months ago)
Please do more videos i need more videos of churches using more black magic gear for streaming
maxime humbert (10 months ago)
Hey ! What is the lens equiped on the Ursa Mini (the B4 Lens) ? Which adapter did you used ?
Giuseppe Flandoli (1 year ago)
awesome and very informative! thanks for taking the time.
mavishill (1 year ago)
Pretty hectic for a church. Good set up though.
ikon16 (1 year ago)
Quick question for you: I have the same switcher but the video scaling on the 4K multiviewer outputs is horrendous. It’s as if the MVW video is being scaled onto a 1080p surface. All the video panes have half the resolution I’d expect. The labels and frames are overlaid at proper 2160p resolution; they look great, but all the video underneath is crazy pixelated. Do you have that issue on yours?
ikon16 (1 year ago)
Yeah that's a good idea. We run the system at 1080i59.94 but I should see if it scales any better in 1080p mode. The multiviewers are in the 4K mode, I think 2160p29.97.
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Hey mate, Hmm thats really weird... Ours looks really crispy, i have noticed though that if you are using interlaced it doesnt scale that well compared to progressive, but its by no means a bad picture still look much better than when its set to 1080. what resolution/frame rate you running on your system settings and multiview?
Hey Ryan, thanks for your awesome video! Got 2 question, i got a BMD production 4k switcher 2m/e, to get camera control, i plug the sdi In of the cameras to one of the program out? Also, you said you guys have a URSA mini (not pro), do you get camera control as well? Thx for your video, highly informative and educational!
Hi Ryan, Great video thanks mate! Just wondering what jib you used and would you recommend it? Thanks bud!
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Dan Williams Media Production thanks man! The jib is the jimmy Jib 3 from Stanton, they make great solid jibs, I don’t think they make the 3 anymore but the triangle is a great solid job with nice electronics, would definitely recommend them :)
Drake Kelch (1 year ago)
I would be interested to know what you are running on the arduino to get the commands to the switcher.
HyperFreshVR (1 year ago)
All this for the invisible man in the sky - who doesnt exist!
HyperFreshVR (1 year ago)
lakabimo sadly and so in their batshit crazy delusion
lakabimo (1 year ago)
But the people are very real
Colton May (1 year ago)
What kind of delay do you get for IMAG?
Jonathan Fegel (1 year ago)
Hey Ryan, Thanks so much for posting this video! It's a huge help:) Have you had a chance to test your I-Mag latency recently? I am looking at installing a similar setup for I-Mag and broadcast. We are trying to get a low latency without spending a fortune. You're insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Scott 97 I’ll have to check again now, they have released an update bringing down the delay in the sdi output, as well as making sure sync is correct in the system. I also know the projectors have a bit of delay as they are only hdmi and are being converted from sdi which doesn’t help, but at the time of filming there was delay, but didn’t get any complaints of it being horrible, ill do a proper test in a few weeks :)
Nissan Lahat Kunz (1 year ago)
I have a question , what kind of lens you are using on the URSA mini pro ?
dsa (1 year ago)
Wow. Damn that's awesome setup. Really impressed bro.
I was *very* interested in the fact you can use that Resolve Micro panel to control the camera.. Does this work with the Resolve Mini panel too? Does it require any third party software or anything, or is it just plug and play?
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Ola Haldor Solvik Voll unfortunately I don’t have or have access to a mini sorry!
Ryan Somerfield if you can, that would be very helpful! :)
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Ola Haldor Solvik Voll I man give it a try?? Can’t hurt? Just a case of if they wrote it in the code or not
Aw man. Too bad. I already have the Resolve Mini panel due to obvious reasons.. A pity it wont' be possible to use it with the ATEM too :(
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Ola Haldor Solvik Voll it’s very cool! Basically as far as I know it only works with the micro panel and it’s plug and play with the atem software, as long as the firmwares match up, no options for it, it just works :)
The Meeting House (1 year ago)
Quick question: what specific Canon ENG 22x lens are you using on the first camera?  Thanks!
RODEOPROD (1 year ago)
Is it works with lanc command? Autofocus work ?
The Meeting House (1 year ago)
Beautiful.  Great lens!  Thanks!!
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
Canon HJ22ex7.6 BIASE HD Tele Zoom Lens :)
The Meeting House (1 year ago)
Assuming it's the Canon HJ22ex?
Ali (1 year ago)
Which jib is that?
Ryan Somerfield (1 year ago)
It’s a Jimmy Jib 3 in 24 foot setup :)
Jacob Rose (1 year ago)
Footage looks great. How is the delay on the IMAG screens?
達恩DYNE (1 year ago)
Can you share information about iduino? I also want to know how to couple the midi controller with the black magic Switcher
David Sanchez (1 year ago)
Hey thanks for taking the time to show us your churches Broadcast system
Joaquin Vilchez (2 years ago)
Hi Ryan, I'm speaking from Argentina. I would like to ask you something about equipment similar to the one you showed that I have to buy and I want to make sure that it is correct. I do not want to take time, but it is very brief my query. I would like to contact me privately if possible. Thank you very much, Joaquin.
Ryan Somerfield (2 years ago)
It's pretty impressive actually, especially for the price.
Nic Neufeld (1 year ago)
Do you have to run the camera in a crop mode with the ENG lens?
Cole Haaf (2 years ago)
Thank you. So are you happy the the mini pro?

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